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Antarctica. Antarctica is a continent found almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle. The climate is harsh: it is the coldest, driest place on earth, with the highest winds, and highest average elevation.
6 March
Research on microorganisms in Antarctica, biodiversity...
Microorganisms are everywhere – even in Antarctica! ... The decay fungi found are well adapted to polar conditions and appear to be indigenous to Antarctica. Further study has shown that the fungi found in the wood were also the ones most commonly found in Antarctic soils where they have important roles as decomposer and recycling organisms in the Antarctic ecosystem.
31 July
Evidence for widespread endemism among Antarctic...
In Antarctica, where terrestrial and lacustrine environments are predominantly microbial realms, an active and growing community of microbial ecologists is probing this diversity and its role in ecosystem processes. In a broader context, this work has the potential to make a ... Polar Science 4 (2010) 103e113 113 Pearce, D.A., Bridge, P.D., Hughes, K.A., Sattler, B., Psenner, R., bacteria isolated from microbial mats from ten Antarctic lakes. Russell, N.J., 2009. Microorganisms in the atmosphere over Syst. Appl. Microbiol.
14 August
Non-indigenous microorganisms in the Antarctic: assessing...
(2010) Biodiversity of air-borne microorganisms at Halley station, Antarctica. Extremophiles 14, 145–159 32 Bokhorst, S. et al. (2007) External nutrient inputs into terrestrial ecosystems of the Falkland Islands and the Maritime Antarctic. ... Rev. 83, 103–117 72 Vyverman, W. et al. (2010) Evidence for widespread endemism among Antarctic micro-organisms. Polar Sci.
3 December
A Cold Active Bifunctional Lipase with Protease Activity from...
A psychrophilic microorganism (cold loving) named PI 12 was isolated from the Antarctic sea ice near Casey station, Antarctica. This psychrophilic microorganism produced extracellular lipase and the activity was determined by using both qualitative and quantitative methods.
3 January
When a habitat freezes solid: microorganisms over-winter...
Keywords Antarctica; lake ice; microorganisms. Abstract. A major impediment to understanding the biology of microorganisms inhabiting Antarctic environments is the logistical constraint of conducting eld work primarily during the summer season.
eCite - Antarctic microorganisms: Biodiversity and...
Antarctic microorganisms: Biodiversity and Biotechnology...
7 March
Endolithic Microorganisms in the Antarctic Cold Desert
This image-rich Science article describes initial research done in the Antarctic dry valleys involving cryptoendolithic (microbes that live in rock pores) lichen communities in sandstone. ... The article also features sections about chasmoendolithic (microbes that live in rock cracks or fissures) microorganisms as well as the possibility for the dry valleys as a terrestrial model for life on Mars.
11 July
Bioprospecting in areas outside national
The industries of the future will tap increasingly into the materials and processes in plants, animals and microorganisms. They will draw on the chemicals and genetic material of the world’s biological resources to provide new feedstocks and new modes of manufacture.1. ... 2003]. Bioprospecting in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. isolated and characterised Antarctic micro-organisms may be patentable even if they have not been modified from their natural state.
• Environment – Cold – Antarctica • Antarctic expedition science. Antarctic omics: • 3 virus stories. Environmental microorganisms. ... Antarctica is arguably the world’s most important continent for influencing the Earth’s climate and global ocean ecosystem. Antarctic & Southern Ocean water masses affect the climate of all continents.
Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology
The dearth of information on fossil fungi and fungi-like microorganisms makes it impossible to accurately determine what changes occurred in the structure of fungal communities when more derived organisms were clearly going extinct. ... Reconnaissance Geologic Map of the Buckley Island Quadrangle, Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica: Antarctic Geological Map (U.S. Geological Survey) A-3.
Taxonomic diversity of microorganisms in typical biotopes of...
The microbiological analysis of 120 samples of Antarctic peninsula coast (capes: Rasmussen, Tuxen) and adjoining islands (Galindez, Skua, Corner, Barchans, Irizar, Uruguay, Jalour, Petermann, Berthelot, Cruls, King-Georg) was carried out. ... Facultative methanol utilizing bacteria were discovered on mosses and grass Deschampsia antarctica (102-104 cells/centimeter2 of plant surface), that is comparable to regions with a temperate climate.
The Life on Ice: Robotic Antarctic Explorer (LORAX) is researching and field testing the necessary technologies to enable an autonomous rover to conduct survey traverses of the Antarctic ice sheet. Assess autonomous navigation capability on snow/ice Specifically the rover will circumnavigate geologic features that protrude through the ice (nunataks) and sample and measure the abundance of microorganisms surviving in the top 10cm of ice to understand how microbes migrate in Antarctica.
25 December
Antarctic FAQ
No one lives in Antarctica on a permanent basis. The Antarctic Treaty guarantees that Antarctica is to be used for "peaceful purposes and for scientific research". This means that no one can have Antarctica as their permanent mailing address. Only scientists are allowed to spend any time there. There are over 5,000 scientists and support staff from 27 different countries in Antarctica during the Antarctic summer season.
5 April
2009). In the Antarctic, global warming has particularly impacted the Antarctic Peninsula and West Antarctica (Meredith & King 2005, Murray & Grzymski 2007, Cavalieri & Parkinson 2008, Whitehouse et al. ... Antarctic Microorganisms Colonize Diverse Cold Niches. Microbial populations vary in accordance with the wide range of physical and chemical properties of Antarctic lakes.
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13 September
Antarctic Tourism
Antarctic Tourism. Natural Glacier Arch In Norsel Point, Anvers Island, Antarctica. Photo by: G. Grant/NSF. Surf, sand, and sun pretty much cover what most people expect out of a vacation. ... Fortunately, in 1991 a group of seven Antarctic excursion directors founded the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO), an organization that manages environmentally sound cruises to help protect Antarctica's pristine environment.
31 July
August 2000
Microorganisms in Antarctic desert rocks from dry valleys and Dufek Massif. ... 53. Friedmann, E. I. 1982. Endolithic microorganisms in the dry valleys of Antarctica.
Antarctic Convergence. 40. the United States have reserved the right to do so) and they do not recognize the claims of the other countries. ... Bentley Subglacial Trench (lowest point in Antarctica, -2540 m). Marie Byrd Land. Ross.
During the past winter in the northern hemi
The Antarctic may seem a poor place to look for desert microorganisms, since the continent is principally covered with thousands cf feet of glacial ice. ... Although the sun never sets in Antarctica during the summer months, it does rise and fall in the sky during the day, providing abun-dant radiation at noon and dusk-like illumina-tion during the midnight hours. This diurnal radiation cycle is reflected in variations in tem-perature and humidity in the soil and air.
About Antarctica: Seals
Although there are 35 species of seals, only six types live in Antarctica: Antarctic Fur Seals, Crabeater Seals, Leopard Seals, Ross Seals, and Weddell Seals. However, these six species make up the majority of the world's seal population. With no natural land predators, such as polar bears or man, Antarctic seals behave much differently than northern seals--showing little fear of man.
29 December
High Arctic cryptoendolithic microorganisms in a polar
Cryptoendolithic microorganisms from Antarctic sandstone of Linnaeus Terrace (Asgard Range): diversity, properties and inter-actions. Biodiversity and Conservation 5: 1337–1363. ... Polar-forschung 58: 193–198. Wierzchos, J. & Ascaso, C. 2001. Life, decay and fossilization of endolithic microorganisms from the Ross Desert, Antarctica. Polar Biology 24: 863–868.
Lesson 2. Antarctic Oceanography
Antarctica's cold, thick hard covering, called an ice sheet, began to form 25 million years ago. Approximately 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice. Antarctica actually changes size – during the summer months (October-March), the coastal ice melts and Antarctica "shrinks." ... ANTARCTIC. are less stable than the ice on. toward a warmer climate and begin to melt, leading to a sharp increase in sea level which would cause severe flooding on a global scale.
2010. Occurrence and distribution of capB in Antarctic microorganisms and study of its structure and regulation in the Antarctic biodegradative Pseudomonas sp. ... Mojib N, Hoover RB and Bej AK. 2008. Diversity and cold adaptation of microorganisms isolated from the Schirmacher Oasis, Antarctica. Proceedings of International Society for Optical Engineering, Instruments, Methods & Mission for Astrobiology Vol. 7097 70970K-1.
Antarctic Wildlife
Antarctic organisms in this marine ecosystem include: 17 Penguin species. 35 species of birds south of the Antarctic convergence. 11 Dolphin species. ... Since Antarctica was only discovered 180 years ago, these native species are not used to seeing people, which leads to one of the most exciting traits of Antarctic wildlife. They are just as curious about you as you are about them!
18 July
ICE :: Antarctica
Indeed, Norway's 1939 claim to Antarctica territory was carried out with this in mind (Auburn 1982: 3). Thus, the exploration of Antarctica was, at least partially, motivated by resource extraction and can be generally explained by balance-of-power politics. ... In 1972, the first international agreement specifically regarding Antarctic resources, the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Seals, was signed to regulate seal harvesting if such an industry were to develop.
11 August
References | Exploration of Antarctic Subglacial Aquatic...
References. Abyzov, S. S., 1993: Microorganisms in the Antarctic ice. In Friedmann, I. (ed.), Antarctic Microbiology. New York: Wiley-Liss, 265-295. Abyzov, S. S., Mitskevich, I. N., and Poglazova, M. N., 1998: Microflora of the deep glacier horizons of Central Antarctica.
10 October
Ancient Microbes in the Antarctic Ice
During all the periods in which the Antarctic temperatures were warm the atmosphere had relatively high concentrations of the greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane. Of great concern is the fact the concentrations of greenhouse gases today appear to be higher than they were at any time during the formation of the ice core. The periods of relative warmth in Antarctica produced layers of ice that have the highest numbers of microbes...
Increasing Antarctic Sea Ice under Warming Atmospheric...
Significant climate changes observed in the Antarctic include the increase in surface air temperature (SAT). SAT over the Antarctic as a whole has increased by 0.5°C in the last 50 yr (Jacka and Budd 1998), which appears to be part of a global SAT warming trend in recent years (e.g., Alley et al. ... The lat-est aircraft and satellite laser-altimeter observations in-dicate an increased thinning of glaciers and accelerated rise of sea level from western Antarctica (Thomas et al.
Antarctic Convergence. 40. and the United States have reserved the right to do so) and they do not recognize the claims of the other nations. ... Bentley Subglacial Trench (lowest point in Antarctica, -2540 m). Marie Byrd Land. Ross Ice Shelf.
