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The evolution of Antarctic climate from a Cretaceous greenhouse into the Neogene icehouse is captured within a rich record of fossil leaves, wood, pollen, and flowers from the Antarctic Peninsula and the Transantarctic Mountains. About 85 million years ago, during the mid-Late Cretaceous, flowering plants thrived in subtropical climates in Antarctica.
100 Million Years of Antarctic Climate Evolution: Evidence...
1998. Late Cretaceous-Cenozoic climatic As Antarctica’s climate cooled further into the Pleisto- variations of the northern Antarctic Peninsula: New geochemical evi- cene deep-freeze, vascular plants were lost from the conti- dence and review. ... From Greenhouse to Icehouse—The Eocene/Oligocene in Ashworth, A. C., and D. J. Cantrill. 2004. Neogene vegetation of the Meyer Antarctica,In Antarctic Climate Evolution, chap.
9 October
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The Antarctic Climate Evolution (ACE) Program is one of the Scientific Research Programs (SRPs) of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), and is a core International Polar Year (IPY) Project. ACE aims to facilitate the study of Antarctic climate and glacial history (i.e., greenhouse Antarctica, the onset of glaciation, and the response of the Antarctic ice sheets to past climate changes across a range of timescales) through integration of numerical modeling with geophysical and geological data.
25 January
Michael P. Meredith, Howard Roscoe and Jon Shanklin
The project Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment (ACCE), was rst discussed by the SCAR executive committee at its meeting in Bremen in July 2004, at which it was agreed that SCAR should con-sider carrying out an Antarctic climate assessment as a ... 38. The clearest example of Antarctic terrestrial organisms responding to climate change is given by the two native owering plants (Deschampsia antarctica and Colobanthus quitensis) in the maritime Antarctic, which have increased in abundance at some sites.
ICE :: Antarctica
While Antarctica was first circumnavigated in 1773, the climate, for many states, appeared inhospitable. It was not until the end of the 19th century that the land itself began to be explored, and shortly after, in 1908, the first public claim to the territory was established (Great Britain). The rationale was not only scientific research, but also the development of the whaling industry.
11 August
Climate model evaluation for antarctica and...
What: An international group of 20 climate scientists from a range of backgrounds met as part of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Antarctic Climate 21 Research Programme (AntClim21) to discuss climate model evaluation for Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. When: 11–12 December 2014 Where: San Francisco, California. multidecadal projections of future change, model evaluation should include consideration of the following factors: i)...
Antarctica: King of Cold — Weather and Climate: From...
This nonfiction article is written for use with upper-elementary students (grades 4-5). In this article, students learn about the climate differences between the Arctic and Antarctica and why Antarctica is so much colder than the Arctic. The article includes two “experiments to try,” which are perfect for a learning center or at-home enrichment.
21 September
Antarctic FAQ
Are there polar bears in Antarctica? Living and Working in Antarctica Who lives in Antarctica? Where do you stay and what were you (an elementary school teacher) doing in Antarctica? What was unusual or unique about Antarctica? Can you give an example of one of the other research projects at Palmer Station? ... 2003. Antarctic Peninsula Climate Variability: Historical and Paleoenvironmental Perspectives. Volume 79: Antarctic Research Series. American Geophysical Union, Washington, D.C.
5 April
The Oligocene–Miocene Boundary – Antarctic Climate...
Environmental data suggest a signicant Antarctic climate threshold across the Oligocene–Miocene boundary with cooler temperatures implied in the early Miocene with ice volume and palaeo-sea-level estimates suggesting a signicant but transient growth in the Antarctic Ice Sheet to B25% larger than present. ... Barrett, P. J. (2007). Cenozoic climate and sea level history from glacimarine strata off the Victoria Land coast, Cape Roberts Project, Antarctica.
The Search For Ancient Ice | Research
— US Antarctic Program Participant Guide, 2014–16. High in the Transantarctic Mountains, the McMurdo Dry Valleys are the largest part of Antarctica not covered with ice. Instead, a seemingly endless carpet of boulders and rocks flows into networks of ... From up high, the similarities between Antarctica and Mars’ surface become clear. Photo courtesy of Google Maps and NASA. In recent years, Marchant’s team has been applying his Antarctica research to questions about climate change and ice ages on Mars.
27 January
Post-glacial regional climate variability along the East...
Keywords: Antarctica Holocene climate change warm period paleolimnology marine geology. abstract. We review the post-glacial climate variability along the East Antarctic coastline using terrestrial and shallow marine geological records and compare these reconstructions with data from elsewhere.
UAB - CAS - Antarctica - Climate Change on the Peninsula
I am anchoring from home base this field season, remaining at UAB while the field team digs in at Palmer Station. I will be busy assisting Chuck submit an NSF grant proposal that will keep our Antarctic program moving forward, assisting Julie submit ...
4 May
The Antarctic climate anomaly and galactic cosmic rays
The phenomenon has been called the polar see-saw[15, 16], but that implies a north-south symmetry that is ab-sent. Greenland is better coupled to global temperatures than Antarctica is, and the fulcrum of the temperature swings is near the Antarctic Circle. A more apt term for the eect is the Antarctic climate anomaly.
Hemisphere (SH) summers are other factors that may have
A global climate model is used to study the effect of attening the orography of the Antarctic Ice Sheet on climate. A general result is that the Antarctic continent and the atmosphere aloft warm, while there is modest cooling globally. The large local warming over Antarctica leads to increased outgoing longwave radiation, which drives anomalous southward energy transport toward the continent and cooling elsewhere.
Antarctic nematode communities
Abstract The rapidly changing climate in Antarctica is impacting the ecosystems. Since records began, climate changes have varied considerably throughout Antarctica with both positive and negative trends in temperatures and precipitation observed locally. However, over the course of this century a more directional increase in both temperature and precipitation is expected to occur throughout Antarc-tica.
Main | World Meteorological Organization's World Weather...
World Weather & Climate Extremes Archive. Open Map Application. View our Climate Data. Learn More ... ... We are announcing new records on Wednesday, 1 March 2017 for Antarctic High Temperatures and for Global Tropical Cyclones.
6 November
Data and Imagery -- AMRC / AWS
The Antarctic Meteorological Research Center (AMRC) and Automatic Weather Station (AWS) program are United States Antarctic Program (USAP) sister projects focusing on observational Antarctic meteorological research, providing real-time and archived meteorological data and observations, and supporting a network of automatic weather stations in Antarctica.
15 December
LIFE@OSU | Trip to Antarctica changes students’ perspective
Professor Michael Harte, director of the OSU Marine Resource Management Program, led a group of 15 students, 10 of them from OSU, on an exploratory trip to Antarctica in December to examine how human actions around the world can alter the fragile ecosystems in the frigid south. Harte and his students viewed the trip as an opportunity to turn a vacation into a learning lab, as they reflected on their own carbon footprint while at the same time witnessing the dramatic effects of climate change on the landscape and...
15 February
Global Climate Change: Research Explorer - Cryosphere
Climate models suggest that global warming will be felt most acutely in the polar regions, particularly the Arctic. Researchers have already observed many changes in the Arctic, including the warmest temperatures in the last 400 years, an earlier melting of ice on lakes and rivers, and a decline in the extent of spring and summer sea ice. ... How will a warmer climate affect Antarctica’s ice sheets?
9 November
Valley Floor Climate Observations from the McMurdo Dry
Antarctic dry valley climate. Figure 1. Landsat image of the dry valleys region showing the location of the meteorological stations (labeled asterisks). Different valleys and passes discussed in the text are marked as Taylor Valley (TV), Wright Valley (WV), Victoria Valley (VV), Clark Valley (CV), Beacon Valley (BV), and Bull Pass (BP). ... Riordan, A. J., The Climate of Vanda Station, Antarctica, in Climate of the Arctic, edited by G. Weller, and S. A. Bowling, pp. 268 – 275, Geophys. Inst., Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks, 1975.
