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The fossil material will help scientists study floral changes during the Jurassic in the Transantarctic Mountains of Antarctica. “This research is important in understanding what climate and environment was like at the poles during one of Earth’s past greenhouse climates and how plants responded to both climate changes and instantaneous disruptions through the rise of volcanoes,” said Rudy Serbet, collection manager of paleobotany at KU Biodiversity Institute and a team leader for the trip.
10 November
Research on microorganisms in Antarctica, biodiversity...
The decay fungi found are well adapted to polar conditions and appear to be indigenous to Antarctica. Further study has shown that the fungi found in the wood were also the ones most commonly found in Antarctic soils where they have important roles as decomposer and recycling organisms in the Antarctic ecosystem. ... In addition, our investigations have expanded to include research at other historic wooden structures located in different areas of Antarctic that are in peril of being lost.
31 July
Poor outlook for biodiversity in Antarctica, study finds
An interdisciplinary group of researchers compared Antarctic biodiversity and its management with global trends to determine the region’s outlook is more similar to the rest of the world than previously believed. ... “Overall, the biodiversity and conservation management outlook for Antarctica and the Southern Ocean is no different to that for the rest of the planet,” Professor Chown said.
29 March
REVIEWS | The spatial structure of Antarctic biodiversity
Antarctica contains some of the strongest environmental gradients on the planet and therefore provides an ideal study ground to test hypotheses on the relevance of environmental variability for biodiversity. To answer the pivotal question, ‘‘How does spatial variation in physical and biological environmental properties across the Antarctic drive biodiversity?’’ we have synthesized current knowledge on environmental variability across terrestrial, freshwater...
Antarctic Invertebrates: Biodiversity
Antarctic Invertebrates. About. Biodiversity. History. ... Biodiversity. This interactive listing includes all Antarctic and Subantarctic marine invertebrate animals that are represented in the NMNH collections. As new specimens are acquired and identified, the database will be updated regularly. If the taxon you're looking for is not represented in our collections, you may be able to find it at one of the sites listed on our Additional Resources page.
29 May
Antarctic BIODIVERSITY and ecosystem services: how will...
We suggest that understanding how biodiversity and ecosystems across Antarctic terrestrial habitats are affected by short and long-term perturbations offers a logical scientific framework for examining the range of potential change that may affect provision of services in the future. ... To address these and other threats to Antarctic ecosystems and ecosystem services will require multidisciplinary analyses and collaboration.
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13 September
The Loss of Biodiversity from Human Activity
Scientists have tracked the loss of biodiversity on Earth for decades. Studies from physical, geological, and biological data show that Earth has had declines in populations and even mass extinctions in the past. So, why are we worried? At first, much of the species loss in the 20th century was attributed to the “regular” changes in biodiversity that occur in living ecosystems. Simply put, environments change.
15 December
Antarctic biodiversity data are
ANTABIF: Antarctic Biodiversity Information Facility. DryValleys, 2012. Sunday 15 July 12. Our vision: Antarctic biodiversity data are open, linked, useful, interoperable and safe. ... What’s ANTABIF? • Born as Census of Antarctic Marine Life as the data, visualization and analysis component. • Free and open access to biodiversity data: taxonomy and biogeography. Sunday 15 July 12. David B, Danis B, Grifths HJ. What’s ANTABIF?
Psychrophilic Extremophiles from Antarctica: Biodiversity...
Psychrophilic Extremophiles from Antarctica: Biodiversity and Biotechnological Potential...
14 September
Person - Center for Biodiversity Outcomes
Global Sustainability | Center for Biodiversity Outcomes. Toggle navigation. ... The Center for Biodiversity Outcomes is a partnership between the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability and the School of Life Sciences. Phone: 480-727-9873 Fax: 480-965-8087.
14 April
Borders | The 7th Continent : Biodiversity
Despite not being extensive by any comparative means with levels of biodiversity throughout the rest of the world, this is some of the most threatened wildlife on the planet. There are several measures in place to ensure their protection; the predominant one is called the Madrid Protocol. Adopted in 1991, the system is designed to organize and implement efforts to protect the environment and biodiversity on Antarctica.
19 December
Rutgers University Department of Physics and Astronomy
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17 December
ICE :: Antarctica
From this finding, which could be supported by further investigation and research, UNU-IAS warns that regulating such activity is needed so that biodiversity in the fragile ecosystem is maintained. While the study notes that bioprospecting in Antarctica remains limited, the intellectual property and patent issues involved in developing new pharmaceuticals based on Antarctic organisms could become massive.
11 August
Poor outlook for biodiversity in Antarctica: study finds
An international study led by Monash scientists has debunked the popular view that Antarctica and the Southern Ocean are in a much better environmental shape than the rest of the world.
29 March
Antarctica’s Wildlife in a Changing Climate
Despite being one of the coldest, most inhospitable places on Earth, Antarctica hosts a wealth of biodiversity, and its remoteness and extreme climate have lent a certain amount of protection to the many species that call the continent and its surrounding waters home. The Antarctic has not been immune to human influences, however, and its fauna is suffering from a range of human impacts, both past and present.
26 October
Antarctic FAQ
Living and Working in Antarctica Who lives in Antarctica? Where do you stay and what were you (an elementary school teacher) doing in Antarctica? What was unusual or unique about Antarctica? Can you give an example of one of the other research projects at Palmer Station? ... No one lives in Antarctica on a permanent basis. The Antarctic Treaty guarantees that Antarctica is to be used for "peaceful purposes and for scientific research".
5 April
Programs > Study Abroad Programs Office
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23 September
Global change and Antarctic terrestrial biodiversity | Ian Hogg
2010). Antarctica’s biodiversity and ecosystem functioning as The lead article by Convey (2011, this special issue) well as the corresponding feedbacks to glaciers, freshwater provides an overview of the Antarctic terrestrial environ- systems and the atmosphere. Thus, it is urgent that we ment and its biodiversity.
19 June
GFS Analysis+Forecast Maps
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2 December
biodiversity hotspots. A relatively small area with an exceptional concentration of endemic species.
22 April
Plant Virus Biodiversity & Ecology
This is a member-only web page. Please login to access the PVBE database.
16 September
Featured Story - Auburn researchers make return trip to study...
A group of Auburn University scientists studying the biology of marine invertebrate animals will board the ship ASRV Laurence M. Gould and embark on a four-week voyage through Antarctic waters. ... The team has created a website for others to follow their journey and plans to post daily blog updates. You can also follow them on Twitter @Icy_Inverts_AU. This expedition to Antarctica is the second this year Halanych has led.
17 February
Office of Study Abroad | Michigan State University
International Studies and Programs - MSU...
25 January
Images of Antarctica
21 June
Polar Regions and Oceans Maps - Perry-Castaneda Map...
Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection. Polar Regions and Oceans Maps. Antarctic Region. ... Antarctic Region. Antarctica (Small Map) 2016 (9.8K).
5 December
Visit the Lab, Hours, Directions, Sapsucker Woods
Welcome to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. You'll find us nestled in Sapsucker Woods just outside Ithaca, New York. We invite you to visit and discover all that our Visitor Center has to offer here at the Imogene Powers Johnson Center for Birds and Biodiversity.