Antarctica Again – Antarctic UAVs
Scott Base, Antarctica. January 7, 2017. I’ve just arrived in Antarctica for my 14th trip to the ice. I still love coming down to Antarctica but after so many trips and having to leave my wife and daughter at home for extended periods of time it is becoming harder to make these trips than when I first started doing them more than 20 years ago as a graduate student. Here I am in 1994 waiting for my first flight to Antarctica. I’m sitting next to Mark Seefeldt, who accompanied me on my last Antarctic trip this past August.
7 January
Activity 2: All About Antarctica Students learn basic information about Antarctica and compare the continent to the places where they live. 12. Seal for Breakfast? Activity 3: What’s on Your Plate? Students compare the nutritional value and variety of their own meals to those eaten by the early Antarctic explorers.
Origins: Antarctica: Place: McMurdo Station | Exploratorium
When the Antarctic Treaty outlawed military activity on the continent, McMurdo, one of three U.S. stations in Antarctica, became an icy outpost for some of the most ambitious science on the planet. Roughly 1,000 people spend the summer in MacTown, as it's called. About 250 of them remain at the station year-round, through the dark Antarctic winter. McMurdo is a gateway through which many scientists and visitors arrive in Antarctica.
31 March
For her research and service she was awarded the US Congressional Polar Medal for Scientific Service in Antarctica and an Antarctic mountain was named in her honor. Nevada artist and naturalist Sharon K. Schafer has worked extensively in the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Islands as an artist-in-residence, photographer and videographer. Her paintings and photographs of the Antarctic region have been exhibited in museums across the country.
Fecal Coliforms in Antarctica - National Center for Case...
8 March
Antarctica | Ice and Brine Microorganisms
ANTARCTICA. Antarctic and antarctic biology and research have fascinated marine biologists for many years. While much of the Antarctic biota contains representatives that are familiar to us, the realm is very much isolated from the rest of the ocean, and several groups are confined to this southern end of the planet. ... Photograph by Richard Aronson. Ice and Brine Microorganisms.
26 November
Explore Antarctica!
The unit accompanies the exhibit Antarctica – Pioneering American Explorations of the Frozen Continent at the Museum of Texas Tech University open January 30th to December 20th. The exhibition highlights expeditions into the unknown of Antarctica and Texas Tech University’s own Dr. F. Alton Wade. ... Give each student an “Exploring Antarctica” handout. Have students read the timeline to learn about the history of Antarctic exploration and answer the questions.
Students will be invited to experience this 50th anniversary celebration of the Antarctic Artists and Writers Program and to participate in the global activities recognizing the 100th anniversary of the discovery and exploration of the Polar Regions. Background. Since the first expeditions to Antarctica in the 1820s, this remote and rugged continent has aroused the curiosity of adventurers, scientists, and artists.
Polar Discovery :: Antarctica :: Introduction
The icebreaker Laurence M. Gould noses through the LeMaire Strait in Antarctica during a Dive & Discover expedition in early 2006. Photo by Kate Madin, WHOI. Most people know that Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth, but did you know it is the world's largest desert? That huge volcanoes can be found here? Or a lake the size of Lake Ontario is locked beneath the ice?
25 December
Antarctica - various expeditions - photographs/ other records
There is also an album of photographs of micro-organisms with annotations ascribed to David (designated item 1). The photographs , 42 gelatin prints approximately 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm are not dated; the magnifications are given. They depict microorganisms contained in a series of slides made from a specimen of limestone breccia collected by Frank Wild during the sledge journey of the Southern Party up the Beardmore Glacier during the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909.
Planning Your Trip
kinds of facts, then Antarctica is the continent for you. When to Go. T. 3 he seasons in the southern hemisphere are the opposite of those in the northern hemisphere. Summertime in Antarctica is November, December, and January. Wintertime is June, July, and August. ... In an Antarctic winter, the sun never rises. 4 For much of the year, Antarctica is surrounded by ice. In the dead of winter, the sea.
Tech Scientists Studying Inner Workings Of Planet Earth From Antarctica. SOCORRO, N.M. February 1, 2011 – Riddles locked deep within the Antarctic ice and underlying continent may hold answers to some of the planet’s most enigmatic questions.
1 February
READING GUIDE | Antarctic Explorer Map
Antarctica, A Guide to the Wildlife. 2013, PAPER, 160 PAGES, $25.99. Designed for the field, this compact handbook features all the species of birds, seals and whales the traveler is likely to encounter on an Antarctic voyage. (Item ANT30). Ron Naveen. ... With a map of the Antarctic continent on the reverse. (Item ANT128). Sebastian Copeland. Antarctica, A Call to Action. 2008, hard cover, 96 pages, $2.00.
The Antarctic Coastal Current
This annual expansion of sea-ice covers 22 million km2 in winter but only 8 million km2 in summer, and is such a dominat aspect of the waters sorrounding Antarctic that any assesment of processes in the coastal zone must include the entire region anually covered in sea ice. Secondly, the coastal shelf sorrounding Antarctica is relatively narrow and deep.
2 December
Taken in Duse Bay, Antarctica, January 1999. Plaza Hotel, which is located on the Alameda, a main thoroughfare of the city, and within walking distance from the center of the city. (The street is also called Avenida Bernardo O’Higgins, a name reflecting the European influ-ence. ... The town of Ushuaia itself is growing rapidly, partly because of the increase in tourism to the Antarctic and partly because the Argentinian government wants to have a significant presence in Tierra del Fuego. Nonetheless, it is an isolated, rather desolate...
The Weak Underbelly of
Possible collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet by surges of Thwaites and Pine Island Glaciers into the Pine Island Bay polynya of the Amundsen Sea was a subject addressed in papers by Lingle and Clark (1979) and Thomas ([979), and in abstracts by Denton and others ( 1979) and Hughes ( 1979), that were published in Vol. 24, No. 90 of the Journal of. ... Antarctica (David M. Burns, Director of the AAASjDOE Climate Project, letter of I I October 1979).
Southern ocean-antarctic circumpolar current. characteristics of the water, not land boundaries. John Klinck, Old Dominion University, Center for The northern edge of the Southern Ocean is marked. ... South of the southern bound-ary of the ACC are polar gyres Rlling the Weddell and Ross seas, which are not part of the ACC. Drake Passage opened about 30 million years ago as South America and Antarctica separated allowing. 0005.
Princeton University - Gravity data show that Antarctic ice...
Princeton University researchers "weighed" Antarctica's ice sheet using gravitational satellite data and found that during the past decade, Antarctica's massive ice sheet lost twice the amount of ice in its western portion compared to what it accumulated in the east. ... 2003 to June 2014, the vast majority of ice loss was from West Antarctica's Amundsen Sea region (box a) and the Antarctic Peninsula (box b) that winds up toward South America.
9 December
Exploration of Antarctic Subglacial
Exploration of Antarctic Subglacial Aquatic Environments: Environmental. and Scientific Stewardship. Radar measurements have revealed a vast network of lakes, rivers, and streams beneath the Antarctic ice sheet. The next stage of exploration requires direct sampling of these aquatic systems. ... responsibly explore the subglacial lake environments in Antarctica.
The antarctic treaty
The Antarctic Treaty, the earliest of the post-World War II arms limitation agreements, has significance both in itself and as a precedent. It internationalized and demilitarized the Antarctic Continent and provided for its cooperative exploration and future use. ... By the 1950s seven nations -- Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway, andthe United Kingdom -- claimed sovereignty over areas of Antarctica, on the basis of discovery, exploration, or geographic propinquity.
The International Regime
Bioprospectors’ interest in Antarctica stems from two reasons. First, the lack of knowledge surrounding Antarctic biota provides an opportunity to discover novel organisms of potential use to biotechnology. ... Extremophiles, microorganisms thriving in extreme conditions such as high temperature, pressure, and salt concentration, or low pH, nutrient concentration, or water availability, inhabit a variety of environments including arid deserts, hot springs, shallow submarine hydrothermal systems, alkaline soils, soda lakes, salterns...
Cornell International Law Journal | THE ANTARCTIC TREATY
-to reserve Antarctica for activities that serve peaceful purposes only; -to prevent Antarctica from becoming the scene or object of international discord; -to continue the peaceful and cooperative relationships regard-ing Antarctica among those States active there ... -to preserve any basis for a United States claim to territorial sovereignty in Antarctica that existed prior to the entry into force of the Antarctic Treaty. B. environmental and scientific interests.
Antarctica. Antarctic Treaty. ... Abstract Suggested resources for the Penn Alumni Travel excursion to Antarctica. See the Library Guide for this bibliography here. Keywords antarctica, bibliography, penn, alumni, travel, readings, guidebooks Comments Atkins, K. (2014).
Professor Rick Cavicchioli Leads Third Antarctic Expedition
Establishing what the microorganisms do in different seasons will reveal which microbial processes change, and how environmental perturbation will impact on normal ecological cycles in the Antarctic. ... The budget takes into account costs associated with transport to and from Antarctica, in addition to support while the team is in Antarctica. Rick has also been awarded an Australian Antarctic Science grant of $107,662.
14 October
Adelie Penguin chicks in Antarctica, with MS Explorer and an iceberg in the background. The image was taken in January 1999. MS Explorer sank on November 23, 2007, after hitting an iceberg in Antarctica. Antarctica is Earth's southernmost continent, overlying the South Pole. It is situated in the southern hemisphere, almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle, and is surrounded by the Southern Ocean.
12 October
Antarctica’s Wildlife in a Changing Climate
Despite being one of the coldest, most inhospitable places on Earth, Antarctica hosts a wealth of biodiversity, and its remoteness and extreme climate have lent a certain amount of protection to the many species that call the continent and its surrounding waters home. The Antarctic has not been immune to human influences, however, and its fauna is suffering from a range of human impacts, both past and present.
26 October
Antarctic Treaty (or Antarctic Treaty System – ATS). • A series of agreements that codify and regulate international relations within the context of Antarctica – defined by the treaty as the continent and its ice shelves south of Latitude 60° South. • Took effect in 1961. • Sets aside Antarctica as a preserve for. scientific research. •
The Antarctic Continent. Click Here for a Satellite Image of Antarctica. Antarctica is not owned by any one country. Click here to view a map of Antarctic regions and general topographical sites. ... Trivia About Antarctica. Antarctic Timeline and Explorers. Tales of Exploration. NOVA Online/Shackelton
6 August
Electromagnetic Research in Antarctica
Electromagnetic Research in Antarctica. During the 1960s and 70s, a group of UW faculty members and graduate students carried out an extensive program of research to study radio wave propagation in the Antarctic ionosphere and terrain. As a part of that effort, electrical engineering professor Irene Peden and colleagues obtained the first quantitative information about the electromagnetic properties of the Antarctic ice sheet, data critical to communications and navigation in the south polar region.