Antarctica – Imagined Geographies
We hope that the stimulating series of activities planned will attract and engage a wide variety of audiences across age groups and geographies, and in doing so enable them to learn about Antarctica and issues of global importance (e. g., climate change, international zone management, science and technology in the service of humankind, the spirit of exploration, the humanities and arts as essential.
Investigations of Antarctic Cenozoic Climate History
As part of the effort to understand the mechanics of Antarctic climate and its likely response to change, the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research (SCAR) Working Groups on Geology and Solid Earth Geophysics have supported the Antarctic Offshore Stratigraphy Project ... It complements other ANTOSTRAT-identified regions that record fast-responding coastal ice centers (Antarctic Peninsula), the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (Ross Sea), and coastal East Antarctica (Wilkes Land) (Barker et al., 1998).
3 May
Antarctica | Climate
The two areas of Antarctica are separated by the Transantarctic Mountains, an uplift zone of mountains that extends across the entire continent, although portions are buried under the ice cover. Within these mountains are found many coal deposits and fossil remains related to the earlier tropical climate of Antarctica. In East Antarctica the geologically stable Precambrian shield is generally covered by sedimentary or igneous deposits.
31 December
Southern Ocean Sentinel: An International Program To Assess Climate Change Impacts On Marine Ecosystems. © Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE CRC), Commonwealth of Australia, WWF-Australia. ... Despite the changes to the ecosystem wrought by historical over-exploitation of whales, seals and sh up to the 1970s, Antarctica and the Southern Ocean is the only region in which signals of the impacts of enhanced greenhouse gas emissions and climate change on ice sheet, sea...
Antarctic fjords are climate-sensitive hotspots of diversity
Deep inside the dramatic subpolar fjords of Antarctica, researchers from the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa have discovered an unexpected abundance and diversity at the seafloor. During a recent expedition, UH scientists for the first time studied the seafloor communities of glacier dominated fjords along the west Antarctic Peninsula, a region undergoing very rapid climate warming.
10 December
Rutgers University Department of Physics and Astronomy
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17 December
International legal implications of climate
Martin Sietgert (eds), Antarctic Climate Evolution (2009) 1; O G Sorokhtin, G V Chilingar and Leonid F Khilyuk, Global Warming and Global Cooling: Evolution of Climate on Earth (2007) vol 5. Melbourne Journal of International Law. ... See also ‘Special Issue: Japanese Whaling in Antarctica’ (2008) 11(3&4) Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law.
Virginia Institute of Marine Science - Study reveals strong links...
A long-term study of the links between climate and marine life along the rapidly warming West Antarctic Peninsula reveals how changes in physical factors such as wind speed and sea-ice cover send ripples up the food chain, with impacts on everything from single-celled algae to penguins. ... These blooms correlate with a negative phase of the “Southern Annular Mode,” or SAM, a seesaw shift in atmospheric pressure between mid-latitudes and Antarctica.
8 July
New study links climate changes in Arctic and Antarctic
April 29, 2015 -- MSU News Service. MSU polar ecologist John Priscu is part of a team that is publishing its findings about links between Arctic and Antarctic climates. (MSU photo by Kelly Gorham). ... By comparing ice cores from the northern and southern hemispheres, they discovered that past abrupt temperature changes at the North Pole affected the climate at the South Pole. They learned that climate changes that started in the Arctic spread to Antarctica.
30 April
Ice cores, carbon dioxide concentration, and climate
Fig 1. Dust concentration, mean temperature (as estimated from the oxygen isotope ratio), CO2 and CH4 concentrations plotted against time, estimated from the analysis of an ice core drilled at the Russian station, Vostok, on the Antarctica plateau (1). From 120,000 to about 20,000 years ago, there was a long period of cooling temperatures, but with some ups and downs of a degree or two. This was the last Great Ice Age. From about 18,000 or 19,000 years ago to about 15,000 years ago, the climate went through another warming...
10 August
World on the Latest Climate Science
Antarctica and Greenland maintain the largest ice reservoirs on land. If completely melted, the Antarctic ice-sheet would raise global sea-level by 52.8 meters, while Greenland would add a further 6.6 meters. Loss of only the most vulnerable parts of West Antarctica ... Rignot, E., (2008a) Changes in West Antarctic ice stream dynamics observed with ALOS PALSAR data. Geophysical Research Letters 35, L12505. Rignot, E. et al., (2008b) Recent Antarctic ice mass loss from radar interferometry and regional climate modelling.
Similarity of Climate Change Data for Antarctica and Nevada
The importance of this study lies in the fact that if data show the same trend in the two regions, many findings for climate change in Antarctica may readily be validated and employed for Nevada. ... However, through ice-drilling in East Antarctica, detailed climate records can be accessed and analyzed. Climate records from these ice-cores can be traced back over 400, 000 years.
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7 March
Climate and atmospheric history of
Antarctica and its climate to such a disintegration). The power spectrum of DTI (Fig. 4) shows a large concentration of variance (37%) in the 100-kyr band along with a signicant. ... A 150,000-year climatic record from Antarctic ice. Nature 316, 591–596 (1985). 5. Barnola, J. M., Raynaud, D., Korotkevich, Y. S. & Lorius, C. Vostok ice cores provides 160,000-year.
Antarctica | Libraries | Colorado State University
Link to Spanish (English portion of site appears to have disappeared) that has information on (based on previously available English portion): A Brief Geographical Survey; Antarctic History; Race for the South Pole; Antarctic Climate - Optical Phenomena - Vegetation and Animal Life; Birds; Mammals; Aspects of Human Life in Antarctica; Argentina in Antarctica; Argentine Antarctic Stations; Main Juridical and Political Aspects of Antarctica; Environmental Protection
19 July
Antarctic Oversnow Traverse-based Southern
On 2 January 2003, the U.S. component of the International Trans Antarctic Scientific Expedition (U.S. ITASE) (Figure 1) arrived at the South Pole after completing more than 5000 km of oversnow traverses that included much of west Antarctica and a portion of east Antarctica (Figure 2).During the traverses, which were performed from 1999 through 2003, U.S. ITASE focused on. collecting data that will allow the reconstruction of sub-annual scale climate variability and changes in the chem­ istry of the atmosphere over the last 200+...
WAIS Divide Ice Core
Successfully retrieving the ice core is the culmination of an eight-year project to obtain a paleoclimate record from one of the remotest parts of the Antarctic continent. The WAIS Divide ice core was recovered at a field camp in the center of West Antarctica, 1,040 ... By allowing an examination of past climate at an annual resolution, the ice core record is helping scientists understand why climate can change abruptly and how climate may unfold in the coming century. Other ice-coring projects have produced cores of lower...
18 April
Eight glacial cycles from an Antarctic
.The Antarctic Vostok ice core provided compelling evidence of the nature of climate, and of climate feedbacks, over the past 420,000 years. Marine records suggest that the amplitude of climate variability was smaller before that time, but such records are often poorly resolved. Moreover, it is not possible to infer the abundance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from marine records. Here we report the recovery of a deep ice core from Dome C, Antarctica, that provides a climate record...
Antarctic Climate Report Sees Sharp... - Yale E360
Temperatures in Antarctica are expected to increase by 5.3 degrees F this century and the melting of much of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet could contribute to a global sea level rise of 4.5 feet by 2100, according to the most comprehensive study to date on the impact of global warming on the world’s coldest continent. ... Climate Converts: The Conservatives Who Are Switching Sides on Warming.
11 December
jections of future climate change in Antarctica, and has the potential to affect the global thermohaline circulation6 and sea-level change3,12. Recent multidecadal changes in Antarctic climate are well docu-mented. Surface air temperature (SAT) in the Antarctic Peninsula2,13, at the Faraday/Vernadsky station in particular, reveals a rapid warm-ing trend of 5.6 K over 50 years in austral winter1.