19 September
IGY and early years of space science in Antarctica
Lecture VII: Marine ecosystems and ice fish Continental shelf, slope and abyssal plain Photic zone Biological pump in benthic zone Sea ice and nutrients Benthos biodiversity in Antarctica and endemism Pycnogonids Bull kelp characteristics in Antarctica King crab invasion—potential impact Sea ice algae and productivity Heavy versus light ice years Why more ice with warmer temperatures?
Investigating Biodiversity in your schoolyard
VOCABULARY Biodiversity Monoculture Diversity Ecosystem Habitats Biome Sustainability Ecosystem diversity > Species diversity > Genetic diversity Ecological succession Soil seed bank Exotic species/Introduced species. KEY CONCEPTS What is biodiversity? How can developments be improved for biodiversity? How do plant monocultures affect biodiversity of living organisms?
12 September
Anthropogenic disturbance and biodiversity of marine benthic...
The impacts of two Antarctic stations in different regions, on marine sediment macrofaunal communities were compared: McMurdo, a very large station in the Ross Sea; and Casey, a more typical small station in East Antarctica. ... Biodiversity and taxonomic distinctness were significantly lower at disturbed locations in both regions. The size of the impact, however, was not related to the level of contamination, with a larger reduction in biodiversity at Casey, the smaller, less polluted station.
30 April
Threats to Biodiversity | GEOG 030: Geographic...
While learning about the negative impacts of humans on biodiversity, please keep a few things in mind. First, it is rare that humans intend to make a species go extinct, or to threaten biodiversity in some other way. Usually, those impacts are the unfortunate by-products of people trying to provide a decent living for themselves or to serve some other purpose.
18 April
Martin Weitzman
Weitzman's interests in economics are broad and he has served as consultant for several well-known organizations. His current research is focused on environmental economics, including climate change, the economics of catastrophes, cost-benefit analysis, long-run discounting, green accounting, biodiversity, and comparison of alternative instruments for controlling pollution.
1 April
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1036
Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in terrestrial habitats of Antarctica. Antarctic Science 17:523-531. ... Wall, D.H., W.B. Lyons, H. Ducklow, and B.J. Adams. 2008. Antarctic biodiversity and ecosystem services: how will they be altered with global change to Antarctic ecosystems? Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research Open Science Meeting.
Aurora Forecast | Geophysical Institute
Weather permitting, low-level displays will be visible overhead from Macquarie Island, Australia and the Japanese antarctic Syowa Station, and visible low on the southern horizon from Halley Bay, Antarctica.
4 December
Madagascar and the Biodiversity Crisis.
26 July
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28 March
Unit - University of Canberra
Links to the page contain: Ecology and Biodiversity (6916) - 3 cp, Level 2....
1 September
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29 September
UTA Biology Department
The Genome Biology Group at the University of Texas at Arlington is an interactive and integrative collection of laboratories that endeavors to discover genome dynamics in diverse organisms. Our research has broad applications to health, the environment, and biodiversity studies. With a commitment to teaching excellence and enhancing the student experience, we provide modern interpretations of both classic and contemporary courses and encourage undergraduate research.
13 April
About Antarctica: Seals
Although there are 35 species of seals, only six types live in Antarctica: Antarctic Fur Seals, Crabeater Seals, Leopard Seals, Ross Seals, and Weddell Seals. However, these six species make up the majority of the world's seal population. With no natural land predators, such as polar bears or man, Antarctic seals behave much differently than northern seals--showing little fear of man.
29 December
Pie Chart of Relative Biodiversity
This pie chart illustrates approximate relative biodiversity of insects to other species groups. As can be seen from the chart, insect diversity surpasses that of all other groups. The generally quoted figure for described species is 1.4 million, of which 1.1 million are animals.
9 March
Evolution of Biodiversity - ANU
30 November
Calculating Biodiversity: Species Richness, Species Diversity...
100. Calculating Biodiversity. Page 1. Note that in both samples the same total number of individuals were obtained, and the same six species were found. ... In summary, the species diversity approach is generally a more reliable measure of biodiversity than species richness. While mathematically very easy to calculate, the limitations of the species richness concept can be seen when applying it to Communities A and B, where it fails to distinguish their quite different community structures.
Education in Russia for Foreigners: Study in Russia - Russian...
Character Development Center
UNESCO affiliate "Preservation of the Biodiversity of the Lower Volga Region"
16 August
Office of International Affairs, NTU
2017-03-23. SoNTU: Suit Now To U Photography Contest for NTU International Students. 2017-03-09. 2017 Break n’ Fuse Festival on April 29. 2017-03-08. One-on-One Employment Meetings with Taiwan's Enterprises. 2017-03-23. SoNTU: Suit Now To U Phot...
13 September
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31 July
Please fill in the form before starting the download. We may request a more detailed, written prospectus and contact you later regarding your research and results. When you are finished with filling in the form, please click [Finished the Form] in th...
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12 February
Browse All Topics | The National Academies Press
Biodiversity |.
10 August
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3 February
Extinction - Biodiversity
Biodiversity is the variation of taxonomic life forms for a given biome or ecosystem. Boosts Ecosystem productivity. Measure of the health of a biological system. Benefits of Biodiversity. Food and drink- there is an estimated 80,000 edible plant species. Medicines- approximately 40% of all prescribed medicines have plant compounds.
2 March
Search results | Nason Lab
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5 May
12 May
BIODIVERSITY AND ECOSYSTEMS. Biodiversity is critical in any self-sustaining environment. Complex and diverse ecological systems are made up of many organisms and a huge variety of interactions. ... The earth is losing its biodiversity at a worrisome rate. Humans simplify ecosystems for many reasons: to increase the agricultural base, to make way for cities and industrial zones, or for aesthetic reasons, such as making lawns and gardens.›modules.php?name=web_links
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Links to the page contain: Biodiversity. Биоразнообразие на Practical Science....
11 October
Errors | The University of the West Indies at Cave Hill, Barbados
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24 July
Home | CU Boulder Today | University of Colorado Boulder
Robert Colwell, adjoint curator in entomology at the Museum of Natural History on campus, has a paper published today in Methods in Ecology and Evolution on using novel mathematical approaches to estimate the number of fish species on coral reefs. We caught up with him to discuss his lifelong fascination with the Earth’s biodiversity, and his latest research, which could be applied to any species.
26 December
Maryland Sea Grant Marine Education: Biofilms...
The index comes from information science. It has also been called the Shannon index and the Shannon-Weaver index in the ecological literature. A comparison of one or all of these measures of biodiversity can illustrate changes in water quality conditions within a local community. Water quality parameters like light penetration, dissolved oxygen and salinity can have dramatic impacts on levels of biodiversity. Return to top. More About Measuring Biodiversity.
8 December
welcome | Institute of the Environment
Informing choices, advancing solutions. Harnessing the collaborative and interdisciplinary expertise at the University of Arizona and among our many partners, the Institute of the Environment links cutting-edge knowledge and know-how with real-world ...
10 August
Biological Sciences at Ohio University
Restoring biodiversity, mitigating the extinction of species, preserving sensitive habitats and managing landscapes.