30 December
Antarctic, Antarctica, Antarctic Ocean
Antarctic, Antarctica, Antarctic Ocean. © 2003 The Associated Press All Rights Reserved.
30 March
Today’s Antarctic region once as hot as California, Florida
Today the average annual South Pacific sea temperature near Antarctica is about 0 degrees Celsius. These ancient ocean temperatures were not uniformly distributed throughout the Antarctic ocean regions — they were higher on the South Pacific side of Antarctica — and researchers say this finding suggests that ocean currents led to a temperature difference. “By measuring past temperatures in different parts of Antarctica...
22 April
Plants of the Arctic and Antarctic — Polar Plants — Beyond...
There are only two native vascular plants in Antarctica: Antarctic hair grass and Antarctic pearlwort. These species are found in small clumps near the shore of the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, where temperatures are milder and there is more precipitation. ... Lichens can tolerate very cold temperatures, and thus can live where true plants cannot. Lack of water, not cold temperatures, is the largest concern, and lichens deal with this problem by living in cracks between rocks. Antarctic lichen.
21 September
Antarctic Team :: Abstract
Greetings! Welcome to the Antarctic's Team web site. This site documents the research that we've conducted during the 2011 - 2012 academic school year. Feel Free to Navigate.
25 July
The antarctic ecosystem
The Antarctic region comprises the continent and surrounding sea south of the Antarctic Convergence, where cold Antarctic upper water sinks and mixes with warmer sub-Antarctic water. The continent, nearly centered on the South Geographic Pole, is isolated by the ... The ice Plateau is as nearly abiotic or sterile as any area on the earth's surface. The physical and biotic features of Antarctica represent extreme conditions. The continent was untouched by man until the past two centuries and remains nearly pristine.
GFS Analysis+Forecast Maps
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4 February
Tourism in Antarctica: History, Current Challenges
I especially thank the Fulbright program and the Government of Chile for having afforded me the opportunity to study abroad. Finally, I wish to thank my co-workers at the Provincial Government of the Chilean Antarctica. They are the best team I have ever worked with, and without their support I would have hardly been able ... birds or native mammals,61 the prohibition of introduction of exotic species,62 and the precautions. required from parties to prevent microorganisms from entering the Antarctic Treaty Area.63 Annex III64.
Antarctica Is Gaining Ice
Land ice is the ice that has accumulated on Antarctica for thousands of years through snowfall, while sea ice generally forms in the salt-water ocean around Antarctica. In order to argue the point that Antarctica is gaining ice, one must know the facts. The Antarctic is gaining sea ice and has been since satellite measurements began about thirty years ago.
2013 Antarctic Blog
Antarctic Blog 2013. photograph © 2013 Lorena Lagos Pailla and Leticia Barrientos. Day 14: Communication from King George Island, Antarctica to the rest of the planet (4.3.2013). ... She is isolating microorganisms from the roots and leaves to get bacteria from the rhizosphere and phylosphere of Deschampsia.
3 December
Antarctica. Click on image for full size view... Trans-Antarctic Mountains. Iceberg off the coast of Antarctica. The N. B. Palmer (and me!)
10 March
Antarctic Voyage Isidro Bosch's Account HomePage
On September 12, 1997, Isidro Bosch, SUNY Geneseo Biology professor, and David Krakowski, a Geneseo undergraduate student working with Dr. Bosch, embarked on a 7000 mile journey due south to the Antarctic continent. The trip took several days, by air to a port at the southern tip of Chile and then by ship from Chile to Palmer Station, Antarctica, a United States research station located on a large island off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula (see map Image 1)...
20 August
Antarctica and Argentina with Lois and Jason
Antarctica and Argentina. February 2 - 20, 2001. As our ship cast off from the dock at Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to begin our voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula, we hear the dock hands call out "Have a good Drake." As we learned, that also is the common sign off between ships sailing the Antarctic or Southern Ocean. And for good reason. Crossing the Drake was just the beginning of our Antarctic adventure.
6 December
Antarctic Convergence. 40. the United States have reserved the right to do so) and they do not recognize the claims of the other countries. ... Bentley Subglacial Trench (lowest point in Antarctica, -2540 m). Marie Byrd Land. Ross.
Antarctica | Libraries | Colorado State University
This Web page has information on Antarctica."Speculation over the existence of a 'southern land' was not confirmed until the early 1820s when British and American commercial operators and British and Russian national expeditions began exploring the Antarctic Peninsula region and other areas south of the Antarctic Circle" (CIA World Factbook).
19 July
Examining Antarctica: A geological record of the
DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Examining Antarctica: A geological record of the last 14 million years of Antarctic climate and tectonic history from ANDRILL McMurdo Ice Shelf Project. ... During the Southern Hemisphere's last summer, between October 29 and December 26, about 80 researchers, drillers, educators and support staff from four nations met in Antarctica to drill deeper than ever before into the Antarctic continental margin.
Antarctica - Publications
Antarctica - Publications. Journal Articles. papers related to McMurdo Environmental Monitoring. Klein, A.G. Sweet, S.T., Wade, T.L. and Kennicutt, M.C.II. in revision. Spatial patterns of selected metals in the terrestrial environment at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Antarctic Science.
15 June
Antarctic Ice Cores and Environmental Change
Dr. T.H. Jacka, Glaciology Program, Antarctic Cooperative Research Centre and Australian Antarctic Division. For more information, email: Figure 1 Scientists measure ice cores from deep drilling sites on the ice sheet near Casey station Photo by M.Holmes, 1993 © Copyright Australian Antarctic Division. Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, highest and driest continent on Earth.
26 November
The effects of joint ENSO––Antarctic Oscillation forcing on the
Comparison of the reconstructed and measured summer temperatures with the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) and the Antarctic Oscillation (AAO) yield statistically significant correlations, which improve when phase-relationships are considered. ... 1), the McMurdo Dry Valleys are the largest ice-free region on the continent and hosts within one of the oldest landscapes on Earth (Sugden et al. 1995) an ecosystem that endures one of most extreme climate systems in Antarctica (Doran et al.
A Positive Test of East AntarcticaLaurentia
New geologic, age, and isotopic data provide a positive test of the juxtaposition with East Antarctica: Neodymium isotopes of Neoproterozoic rift-margin strata are similar; hafnium isotopes of ~1.4-billion-year-old Antarctic-margin detrital zircons match those in Laurentian granites of similar age; and a glacial clast of A-type granite has a uraniun-lead zircon age of ~1440 million years
Antarctica | Academics | University of Colorado Denver
Antarctica, situated in the southern hemisphere and almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle, is the fifth largest continent in area, with 98% of its land mass covered by ice. ... Antarctica Wind Farm - the world’s southern-most wind-farm is being built by New Zealand-based Meridian Energy at Crater Hill, Ross Island, Antarctica to power the needs of New Zealand’s Scott Base as well as the American McMurdo Station.
19 January
Index to Comic Art Collection: "Antarctic Press" (H-Z titles) to...
Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections Division Reading Room Index to the Comic Art Collection "Antarctic Press" (H-Z titles) to "Antchester". ... Antarctic Press. How to Draw Manga / with Ben Dunn. - - New York : Mud Puddle Books, 2004.
27 February
eric hiatt /Antarctica Links
Australian Antarctic Program. The British Antarctica Survey. Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI), Cambridge University. National Snow and Ice Data Center. ... NASA's West Antarctic Ice Sheet Initiative. General Information: NASA's Global Change Master Directory. The America Museum of Natural History Antarctica page. Here is a great site about snow crystal formation and snow flakes.
6 September
Aerial ‘OktoKopter’
Aerial ‘OktoKopter’ to map Antarctic moss :: Australian Antarctic Division. Home > About Antarctica > Australian Antarctic Magazine > Issue 19: 2010 >. Aerial ‘OktoKopter’ to map Antarctic moss. Polar regions are experiencing rapid and severe climatic shifts with major changes in temperature, wind speed and UV-B radiation already observed in Antarctica.
Rebecka's Antarctic Blog 2010-11
Mike is in Antarctica, check out his blog in the "Notes from the Field" section. November 19, 2009. "The Antarctic Sun" profiles Dr. Emslie's Antarctic research project in two online articles. ... I spent time with each class talking about my pending trip; we discussed what Antarctica will be like, where I will stay, and what types of penguins I will see. Students were able to hold penguin eggshells and feathers (collected during previous years) as well as touch a penguin skin from our museum collection.
11 January
Tectonics and landscape evolution of the Antarctic plate...
The rifting of continents away from Antarctica, beginning with Africa and proceeding in a clockwise direction around Antarctica, led to the physical isolation of Antarctica. This physical isolation, plus the present polar position of Antarctica, led to development of seaways and the circum-Antarctic current, thermal isolation, climate change, and the present-day cold polar environment (Lawver et al.
Frozen antarctic lake a uniquely extreme environment for life
many icesealed lakes in Antarctica’s depth of about 16 meters, “the liquid of inorganic and organic carbon and. coastal McMurdo Dry Valleys near brine in the system is entrained in a gases like hydrogen and nitrous oxide, the Ross Sea. ... relatives of bacteria that have been found. elsewhere, including some in other. Antarctic waters. Surprisingly, archaea. — microorganisms often adapted to. extreme environments — have not yet. been identified in the system.
Antarctica works as living global warming
"And one of the key things is finding the warm periods, because we are going into a warming phase now." Powell is one of the chief scientists on the ANDRILL project -- shorthand for Antarctic Geologic. Drilling Program -- where a massive drill burrows down about 80 metres of sea ice, 830 metres of. The Star Online > Worldupdates. December 10,2006. Antarctica works as living global warming laboratory.
POLAR Link Page | Antarctica
Composite Gazetteeer of Antarctica. Antarctica Data Base - Geographic Names Information System. Geographical names of the Antarctic. The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition. Instituto Antartico Chileno. Antarctic Telecommunications Program. COMNAP - Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs. The SCAR Global Change Programme.
11 September
The tour operator, Lindblad Expeditions, pioneered expedition travel to Antarctica 45 years ago and is known for their experience, commitment to safety and concern for preserving the environment. And because of their long history of taking travelers to Antarctica, you will see more and experience more. ... Cover Photo: Adelie penguin © Sven-Olof Lindblad. Opposite page: Discovering the wonders of the pristine Antarctic landscape. Ship’s Registry: Bahamas. 2.