A Trip South to Antarctica’s Ross Sea | Smithsonian Ocean...
Antarctic Pack Ice. Every year as the sun disappears for the winter, the surface waters around Antarctica freeze into a slab of ice 10-feet thick, which effectively doubles the size of the continent. In the summer, the slab of ice breaks up into pack ice, which eventually drifts out to sea and melts, only to be replaced the next year. Sea ice is a critical habitat for nearly all the denizens of Antarctica, and is changing quickly in response to climate.
25 December
Climate Myths Project - Lilian Burtness
Therefore, Antarctica is gaining sea ice but still losing freshwater land ice, which when melted, changes the composition of the saltwater ocean layers. Between 1992 and 2011, the Antarctic Ice Sheets overall lost 1350 giga-tonnes into the oceans, which is not even as much as Greenland. Discussion: This myth denies the actual existence of climate change and states that global warming is not occuring since Antarctica and Greenland are gaining ice.
28 April
References cited during the workshop on Antarctic Sea Ice...
2014. The future of Antarctica's surface winds simulated by a high?resolution global climate model: 2. Drivers of 21st century changes. ... 2012. Antarctic climate response to stratospheric ozone depletion in a fne resolution ocean climate model. Geophysical Research Letters 39(20), doi:10.1029/2012GL053393. Boning, C. W., A. Dispert, M. Visbeck, S. R. Rintoul, and F. U. Schwarzkopf.
Click here to take the Ice quiz. The Antarctic Continent. Click Here for a Satellite Image of Antarctica. Antarctica is not owned by any one country. Click here to view a map of Antarctic regions and general topographical sites. ... Icebergs in the News December 2002-Scientific American Article. What does Antarctica tell us about Global Climate change? Weather Hand-out. Past Climate from Ice cores. Stories in the Ice.
6 August
Polar regions (Arctic and Antarctic)
Elsewhere on continental Antarctica, climate change is also affecting the vegetation, which is largely composed of algae, lichens and mosses, and changes are expected in future, as temperature, and water and nutrient availability, change (Robinson et al., 2003). ... Indeed, there is evidence that deglaciation of some parts of West Antarctica, as a response to climate change at the end of the last glacial period, is not yet complete (Stone et al., 2003).
Antarctic researchers study climate change where penguins...
Graduate students Carli Arendt and Sarah Aarons, and Assistant Professor Sarah Aciego hold one of the ice core samples the team collected on Taylor Glacier in Antarctica in 2013. (Photo by Michael Jayred). In the Antarctic spring, the sun never sets. ... Ice crystal rainbows circle the sun. "I love it so much. Everything makes me go, 'Wow!'" says Sarah Aciego, assistant professor of earth and environmental sciences, LSA, and assistant professor of climate and space sciences and engineering, College of Engineering.
6 December
date! , Period of Record Daily Climate Summary
24 December
Key words: Ade?lie Penguin; Antarctica; climate change; climate modeling; Emperor Penguin; habitat optimum; sea ice; 28C warming. ... Finally, though other habitat factors are importantly involved, both species are extremely sensitive to sea ice variation, and sea ice is one of the critical factors in both modulating and reacting to variation in Earth’s climate. Thus, Antarctic sea ice, too, has been well researched, and therefore, these penguins illustrate well vertebrate species’ interactions with habitat change.
Transforming Undergraduate Instruction by Bringing Ocean...
This exercise set introduces students to the status and role of Antarctica in Cenozoic climate change, and sets the stage for evaluating the two sediment cores retrieved from the floor of McMurdo Sound by the Antarctic Geologic Drilling Project (ANDRILL) in 2006 and 2007, which are introduced in the Antarctic Sediment Cores Case Study Module. The Past Antarctic Climates exercises build basic geographic and geologic knowledge of Antarctica, and use geologic reasoning.
Papers of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Jointly established by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 1988, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) prepares comprehensive and up-to-date assessments of policy-relevant scientific, technical, and socio-economic information relevant for understanding the scientific basis of climate change, potential impacts, and options for mitigation and adaptation.
2 August
Due to current climate trends and the high probability that average global temperatures will continue to rise, it is of scientific and societal importance to understand how ice sheets have responded to climate change in the past. ... Some of the slowest erosion rates ever recorded are found in the ice-free regions of Antarctica. An important aspect of my of my ongoing research is to study cold-desert weathering processes and quantify erosion rates in the McMurdo Dry Valleys.
2 April
Synchronous Climate Changes
Synchronous Climate Changes in Antarctica and the North Atlantic. E. J. Steig,*† E. J. Brook, J. W. C. White, C. M. Sucher, M. L. Bender, S. J. Lehman, D. L. Morse, E. D. Waddington, G. D. Clow Central Greenland ice cores provide evidence of abrupt changes in climate over the past 100,000 years.
Future Science Opportunities in Antarctica and the Southern
To understand the effects of increasing emissions of carbon dioxide on the climate, it is vitally important to understand the processes that occur in the Antarctic region. Ever since the first humans set foot on Antarctica a little more than a century ago, the discoveries made there have advanced our scientific knowledge of the region, the world, and the universe—but there is still much more to learn.
eric hiatt /Antarctica Links | Climate and Sea level
Climate and Sea level: Antarctic climate page from the British Antarctic Survey. NASA's SeaWIFS Satellite Images of Oceanic Productivity. ... The Byrd Polar Research Center, Ohio State University. University of Canterbury, New Zealand Gateway Antarctica portal site. Australian Antarctic Program. The British Antarctica Survey. Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI), Cambridge University.
6 September
12th Workshop on Antarctic Meteorology...
The workshop brings together those with both research and operational interests in Antarctic meteorology, forecasting, and related disciplines. It serves as a forum for current results, ideas, and issues in Antarctic meteorology, numerical weather prediction, forecasting, and climate. Presentations on topics related to these, including those involving Antarctic logistical efforts, are welcome.
28 January
27 April
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8 October
Vanishing Polar Ice Sheets | Antarctica
Fig. 13 Seesaw climate behaviour of the two hemispheres over the past 140,000 years, as shown from ice core records from Greenland (green, North GRIP) and Antarctica (red, EPICA Dome C). Modied after Jouzel et al. (2007). ... Antarctic climate is dominated by two oscillat-ing climate drivers: (a) the Southern Annular Mode (SAM), which provides a measure of the strength of the Westerly winds sweeping around the continent between latitudes 40 and 60?S (popularly known as the “roaring forties” and “furious fties”...
Model Estimates of the Mass Balance of the Greenland and...
The simpler climate model MIT 2D LO overestimates accumulation in Antarctica but produces satisfactory estimates of runo from the Greenland ice sheet. ... Obtaining reliable estimates of short-term changes in mass balance does however require climate models which capture adequately the essential features of the current Arctic and Antarctic climate, and snow and ice melt models which can be trusted to estimate melting and runo accurately.
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Course Catalog
College Wide. College of Advancing and Professional Studies. College of Education and Human Development. College of Liberal Arts. College of Management. College of Nursing and Health Sciences. College of Public & Community Service. College of Sci...
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Case Study
Throughout its history, Earth's climate has oscillated between warm and cold phases. In the most recent 10,000 years, our planet has enjoyed a relatively warm, stable climatic period. This period has permitted a wide variety of life forms to flourish, both on land and in the ocean. ... Capturing Climate Change Records from Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. The Ross Ice Shelf, pictured above, in Antarctica is several hundred meters thick and as large as France.
24 October
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Since its founding in 1972, the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) is a world leader in expeditionary-scale geophysical research, conducting research in four broad themes: climate, energy, marine geosciences, seismology and tectonophysics, and planetary and polar geophysics. UTIG is home to more than 50 research scientists and postdocs — research entrepreneurs...