3 August
Faculty | Environmental Science & Policy
16 December
Mission 2015: Biodiversity and Triage
The purpose of Mission 2015 is to present a solution to the biodiversity crisis. This proposal outlines step-by-step, incremental procedures that will reduce the rate of biodiversity loss and preserve ecosystem services. These steps should be implemented on individual, community, state, private sector, national, and global levels. This proposal suggests a shift in paradigm based on the interdependence of humans and the rest of the natural world.
10 May
News | Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego
News about climate, biodiversity, and earth and oceans science at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego.
13 June
180 - Introductory Biology
Discover the amazing biodiversity of Puget Sound and beyond! Join Trip - 0 spots left. ... Introduce yourself to the biodiversity and interactions found in our forested ecosystems, ranging from plants to fungi. Do not sign up for this trip if you have a Thursday AM Bio 180 Lab.
25 December
The International Regime
Cerylid bases its discovery work on a biodiversity library containing 600,000 extracts from naturally occurring sources, which includes samples of plants, microbes, and marine organisms collected amongst others in Antarctica. ... Preliminary investigation of the Database of the European Patent Office identified sixty–two Patents that had relied upon Antarctic biodiversity.
10-Aug-00: COSEWIC Species Richness
10-Aug-00: COSEWIC Species Richness...
6 December
I wish -- stay tuned. Return to World Map.
1 May
404 | Earlham College
Earlham College, an independent, residential college, aspires to provide the highest-quality undergraduate education in the liberal arts, including the sciences, shaped by the distinctive perspectives of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
17 January
Digital Collections
The Ohio State University Libraries Digital Collections makes digital representations of materials from the Libraries’ collections available for research. The materials are only a small portion of the visual materials in the Libraries collections and...
16 September
Subterranean Biodiversity Program
Contact the Webmaster with questions, comments, or to report problems with these pages. These materials are not endorsed, approved, sponsored, or provided by or on behalf of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.
6 December
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6 June
Wolong Household Study [China]
Universe: Located in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, the People's Republic of China, WNR was established in 1963 over an area of approximately 2000 km2 in the Qionglai Mountains. A well-known global biodiversity hotspot, WNR is home to an agricultural population of over 5000 local residents in more than 1100 households.
21 November
Our Lab Exercise. You will conduct your own investigation, with your lab group, into the disappearing biodiversity of Texas. We will provide you with information on some of the threatened, endangered and recently extirpated species of land vertebrates, such as horned lizards, jaguars and whooping cranes.
14 January
Why is biodiversity important?
Thus, the term encompasses different ecosystems, species, genes, and their relative abundance. REVIEW. What do we mean by “biodiversity”? More than just diversity of species: • Diversity of ecosystems • Diversity of species • Diversity within a species (genetic).
VT Forest Biology and Dendrology
VT Forest Biology and Dendrology offers tree identification, growth, and physiology information.
8 February
Home of biodiversity page
OU Zoology Capstone Virtual Museum of Biodiversity. Biodiversity is all around us. Here the class of Zoology capstone, "The art and science of biodiversity" introduces you to four of the five kingdoms of life. Each wing of our "museum" is different in its own way. Welcome and feel free to browse!
5 December
more biodiversity
return to: Flora of Kaxil Kiuic Home Page...
10 February
External Grants Indirect Research Cost (IRC) Recovery. Commercialise - For Researchers. Commercialise - For Industry. Evaluation of Major Research Collaborations with External Parties.
1 December
NC State Alumni Association - NC State University Alumni...
Read More. WolfTreks: Astounding Antarctica. WolfTreks: Astounding Antarctica. Join WolfTreks Travel for an expedition through dramatic ice landscapes, wildlife-rich channels and the dynamic ecosystem of the 7th continent in February 2018.
16 December
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Science of nature. Evolution and Biodiversity.
4 October
Biodiversity & Environment - JCU Australia
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23 October
MetEd: Teaching and Training Resources for the Geoscience...
MetEd: Teaching and Training Resources for the Geoscience Community...
16 July
Biodiversity: Research and Conservation
An international quarterly, BRC publishes original papers, short notes and reviews in fields of plant taxonomy, chorology, ecology and nature conservation (read more about BRC). Browse contents of current issue of BRC. See all on-line available volum...
22 August
Colombian Biodiversity Inventory
The Family sp.1 has been located in the following parks (click for park information)...
26 December
Lecture 3 Ecosys Stress and Biodiversity
Dr. Richard Grippo. Environmental Stress and Biodiversity.
11 December
Book Review: Protection of Global Biodiversity
Protection of Global Biodiversity: Converging Strategies defines. global biodiversity as "a portfolio of diverse life-forms, including all species whose survival is currently threatened.",6 The book is a collection of essays in which the ideas concerning how and why to protect biodi-versity from the physical and social sciences are interwoven with ideas based in law and philosophy.
Indiana University Libraries
Research help, resources, and information from the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries.
18 July
Peabody Fellows Biodiversity
Peabody Fellows Biodiversity and Global Change Program. The Peabody Fellows Biodiversity and Global Change Program aims to improve science teaching. and learning among middle and high school teachers and students in Connecticut around the topic of Biodiversity and Global Change.
14. Blue Ice in Antarctica
Antarctica is the best place in the world to find meteorites, and the search for Antarctic meteorites begins with the search for blue ice. ... A fallen meteorite in Antarctica is quickly covered by snow and buried in one of the great Antarctic glaciers. The glaciers slowly move toward the ocean, and their ice turns blue because all its air bubbles are squeezed out.
18 April
Issues of the Scout Report from 2017 | Internet Scout
The Scout Report -- Volume 23, Number 15 (April 14th, 2017). The Scout Report -- Volume 23, Number 14 (April 7th, 2017). The Scout Report -- Volume 23, Number 13 (March 31st, 2017). The Scout Report -- Volume 23, Number 12 (March 24th, 2017). The Sco...
4 December
University of Missouri-St. Louis
Read more on UMSL Daily ». Visitors from the Galapagos. Ecuadorian technicians visited Patty Parker’s UMSL lab as part of efforts to preserve the archipelago’s biodiversity.
2 March
SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Thayer Watkins. Antarctica. SJSU Economics dept home page.
17 February
Urban Nature: How to Foster Biodiversity in World’s Cities
Although pigeons, starlings, house sparrows, and barn swallows tend to turn up in cities worldwide, these four cosmopolitan species don’t necessarily indicate that urban wildlife has become entirely homogenized. Cities also capture about 20 percent of the world’s avian biodiversity, says Katti. That number may be skewed higher, he cautions, because younger cities tend to have more native birds.
6 January
Publications | Institute for Natural Resources | Oregon State...
Christy JA. 2016. Wet meadow plant associations, Double O Unit, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Harney County, Oregon. Oregon Biodiversity Information Center Report. ... Christy JA, Garvey M. 2015. Existing vegetation and site observations at Killin Wetland, Washington County, Oregon. Oregon Biodiversity Information Center Report.
10 October
Bachelor of Science (Biodiversity and Conservation)...
The world has never been more attuned to environmental issues or to the need to train and employ specialists who can help us reduce our impact and plan wisely for the future. Conservation has moved into the mainstream debate and biodiversity is high on the global agenda for governments, organisations and individuals. Why study Biodiversity and Conservation at Flinders?
27 September
Event | Environmental Studies
Hornig Library of Environmental Studies. Faculty Research Fields.