Admiral Byrd and Antarctica
Born into an aristocratic Virginia family in 1888, Richard E. Byrd served in and worked with the Navy for nearly 45 yeras to become one of the most active explorers of the Antarctic. Byrd began his career after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1912, when he learned to fly and explored the world. Byrd went on to gain international fame and recognition for his dedication to researching and preserving the unique environment in Antarctica.
19 May
Type: Antarctic Treaty Summary: The Antarctic Treaty, signed on 1 December 1959 and entered into force on 23 June 1961, establishes the legal framework for the management of Antarctica. Administration is carried out through consultative member meetings - the 18th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting was in Japan in April 1993.
12 February
Antarctic Ice Loss
However, Antarctica’s contribution to future sea level rise is far from certain. It is much too early to tell whether the variations found by Rignot capture the real behavior of the Antarctic ice sheets, whether they are natural, or whether they indicate a substantial (or even sustainable) increase in ice-melt. These uncertainties are highlighted in a just-published paper by Antarctic researchers Hugb Corr and David Vaughn (2008).
14. Blue Ice in Antarctica
Antarctica is the best place in the world to find meteorites, and the search for Antarctic meteorites begins with the search for blue ice. ... A fallen meteorite in Antarctica is quickly covered by snow and buried in one of the great Antarctic glaciers. The glaciers slowly move toward the ocean, and their ice turns blue because all its air bubbles are squeezed out.
18 April
Evanescent Light : Antarctica, Landscapes
Anti-crepuscular rays over Antarctic mountains. Sunset panorama over ice cap; Dorian Bay, Antarctica. ... Pink light on clouds: Antarctica. Cerulean ice floe at sunset: Antarctica. Sunset clouds over Errera Strait: Antarctica.
30 December
Biotic and chemical characteristics of some soils
There have been several classificationsof Antarctic soils (Campbell&Claridge 1969,1987). The zonal soilsof much of the moister part of coastal Antarctica are categorized as subxerousfrigicsoils. Theseincludethe ahumicsoils which have no macroscopic vegetation (but which contain soil micro-organisms) and the protoranker soils which have mosses and lichens (Tedrow 1977).
Article I | 1959 antarctic treaty
1959 ANTARCTIC TREATY. b) scientific personnel shall be exchanged in Antarctica between expeditions and stations; c) scientific observations and results from Antarctica shall be exchanged and made freely available. ... No new claim, or enlargement of an existing claim, to territorial sovereignty in Antarctica shall be asserted while the present Treaty is in force. ARTICLE V. 1. Any nuclear explosions in Antarctica and the disposal there of radioactive waste material shall be prohibited.
Antarctic Summer
Palmer Station is a U.S. scientific research station focused on marine biology. They will be spending the Antarctic Summer participating in this year's collection of data at the National Science Foundation's Antarctic Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) site. During their 6 months in the Antarctic, they will be working as the phytoplankton/bio-optics component of the Palmer, Antarctica, Long-Term Ecological Research project (PAL-LTER) program.
27 July
Named in 1902 by Otto Nordenskjold after his ship
Antarctic Sound “Iceberg Alley”. “You never forget your first iceberg. The mass of drifting ice that dwarfs your ship is so beautiful, yet so improbable looking, that you simply gaze in wonder. ... Antarctic Sound. Esperanza Station (Argentina) Hope Inlet, Antarctica.
Students explore the evolution of Antarctica and how resident plants, animals, and micro-organisms are adapted to cope with the extreme environment. Topics include: the history of Antarctic exploration and its impact on the development of Antarctic science, Antarctic ecosystems, Antarctica as a wilderness region, and the impact of humans including the exploitation of resources and the effects of pollution. Language of Instruction
18 October
Environmental factors inuencing diatom
Environmental factors influencing diatom communities in Antarctic cryoconite holes. Environmental Research Letters, 8(4), 045006. This Article is brought to you for free and open access. ... Abstract Cryoconite holes are ice-bound habitats that can act as refuges for aquatic and terrestrial microorganisms on glacier surfaces. In the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica, these holes are often capped by an ice lid that prevents the exchange of material and gases with the surrounding atmosphere and aquatic environment.
Natural Products from Antarctic Colonial Ascidians of the
Table 1. Ascidian samples collected during the Antarctic cruise on board the R/V Polarstern (ANT XXI/2) in 2003 in the Eastern Weddell Sea (Antarctica). ... Biol. 1994, 120, 297–303. 63. Koplovitz, G.; McClintock, J.B.; Amsler, C.D.; Baker, B.J. A comprehensive evaluation of the potential chemical defenses of Antarctic ascidians against sympatric fouling microorganisms. Mar. Biol.
Antarctica - ANU
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13 June
Deep in sediments off Antarctica, Stanford scientists find...
Though most of the East Antarctic sheet sits on land that is above sea level, the portion on the margin of Wilkes Land lies more than 1,000 meters below sea level, which means it is partly supported by the ocean. If sea level rises a little, this causes the ice sheet to lift off of its bed, allowing it to flow faster to the sea. ... Shells of microorganisms that fell to the seafloor long ago also provide clues. In addition to their climate work, the researchers use the sediments to view Antarctica's tectonic history.
18 February
My Antarctica
Antarctica Kim Stanley Robinson Bantam 1998 First you fall in love with Antarctica, and then it breaks your heart. Time on ice: a winter voyage to Antarctica Deborah Shapiro & Rolf Bjelke McGraw-Hill 1998 Sailing, frozen in on peninsula, sailing back. Mind over matter Ranulph Fiennes First team to man-haul across the continent. Terra Incognita: travels in Antarctica Sara Wheeler Random House 1996 ``You wait. Everyone has an Antarctic.''
9 December
Boston University Antarctic Research Group
Dr. David Marchant leads the Antarctic Research Group at Boston University. Along with graduate and undergraduate students, David travels to Antarctica as part of his NSF and NASA funded research. Check out our new outreach program, BURECS, funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
10 August
The Antarctic Polar Vortex
We study the flow near the Antarctic polar vortex via dynamical systems methods. The meandering jet configuration of the flow suggests that a chaotic advection mechanism may be at work. However, the finite-time nature of the system and the flow complexity make it difficult to apply the previously developed theory directly.
18 April
Antarctic Peninsula
Antarctic Peninsula 63° S to 75° S, 57° W to 65° W. ... Pack ice present throughout the year. Vegetation of mosses, lichens and green algae richest on islands off the west coast. Vascular plants, the grass Deschampsia antarctica and the cushion plant Colobanthus crassifolius, occur in sheltered locations as far south as Neny Island, 68° 13'.
7 July
Antarctica– WashLaw Web
Antarctica law resource page with links to Antarctica environmental law, antarctica constitution, antarctic treaties, and more. ... Antarctica Treaty Online From the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD). Antarctica Protection of the Environment Laws and regulations from the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan.
29 September
Antarctica. Once in a lifetime/once in a century. Celebrating the Centennial of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. ... Dear Bryn Mawr alumnae/i and friends, When it comes to Antarctica, our mission is twofold: first, to enable you to experience, not merely see, this remarkable place. We bring you into direct contact with Antarctica’s vast and teeming penguin rookeries.
Antarctic Temperature
Back | Ozone Hole | ChemConnections.
2 August
See the Sea Level Change
Handout #1: Map of Antarctica with its summer & winter sea ice extent boundaries and a cross-section drawing of the Antarctic continent Handout #2: Sketches of Antarctic organisms 1 piece of 11” x 17” white paper Strip of blue paper 11” x 1.5” precut for student use Scissors, metric ruler Colored pencils (8 colors) Glue stick Handout #3: Fact Sheet on the. ... Krill is the link between the microorganisms it eats and the large Antarctic animals. The habitat for the algae and the krill is the ephemeral sea ice.
The Antarctic Treaty | SCINI-Penguin
The Antarctic Treaty. Posted on October 19, 2013 by StacyKim. Howdy, this is Polar Bear B. I’m here to explain a little bit about why we study in Antarctica. One of the reasons is that Antarctica is the only place on earth that has been set aside by for pure scientific research. Antarctica is the only significant piece of land on Earth not governed by a country or person. This is rather astonishing, considering that Antarctica is whole continent and comprises 8.9% of the world’s land area, larger than either Australia or Europe.
4 January
Morgan-Kiss - Microbiology - Miami University
Diversity of autotrophic microorganisms in chemically stratified Antarctic lakes. Quantitative real-time PCR detection of functional genes in aquatic communities. ... Kong W., Li W., Prasil O., Romancova I., Morgan-Kiss R.M. (2014) An integrated study of photochemical function and expression of a key photochemical gene (psbA) in photosynthetic communities of Lake Bonney (McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica).
7 September
Ecology Law Quarterly | 17. Antarctic Treaty, supra note 1, art.
Japan and the Antarctic Treaty System. ChristopherC. Joyner*. INTRODUCTION. Japan, in recent years, has attained prominence in shaping the course of Antarctic affairs. This commentary addresses three sets of fun-damental questions in Japan's contemporary ... 3. Question of Antarctica: Study Requested under GeneralAssembly Resolution 38/77, Report by the Secretary-GeneralPartTwo: Views ofStates, at 102, U.N. Doc. A/39/583 (1984). [hereinafter Question of Antarctica] (statement of the Japanese delegate).
Antarctica – Imagined Geographies
CARA Education and Outreach: Cold Facts about Antarctica.
Many people think of Antarctica as a windy place. That is true, but only near the edges of the continent. At a coastal location, like Australia's Mawson Base, winds average 40 km per hour, with week-long blizzards bringing winds in excess of 80 km per hour and gusts up to 190 ... There the winds almost always blow from the same direction - the compass quadrant containing Dome A, the highest point on the Antarctic Plateau. At Dome A, typical wind speeds are less than a few km per hour, making it possibly the calmest place on Earth.
19 July
Research in Antarctica
Ever since it was discovered, Antarctica has been a continent of questions. However, due to dedicated researchers, we know more about Antarctica and its significance to the world’s ocean system than ever before. Unbeknownst to earlier decades, Antarctica’s bitterly cold and desolate climate is vital to the rest of the world’s climate system. ... Research in Antarctica. By: Austin Rosas. The most modern Antarctic research base is equipped.
Antarctic Log
Peter Suber, Antarctic Log. This is the log of my trip to Antarctica in January of 1996. It's easier to click "Back" and begone than to feign interest during a slide show, so please don't hang around just to be polite. The picture above shows an iceberg with a natural arch in the open sea west of the Briscoe Islands. The top of the berg is about 150 feet above the water line.