4 December
Georgetown University
3 May
About Antarctica: Seals
Although there are 35 species of seals, only six types live in Antarctica: Antarctic Fur Seals, Crabeater Seals, Leopard Seals, Ross Seals, and Weddell Seals. However, these six species make up the majority of the world's seal population. With no natural land predators, such as polar bears or man, Antarctic seals behave much differently than northern seals--showing little fear of man.
29 December
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6 February
The Monash University Simple Climate Model
Version 1.0 | Language: English.
27 April
Tundra climate
Welcome to the Tundra's climate page. Here you can find information on the climate of the Tundra.
20 January
Key words: Antarctica; Holocene; climate change; warm...
2010a,b). Over the Pleistocene glacial-interglacial cycles, the climate of Antarctica has traditionally been considered to be largely controlled by changes in the Northern Hemisphere and particularly in the North Atlantic region including changes in the strength of deep water formation; yet recent studies have revealed that the Antarctic warming events preceded those in the North (Ahn and Brook, 2008; Mayewski.
Master of Climate Change - ANU
6 April
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NY Sea Grant | Article not Found.
Resources: Climate Change. Resources: Unwanted Medicines. Resources: Youth Education. ... - Climate Change. - Clean & Safe Boating. - Harmful Algal Blooms.
2 December
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16 November
Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research...
Antarctic Climate & Ecosystem Cooperative Research Centre is a multidisciplinary partnership of 21 national and international organizations based at the University of Tasmania, Hobart. It provides science, knowledge and understanding to help Australia meet the challenges of climate change by understanding the crucial role played by Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in global climate, and the impacts of climate change on Australia and the world.
Webpages No Longer Available
The astronomy pages formerly available at this address are no longer available. They were left up, without maintenance, for almost 20 years, because there were many requests from users to do so. However, astronomy and astrophysics knowledge evolves, ...
16 December
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University of California Energy Institute
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16 December
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Faculty | Environmental Science & Policy
16 December
Southern Regional Climate Center
Regional Climate Centers. State Climate Offices. NCDC Home. Southern Regional HQ. ... Monthly Climate Summary. Current Weather. Climate Extremes Portal. SCIPP.
31 July
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6 September
Antarctica | Academics | University of Colorado Denver
Antarctica, situated in the southern hemisphere and almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle, is the fifth largest continent in area, with 98% of its land mass covered by ice. ... Antarctica Wind Farm - the world’s southern-most wind-farm is being built by New Zealand-based Meridian Energy at Crater Hill, Ross Island, Antarctica to power the needs of New Zealand’s Scott Base as well as the American McMurdo Station.
19 January
Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL)
search for the content as. Multi-Subject Resources Anthropology/Sociology Economics/Labor Relations Education Ethnic Studies Gender & LGBT Studies Geography Health/Medicine Kinesiology Library & Information Science Political Science Psycholog...
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404 | The University of Virginia
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15 December
Climate Science Investigations South Florida - NASA
Energy: The Driver of Climate. Temperature Over Time. ... Impacts of Climate Change. What We Can Do. Addressing Climate Skeptics' Claims. Last Modified 1/14/16.
30 June
Antarctica | Climate
About 65 mya, Antarctica (then connected to Australia) still had a tropical to subtropical climate, complete with a marsupial fauna. About 40 mya Australia- New Guinea separated from Antarctica, so that latitudinal current could isolate Antarctica from Australia, and so the first ice began to appear. Around 23 mya, the Drake Passage opened between Antarctica and South America, which resulted in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.
12 October
IC News - Ithaca College
What leads to the radicalization of Muslims, and how does the media promote Islamophobia?
3 December
The middle Miocene climatic transition: East Antarctic ice...
The early stage of this climatic transition from ~ 16 to 14.8 Ma was marked by major short term variations in global climates, East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS) volume, sea level, and deep ocean circulation. ... Cenozoic climatic and cryospheric developments are ultimately tied to plate tectonic changes, in particular, through the influence of the isolation of Antarctica upon Southern Ocean circulation and perhaps the episodic closure of the eastern portal of the Tethys Ocean upon low-latitude warm saline deep water formation.
Antarctic climate variability over the past 1,000
In West Antarctica, the water stable isotope records from ice core also show shifts of the climate state between the WMP and LIA and significant warming in the past 100 years. ... Finally, I will suggest a way forward so that we can better understand the cause of Antarctic climate variability in the past 1000 years and improve projections of future global climate change in the SH.
Florida Museum of Natural History
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12 October
Photoshop Workshops. Last Updated on April 25, 2005.
19 February
The Weather and Climate of Vermont
They use instruments and computers to measure and record such things as temperature and precipitation. Over time, they gather many weather records of temperatures and precipitation for places. These patterns of weather describe the climate of a place. The weather is always changing and sometimes difficult to predict, but the climate is more steady. Vermont's climate is classified as Continental Moist.
29 September
Antarctica Is Gaining Ice
Antarctica Is Gaining Ice. 2. Climate change is a rapidly growing problem in our planet today. ... In order to argue the point that Antarctica is gaining ice, one must know the facts. The Antarctic is gaining sea ice and has been since satellite measurements began about thirty years ago. But there are specific reasons as to why this is happening.
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Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Jacqueline Cardoza co-founded a student chapter of an international organization that raises funds and awareness for global human health. Three-Time Student Invitee to white house speaks up on climate education. Youth Climate Summit organizer Gina Fiorile's visits to DC empowered her to continue her efforts to communicate about climate change. From student to staff in Campus sustainability.
27 September
NC State Alumni Association - NC State University Alumni...
Read More. WolfTreks: Astounding Antarctica. WolfTreks: Astounding Antarctica. Join WolfTreks Travel for an expedition through dramatic ice landscapes, wildlife-rich channels and the dynamic ecosystem of the 7th continent in February 2018.
Dr. Gerd Wendler
[84]. Andre, J. C., Wendler, G. and Zephoris, M., The "IAGO-katabatic" programme, Antarctic Climate Research.,1(1), 17-18, 1987. [85]. Dean, K., Kodama, Y. and Wendler, G., Comparison of leaf and canopy reflectance of subarctic forests, Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, 52(6), June 1986. [86]. Wendler, G., Ishikawa, N. and Kodama, Y., The heat balance of the icy slope of Adelie Land, Eastern Antarctica, J. of Appl.
15 December
Interactive Antarctic Climate Map
Interactive Antarctic Climate Map. Click on a station + for a plot of the annual temperature cycle. Restart the Study Exercise at Question 9 here, or click on the penguin, (above right). Go back to the Interactive Arctic Climate Map Proceed to the 'Climate Web Resources' .
8 April
Search - Human Resources - The University of Texas at Dallas
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6 March
Online Paralegal School... - National Paralegal College
The course then shifts to a discussion of the dynamic Earth and earthquakes and volcanic activity. The course moved then to meteorology, including weather, air masses, precipitation, fronts, etc. Finally, the course surveys climate, climate change and the impact of human activities on the Earth’s climate.
14 April
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Featured Profile. Natalie Dubois: Natalie is the Climate Change and Wildlife Scientist for Defenders of Wildlife, where she works on issues related to adaptation of natural systems to climate change, including integrating climate change adaptation into conservation planning and decision making. As a member of Defenders' department of Landscape Conservation and Climate Adaptation, she works closely with the conservation planning team to provide capacity and technical support to state agencies in strategic biodiversity …
18 October
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26 August
Glogster: Multimedia Posters | Online Educational Content›Visit Glogpedia
Weather and Climate.
12 September
Mid-Miocene cooling and the extinction of tundra
The fossils, which include diatoms, palyno-morphs, mosses, ostracodes, and insects, represent the last vestige of a tundra community that inhabited the mountains before stepped cooling that rst brought a full polar climate to Antarctica. ... These results provide novel constraints for the timing and amplitude of middle-Miocene cooling in Antarctica and reveal the ecological legacy of this global climate transition.