30 November
home | school of graduate studies
Select Offices/Centre/Divisions/Services Vice Chancellor Office Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and International Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Research and Innovation Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Students Affairs and Alu...
Plankton and Biodiversity
In some circumstances, more biodiversity means a more stable community. It is important to note however, that the plankton community often goes through dramatic rises and drops in population numbers as seasonal conditions change in ponds and streams. In this part of the field trip, students will be taking a look at plankton biodiversity.
Preserving Biodiversity with Biological Corridors. Heather Murphy. Last updated: 7 December 2015. Click here to learn about the decline in global biodiversity and conservation strategies.
13 October
Eco-Online What's biodiversity - Three types of biodiversity
Three types of biodiversity. There are three aspects to biodiversity: species diversity, genetic diversity and ecosystem diversity. All three interact and change over time and from place to place. Species diversity refers to the variety of different living things.
13 December
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14 June
Information about a wide range of Australian marine species.
The biodiversity found on Earth today consists of many millions of distinct biological species, which is the product of nearly 3.5 billion years of evolution. Biodiversity provides many ecosystem services that are often not readily visible. It plays a part in regulating the chemistry of our atmosphere and water supply. Biodiversity is directly involved in water purification, recycling nutrients and providing fertile soils.
11 April
Join Museum E-News | Natural History Museum of Utah
Sustaining Biodiversity.
9 December
Ecology Lab | Measuring biodiversity of ecological communities
As a result, many different measures (or indices) of biodiversity have been developed, and whole books have been written explaining and comparing them (Magurran 2004). Here, we will explore two measures of biodiversity: The Shannon index (H?, also termed the Shannon-Wiener index) and the Simpson index (D). We will then consider one measure used to compare diversity among communities, Jaccard?s similarity index.
LTER Biodiversity. Add a Document. Regionalization Documents.
22 December
New Page 1
Student. Link to species webpage. Corbin's Example. Thelymitra Orchid. Jesse Babonis. Brian Ballenger. Katahdin Artic Butterfly. Lauren Belshaw. Yellow-eyed Penguin. Catherine Delp. Stephanie Findley. Philip Heusser. Snow Leopard. Steven Hoelzer...
3 February
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20 August
m07. Why is there stress on National Parks? In a word (or three), too many people! Visitation has increased 12 times since 1950. Because of this overcrowding, large predators have vanished leaving too much prey, which are damaging vegetation. Air pol...
5 October
Current issue and featured articles - California Agriculture
Remote sensing is a viable tool for helping landowners make decisions about land use and also for helping water districts and state agencies develop salinity mitigation strategies. Editor Jim Downing talks about what's in the current issue of California Agriculture journal — almonds, nitrogen management, chaparral and biodiversity, cannabis cultivation and more.
10 July
Threats to Biodiversity
26 April
Antarctica. spacer. The Iceberg Lab. Antarctic Surface Water.
5 December
Origins: Antarctica: Ideas: Continental Drift (2) | Exploratorium
© Exploratorium.
29 October
ANTARCTICA. UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY: Science for a changing world. A satellite image of the seaward edge of the Filchner Ice Shelf, on the coast of Antarctica, facing the Atlantic.
2 December
SPGP home
Caterpillar and sustainable Forestry #3. Rio Tinto mining company - assessments of biodiversity/mining in Madagascar #1. ... New Zealand - Emissions/Biodiversity exchange project #3. RMC cement company and the Florida Everglades #1.
23 October
Eric Hiatt / Antarctica
Antarctica Landscapes: Mount Discovery from McMurdo Station. The Swedish ice breaker Oden off Hut Point and a group of Adelie Penguins on the Ross Ice Shelf. ... Back to Antarctica Research Page.
7 December
Landscape and Biodiversity: Harper College
Landscape and Biodiversity. Peat Pots, Plugs and Plants. Each year Harper’s Roads and Grounds Crew home-grows the plants used for landscaping on campus and it is all happening right now in Harper’s greenhouse. ... Landscape and Biodiversity on Campus. Native Plants are incorporated into the campus landscaping to increase drought tolerance and reduce maintenance.
26 February
Official website of Mahatma Gandhi University,Kerala,India
School offers PhD programmes in Environmental Stress Studies, Environmental Biology, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, Biodiversity Characterization,Aerobiology and Allergy, Vegetation Analysis through RS and GIS and Wetland Biodiversity, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Biotechnology and Solid Waste Management, Aquatic Microbiology, Microbial Toxicology, Bioremediation and Environmental Impact Assessment.
5 May
The biodiversity in different communities has been severely affected by human activities. A community is said to have high species diversity if it has many species present in approximately equally abundant numbers. If it is composed of only a few species or if only a few species are abundant, then the biodiversity is considered to be low.
Journal of Biodiversity in Mesopotamia
Klinik ve Deneysel Arast?rmalar Dergisi //- LOCALIZEABLE GLOBALS - var d=new Date(); var monthname=new Array("January","February","March","April","May",";June","July","August&q...
2 January
Antarctica Quiz KEY
Ms. Mallis Antarctica Quiz KEY. 1. Roughly how many people live on Antarctica during the summer? _
Preserving Biodiversity
Threats to Biodiversity - Overexploitation. Answer these questions as you view the graphic below: How would you define overexploitation? Can you provide some specific examples of overexploitation? What are some ways that overexploitation affects biodiversity?
28 December
Biodiversity is Amazing
Biodiversity is Amazing. Discovery Hunts on your site. Essential Question(s): What characteristics of plants and animals make them different or diverse? At A Glance: Learners participate in a Biodiversity Hunt searching for different indicators of biodiversity on their school site. Background Information: Biodiversity can be described as the wide range of different types of organisms in a given place at a given time. Biodiversity has been linked to stability in ecosystems.
Undergraduate Study Abroad | Field Research | Semester...
North Africa and the Middle East. Critical Global Issues. Grapple with global health, sustainability, biodiversity, human rights, migration, media, and more. A World of Programs. Semester or summer programs with excursions, cultural immersion, undergraduate research and internships.
2 June
Dept. of Biology | 10 things you can do to help biodiversity
Biodiversity is threatened by the combined actions of our society just going about our day-to-day business (see Fig. 1). Most people aren’t actively trying to harm biodiversity, but it’s often difficult to see the connections between what we do and the downstream effects. ... This one goes to 11: 11. VOTE – Keep abreast of legislation affecting biodiversity and support people who demonstrate their support for long-term ecological sustainability. Figure 1. Biodiversity is threatened by a variety of global changes resulting from the combined...
Antarctica | Academics | University of Colorado Denver
Antarctica, situated in the southern hemisphere and almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle, is the fifth largest continent in area, with 98% of its land mass covered by ice. ... Antarctica Wind Farm - the world’s southern-most wind-farm is being built by New Zealand-based Meridian Energy at Crater Hill, Ross Island, Antarctica to power the needs of New Zealand’s Scott Base as well as the American McMurdo Station.
19 January
Dr. David J. Kieber - Professor of Environmental Chemistry
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30 April
Biodiversity Data Analysis
measure of biodiversity you have chosen (species richness). Recall the formula for Menhinick’s index, which represents the number of species in the. sample divided by the square root of the number of individuals in the sample. Biodiversity – Data Analysis.