23 November
The Antarctic Treaty System
Outline of Talk. 1. What does the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) consist of? 2. Why do we call it a system? 3. Does other international law apply in Antarctica? 4. How do new States join ATS? ... Jill Barrett Arthur Watts Senior Research Fellow Public International Law. Legal definitions of Antarctica. • Antarctic Treaty boundary: 60 degrees South Latitude. The Antarctic Treaty 1959, ARTICLE VI. “The provisions of the present Treaty shall apply to the area south of 60? South ice shelves……..”
A Little More Antarctic Wildlife | Tagging Whales in the...
One of the best things about working down here in the Antarctic is the abundance and approachability of wildlife. This remains one of the few parts of our little planet in which humans are not yet the dominant force. Of course that doesn’t mean that the system is pristine – we killed 2 million whales in the Southern Ocean, plus most of the fur seals, during the last century.
2 February
Some territories in Antarctica are the French Southern Territories, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands and McDonald Island. Location: Antarctica is the southern most part of the world. ... 98% of the continent is covered by the worlds largest ice sheet, the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Because of this, Antarctica is always changing. Population: There are no residents of Antarctica. However, scientists make long trips to Antarctica to complete studies.
4 April
Article in press
Keywords: Biotic interactions; Antarctica; Soil ecology; Terrestrial ecosystems; Invertebrates; Microbiology; Lichens; Abiotic factors. 1. Introduction. Much of the known biology of Antarctic terrestrial ecosystems is based on species’ distributional accounts, and their taxonomic description (e.g. Strandtmann, 1967; Wise, 1971). ... Boyd, W.L., Staley, J.T., Boyd, J.W., 1996. Ecology of soil micro-organisms in Antarctica.
The Vision of a Polar Observing
Science Questions – Antarctica (relevant to Greenland also). What is the neotectonic framework of the Antarctic plate? – Microplates in W. Antarctica? – Are there bits of the E. Antarctic craton in W. Antarctica? Modified from Anderson (1999). Two views of the Geology of East Antarctica.
Future Science Opportunities in Antarctica and the Southern
The Southern Ocean hosts a large and diverse ecosystem, from the micro-organisms in the seawater to the largest marine mammals. Rising temperatures due to higher levels of greenhouse gases will affect many aspects of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica’s climate. ... Survival strategies that have evolved in Antarctic life forms provide information use-ful for understanding species diversity and functioning in other ecosystems (deserts, freshwater, oceans, and cold climates), dispersal and distribution of microorganisms...
Amy Leventer - Geology Research in Antarctica
Crawford, A., Domack, E.W., and Leventer, A., 2012, Evidence for deposition within a pre-Holocene sub- glacial aquatic environment in the Greenpeace Trough, Antarctic Peninsula, SCAR Open Science Confer- ence, XXXII, Portland, Oregon. Allegra Bianchiani '14 (Amy Leventer) Late Holocene Diatom Record of Ice Advance and Re- treat In West Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica.
21 April
Antarctic Circumpolar
Antarctic Circumpolar Current. C. Chen. General Physical Oceanography MAR 555. School for Marine Sciences and Technology Umass-Dartmouth. 1. MAR555 Lecture 9: Antarctic Circumpolar Current. ... ACC features two maximum jets and. two colder pools; two warmer pools (2-3o C colder or warmer). Propagates along the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) and takes 8-9 years to travel around a circle. ACC is driven by the wind and density gradient.
The radarsat antarctic mapping project
the Antarctic. It is indeed a new view of Antarctica and provides for a quantitative analysis of surface properties over all of East and West Antarctica (Fig. ... into East Antarctica. Taken together, these East Antarctic Ice Streams are significantly more. 2463. comparison with historical data sets (such as the British Antarctic Survey Antarctic Digital Database) suggests that there are.
Antarctic Governance: From ATCM to A Permanent Antarctic
The Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) with its core being the 1959 Antarctic Treaty has played an important role in the international governance of Antarctica and safeguarding the Antarctic peace and order. It has been deemed as the model of international cooperation and coordination. The Antarctic regime has undergone the process from a “decentralized approach” to the partial institutionalization and even to the overall institutionalization during the past 53 years.
Why is The Antarctic Treaty Important?
The Antarctic Treaty is an unusual occurrence in the realm of international relations. It is a treaty that does not recognize any sovereign nation’s claim on any part of the Antarctic territory as well as a treaty that states that the purpose of the Antarctic continent is dedicated to “peace and science.” ( Initially The Antarctic Treaty was also used to demilitarize the continent. With the increased global temperature the...
26 November
Antarctic ice-shelf calving triggered by the Honshu (Japan)
786 Brunt and others: Antarctic ice-shelf calving triggered by Honshu tsunami. Fig. 1. The Sulzberger Ice Shelf, Antarctica. Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) mosaic image (Scambos and others, 2007). Cape Roberts (CR; upper inset), Guest Peninsula (GP), Hutchinson Island (HI) and Vollmer Island (VI) are indicated. Lower inset is a trimetrogon aerial photograph (5 February 1965) from USGS US Antarctic Resource Center and the Polar Geospatial Center.
Open Collections Program: Expeditions and Discoveries...
FEATURED EXPEDITIONS. Albatross Expeditions to the Pacific, 1891, 1899–1900, 1904–1905. Carnegie Institution/Peabody Museum Expeditions to Kaminaljuyu, Guatemala, 1935–1953. Harvard College Observatory Expedition: Boyden Station, Arequipa, Peru, 1889...
20 December
eThemes - Continent: Antarctica
Continent: Antarctica Discuss this eTheme. Learn about life in Antarctica including the climate, explorers, animals, geographic features, and current scientific expeditions. Take a virtual tour of this cold continent and view 360-degree images. ... PBS: Antarctic Odyssey Report this link as broken? Click on "Shackleton's Expedition" to play "Escape from Antarctica," a short sailing game that demonstrates how explorers navigated before modern technology.
2 January
Antarctica 2/23/2009 *Norway's Royal Navy will resume searching for Antarctic explorer Roald Amundsen's Latham 47 flying boat. 2/24/2009 *NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory lands in the Pacific Ocean near Antarctica after failing to reach Earth's orbit. 2/25/2009 *Antarctica's subglacial Gamburtsev Mountain Range is mapped.
2 October
Antarctic Biology Training Program | University of San...
The United States National Science Foundation (NSF) will sponsor the 11th Antarctic Biology Training Program (for early career scientists) at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, in January 2018. ... A diverse team of instructors offer participants the opportunity to study a wide range of Antarctic organisms (e.g., bacteria, algae, invertebrates, and fish), as well as study several different levels of biological analysis (spanning molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, ecology, and evolution).
2 November
In Antarctica
In Antarctica. It’s 3:15 p.m. and the sun is setting at Anvers Island. Just off the Antarctic Peninsula, surrounded by 300-foot cliffs of ice, Jeannette Yen pauses outside Palmer Station to watch. The sun spills over the ice cliffs. The frozen landscape melts in a golden glow.
11 July
Most of Antarctica is located south of the Antarctic Circle, surrounded by the Southern Ocean. It is the southernmost land mass and comprises more than 14 million km?, making it the fifth-largest continent. The coastline measures 17 968 km (11,160 miles) and is mostly characterized by ice formations, as the following table shows ... About 98% of Antarctica is covered by the Antarctic ice sheet. The ice sheet is, on average, 2.5 kilometers (1.6 miles) thick.
2 December
Antarctic landscapes
Antarctic landscapes in the souvenir and jewellery. Experience of Antarctica is unique and overwhelming and the phenomenon of the landscape and knowledge of its history continues to inspire artists and writers. Since Antarctica’s discovery and exploration both before and during the Heroic Age; explorers, expeditioners, artists and writers have attempted to record and visualise Antarctica.
Antarctic Ice
Will Antarctic ice loss continue at this rate? This is not obvious - Antarctica is a very high continent centered on the south pole and therefore surrounded by a powerful polar atmospheric cell which communicates little with the warmer air to the north (this is not true of Greenland, which is farther from the pole and has a different climate and communication outside the north atmospheric Polar Cell).
1 January
Stuart Thomson | The Making of Antarctica's Fjords
Before this, Antarctica would have been characterized by subdued topography occupied by large slow-moving rivers. This work was carried out as part of NSF Antarctic Earth Sciences award (ANT #0838722) conducted in collaboration with Peter Reiners, George Gehrels, and graduate student Clare Tochilin at the University of Arizona and Sidney Hemming at Columbia University.
17 January
The Antarctic Dictionary, A Complete Guide To Antarctic English by Bernadette Hince was published by CSIRO Publishing, Australia in 2000. This work has been meticulously researched, with more than 15,000 quotations from about a thousand different sources, giving the reader a unique insight into the language of Antarctica. ... In the space of a mere century, a remarkable vocabulary has evolved to deal with the extraordinary environment and living organisms of the Antarctic.
DJ Spooky (Paul Miller) | S&F Online | Gender on Ice
Both projects incorporate field recordings and audio samples from your visit to Antarctica, mixed with electronic beats and other visual materials. How did your conception of Antarctica as a place interact with your embodied presence? What was the most surprising aspect of being in Antarctica? ... We went to several islands and ice fields that were near the Antarctic peninsula but a little further down on the continent. I'll be going back in a while to check out more of the interior.
30 September
The Pal?ogeographical Relations of Antarctica by Charles...
According to Ortmann, first Rutimeyer definitely proposed radiation from Antarctica as the solution of the problem (Rutimeyer, 'Ueber die Herkunft unserer Thierwelt,' 1867, p. 15). Our knowledge of this subject was much advanced by Dr. H. O. Forbes (Forbes, Roy. ... 1896, p. 278); and that the last Antarctic phase as reflected by these might be expressed in arms reaching on one side to Tasmania, on the other to Cape Horn, while previous phases may have been represented by other rays extending to New Zealand...
2 February
MARC Gorunumu: Antarctica
Tectonic, climatic, and cryospheric evolution of the Antarctic Peninsula Bask?/Yay?n Bilgisi: (2011). Empire Antarctica : ice, silence, & emperor penguins / Yazar:: Francis, Gavin, Bask?/Yay?n Bilgisi: (2013).
14 February
Environment - What did the Antarctic Treaty of 1959 establish? Ice and Rock - What percentage of Antarctica is covered with Ice? Adaptations - Why does the Antarctic ocean have more life than the land? Global Barometer - Why is Antarctica considered the world's "barometer" (A barometer is a device used to measure atmospheric changes).
19 April
Click on the continent to learn more about. Antarctica!
9 November
Antarctica Archives - Blogs from VIMS Antarctic Research
Limacina helicina antarctica. Dr. Steinberg has been using Antarctic Krill, Euphausia superba, and gelatinous salps, Salpa thompsoni, to conduct fecal pellet experiments as a way to measure zooplankton contribution to carbon flux (through poop!) in the WAP. Her Ph.D. student, Tricia, is also conducting experiments with an open ocean snail called a pteropod.