Weather and climate
Weather and climate. Reset Help.
4 March
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20 August
Agriculture and Natural Resources | Iowa State University...
Soil Management and Land Valuation Conference Turns 90. Andrea Nelson Named ISU Extension and Outreach Region 13 Director. Agronomy in the Field Classes for Women to be Held at FEEL. New Guide Helps Food Hub Managers Evaluate Their Own Operations. Ma...
16 December
Amy Leventer - Geology Research in Antarctica
Although the pace of recent climate change appears to be more rapid and of a larger scale in Antarctica compared to other areas of the globe, the factors forcing climate change in Antarctica are not well understood, due to the relative inaccessibility of the southernmost continent and the inhospitable working conditions. ... Geology undergrads will continue the detailed analysis for the next few years as we extract the clearest indicators of Antarctic margin climate change from the core samples.
21 April
CTE - Classroom Climate
Classroom climate is affected not only by blatant instances of inequality directed towards a person or group of people, but also by smaller, more subtle "micro-inequities" that can accumulate to have significant negative impacts on learning (Hall, 1982). Incivilities that are not addressed properly not only negatively impact learning within the course in which it is experienced, but may also negatively influence a student's success at an institution (Hirschy & Braxton, 2004). What factors influence classroom climate?
23 March
Antarctica - MicrobeWiki
Antarctica. Antarctica is a continent found almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle. The climate is harsh: it is the coldest, driest place on earth, with the highest winds, and highest average elevation.
6 March
AAG Climate Specialty Group
The Climate Specialty Group (CSG) is a voluntary assemblage of Association of American Geographers (AAG) members with interests in climatology and climate related fields. The Climate Specialty Group mission is to support: Climatological research.
13 April
Unit - University of Canberra
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1 September
Pages · Towson University
11 June
Scientists Find Melting of Antarctic Ice Sheet Accelerating
Destabilization of the Ice Sheet in West Antarctica. The two papers both provide evidence of the environmental costs — in this case in the form of melting glaciers — wrought by the slow rise in global temperatures over the past century. ... Many in the scientific community, myself included, have found fault with the media’s coverage of climate change because of their penchant for presenting the climate deniers’ view on an issue related to climate change, giving the impression that a vigorous debate remains on climate change when in...
6 July
Program on Climate Change
The undergraduate assistant for the PCC, David Bonan, interviewed Dr. Inez Fung during her visit to the University of Washington as the 2017 Distinguished Visiting Atmospheric Scientist Lecturer. They discussed the current state of climate and climate change research, better climate communication, and her relationship with a close colleague of hers that recently passed away, Piers Sellers.
4 November
Explore Antarctica!
• Understand the geography and climate of Antarctica • Compare and contrast the continent to the Artic and to where they live. ... Give each student an “Exploring Antarctica” handout. Have students read the timeline to learn about the history of Antarctic exploration and answer the questions. Ask students to think what it would be like to go on an expedition. What would they need to know beforehand?
Arranged individual study.
Links to the page contain: DIS: Climate Change....
9 October
A comparison of arctic and antarctic climate change, present...
Ongoing climate variations in the Arctic and Antarctic pose an apparent paradox. ... In the Antarctic, on the other hand, the rate of recovery of stratospheric ozone, together with the stratospheric cooling projected to accompany greenhouse warming, will shape the evolution of the southern annular mode in the present century. Models that do not include changes in ozone concentrations project a substantial surface warming and an increase of precipitation over the Antarctic continent.
School of Medicine | Error
For medical school admissions. Visit the Office of Admission for info on application process, financial aid, and student life. For graduate school admissions. Visit the Office of Graduate Education for info on our many doctoral programs and the gradu...
3 October
Climate Change on Venus
Climate Change on Venus. Contact: David Grinspoon 303-546-6863. The surface of Venus is largely covered with volcanic plains which seem to have erupted rather suddenly over much of the planet about 500 to 700 million years ago. ... The resulting climate changes would have been extreme, perhaps altering the surface temperature by as much as 100 Kelvins. This may explain how large areas of the surface became faulted simultaneously at widespread areas around the planet.
28 May
Dr. Ryan Fogt
Dr. Fogt studies climate dynamics, in particular how components of the large-scale atmospheric circulation affect climate across the Southern Hemisphere, especially Antarctica. His work incorporates climate models, observations, and station-based reconstructions of pressure variability to distinguish the contributions of natural variability and anthropogenic forcing in ongoing Antarctic climate change.
11 September
University using new tech to record Antarctic Ocean, ice temps
"The ice shelves serve as the 'corks' holding the large glaciers of west Antarctica from sliding into the ocean and raising sea level." ... Tyler, a professor in the University's College of Science, said the objectives of this first field season were to test the drilling design, test the fiber-optic installation and sensing and test the logistics of continuous monitoring and power system development for a full year of operation in the harsh Antarctic climate.
27 March
UNU-WIDER : Projects
Development finance. Food security. Climate change. Other. Past. ... Environment and climate change Environment Climate change Foreign aid.
4 October
6 December
World climate map
World climate map.
25 April
Elevated East Antarctic outlet glaciers during...
One of the most important issues facing climate scientists today concerns the response of Antarctica's ice sheets to global climate change. Recent interpretations of sediments recovered from the AND-1B marine core in the western Ross Embayment (78° S) (collected under the auspices of the multinational ANDRILL program, ANtarctic DRILLing) call for dynamic, obliquity-paced uctuations in the volume and areal extent of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) during Plio-Pleistocene time (Naish et al., 2009).
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
The University of Missouri-St. Louis is committed to an inclusive campus community that values and respects all its members and achieves educational excellence through diversity. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) supports the teaching, rese...
6 December
Event Calendar - Santa Clara University
Offices and Services at Santa Clara University.
7 November
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3 November
Teaching and Learning Center | University of the Sciences
Coordinating faculty teaching activities for better student learning outcomes, the Teaching and Learning Center connects educators with expertise.
17 November
Climate Change and RFF Issue Brief 0 Why Climate Change? Enviro Long term threat of climate change in developing countries. How are the imperatives for global GHG mitigation and broader econo Long Ter Temperature & Sea Level Change Variation by Region Timing, Locatio Energy, Economic Develo CO2 major component of GHG 80% of total GHG in USA Tables 1,2,3 North – South Status.
Human Biological Adaptability: Adapting to Climate Extremes
Adapting to Climate Extremes. Humans and many other mammals have unusually efficient internal temperature regulating systems that automatically maintain stable core body temperatures in cold winters and warm summers. In addition, people have developed cultural patterns and technologies that help them adjust to extremes of temperature and humidity. In very cold climates, there is a constant danger of developing hypothermia , which is a life threatening drop in core body temperature to subnormal levels.
29 September
In Antarctica
Numerous scientific discoveries of global significance have been made in Antarctica, and the U.S. Antarctic Program, part of the National Science Foundation (NSF), supports research on the continent, including Yen’s, to make sure that these discoveries continue. A key mission of NSF’s Office of Polar Programs is to understand Antarctica and its ecosystems, to understand the region's effects on – and responses to – climate change...
11 July
Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Earth Sciences – Calendar
DelSole Named J. Climate Editor-in-Chief February 6, 2017. Calendar. View Upcoming Events. ... DelSole Named J. Climate Editor-in-Chief. AOES/COLA Professor Studies California Droughts. AOES Collaborates With Ligado on Weather Data.
12 December
Inactive Content
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7 August
Antarctic Maps | Polar Geospatial Center
We offer both our own maps of Antarctica, and hundreds of historic maps scanned and archived by the PGC. AAD. ... Marine Geophysical Atlas Antarctic. (1 map). Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center. United States · Website. Miscellaneous Antarctic Maps.