Antarctica is no place for politicking, News, La Trobe University
Mawson's expedition in Antarctica was about territorial gain.
12 October
This network was a 5 year ARC funded program (2005-2010) aimed to bring together specialists with a wide range of research interests, to pool their ideas and expertise to allow us to detemine how to best describe Australia's current biodiversity and the history leading up to this. Our geographical limit is the Australian continent, and includes marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments with a strong focus on using the past to explain the present.
16 December
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MINDS@UW Home >. Browse by Subject.
27 June
Internet Storm Center - SANS Internet Storm Center
SANS Internet Storm Center - A global cooperative cyber threat / internet security monitor and alert system. Featuring daily handler diaries with summarizing and analyzing new threats to networks and internet security events.
8 August
Pacific Rocky Intertidal Monitoring: Trends and Synthesis
16 February
Microsoft PowerPoint - 03A - Map Skills Lec
*Russia vs. India. 1B-5. *Australia vs. Antarctica.
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Plant Biodiversity and Ecology. Announcements. Syllabus.
30 November
Program - WFU - Study Abroad
We’ll Help You Engage in a World Class Experience. See Upcoming Events.
9 January
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17 July
Instructor: Sean Walker | BIOL 171: Evolution and Biodiversity
Students who successfully complete BIOL 171 will master the basic principles of the scientific process, the underlying and unifying principles of evolution that provide a foundation needed to understand the biodiversity of life, and the principles of ... Following the list of assignments and exams, we present a breakdown of how much each will contribute to your grade. BIOL 171: Evolution and Biodiversity. Course Syllabus. Page 3. How coursework contributes toward your grade: Lecture Components.
Michelle Lim - Beyond International Law: Transboundary...
7 April
Tiputini Biodiversity Station » Center for Ecology and...
The Tiputini Biodiversity Station (TBS) was established in 1995 by the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in collaboration with Boston University to accommodate the academic community and discerning naturalists. The goal of the Tiputini Biodiversity Station is to promote understanding of rainforest ecosystems through education, research, and ecotourism by providing an opportunity to experience a pristine environment.
9 December
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Links to the page contain: Antarctica....
2 December
Dive and Discover : Expedition 10 : Antarctica
30 March
Click here to find out more!
25 January
Remote sensing antarctica.
19 March
Biodiversity Debate
Dams may impact, both positively and negatively, the biodiversity of terrestrial plant communities, sh and other aquatic life, mammals and birds. See the Further Discussion questions following the activity for more information about these impacts. Note that there are many other arguments for and against a new reservoir that do not relate specically to biodiversity.
Chapter 11 Biodiversity
Center for Biodiversity and Conservation - index, basic, short, links, graphics, search. American Museum of Natural History page which focuses on the efforts of the museum and other collaborators to generate and communicate scientific data to protect against threats to biodiversity. ... Biodiversity Altas of the US and Canada - interactive, basic, short, links, graphics, A National Geographic page of maps which detail never before published maps that illustrate what humans stand to lose in the biodiversity struggle.
20 May
Restoring Biodiversity on the Sumter Campus
He explains to the students the importance of restoring native plants to the area so that the proper wildlife and vegetation will return with them. “Roughly half of the United States has been altered by suburban lawns, which hold very few species. If we are going to restore biodiversity, these places are a valid place to start,” said Jenkins.
UAB - CAS - Antarctica - Home
As such now short two team members to do the lab work and the field work it was long ago decided that we would wrap up the virtual UAB in Antarctica on or about the day Chuck sails. His companion piece will be posted in a few days. ... What a successfully grand way to launch a season of Antarctic diving! Boy were we duped by the weather though! Back on station, Julie with her medieval torture chamber investigated various aspects of this alga of unusual size.
Mathematics Umbrella Group | MBSP:0013 | Biodiversity of...
10 January
Biodiversity in Yemen
There is a serious shortage of water in Yemen: there are very limited natural fresh water resources and inadequate supplies of potable water. Other environmental issues in Yemen include overgrazing, soil erosion, and desertification. The biodiversity of Yemen is being drastically reduced due to unchecked cutting of trees and forests for firewood, major declines in water tables, and massive erosion of the highland terrace ecosystems.
7 April
Model a Biome Project
Model a Biome Project. Content Standard: Evaluate competing design solutions for maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services. Task: Through a diagram or drawing, your group will be design a biome based on teacher assignation. ... individually and based on the presentations, you will evaluate which biome can support the greatest biodiversity and why. You should include evidence to support your evaluation. Timeline: Day 1- Design and get plans approved. Day 2- Build biome.
Geology of Antarctica
The kids get to inspect rock and fossil specimens from the Antarctic.
9 June
life in extreme condition
about life forms in lakes under ice sheet of Antarctica, see this EPOD page.
21 January
Threats to Biodiversity
Threats to Biodiversity: A Case Study of Hawaiian Birds. by Sarah K. Huber, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, University of Massachusetts at Amherst Paula P. Lemons, Biology Department, Duke University. Background Reading. What is biodiversity? Defining biodiversity is a difficult and complex task that depends on the level of analysis used to categorize a region. At the ecosystem level, biodiversity may be defined as the number of biomes in a given region. Biomes are large ecosystems that are characterized...
BIOL 084 - Biodiversity
BIOL 084 - Biodiversity. Students will explore the diversity of life on earth and the mechanisms by which this diversity is thought to have been generated. The implications of loss of biodiversity will be considered, as well as the causes of biodiversity decline. Conservation issues will be addressed. Fulfills the Science Perspective.
24 March
BioBanking | Survey and assessment of biodiversity values
Biobank (offset) site – Current biodiversity value = 50 credits. Gain in biodiversity values Future biodiversity value = 60 credits Credits created = 10 credits = biobanking agreement. Scope of BioBanking. ... – D-G must publish reasons for decision to vary red flag. Meaning of improve or maintain biodiversity values. • Examples of moderate-good condition vegetation –. 2) Overstorey does meet definition of low, but groundcover does not (>50% native cover).
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Links to the page contain: Biodiversity and Climate Change....
FIGURE 7. Arapaima, one of the bone-tongued fishes, is largest freshwater fish in the Western Hemisphere, and is native to the Amazon basin. Image from: The Systematics Biodiversity Collection.
28 February
Challenges for biodiversity research in Europe
In 2010, the international year of biodiversity, new policies for preserving biodiversity in Europe and worldwide will be developed as targets set by older policies, such as to halt biodiversity loss in the EU by 2010, were not met. This paper aims at sharing the expertise LERU’s members harbour to set the right priorities for new biodiversity policies. * Corresponding author.
Project MUSE - An Ethics of Biodiversity
An Ethics of Biodiversity argues that these facts should inspire careful reflection and action in Christian churches, which must learn from earth?s vast diversity in order to help conserve the natural and social diversity of our planet. ... An Ethics of Biodiversity offers a set of tools for students, environmentalists, and people of faith to think critically about how human beings can live with and as part of the variety of life in God's creation.
5 October
Antarctica. "Ice"sential Facts. Holds 85% of world's fresh water.
16 November
Biodiversity Links
Land Appraisal for Ecological Asset Value: Washington Post article about Canaan Valley land deal.
6 November
Daily Ozone Concentration at Halley, Antarctica
British Antarctic Survey.