4 December
Why Doesn't Anyone Mention the Record Growth of Sea Ice...
And "West Antarctica," meaning the portion in west longitude, including the Antarctic Peninsula, is the portion that is. ... It shows regions of snow melt in Antarctica by year of first occurrence. Notes on Arctic and Antarctic Ice. Sea ice is measured from satellites, which is why data extend back only to 1979. The definition of sea ice is any area with at least 15 per cent ice cover.
24 September
Antarctic Water Paintings
Antarctic Water Paintings. Overview: Students draw pictures of life in the Antarctic waters and learn about evaporation. Ages: 5 – 10. Time: 30 minutes. Materials Required: water, salt, food coloring, paper cups & white paper. ... with. • Ask students to draw pictures of what they might see on a Scuba expedition in Antarctica. Make a. list of the fish and birds that inhabit Antarctica and its waters. Some include penguins, seals, starfish, squid, toothfish, and whales. • Let dry.
South America. Antarctica.
30 December
MetEd » Resource Description: Antarctica: Challenging...
Antarctica, polar weather, polar lows, Antarctic forecasting, polar satellites, automatic weather station, atmospheric circulation, katabatic winds, Ross Ice Shelf Air Stream, RAS, climate change, ice shelves, coreless winter, Antarctic temperatures, Antarctic precipitation patterns, Southern Ocean, Antarctic Mesoscale Prediction System, AMPS, inversion, grid resolution, global thermohaline circulation.
20 November
You chose Antarctica as your home. Think really hard about how you will feed your penguin. You have another choice to make. Read the information below and choose between an Adelie, Emperor or King penguin. Click on the red links to read and learn more. ... Emperor penguins are the largest of all the penguins. They stand almost 4 feet tall and weigh 70 to 90 pounds. They live and breed at the beginning of winter, on the fast ice all around the Antarctic continent.
Connect Your Students With Scientists in Antarctica
and the consequences to the Antarctic ecosystem. February 21, 2016 @ 12:00pm EST. Mic r obe Ec olog y: Learn how microorganisms at the base of the food web help catalyze transformations in the carbon cycle of Antarctica.
Antarctic and Arctic Search Coil Magnetometers
Our Antarctic and Arctic Search Coil Magnetometers program analyzes data from search coil magnetometers at the U.S. and British bases in Antarctica along with Iqaluit in Nunavut, Canada and Sondrestrom in Greenland.
6 January
Survival of the Antarctic Treaty: Economic Self
Since the enactment of the Antarctic Treaty of 1959, 1 the international com-munity has cooperated in the management of Antarctica. 2 Competition for the known and potential mineral wealth of that frozen area of the globeS may, however, transform the pioneering efforts at international accord under the Treaty into international discord.· This Comment will explore substantive legal issues and disputes which may arise when attempts are made to locate and extract the riches of Antarctica.
Washington and Lee Journal of Energy
The seventh continent, Antarctica, is a no man’s land in terms of economic development. This is not due to its harsh weather conditions. Parts of Alaska, Canada and Russia are almost equally inhospitable. Rather, this Article argues that Antarctica’s economic isolation is the result of political paralysis and a lack of appreciation for private property rights. ... There is huge potential in the Antarctic continent and to. understand how to best access it, we must look at different paths.
Iwerks ® Film: Antarctica
v Antarctica’s dry valleys provide scientists with sites suitable for testing planetary probes under conditions approximating those of Mars. v Core samples of Antarctic ice help scientists unravel important clues about past global and climatic conditions and investigate past cooling and warming trends, as well as significant recent changes brought about, perhaps, by human activity on our planet. Sunshine State Standards Addressed: Kindergarten
Antarctic Meteorites
Antarctic Meteorites. Although meteorites have been found in many places, the richest hunting ground for meteorite finds is the Antarctic ice sheet. This is not because more meteorites fall in Antarctica, but because they are easier to find and identify there.
24 January
Present Day Antarctica - Interactive System for Ice sheet...
These are 5km resolution, NetCDF files of Antarctica gathered from various data sources and interpolated, when necessary, onto the same grid using polar stereographic projection. Data download is available below as well as a change log which describe...
9 February
Scientists find evidence for groundwater in Antarctica's Dry...
Beneath Antarctica's ice-free McMurdo Dry Valleys lies a salty aquifer that may support previously unknown microbial ecosystems and retain evidence of ancient climate change, according to a new study published April 28 in Nature Communications. ... The team found evidence that brines flow towards the Antarctic coast from roughly 18 kilometers (11 miles) inland, eventually discharging into the Southern Ocean.
29 April
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6 February
Antarctic meteorite mug shots
Here is a small collection of photos of Antarctic meteorites, some in the field and some in the curatorial laboratory of the astromaterials curation facility at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Most of the meteorites were collected during the 1988-89 ANSMET field season to Lewis Cliff and the MacAlpine Hills. ... See ANSMET for why so many meteorites are found in Antarctica.
19 September
Antarctic Convergence. 40. the United States have reserved the right to do so) and they do not recognize the claims of the other countries. ... Bentley Subglacial Trench (lowest point in Antarctica, -2540 m). Marie Byrd Land. Ross.
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12 December
WAIS Divide Ice Core
The WAIS Divide ice core was recovered at a field camp in the center of West Antarctica, 1,040 kilometers (650 miles) from the geographic South Pole, where the ice is more than 3,460 meters (two miles) thick. ... NSF's Division of Polar Programs funds the research, primarily through its Antarctic Glaciology Program. Some additional funding is provided by NSF's Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems Program.
18 April
Geology of Antarctica
The kids get to inspect rock and fossil specimens from the Antarctic.
9 June
Antarctica. Like the first men, fear plunges its axis through. Our scientists made a mistake.
15 April
Untitled Document | Alien Invaders Threaten Antarctic Fringes
The fringes of Antarctica are being invaded by alien plants and tiny animals, scientists have found. Researchers scoured the clothes and boots of tourists and scientists visiting the continent and found that most were carrying plant seeds. Alien plants already grow on the fast-warming Antarctic Peninsula.
30 April
The Ortas’ collaborative endeavors are typically driven by their
The preamble to the 1959 Antarctic Treaty introduces us to this unique place:3. Recognizing that it is in the interest of all mankind that Antarctica shall continue for ever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international discord; Acknowledging the substantial contributions to scientic knowledge resulting from international cooperation in scientic investigation in Antarctica
Antarctic Circle | COSMOS
The Antarctic Circle is a parallel of latitude on the Earth at approximately 66.5 degrees south of the equator. ... Observers further south than the Antarctic Circle will see the Sun remain above the horizon for many days, and at the South Pole, there is a six-month ‘day’ that starts on the autumnal equinox changing to a six-month ‘night’ on the vernal equinox.
12 September
Untitled Document
Contents List: Antarctic Map – This map is a physical map, which not only provides the mountain ranges and canyons but it also provides locations of base camps of those who have explored the content. (April 1987). Antarctic: A New Age of Exploration -- This map is a physical map, it also provides geological history of the formation of Antarctica.
13 December
Antarctic Travel Experience Project
Join the Antarctic Travel Experience Project. We change the places we visit, but the places we visit change us more. This research project seeks to understand travelers' motivations for visiting Antarctica, and the lasting effects of their experiences after returning home. We invite you to participate. How does it work?
26 May
Geosciences : News :Antarctic Peak named for Robert...
Rutford honors Dr. Robert Rutford, a geologist and one of the world’s foremost authorities on Antarctica,” said Jerry Mullins, regional coordinator of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Antarctic, Arctic and Canadian Programs in Reston, Virginia. “This honor recognizes his long and substantial contribution to the U.S. Antarctic Research Program and to international Antarctic research.” Rutford served as UT Dallas president from 1982 to 1994.
14 August
AU creates rechargeable microscope system for... | Wire Eagle
AUBURN – Auburn University researchers have built a rechargeable microscope illumination system for NASA scientists who are using it during Antarctic expeditions. ... NASA used it on a preliminary, 11-day trip in February and will take it in November for three months during the Tawani Foundation International 2008 Schirmacher Oasis Antarctica Expedition. The device, which contains a battery pack, condenser and bulb with a built-in collimator, attaches to standard research microscopes, producing high-resolution images.
14 November
The Antarctic Treaty System, whose origin dated in 1959...
11 XXIX Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting – Information Paper 13, In search for a legal regime for bioprospecting in Antarctica, (2006, Edinburgh), 6. 12 The Budapest Treaty regulates the deposit of biological material: patent laws prescribes a deposit of a microorganism as a supplement to, and replacement for, the written description of the invention that is compulsory when asking for a patent, when the.
What Caused the March 25, 1998 Antarctic Plate
The P-axis orientation of the Antarctic plate event is NE-SW. Furthermore, most of the aftershock locations (Figure 1) suggest that rupture most likely occurred on an E-W trend-ing fault plane, which is almost perpendicular to fracture zones that delineate existing zones of weakness (Figure 1). ... MRC is the Macquarie Ridge Complex and TJ is the Australia-Pacic-Antarctica triple junction.
Digital Storytelling in Antarctica
Futuring Antarctica: Cultural & Digital Research on Antarctic Futures. The Digital Storytelling Project in Antarctica is a collaboration with the Feria Antartica Escolar program of the Chilean Antarctic Institute (INACH). ... The digital stories were produced by Chilean high school students during their antarctic fieldwork expeditions. Watch the digital stories [in Spanish] in our dedicated Antarctic Digital Storytelling Project channel.
7 December
Warming in Antarctica Tied to Changes in the Atlantic
Scientists have long known that the Antarctic Peninsula in West Antarctica is subject to climate change. ... So, for this paper, researchers focused on the Atlantic, which had been overlooked as a force behind Antarctic climate change. It is remarkable that the recent 30-year trend in North Atlantic Ocean warming is driving climate change in West Antarctica, Holland said.
18 May
Science body salutes Antarctic researcher - Monash University
18 August
QUT Digital Repository
The rst is the most obvious: a key requirement for Australian Antarctic work was a penis, and until 1975, when three women were allowed on the continent for several weeks in an ofcial capacity, Australia simply did not allow women to work in its polar claim at all. ... To see how this tension has played out in the AAT, this article turns to two brief examples: the debates over Australia’s Antarctic station rebuild-ing program in the 1980s and media coverage of the AAT’s rst private settlers, who lived in Antarctica in 1995.