17 July
Climate & Weather Information. ... Human Health. Weather & Climate Information.
11 November
UCLA film student to see impact of climate change on... | UCLA
"Antarctica 2006" by Horacio Lyon. Emma Kragen, a graduate student with the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, will be going to Antartica on an expedition hosted by the organization 2041, which aims to enlighten participants about...
13 March
climate map
World koeppen climate map. Click here for details.
9 October
Organizational Climate Survey
Organizational Climate Survey. College responses to community, resident comments.
Climate. The weather at Assiut during December is pleasant, temperate , bright and sunny.The average temperature is about 20 ? C .
Iwerks ® Film: Antarctica
ice sheet slowly moves from higher elevations toward the coast, creating crevasses, and eventually breaks off in large chunks to form icebergs. v Penguins and seals are well adapted to the harsh Antarctic climate; the former can dive over 800 ... v Antarctica’s dry valleys provide scientists with sites suitable for testing planetary probes under conditions approximating those of Mars. v Core samples of Antarctic ice help scientists unravel important clues about past global and climatic conditions and investigate past cooling...
South America. Antarctica.
30 December
A top public university, we’re fulfilling the promise every day.
A top public university, we’re fulfilling the promise every day.
18 June
Antarctic mystery solved? | NIU Newsroom
Using sophisticated ice sheet and climate models, Scherer and colleagues found the ice sheet experienced a series of retreats and re-advances during the Pliocene warm periods, but the retreats were not as dramatic as some scientists earlier suggested. ... “So our findings indicate the Sirius diatoms were windblown, but they came from areas of reduced ice in East Antarctica, where extensive diatom-rich lands became exposed to the air.” The Antarctic ice cap holds the majority of the world’s fresh water, and a substantial melting...
20 September
Climate Change due to Plate Tectonics
Climate Change - Plate Tectonics.
4 December
Geography - Regions, Terrain, Climate and Weather
Geography - Regions, Terrain, climate and Weather.
19 February
Clemson's Public Service and Agriculture South Carolina
College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences News. The College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences (CAFLS) provides education, research and outreach in agriculture, forestry and natural resources; food and packaging science; and the biom...
18 May
NetLogo Models Library: Climate Change
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12 December
Recent variability and trends in antarctic snowfall
Averaged over the continent, the annual snowfall trends in both Polar MM5 datasets are not statistically different from zero, suggesting that recent Antarctic snowfall changes do not mitigate currently observed sea level rise. However, the lack of a continent-averaged annual trend does not suggest that Antarctica is isolated from the recent climate changes occurring elsewhere on Earth. Rather, snowfall variability is expressed by strong seasonal and regional changes.
CityU Community of Practice for Sustainability - City University...
The Effect of Climate Change on Antarctica - Our Last True Wildness. 20 November 2012: Joseph Chan of Swire Beverages came to tell us of his trip to Antarctica with 70 other people concerned about the environment. ... The trip to Antarctica was arranged by Robert Swan's 2041 organisation which is campaigning for the international treaty banning to development of Antarctic up to 2041 to be extended.
22 August
Bioeconomy and Global Climate Change | Michigan State...
World-renowned experts on different aspects of climate change. This series, sponsored by the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station, was intended for those at MSU and in the external community who are working on climate change. It was hosted by MSU professors Thomas Dietz (sociology, environmental science and policy) and Jinhua Zhao (economics and agricultural, food and resource economics).
24 October
Antarctic Ice
Will Antarctic ice loss continue at this rate? This is not obvious - Antarctica is a very high continent centered on the south pole and therefore surrounded by a powerful polar atmospheric cell which communicates little with the warmer air to the north (this is not true of Greenland, which is farther from the pole and has a different climate and communication outside the north atmospheric Polar Cell).
1 January
Class Climate
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31 May
Volcanoes and Global Climate Change
Our planet’s climate results from a complex and always changing mixture of processes and events. The basic source of energy is radiation from the Sun. The incoming radiation interacts with the Earth’s atmosphere and surface, so that changes to either can affect the climate. For example, a dark lava flow absorbs more of the solar energy than a desert soil, so a large enough lava flow could warm a local region.
31 July
Current issue and featured articles - California Agriculture
Many factors, including drought, climate change, reduced water allocations, and land-use changes could worsen salinity conditions there, and in other agricultural lands in the state. Mapping soil salinity at regional and state levels is essential for identifying drivers and trends in agricultural soil salinity, and for developing mitigation strategies, but traditional soil sampling for salinity does not allow for accurate large-scale mapping.
10 July
The Sydney eScholarship Repository: Choose Login Method
My Sydney eScholarship. Receive email updates. Edit Profile.
10 September
ClimDB/HydroDB Database Projects
Climate and Hydrology Database Projects (CLIMDB/HYDRODB). Climatological and Hydrological Data Access. Please note that these pages work better using the most recent versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape.
29 September
Andrea Polli | Art Gallery | Gender on Ice | S&F Online
With these questions in mind, last year I had the opportunity to go to Antarctica for two months, on a National Science Foundation-sponsored artist's residency where I worked alongside scientists studying the global implications of Antarctic weather and climate change. The Antarctic is unlike any other place on earth: geographically, politically, and culturally.
7 December
Course Catalog
Academics. Areas of Study. Course Catalog. Faculty. Graduate Programs.
18 April
Climate Zones
As record keeping and technology advanced, a new system was developed that was based on climate controls and the evapotranspiration index of an area. The new system is called the Kopen system named after Wladimir Koppen. Within the system there are 5 major climate zones each with 2 or more subclimates. Each is defined first by its temperature and second by its percipitation characteristics.
13 December
Ocean Currents and Climate
Ocean Currents and Climate.
22 December
CLIMATE Overview by Liam Davison
6 July
The Climate Book
Principles of Planetary Climate. The online supplement to Principles of Planetary Climate has been moved here. If you are looking for something from the old site, a selection of archival material is here.
12 August
E. Land-Weber Exhibition: Leopard Seal Cry, Antarctica
Leopard Seal Cry, Antarctica. Return to Antartica.
22 February
Climate Change
Climate Change: There ARE Solutions. Dr. Jim Boulter's University Honors course on climate change science and policy will present a panel to share solutions to climate change -potent reasons for optimism in the face of what sometimes seems an overwhelming challenge.
Climate: Endangered Animals from Antarctica
Antarctica is the southern most part of the world. It is the 3rd smallest continent in the world. It is about half of the size of the United States. 98% of the continent is covered by the worlds largest ice sheet, the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Because of this, Antarctica is always changing. Population: There are no residents of Antarctica. However, scientists make long trips to Antarctica to complete studies.
4 April
Education in Russia for Foreigners: Study in Russia - Russian...
The Cossack region is famous for its original culture and interesting history. Donskoi krai is the homeland of great Russian authors A. P. Chekhov and M. A. Sholokhov. The climate of Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog is moderately continental. We have many parks that not only adorn the cities but also reduce the wind. Winter here is mild, changeable, with frequent repetition of thaws and icing of streets.
6 March
Climate Change
PACRI (Philadelphia Coalition for Responsible Investment) will hold a Climate Change Seminar on Saturday, November 21, 2015, at Neumann University in Aston, Pennsylvania. Our featured speaker will be Sister Ilia Delio, OSF, a Franciscan sister from Washington, DC. Sister Ilia is a theologian, a writer, and a dynamic presenter on a variety of topics related to religion, science, ecological consciousness, and culture.
The READER data provide one of the longest, most reliable and consistent series of Antarctic surface climate data available. The data have been thoroughly quality con-trolled and where possible data obtained from the national programmes that maintain the stations. Many stations in Antarctica were established during the period of the Inter-national Geophysical Year (IGY).
International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences - University...