12 April
E. Land-Weber Exhibition: Abandoned Boat, Antarctica
Abandoned Boat, Antarctica. Return to Antartica.
22 February
A Diverse Approach to Marine Biodiversity: One Student’s Perspective on IGERT Graduate Training Kate Hanson Scripps Ins Marine Biodiversity: Understandi.
Why Measure Biodiversity?
Biodiversity is a measure that combines richness and evenness across species. It is often measured because high biodiversity is perceived a synonymous with ecosystem health. In general diverse communities are believed to have increased stability, increased productivity, and resistance to invasion and other disturbances. Diverse habitats with a variety of plants can have benefits such as
15 December
Antarctic, Antarctica, Antarctic Ocean
Antarctic, Antarctica, Antarctic Ocean. © 2003 The Associated Press All Rights Reserved.
30 March
Biodiversity. Sikira Alexander, Kearron Brown, Tanae Costley, Liz Engle, Dillan. Foltz, Ashely Garris, Niya Jefferson, Ebony Price, Jeffrey. Starks, Carlisha Stevenson. ... Decrease use of aerosols Find new fuel substitutes Public transportation, walk, bike Recycle Use only what is necessary Designate part of your lawn to biodiversity Encourage routine neighborhood clean-up. The purpose of our study.
15 March
Programs. Bioko Biodiversity. ... Chimpanzee Project. Central African. Biodiversity Alliance.
27 September
News | UNH Today
UNH Media Relations writes and markets news stories for state, regional and national media outlets. Read news online or search our faculty expert database.
11 July
Biota: The Biodiversity Database Manager
Biota manages specimen-based, spatially and taxonomically referenced data for ecologists, conservation biologists, evolutionary biologists, systematists, museums and herbaria. Biota is open-source software, distributed under a BSD-3 Open Source Licen...
22 August
Biodiversity Conservation in Local Planning
We found that biodiversity conservation was seldom a major consideration in these departments. Staff time was mainly devoted to development mandates and little time was spent on biodiversity conservation. Regulations requiring conservation actions that might benefit biodiversity were uncommon, with the exception of rules governing water quality in all 3 regions and the protection of threatened and endangered species in the Seattle region.
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Links to the page contain: biodiversity....
13 October
The concept of biological diversity, or biodiversity, often focuses on the material impacts of species loss and on quantitative measures, such as the variety of species and number of individuals of a species in a given area. Enlarging the discourse to critically engage such qualita-tive values as morals, aesthetics, and symbolism, and to address social injustices, is essential for slowing the loss of biodiversity.
Doc.Dr. OZLEM | Hitit University
Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Molecular markers, Population Genetics, Biodiversity, and Genetic Diversity. DERS MATERYALLERI.
5 April
Index | Biodiversity | Department of Biology
The East Carolina Biodiversity Initiative (formerly the “Center for Biodiversity”) promotes and supports research, education, and outreach associated with global biodiversity. The East Carolina Biodiversity Initiative serves the community of eastern North Carolina by providing educational programs designed to engage citizens in issues related to the conservation of biodiversity and its relevance to human health and quality of life.
8 February
Wild Meat and Biodiversity
Threats to biodiversity and ecological sustainability have led scientists to decry bushmeat hunting (Whitfield 2003). In 1999 the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force was formed to stop the killing of primates for food (Eves 2001), and Western conservationists have repeated called for the absolute abolition of bushmeat hunting (Bowen-Jones et al.
Causes of Biodiversity Loss
It is often claimed that biodiversity loss is a natural trend, occuring throughout the history of life on Earth. While it is true that there is a constant level of background species extinction with periodic natural mass extinctions, the current rate of extinction is 1,000x the natural ... A graph analyzing biodiversity hot spots - places with the most biodiversity on earth. The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil is a region with one of the highest densities of biodiversity, and also holds one-fifth of the world's fresh water in the Amazon Basin.
28 January
IceCube (Antarctica)
IceCube (Antarctica). Faculty: Joanna Kiryluk.
6 December
Wetland Biodiversity
How does altering flood frequency influence wetland biodiversity? At least four per cent of the Murrumbidgee catchment consists of wetlands. Most of these wetlands occur on the floodplain of the Murrumbidgee River and their biodiversity has been changed by river regulation.
Successful submission
Biodiversity. Professor Arens. Exam III Test submission.
4 November
Fitzpatrick lab global change & BIODIVERSITY
GLOBAL CHANGE & BIODIVERSITY. Welcome to the Global Change & Biodiversity lab at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science! We pursue questions about how spatial and temporal variation in climate drive ecological patterns and processes, with an emphasis on developing and testing statistical methods to quantify how historic and current processes influence the distribution of species, patterns of biodiversity, and range expansion of native and introduced organisms.
9 May
Community Diversity | Factors Influencing Biodiversity
Community Diversity. Topics. What is biodiversity and why is it important? What are the major drivers of species richness? Habitat heterogeneity Disturbance Species energy theory Metobolic energy theory Dynamic equilibrium hypothesis (interactions among disturbance and energy) Resource ratio theory How does biodiversity influence ecosystem function?
Solex - Home
United States Canada Australia France Germany Iceland Ireland Italy Spain Sweden Austria Belgium Finland Czech Republic Denmark Norway United Kingdom Switzerland New Zealand Russian Federation Portugal Netherlands Isle of Man Afghanistan Aland Islands Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctica Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia, Plurinational State of Bonaire, Sint.
23 September
Biodiversity and Environmental Philosophy: An Introduction...
3. that "the best argument for the conservation of biodiversity" is grounded in the contribution that the study of biodiversity has played, and continues to play, in advancing our scientific understanding of the natural world, and human intellectual life more broadly (pp. 85-86). Commentary from philosophers of biology and ecology, on the other hand, will likely focus on one or more of the following theses advanced in the second half of the book
14 May
29 June
BIODIVERSITY, DEFINITION OF. Ian R. Swingland. The Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology. I. What Is Biodiversity? II. Denition of Biodiversity III. Genetic Diversity IV. Species Diversity V. Ecosystem Diversity VI. Biodiversity: Meaning and Measurement VII. Biodiversity: Changes in Time and Space VIII. Loss of Biodiversity and Causes IX. Maintaining Biodiversity X. Contextual Variations of the Denition XI.
Antarctica video
12 December
Biodiversity Study Data Form
Community Planning, Natural Resource Protection and the Visual Landscape An Interdisciplinary Middle School Curriculum Unit. Lesson 13. BIODIVERSITY STUDY: Disturbed v. Undisturbed. ... 2. Compare and contrast disturbed and undisturbed areas. 3. Measure biodiversity qualitatively. 4. Describe the ecological benefits of biodiversity.
National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
The National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis is an independent research consortium dedicated to basic research and education in geographic information science and its related technologies, including geographic information systems (GIS)...
16 December
Home .::. UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies
New exhibit celebrates marine biodiversity in Coral Triangle. November 13, 2015 — UCLA Professor Paul Barber partnered with singer Jack Johnson on a California Science Center exhibit that highlights the need to conserve this highly threatened ecosystem of Southeast Asia.
16 December
The Mahon Lab in Antarctica
The Mahon Lab in Antarctica. UPDATE: The November-December 2013 cruise went extremely well. Samples are returning to lab as we speak and we’ll post blog entries on anything new as we go along.