Antarctic Clouds and Climate
Antarctic Clouds and Climate: A Study with Two Generations of NASA Earth Science Enterprise Data. Co-PI with Dan Lubin, UCSD/Scripps. The University of Idaho’s contribution to the proposed work consists mainly of analyzing high-resolution infrared spectra from the Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer (IRIS), the Interferometric Monitor for Greenhouse Gases (IMG), and the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS), obtained over Antarctica, to produce several data products.
1998 Antarctic LDB Pictures
Flight. BOOMERANG was launched on December 29, 1998. For the next 10.5 days it floated slowly around the Antarctica at an altitude of 120,000 feet. We kept track of its status via a satellite link, and refined our observations as we analyzed the data that came through the link. Finally, after a complete circle, the payload was dropped by parachute to a spot about 50 km from the launch pad, for an easy recovery.
4 September
Antarctic Ozone Hole
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27 April
How did we find out about Antarctica? / Isaac Asimov ; illustrated by David Wool. Call Number: 998 As42h. Series: Asimov, Isaac, 1920- How did we find out--series. Summary: Describes the geography of the Antarctic regions and the history of their discovery and exploration.
15 July
Antarctica Region
Images of Volcanoes in Antarctica. Antarctica.
12 May
A Brief History of Antarctica
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31 October
Fear and loathing in the south pole: the need
Mineral exploration in Antarctica, however, has been effectively barred since 1959 under the Antarctic Treaty System (“ATS”),2 which, in its current form, prohibits mineral exploration as far into the future as 2048.3 The strategic potential presented by this vastly unpopulated continent has not gone unrecognized by the major global political players. ... 1. peter j. beck, the international politics of antarctica 14 (1986). 2. The ATS is comprised of the Antarctic Treaty of 1959 and the Madrid Protocol of 1991.
Biology 394A and 394B
A survey of Antarctic explorers including Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen as well as more recent explorers. Krill and food chains in the Antarctic ecosystem. The Southern Oceans and the importance of the Antarctic Convergence Zone for ocean conditions, productivity, and biodiversity. Geology and geophysics of Antarctica, including continental drift. Glaciology, oceanography and climate studies, including a discussion of sea ice, pack ice and the Antarctic ice sheets.
24 February
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Links to the page contain: Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Diversity in the Antarctic......
7 March
Sub-Antarctic Zone area map
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18 December
Antarctica 2008-2009
28 July
Who claims the Antarctic?
Several nations claim parts of Antarctica as part of their territory. The U. S. considers this vast continent to be part of the global heritage of mankind. Credit: Earth Forum, Houston Museum of Natural Science.
26 December
Biology in Antarctica 2012-13
Antarctic waters are reported to have a high percentage of endemic organisms. Many of these purported endemic species have been described as circumpolar (i.e., living in connected populations all the way around Antarctica). Although there has been considerable work on the general biology of Antarctic marine fauna and estimates of Antarctic biodiversity, there have been few studies focused on understanding genetic patterns.
9 January
Holdings: Alone in Antarctica
Innocents on the ice a memoir of Antarctic exploration, 1957 / by: Behrendt, John C., 1932- Published: (1998). Diary of the Discovery Expedition to the Antarctic regions 1901-1904. by: Wilson, Edward, 1872-1912. ... The sea and the ice: a naturalist in Antarctica, by: Halle, Louis Joseph, 1910- Published: (1973). Search Options.
12 April
Restoration in the Antarctic
governments engaged in Antarctic activities. Even so, it does aptly characterize the intent and effects of environmental policies for the Antarctic adopted by those governments during the last three decades. This article examines the multidimensional efforts at preclusive. restoration in the Antarctic from a threefold perspective. First, the study. explains the fragile nature of the Antarctic ecosystem.
Remote sensing antarctica.
19 March
Photoshop Workshops. Last Updated on April 25, 2005.
19 February
The southernmost continent of Antarctica is the fifth largest continent and the coldest and driest place on earth. Antarctica separated from the southern tip of the South American continent approximately 30 million years ago and has been isolated since. ... These endemic animals are unique to Antarctica and include worms, molluscs, echinoderms, crustaceans and many others. However, some of the animals are able to live in both Antarctic and South American waters.
16 August
Kristy Leissle: An Antarctic 'Summer' on the Ice... - UW Bothell
Though I wasn’t feeling particularly analytical about the painting at the time, in retrospect, I would say that such a long stretch of uninterrupted maintenance work highlighted the fact that Antarctica is not a friendly place to human inhabitants. ... The widespread former use of chloroflorocarbons (CFCs) in coolants and industrial processes was very damaging to the ozone in the upper atmosphere, and a huge ozone hole forms above the Antarctic at the end of every winter when sunlight returns.
6 December
My research has focused on documenting Plio-Pleistocene changes in outlet glaciers that drain Taylor Dome on the periphery of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS). ... Some of the slowest erosion rates ever recorded are found in the ice-free regions of Antarctica. An important aspect of my of my ongoing research is to study cold-desert weathering processes and quantify erosion rates in the McMurdo Dry Valleys.
2 April
on a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. · 2 nights in Buneos Aires, Argentina · 1 night in Ushuaia, Argentina · 10 nights on the MV Ushuaia, a former. NOAA research vessel, exploring Antarctica; return U.S. January 9 2016. $11,481 or $750/month if you sign up in August 2014. (monthly prices increases each month).
A History of Firsts
The 'Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration' was an era when the world's bravest explorers set out to discover Antarctica. ... Antarctic exploration—British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09. In 1907 Mawson’s dream of Antarctic exploration came to fruition. His former teacher and leader in geological sciences in Australia at the time, Professor Sir Tannatt Edgeworth David, alerted him to an upcoming British led expedition.
Exploring Global Climate Impact If Antarctica’s Ice Sheets Melt
– As the world anticipates a global climate change meeting next month in Paris, there is compelling historical evidence that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is vulnerable to rapid retreat and collapse, says climate scientist Alan Condron at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, yet very few if any studies have explored what might happen to Earth’s climate if Antarctica’s ice sheets were.
11 December
Brown Bluff and Hope Bay: Touring the Antarctic Peninsula
Our next zodiac stop was Hope Bay, a shallow, calm bay further down the Antarctic Peninsula. The glacier-capped mountains surrounding the bay were immense, just the first instance of scaling issues in Antarctica. Because there are no permanent settlements other than a few tiny research stations, there is nothing visual for our human eyes to compare the glacial expanse against.
10 December
The STEAM Journal
The project was made possible through the support of New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute, Antarctica N.Z. and the Deep South National Science Challenge. Creative Commons License. ... Sea ice is the thin surface layer of frozen ocean, perhaps only a metre or two thick. This influences the reflectivity of the planet, Antarctic food-webs, as well as how the oceans cycle globally – not just around Antarctica.
French Antarctic station, Dumont D'Urville (DDU), named for...
Claire Gegout (MS ’08, Kirchhoff) is currently on a one-year assignment as a scientist at the French Antarctic station, Dumont D'Urville (DDU), named for the French explorer who first set foot first on that location in Antarctica. Claire reports things are going well there, but they are starting to enter the Antarctic winter with temperatures plummeting and the days getting shorter and shorter.
2007 Antarctica Marathon, Sponsored by Capella University
Two expedition vessels will ferry the runners from Ushuaia, Argentina, through the Beagle Channel, across Drake Passage, through the South Shetland Islands and along the Antarctic Peninsula to King George Island. Runners will take Zodiac boats from the ship to the shore to run the race. Stay tuned to this site to follow the Capella runners' progress as they prepare for the race. Quick facts about the Antarctica Marathon.
10 April
Production and chracterization of lipase
Microorganism Pseudozyma antarctica NBIMCC 8340 (Candida antarctica) was obtained from the National Bank for In-dustrial Microorganisms and Cell Cultures (NBIMCC). The strain is included in the Bulgarian National Collec-tion. The strain was isolated in 1997 from the Livingston.
National Science Foundation Antarctic Service Medal Distinguish Visiting Scientist Research Fellowship, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois, 1981 Honorable Mention for "Late Cretaceous-Early Tertiary Molluscan biogeography of the southern. circum-Pacific", SEPM Outstanding Paper published in Journal of Paleontology in 1982 Honorable Mention for "The first land mammal from Antarctica and its biogeographic implications"
Vinson Massif, Antarctica: I Chose to Climb
Enjoy these Antarctic photos taken from a boat by Peter Westphal.
28 June
Southeast Review of Asian Studies
Since its discovery in the early 1820s, Antarctica has drawn interest from a myriad of adventurers, scientists, fishermen and policymakers across the world. In 1958, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) tried to join a group of nations that had composed the Antarctic Treaty but was thwarted by the many non-Soviet countries suspicious of its intentions. In the late 1970s, the PRC again renewed its interest in Antarctica and, in 1985, became a full Consultative Party (CP) to the Antarctic Treaty.
Antartica Scenes
We arrived in Antarctica in the middle of summer. On Aitcho Island, one of the South Shetland Islands near the northernmost part of the Antarctic Peninsula, the winter snow had melted and luxuriant grass was covering the ground. This photo, taken from our ship in the Neumeyer Channel, much farther south than the first photo, shows the ice- and snow-covered mountains that are more expected in a photo of Antarctica.
30 March
Polar desert: Antarctic desert
Antarctica Desert. Know more of this placemark? Find out more about the Antarctic desert.
12 May
Antarctica Notebook - Catholic University
Stark beauty of the ice continent, Antarctica. I am grateful for the enthusiasm which many communicated to me about my Antarctic journey. One couple told their young child that I was at the South Pole for Christmas. The child’s question was, “Does Santa go to the South Pole?”
20 January
Alteration of the food web along the Antarctic Peninsula
Keywords: Antarctica, climate, cryptophytes, krill, phytoplankton, salps. ... Although krill are often abundant along the Antarctic Peninsula, their distributional patterns are highly variable in space and time (see Ross et al., 1996). Salpa thompsoni, another important plankton grazer in the vicinity of the Antarctic Peninsula (Nishikawa et al., 1995; Loeb et al., 1997), exhibits similar broad-scale spatial and temporal variation in abundance and distribution (Ross et al., 1996).
Antarctica could be headed for major... | University of California
And although no humans live permanently in Antarctica, what happens there impacts everyone, said Aradhna Tripati, a geochemist at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability who collaborated on the research. ... But samples drawn from years when the sea was covered with ice, were mostly rock with fossils from only a few deep sea organisms. "We run the risk of Antarctic ice shelf disappearance".
22 October
Cochise College P
As recorded in the book “The Heart of the Antarctic” by Ernest Shackleton (1909) the party also observed around the summit area "lumps of lava, large feldspar crystals, from one to three inches in length, and fragments of pumice; both feldspar' and pumice were in many cases coated with sulfur." Mt Erebus is the most active volcano in Antarctica and is a significant source of aerosols and gases to the Antarctic atmosphere.