... Research institutes and centres. International Centre for Applied Climate Sciences (ICACS). ... A model of an idea for farmers. 15 Mar. USQ customises climate forecast for Mort & Co.
26 October
Events Calendar - College of Social and Behavioral Science...
Neal A. Maxwell Lectures in Political Theory and Contemporary Politics. Barbara L. & Norman C. Tanner Center for Nonviolent Human Rights Advocacy. Society, Water and Climate Transformative Cluster Hire.
6 December
Climate factors. Temperature Zones. Microclimates. ... Temperature Challenge. Climate around the world.
22 April
Home - Tribes & Climate Change
Here you'll find basic climate-change information; profiles of tribes in diverse regions of the U.S. who are coping with climate change impacts; audio files of elders discussing the issue from traditional perspectives; and resources you can use to develop climate change adaptation strategies. We also offer in-person and web-based trainings and technical assistance to build climate change adaption planning capacity among tribes.
8 July
Sea Level Climate Change
24 August
OneTouch 4.0 Scanned Documents
Links to the page contain: American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment....
Home | Deakin
Oceans: the world's most under-utilised weapons against climate change. ... A new study led by Deakin University marine ecologist Dr Peter Macreadie has found that better management of our oceans and coastline could be a missing link in the fight against climate change.
10 December
Peter Sinks - Utah Climate Center
Moreover, Peter Sinks and nearby Middle Sink have the distinction of having all but one of the monthly low temperature records for Utah. So why is this montane site, located 20 miles northeast of Logan, so cold? The low temperatures are due to a combination of the area’s unique basin topography, high elevation, and dry climate.
9 March
This page no longer exists.
Links to the page contain: The Climate Swerve....
14 December
Upcoming events on campus and throughout the community.
Upcoming events on campus and throughout the community.
15 August
SAE Institute | Creative Media Courses | Around the world
Live and study in one of the most cosmopolitan and picturesque cities in the world. Experience a vibrant arts culture, stunning scenery, superb shopping and a pleasant climate while you gain an internationally recognised education.
2 July
Safe and Accepting Schools: Promoting a Positive School...›eng/parents/climate.html
A positive learning and teaching environment is essential if students are to succeed in school. "Promoting a Positive School Climate" is a resource that provides examples of practices and activities that will help your school improve its overall school climate. This resource has been designed to help your school and safe and accepting schools team identify practices that could work for you or be adapted to suit your needs.
18 November
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5 February
Hops and Climate Story
28 April
Earth Climate System
4/23/2012: Lecture 1: A Brief Survey of the Atmosphere...
11 April
Internet Storm Center - SANS Internet Storm Center
SANS Internet Storm Center - A global cooperative cyber threat / internet security monitor and alert system. Featuring daily handler diaries with summarizing and analyzing new threats to networks and internet security events.
8 August
Page Error | University of Arkansas at Little Rock
13 December
Climate: Greenhouse
Climate: Greenhouse Gas Inventory (FY12). FY12 Total GHG Emissions.
Climate Science | The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Currently, The Franklin Institute's signature climate science project is Climate & Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP). Led by The Franklin Institute, the partners in this project have established local networks within four urban centers—Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Queens, NY, and Washington, DC—forging links with informal and formal education partners, community groups, city government, and policymakers.
8 May
University of Oregon School of Law
A premier ABA-accredited public law school in the Northwest, the University of Oregon School of Law has been educating successful legal professionals since 1884. In addition to the Juris Doctor degree, the school offers a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degre...
13 July
Videos of antarctica
Videos of antarctica. Click on the highlighted titles below Then click on the arrow to start the video. Cruising Antarctica – on board the MS Fram. Get Ready to Explore – hurtigruten comes to Antarctica. Destination Antarctica – photo opportunities Destination Antarctica – what to pack.
Class Climate
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19 April
Outline 23 | Cenozoic Climatic History
Cenozoic Climatic History. • Paleocene and Eocene: warm, tropical climate, no ice at the poles. • Oligocene: ice starts to form on Antarctica as the Circum-Antarctic Current forms. This leads to Albedo changes causing more cooling. Circum-Antarctic Current. • Flows clockwise around Antarctica; driven by westerly winds. • Formed as South America, Africa, and Australia moved away from Antarctica. • It is the fundamental cause of the Cenozoic ice ages. Eocene.
South America & Antarctica, 2008-09
View Slideshows from Dr. Barton's Visit to South America, Antarctica and the South Atlantic in December 2008 and January 2009. ... See the Slides from Antarctica.
22 April
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Links to the page contain: Climate change causes and effects essay....
29 November
Class Climate
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14 October
Antarctica and Greenland During the Last Glacial
Timing of Millennial-Scale Climate Change in Antarctica and Greenland During the Last. Glacial Period. Thomas Blunier1* and Edward J. Brook2 A precise relative chronology for Greenland and West Antarctic paleotempera-ture is extended to 90,000 years ago, based on correlation of atmospheric methane records from the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 and Byrd ice cores.
Pages - Climate Action Pledge
Scientists have concluded that humans are producing more greenhouse gases than ever before. These gases trap heat in our atmosphere, causing our planet to warm up and changing our climate. Your carbon footprint, therefore, measures the amount of potential impact your daily life has on the environment. By reducing the amount of greenhouse gases produced by your lifestyle, you can reduce your footprint and help slow climate change on Earth.
20 October
Climate Change ICT Concept Map›k12/tech/imym/resources/cc_ict.html
18 December
Florida State University
Acclaimed climate scientist named Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor. Jeffrey Chanton, an acclaimed climate scientist who has also done extensive work investigating the effects of the BP oil spill, has been named the 2017-2018 Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor, the highest honor given by the Florida State University faculty to one of its own.
14 November
Climate Changed FINAL 2
Site Map | Global Climate Change Education
Down to Earth. Global Climate Change Education. Home. Introduction.
31 January
Climate Change Symposium
Climate Change Symposium.
11 February
climate | Christine Brisson
3 June
Project MUSE - A Case for Climate Engineering
A leading scientist long concerned about climate change, Keith offers no naive proposal for an easy fix to what is perhaps the most challenging question of our time; climate engineering is no silver bullet. But he argues that after decades during which very little progress has been made in reducing carbon emissions we must put this technology on the table and consider it responsibly.
5 December
Climate Change May Have Influenced Tectonic Deformation...
9 October
Antarctica is no place for politicking, News, La Trobe University
Mawson's expedition in Antarctica was about territorial gain.
12 October
The antarctic treaty
Activities in the Antarctic had generally been conducted peacefully and cooperatively. Yet the possibility that exploitable economic resources might be found meant the possibility of future rivalry for their control. Moreover, isolated and uninhabited, the continent might at some time become a potential site for emplacing nuclear weapons. Fortunately, scientific interests rather than political, economic, or military concerns dominated the expeditions sent to Antarctica after World War II.
23 December
public climate change science solutions, partnership with governments, media organizations, companies, civil society, with daily, national radio program, Yale Climate Connections.
18 February
Search and access 192 data sets covering the Atmosphere, Ocean, Land and more. Explore climate indices, reanalyses and satellite data and understand their application to climate model metrics. This is the only data portal that combines data discovery, metadata, figures and world-class expertise on the strengths, limitations and applications of climate data.
25 March
How Volcanoes Work - volcano climate effects
Climate effects of volcanic eruptions. The ozone, greenhouse, and haze effects. There is considerable debate on the role that humans play in changing global climate through both the burning of fossil fuels and the release of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gases. ... Recently, however, an ozone hole has been detected in the stratosphere over Antarctica, presumably due to the atmospheric build up of ozone-destroying CFCs by humans.