22 August
PHOTOGRAPH BY AARON E. PRICE A meadow at the Gracie Creek Ranch outside Burwell, Neb., is left untouched for the biodiversity to thrive in its natural state. N. ine-Mile Prairie near Lincoln, Neb., is a biodiversity goldmine. Big bluestem, lit-tle bluestem and sawtooth sunflowers sprinkle the landscape. Red-winged blackbirds, eastern phoebes and northern blue jays sing their unique songs.
Advanced Topics in Biological Oceanography: Biodiversity
This course builds scientific foundations in marine biodiversity. Global and regional patterns of marine biodiversity are examined through review of classical and contemporary literature. Connections between biodiversity and ecosystem function are explored during interdisciplinary seminar discussion sessions. Laboratory exercises emphasize current methods for sample processing, data collection and assessing marine biodiversity.
Antartica images 2005 | Virtual Field Trip - Antarctica
Videos of antarctica
Videos of antarctica. Click on the highlighted titles below Then click on the arrow to start the video. Cruising Antarctica – on board the MS Fram. Get Ready to Explore – hurtigruten comes to Antarctica. Destination Antarctica – photo opportunities Destination Antarctica – what to pack.
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24 September
Coral Reefs
Biodiversity Biodiversity is the relationship between the number of species present in an area and the number of individuals within each of those species. Coral reefs are a haven for many species of plants and animals. In fact, they are the second most diverse ecosystem on Earth.
26 January
Reserve & Field Station, La Isla Del Cielo
Biodiversity: Common Insects.
10 February
"Conserving Biodiversity in Urbanizing Areas" by John...
Although each landscape presents unique opportunities and constraints, we suggest that all urban areas have the potential to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity. The ecological value of urban areas may be promoted if planners, managers, and homeowners consider ways to (1) encourage retention and protection of natural habitats within urbanizing landscapes, (2) plan explicitly for open spaces and natural habitats within new subdivisions, (3)...
7 December
Report #1: Hobart, Australia, to Mawson, Antarctica
Added to the ice everywhere was a very light snowfall - definitely felt you were in Antarctica! From there the sightings started pouring in. In addition to recording whales and their habitat (ice-types), we're also recording seals. It got really busy as crabeater seals were resting on ice floes everywhere as we crunched past. Antarctic minke whale recordings were trickling in at a few an hour, but enough to keep the interest up.
4 October
Study Guide | 156 Biodiversity and Conservation CHAPTER 5
In your textbook, read about threats to biodiversity. For each statement below, write true or false. 1. The current rate of extinction is decreasing significantly. 2. Island species are especially vulnerable to extinction. 3. Only a few factors threaten biodiversity. ... Explain the problems it causes for the environment. Copyright © Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 156 Biodiversity and Conservation CHAPTER 5. Unit 1. Study Guide, Section 2: Threats to Biodiversity continued.
As a mega-biodiversity country, India has got commitment in playing a global leadership in conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the present global scenario of climate change. On this background, the focal theme of 4th Indian Biodiversity Congress 2017 is “Climate Change and Biodiversity’’ with 12 other subthemes, which were found to be appropriate in the present day context.
New Method Uses Physics to Identify Valuable Biodiversity...
However scientists have found that biodiversity cannot be preserved in a single unique species. Rather biodiversity truly exists in rich systems of organisms, encompassing all creatures from microbes to fish to mammals. Recognizing that biodiversity is in a collective--not a single member--means scientists need ways to quantify diversity in ecological communities, allowing them to monitor ecosystem health and prioritize conservation efforts.
7 March
The Franklin Institute | The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Located in the heart of Philadelphia, The Franklin Institute is one of America’s most celebrated museums—a renowned leader in science and technology.
9 March
These are pictures of field work in West Antarctica, near Ice-stream B, around McMurdo, and on an icebreaker offshore Antarctica south of Chile. Click on the menu to the left for different pages of Photos. Up Bravo (Upstream B) was a remote camp on ice stream "B" that feeds the Ross Ice Shelf.
24 September
21 February
Untitled Document
Mummified seal, Lake Chad, Dry Valleys, Antarctica.
5 May
Ecology, Biodiversity and CONSERVATION
Ecology, Biodiversity and CONSERVATION. Aldemaro Romero is Chair and Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Arkansas State University. He has authored more than 500 publications and his interests lie in questions in science that require an interdisciplinary approach.
Building the next ark: how ngos work to protect BIODIVERSITY
Building the next ark: how ngos work to protect BIODIVERSITY. David M Armstrong Environment; Jun 2005; 47, 5; Research Library Core pg.
Sample Chapter for Hubbell, S.P.: The Unified Neutral Theory...
Macarthur and wilson's radical theory. This is a book about a new general theory of biodiversity in a geographical context. I define biodiversity to be synonymous with species richness and relative species abundance in space and time. ... This is a less inclusive definition of biodiversity than is commonly used in policy circles, but more in keeping with the classical discipline of ecology as the scientific study of the distribution and abundance of species and their causes. Fragments of a general theory of biodiversity...
21 January
Qatar Biodiversity Newsletter
Qatar Biodiversity. Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 4, April 2008. Page 2 of 5. The editor: Dr. Mahmoud M. Kardousha (Biodiversity and Parasitology). Editorial board: Dr. Roda F. Al Thani (Microbiology and Mycology). ... externally, the juice was regarded as a singular remedy in the treatment of wounds and ulcers. The decocted flower spikes were used as a wash for cleansing the skin. Qatar Biodiversity.
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Links to Agriculturally Related Biodiversity Sites. Organized lists of biodiversity-related websites. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning.
2 April
on a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. · 2 nights in Buneos Aires, Argentina · 1 night in Ushuaia, Argentina · 10 nights on the MV Ushuaia, a former. NOAA research vessel, exploring Antarctica; return U.S. January 9 2016. $11,481 or $750/month if you sign up in August 2014. (monthly prices increases each month).
Biodiversity Conference
Share important science on biodiversity conservation; Emphasize the relevance of biodiversity loss to restoration projects, ecosystem services, economic and social issues; Elevate dialogue on biodiversity among scientists, educators and policy makers. Conference Format: Opening Plenary presentation by Reed Noss.
10 December
BIOL 001: Alpine Biodiversity & Climate
Long title: Alpine Biodiversity & Climate Change. Language of instruction: English. Approved for BIOL & ENVT major credit.
2 October
In the state of New South Wales (NSW), Australia, incentives for biodiversity conservation primarily involve financial incen-tives and taxation concessions. Disincentives to discourage im-pacts on biodiversity have primarily been procedural and regula-tory. However, the new Biodiversity Banking and Offsets Scheme (BioBanking) in NSW aims to introduce market-based incentives both to encourage conservation and discourage impacts on biodi-versity.1.
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1 April
Vinson Massif, Antarctica: I Chose to Climb
Enjoy these Antarctic photos taken from a boat by Peter Westphal.
28 June
Wanted: an IPCC for biodiversity
Similarly, the final report of the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity study, due this October, is touted as a ‘Stern review for nature’. It will no doubt make a grim read that presents the massive price of biodiversity loss, and the destruction of ecosystems ... Is the IPCC model appropriate for biodiversity? Whereas climate is driven at the global level, biodiversity change is a more local affair. Backers of the IPBES acknowledge that point; from the outset, the panel will conduct assessments on regional as well as global scales.