30 November
Science 219 | Freezing of Antarctica Replay
Freezing of Antarctica Replay.
5 May
Sharks in Antarctica? - quadangles online
Sharks in Antarctica? It has been 40 million years since the waters around Antarctica have been warm enough to sustain populations of sharks and other fish, but they may return this century due to the effects of global warming. If they do, the impact on Antarctic ecology could be serious, according to biology professors Cheryl Wilga and Brad Seibel.
6 January
SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Thayer Watkins. Antarctica. SJSU Economics dept home page.
17 February
Judd a. case
United States Antarctic Service Medal for research in Antarctica, 1983-4, 1985, 1986-7. Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant; Department of Biology, University of California, Riverside, 1982-83 and 1985-86. ... 8. Case, Judd A. 1989. Antarctica: the effect of high latitude heterochroneity on the origin of the Australian marsupials. in (J.A. Crame, ed.) Origins and Evolution of the Antarctic Biota. Geol.
LIU Post Biologist to Lecture on Antarctic Expedition April 23
Why travel to Antarctica? "The marine invertebrate communities found on the Antarctic shelf are utterly fantastic, filled with amazing species not found anywhere else on the planet appearing more similar to those of the Paleozoic Era, when bryozoans, brachiopods, and sponges built large reefs as opposed to the coral-dominated reefs we are more familiar with today," notes Dr. Santagata.
23 April
National Science Foundation (NSF) United
Aerospace report no. TOR-2012(2228)-1. National Science Foundation (NSF) United States Antarctica Program (USAP) Science Workshop. Approved by ... Astronomy/Particle Astrophysics - Albrecht Karle, University of Wisconsin. Antarctic Organism and Ecosystem - Peter Doran, University of Illinois.
Paleobotany in Antarctica-Participants
5 October
Come See the Poles!
Antarctica: Map and Geographic Information 1. Where is Antarctica located? _ (at the north pole or the south pole?) Antarctica: Journey to the Frozen Continent. 2. What is the coldest temperature recorded in Antarctica?_ ... 11. Click on this link to access a matching activity that will help your students to explore the poles. The Final Question. Write one thing about the Arctic that is the same about the Antarctic.
14 November
William's Academic Website!
The Myth: Many people believe that Antarctic and Arctic ice have been increasing through the years, thus global warming cannot be true. This myth is used in Greg Robert’s article “Revealed: Antarctic ice growing, not shrinking.” Roberts believes that the ice level is not decreasing by stating, “Ice is expanding in much of Antarctica, contrary to the widespread public belief that global warming is melting the continental ice cap.”
5 October
Persistent Organic Pollutants in Antarctica; System Input from
Tissue samples represented Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba), Adelie Penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae), Antarctic Petrel (Thalassoica antarctica), White-chinned Petrel (Procellaria aequinoctialis), Antarctic Fur Seal (Arctocephalus gazella), Weddell Seal (Leptonychotes weddellii) and Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae).
Virginia Institute of Marine Science - VIMS in Antarctica
Antarctica VIMS' Antarctic research focuses on the Ross Sea and the waters of the Antarctic peninsula. VIMS researchers choose their cold-weather gear at the U.S. Antarctic Support Center in Christchurch, New Zealand. VIMS researchers deplane on the Ross Ice Shelf near McMurdo Station after a flight from New Zealand.
8 January
J. P. Ault: A Scientist at Sea, Voyages, Antarctica
Voyages: Antarctic Circumnavigation. Home J.P. Ault Voyages Finding Aid Chronology. Antarctic cruise documents: Letters Antarctic map. Ault's voyages: Antarctica Canada Easter Island Galilee Last cruise Shipboard Life.
11 May
Allied Whale in Antarctica
antarctica. Here are some images taken from a recent trip to the Antarctica peninsula to photo-identify humpback whales of the southern hemisphere, adding data to the already established Antarctic Humpback Whale Catalog archived by Allied Whale at College of the Atlantic.
4 April
Kimber Beachy: Goshen to Antarctica | The Record
Although Beachy’s first application in the 90s to work in Antarctica wasn’t accepted, she didn’t give up. While hiking the Kepler Track in New Zealand in 2003, Beachy met a man who had just finished a season in Antarctica who made a connection for her, and she got an interview. “The competition for some of the jobs on the Ice is intense,” she said. “I landed the job as a dishwasher, and my Ice career has taken off from there.” Beachy has been a seasonal worker with the Antarctic program ever since.
22 November
Fairmont State /All Locations
tale of loss and courage in Antarctica /|cApsley Cherry
26 January
“If Antarctica were music it would be Mozart.”
Conventional wisdom once deemed these areas were completely devoid of life, but we now know glacial ice in the region is home to bustling microhabitats that are “teeming with life.” Kilduff and the research team had a lab in McMurdo Station, seen below, but spent most of their time working at a camp at Lake Fryxell in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica. These valleys, the team said, are on the western coast of McMurdo Sound and form the largest relatively ice-free area on the Antarctic continent.
6 June
Miocene-Pliocene Weddell Sea Record of Antarctic
The “White Continent” as Antarctica is known, gets its name from the distinct. ice sheets that cover its surface: the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS) and the West. Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) by the Trans-Antarctic Mountains (TAM) which run.
E. Land-Weber Exhibition: Abandoned Boat, Antarctica
Abandoned Boat, Antarctica. Return to Antartica.
22 February
Christmas at the South Pole: Conserving Sites of Antarctic...
© Antarctic Heritage Trust, “The last view of civilization, the last sight of fields, and trees, and flowers, had come and gone on Christmas Eve, 1901, and as the night fell, the blue outline of friendly New Zealand was lost to us in the northern twilight.” ... In December of 1901, Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s National Antarctic Expedition sailed aboard the three-masted Discovery toward the largely unexplored continent of Antarctica.
21 December
Antarctica Websites - Symbaloo embedded webmix›embed/antarcticawebsites
Zoe's Antarctic Penguin Chris's Antarctic World Imagine you're in Antarctica Ben's Antarctica website - H.. Jon's Antarctica site Echoe's Antarctica Site Wildlife of Antarctica Jeremy's Antarctica Website .. ... Antarctica By Matthew - Home Hannah's Antarctica Site!!! Mission Antarctica Sam.N.s snowy place Jono Does Antarctica.
20 October
Antarctica Expedition Could Help... | Georgetown University
Once in Antarctica, the team will go out into the field with a state-of-the-art instrument called the Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencer, which is about half the size of a cell phone. The instrument will help the team figure out whether the Antarctic paleolakes harbor “microbial seed banks,” caches of viable microbes that adapted to past environments.
22 November
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11 October
Antarctic Data
All data from Feldmann, R. M., C. E. Schweitzer, and S. A. Marenssi. 2003. Decapod crustaceans from the Eocene La Meseta Formation, Seymour Island, Antarctica: a model for preservation of decapods. Journal of the Geological Society, London, 160:1512-160.
9 December
Antarctica’s White Wilderness
Antarctica’s White Wilderness Feb. 6-21, 2015. Reading/Media List.
Collegiate Objective
Astronomy in Antarctica: Antarctica offers amazing conditions for both particle and photon related astronomical observing. This is very true especially on the plataeus in Antarctica where its extremely cold, and there is a dry and stable atmosphere. Antarctica is also a perfect place for launching weather balloons due to its circumpolar vortex.
11 December
2009 Highlights | Algae and Pollen Grains Provide Evidence of...
Direct information from a setting proximal to the dynamic Antarctic ice sheets responsible for driving many of these changes is vital to the correct calibration and interpretation of these proxy records.” These startling results will offer new insight into Antarctica’s climatic past – insights that could potentially help climate scientists better understand the current climate change scenario.
7 October
Commonwealth of Australia Consolidated Acts
This database contains copies of all consolidated Commonwealth Acts with the exception of some Appropriation and Supply Acts and, from May 2015, all amending Acts due to ComLaw changes. If there have been no amendments to an Act or an official consol...
17 July
Western Antarctic Imagery
West Antarctica’s ice sheet is an issue of active research and societal concern. Its instability has the potential to cause significant economic impact resulting from an increase in global sea level. West Antarctica is the largest remaining ice-filled marine basin on Earth. Antarctica’s ice sheet is drained by fast-moving ice streams that extend far into the ice-sheet interior. The West Antarctic ice sheet has lost nearly two thirds of its mass, since the peak of the last ice age nearly 20,000 years ago.
7 December
Research - Antarctic
My research in the Antarctic began in 1992 with a pilot project designed to examine differences in the composition and vertical structure of epipelagic (near-surface) communities in areas of the Weddell Sea with and without ice cover. ... During the final cruise in November-December 2006, there was no pack ice at the study site, and the community was dominated overwhelmingly by Euphausia superba, though large numbers of Salpa thompsoni and Diphyes antarctica also were collected.
18 December
Click HERE to see More PHOTOS of Antarctica
2017 Antarctic Cruise. ... No matter how much of the world you've seen, Antarctica is unlike anything you have ever experienced. This isolated continent is enclosed by a huge cold-water current. Here, in the midst of the great white open, you will find nature at its most sublime and haunting.
Index of /~golden/resources/antarctic_photos
Index of /~golden/resources/antarctic_photos. Name. Last modified.
2 July
One Response to IceFin Robot Explores Antarctic Ocean
The Article “Robot Reveals Sea Life Thriving Beneath Antarctic Ice” was written by Lauren Geggle describes a new robot that is explorers the deep ocean beneath the arctic ice. ... This robot may also be useful in studying life on other planets. “We’re advancing hypotheses that we need for Europa, and understanding ocean systems here better,” said scientist Shmidt. Scientists use the robot at the edges of the Antarctica, where the ice shelves are located.
7 April
London Dominguez. Glaciation of Antarctica.
US-ITASE in East Antarctica
East Antarctic Ice Sheet. Beardmore 4. ... US-ITASE in East Antarctica. e U.S. contribution to the International. Trans-Antarctic Scientic Expedition. B. Welch, St. Olaf College (9/21/07). Fram fram e.
Lighthouses of the French Southern Lands
This page is for lighthouses of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (Terres Australes et Antarctiques Francaises, or TAAF), a widely scattered collection of islands in the South Indian Ocean. When it was established in 1955, TAAF consisted of several islands in the sub-Antarctic, including the Iles Kerguelen, Amsterdam, St.-Paul, and Crozet. None of these islands have any permanent population, but France maintains military or scientific stations on them.
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