5 September
Sea Stacks, Gibbs Island, Antarctica
Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay First-time Visitors: Please visit Site Map and Disclaimer. Use "Back" to return here. When rocky headlands are eroded by the sea, the last remnants are often isolated rocks called sea stacks. These are on the north shore of Gibbs Island, Antarctica. Notice there is no snow or ice in the picture. Not everything in Antarctica is covered by ice.
23 September
Alternative Climate Controls for Historic Buildings (2003–2010)
Experts' Roundtable Proceedings. Alternative Climate Controls for Historic Buildings. The roundtable at the library of the Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain. Photo: Bart Ankersmit. In April 2007, the Getty Conservation Institute organized the Experts' Roundtable on Sustainable Climate Management Strategies in Tenerife, Spain.
3 September
Climate Conversation
This is an educational opportunity to deepen literacy about climate change and its ecological, economic and social impacts. It engages the campus community in a deliberative dialogue about our individual and collective responsibilities to reduce our carbon footprint. The focus of the discussion will be on Cascadia’s Climate Action Plan and strategies to reach our emission reduction goals, particularly related to transportation emissions.
25 September
Meeting the Presidential Climate
• Development of an institutional action plan for becoming climate neutral (6 Components). 1. Introduction – why is the institution taking on this initiative? 2. Campus emissions – what are the current emissions and when will the campus be climate neutral? 3. Mitigation strategies – how will climate neutrality be achieved?
Exploring News & Features - Molly Miller's Adventures in...
Every four or five years, she sheds her lab coat to don multiple layers of fleece and fabric in order to collect rock samples in the ultimate geologic laboratory: Antarctica. In this frozen landscape she looks for, and finds, evidence that an abundant animal community flourished there more than 200 million years ago. The evidence that she studies is the burrows and tracks that these ancient animals left behind in the rock. Miller uses these “trace fossils” to reconstruct the environment, ecosystem and climate that existed in these ancient times.
11 December
The Mahon Lab in Antarctica
The Mahon Lab in Antarctica. UPDATE: The November-December 2013 cruise went extremely well. Samples are returning to lab as we speak and we’ll post blog entries on anything new as we go along.
22 August
Event | Department of Computer Science
Back. Andrew Campbell's interview on NPR Morning Edition. Emily Whiting at TED-x-BeaconStreet. Students Phone in Feelings. BASIC at 50. Animation = Art + Science. Computers, Proteins, and Life. What's a Picture Worth?
5 June
About - UC Climate Action Champions
About. UC faculty members are leading the shift to sustainability and climate neutrality. UC President Janet Napolitano draws upon faculty expertise from across the ten campus system through the Faculty Engagement and Education Working Group and the Applied Research Working Group of the UC Global Climate Leadership Council. The Applied Research Work Group is co-chaired by Sandra Brown, the vice chancellor of research of UCSD, David Auston...
12 August
World Climate
Biomes are the major regional groupings of plants discernible at a global scale. Their distribution patterns are strongly correlated w/ regional climate & identified according to major vegetation type. ... Can you identify similarities between soil regimes and climate & biomes? The Proportion of Plant Life Forms in Major Biomes or Ecozones. Label each life-form grouping with the appropriate major biome: desert, tundra, temperate, tropical – explain.
BP Climate FAQs
5. Climate change has been happening throughout geological and human history. What is happening now is not outside the bounds of natural climatic variability. ... 19. Coming out of the ice ages, the changes in CO2 happened after the warming began, so CO2 doesn’t affect atmospheric temperatures. 20. Antarctica is cooling, so that proves the global climate isn’t warming.
15 November
Class Climate online-survey - Login screen
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12 January
Vinson Massif, Antarctica: I Chose to Climb
Enjoy these Antarctic photos taken from a boat by Peter Westphal.
28 June
Australia's Climate
Australia is bisected by the tropic of Capricorn; much of Australia is closer to the equator than any part of the USA. Accordingly, the northern Australia enjoys a tropical climate, and southern Australia a temperate one. The tropical states Queensland and the Northern Territory have highly predictable weather. In ``winter'', typical daily maximums are from 20 to 24 degrees Celsius (68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit) and rain is rare.
30 August
Class Climate
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31 March
Climate Committee. Climate Action Plan. Transportation Resources.
3 July
Investigating climate change | SUNY Oswego
Global Laboratory students will trek to Antarctica to work with climate scientists learning techniques to study the impact changing climes have upon glaciers, the melting sentinels on the front line of this environmental crusade. ... This type of hands-on climate monitoring is critically important to explaining how increasing carbon emissions and other pollution affect our planet. Exploration in Antarctica is not bound to the study of a collapsing 45-million-year-old ice pack, however.
29 February
Events | Saint Joseph's University
Our Jesuit Tradition. Saint Joseph's University was founded by the Jesuits — visionary Catholic priests and educators who prioritized social justice, the pursuit of excellence, service to others, and the development of the whole person, or, cura...
17 August
These are pictures of field work in West Antarctica, near Ice-stream B, around McMurdo, and on an icebreaker offshore Antarctica south of Chile. Click on the menu to the left for different pages of Photos. Up Bravo (Upstream B) was a remote camp on ice stream "B" that feeds the Ross Ice Shelf.
24 September
Climate change and the antarctic bottom fauna
Based on morphology, phylogenetic. Aronson: climate change and the antarctic bottom fauna. 183. relationships, and preserved bodily attitude, the ophi-uroids that formed these dense paleopopulations lived epifaunally. ... The only teleosts in Antarctica at present are the notothenioids (Fig. 1) and liparids, which have evolved antifreeze glycoproteins (AFGPs) to survive cold sea. Aronson: climate change and the antarctic bottom fauna.
Sustainability: Harper College
The “We’re Still Screwed” Project: Understanding the problem of climate change and the necessarily large solutions. What would happen if the US eliminated all gas powered cars, or if the entirety of residential electricity was switched to solar power? Harper Chemistry Professor, Joe Wachter, will take us through a series of investigations like those performed by his CHM 103 students that estimate the global effect of common climate change solutions.
27 September
Report #1: Hobart, Australia, to Mawson, Antarctica
Added to the ice everywhere was a very light snowfall - definitely felt you were in Antarctica! From there the sightings started pouring in. In addition to recording whales and their habitat (ice-types), we're also recording seals. It got really busy as crabeater seals were resting on ice floes everywhere as we crunched past. Antarctic minke whale recordings were trickling in at a few an hour, but enough to keep the interest up.
4 October
Sustainability - E.A.R.T.H.
American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment. 2009 Report. Climate Action Plan. ... Adams State News - April 2017. Bruyere is keynote for EARTH Week. Bruyere leads the NCAR-based systems development effort for the Engineering for Climate Extremes.
27 September
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"Stern report - your views" Amanda Farnsworth 6 Nov 06, 03:53 PM.
10 December
Areas of Increase in Dissatisfaction 5% and
Climate Survey Fall 2003 N=177. Areas of Increase in Dissatisfaction 5% and (<30%). 34. Staff, faculty, and administrator involvement in budget preparations.
life in extreme condition
about life forms in lakes under ice sheet of Antarctica, see this EPOD page.
21 January
Big Signal 2000: Antarctica
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19 March
10 March
Climate Change is Moving Mountains, Research Says
For millions of years global climate change has altered the structure and internal movement of mountain ranges, but the resulting glacial development and erosion can in turn change a mountain’s local climate. The degree of this cause-and-effect relationship has never been clearly observed, until now. Terminus of the Hubbard Glacier at Resurrection Bay.
6 November
Research In Antarc/ca
It is suspected that the Antarctic Peninsulas air temperature has increased 3°C or 37°F steadily. This has not only affected life in the Antarctic but an increase in ocean temperatures in the western part of the Peninsula has been consistent since 1955. One major thing affected by this climate change is penguins. In Antarctica there are about 20 million different types of penguins, some species of penguins that have been affected by this decline in ice are the Adelie Penguin and the Emperor penguins.
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