Conservation Assessment and Prioritization System
In order to convert biodiversity units to area (acres) we use the average biodiversity values for those areas predicted by our model to be the best 25% of land within the compensation area (excluding already protected land). 6. Result is 1:1 compensation for each community, assuming that compensation acres are selected from land that is among the best 25% for habitat and biodiversity value.
Biology (BA) | Emphasis in Biodiversity (70 hours)
Students can earn the BA in biology alone, or with one of three emphases: health science, education, or biodiversity. Learning Outcomes. Students who complete any of the bachelor of arts in biology will be able to ... • Describe the global challenges in supporting biodiversity and conservation. Required Courses for the Emphasis in Biodiversity In addition to the 54 credit hours of core coursework in biology, the following courses are required for the emphasis in biodiversity
Introduction to | Case Study: Seawalls & Biodiversity
• Linkages between geology with ecology and relationships with biodiversity. • Factors that increase or decrease biodiversity • Human domination of ecosystems and reducing. the human footprint • Ecological restoration and processes. ... – Harsh environments for certain unique specialized species, increasing biodiversity at regional scale. • Relatively constant environmental conditions, such as T, P, precipitation, and elevation. • Evolutionary capabilities. Factors To Reduce Biodiversity.
Encyclopedia of Biodiversity
This 7-volume set brings together the dimensions of biodiversity and examines both the services it provides and the measures to protect it. Major themes of the work include the economics of evolution, evolution of biodiversity, extinctions, habitats and ecosystems, human effects and intervention, plant biodiversity, systems for classifying and defining biodiversity, ecological patterns and theories of biodiversity, and an assessment of contemporary patterns and trends in biodiversity.
24 April
The New School | Course Catalog
The New School in New York City offers degrees in liberal arts, music, design, social sciences, as well as certificate programs...
7 March
Home | Life at Large
Life at LargeRegional biodiversity assessment. We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. T. S. Eliot. ... Life at LargeRegional biodiversity assessment.
14 February
Click on image for enlargement. lunar meteorite Northwest Africa 482 (photo courtesy of Jim Strope). MacAlpine Hills 88108, a 15.4-lb H5 chondrite from Antarctica. This large meteorite (244 lbs) has lots of regmaglypts. Even this small meteorite (on the ice in Antarctica) has regmaglypts.
2 September
The antarctic treaty
The Antarctic Treaty, the earliest of the post-World War II arms limitation agreements, has significance both in itself and as a precedent. It internationalized and demilitarized the Antarctic Continent and provided for its cooperative exploration and future use. ... By the 1950s seven nations -- Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway, andthe United Kingdom -- claimed sovereignty over areas of Antarctica, on the basis of discovery, exploration, or geographic propinquity.
23 December
Browse Supported Projects | NYU Sustainability
Biodiversity. Biotechnology. Community building.
16 September
Classification and Biodiversity›threeoaks/teacherpages/higginbotham/…
Page 57: Jan 23-9:56 PM. Classification and Biodiversity. Title: Jan 219:28 AM (1 of 57). Characteristics of Living Things.
The relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem...
It is still unclear why the relationship between biodiversity and functioning varies among studies, but perhaps, investigating this relationship across spatial and temporal scales will lead to further understanding. ... I suggest community assembly as a way to incorporate both the local and regional processes that determine biodiversity and its consequent effects on ecosystem functioning.
29 November
Biomes and Biodiversity
Tropical Moist Forests. Wet, warm climate year-round Extremely rich biodiversity Deforested for logging, agriculture and mining. Deserts. Hot or cold, but little or no rainfall. ... Overgrazing ? erosion and weeds. Chaparral. Hot, dry summer, cool moist winter Drought-resistant shrubs, trees and grass “Hot-spot” for biodiversity. 4. Broad-leafed Forests.
Sustainability 2016 - Center for Sustainability
Landscape and Biodiversity. LEED Certified Buildings. Recycling.
19 February
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Links to the page contain: Is There A Crisis? Biodiversity in Decline....
31 August
Summary of Biodiversity 2014
Biodiversity 2014. Teacher: Romi Burks.
13 July
Human Biodiversity. Poster. Discussion Contribution Criteria.
11 April
Advances in Applied Biodiversity Science. Ornithological Monographs. RAP Bulletin of Biological Assessment.
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Please select Australia Afghanistan Aland Islands Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctica Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bonaire; Sint Eustatius and Saba Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Bouvet Island Brazil British Indian Ocean Territory Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cabo Verde Cambodia Cameroon Canada Cayman Islands Central.
17 May
Quantifying Stream Biodiversity
Quantifying Stream Biodiversity. Part 1: Background. It is common to hear ecologists talking about biodiversity, particularly in terms of conservation biology. It is one of those terms that is used a lot, and is considered to refer to something important, yet, rarely is it clear exactly what is being discussed. In fact, ‘biodiversity’ can refer to many things, and has many specific definitions. The most common definition of biodiversity refers to the number of different species in a given area or species diversity.
Virtual Tour of Antarctica and South Pole Station
From 1955 until 1999, the Navy [Antarctic Development Squadron Six (VXE-6)] flew various aircraft in support of the U.S. Antarctic Program, including LC-130 aircraft. ... "Your Stay at McMurdo Station, Antarctica," prepared originally by Antarctic Support Associates for the NSF. "Facts about the United States Antarctic Program," written by the NSF Office of Polar Programs.
11 August
Wayne State - College of Liberal Arts & Science - College of...
? CLAS News. Science Hall greenhouse is the home of Biodiversity Network.
27 January
Conservation Biology - BIO280 | The Value of Biodiversity
Conservation Biology – bio280 (3 credits). This course will examine the concepts and issues related to the conservation of biodiversity. Topics will include the impact of society on plants and animals, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, extinction, and genetic diversity. This undergraduate-level course is 5 weeks.
15 April
How do trade, poverty and climate policies affect biodiversity?
The impacts of these policy interventions on biodiversity and economic performance are assessed. The quantitative analysis shows that most options are too little or too late to significantly decline the further loss of biodiversity. For limiting climate change (bio-energy) and poverty alleviation (increasing GDP) initial losses in the medium term (2010 -2030) of biodiversity seem to be inevitable but improvements are foreseen in the much longer term.
The neutral theory of biodiversity
Biodiversity maintenance: Niche or Neutral? • Niche theory proposes species dierences allow coexistence of compe4tors. > stable coexistence (i.e. species can invade from low abundance) > species richness determined by number of niches. ... ofTaObhxufeonrdMd, KaEenbTcleeER, oaiasnd,daOrxefsosprodauOtirXac1lel3yRaHlel,oxUcpKalticioitn,tbhaesoerdy. of on. biodiversity, the principle.
Virtual Antarctica
Every year, people go to Antarctica during their summer months (December-­?February) to conduct research. These people fly into Antarctica, must be transported to the research station in Antarctica (McMurdo Station) and, eventually, must be transported back to the airport so they can fly home. All of this must be done in a way that is fuel efficient to lower costs, and time efficient to reduce the hours wasted in transport.
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