Global warming

Antarctica works as living global warming
"And one of the key things is finding the warm periods, because we are going into a warming phase now." Powell is one of the chief scientists on the ANDRILL project -- shorthand for Antarctic Geologic. Drilling Program -- where a massive drill burrows down about 80 metres of sea ice, 830 metres of. The Star Online > Worldupdates. December 10,2006. Antarctica works as living global warming laboratory.
During last period of global warming, Antarctica warmed...
These models currently predict that as a result of today’s global climate change, Antarctica will warm twice as much as the rest of the planet, though it won’t reach its peak for a couple of hundred years. While the most likely climate change scenario, given business-as-usual greenhouse gas emissions, is a global average increase of 3 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2100, the Antarctic is predicted to warm eventually by around 6 degrees Celsius (10 degrees Fahrenheit).
5 December
About Antarctica: Ice Ages & Global Warming
Ice Ages & Global Warming. Through out its history, the Earth has continuously warmed and cooled. The most recent ice age began 20-30 million years ago. At the time, Antarctica was still undergoing radical changes. It had recently separated from Gondwanaland and began its slow drift southward. ... Its theorized that a temperature increase as little as 2-5°F (5-10°C) could melt large areas of the Antarctic ice cap.
20 December
The Ozone Hole and Global | Warming – 2
Global Warming. Antarctica is one of the world’s greatest wildernesses. ... In Antarctica, global warming has caused ice shelves to disintegrate, collapse or break up, ocean temperatures to increase and ice thickness to decrease. In the Antarctic Peninsula region, an increase in annual temperature has caused the spread of the two owering plants in the last few decades.
Global warming and the stability of
Along with ideas, discussed below, that marine ice sheets may be inherently unstable, Mercer’s ndings led to concern that global warming might cause WAIS to collapse. In contrast, other major ice sheets either are largely grounded above sea level and subject to very gradual ablation from moderate warming (Greenland) or have no clear history of major, rapid, ice mass changes in the recent geological past (East Antarctica).
Scientists sound alarm over melting Antarctic ice sheets
The West Antarctic ice sheet is the second biggest on the continent, and the rate at which ice flows from it to the Ross ice shelf, and then ultimately into the sea, is critical in assessing the likely impact of climate change on global sea levels. ... * * * Antarctic Temperatures Disagree With Climate Model Predictions. "It's hard to see a global warming signal from the mainland of Antarctica right now," he said.
Study: Past warming increased snowfall on Antarctica...
Scientists have long suspected that snowfall in Antarctica increases during planetary warming and the impact of so much snow tied up on land would have a negative effect on global sea levels. ... What they found was that Antarctica warmed an average of 5 to 10 degrees (Celsius) during that period – and for every degree of warming, there was a 5 percent increase in snowfall.
16 March
What Geology Has to Say About Global Warming
It drew parallels between California, today, and Maine, 400 million years ago, when similar geologic processes were occurring. Afterward, a member of the audience asked me what geology had to say about global warming. ... The overall range in temperature was enormous, about 35°F. The earth was so warm during the Eocene Optimum that Antarctica was ice-free; ice caps did not start to form there until about 35 million years ago.
11 July
Greenhouse warming, the Arctic, and Antarctica
It seems likely that global warming will have different effects near the North and South Poles. The Arctic (north of 60° N) is warmed by about 6.5K in the GFDL GCM, whereas the equivalent Antarctic region warms by only 3.5K. This is because more warmth in Antarctica would allow the air to hold more water vapour, leading to increased precipitation and so a thickening of the snow cover.
12 August
Cochise College P | Global Warming
(“It remains a mystery”.) Temps in Antarctica are falling by 0.7 Celsius a decade. Both green house theory and computer models predict that global warming should be more rapid in the Polar Regions than anywhere else; but in July the Antarctic experienced the coldest weather on record, says another source.
28 November Antarctica are likely to occur first in the northern sections of the continent, where summer temperatures approach the melting point of water, 32?F (0?C). Some ice shelves in the northernmost part of Antarctica—the Antarctic Peninsula—have been collapsing in recent years, consistent. ... While the U.S. is responsible for one-quarter of all the pollution that causes global warming, politicians in Washington have taken no steps to reduce global warming emissions, and the U.S. refused to join the 128 countries Climate http...
The Warming of Antarctica: A Citadel of Ice... - Yale E360
In 1978, when few researchers were paying attention to global warming, a prominent geologist at Ohio State University was already focused on the prospect of fossil fuel emissions trapping heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. ... One of the warning signs that a dangerous warming trend is under way in Antarctica will be the breakup of ice shelves on both coasts of the Antarctic Peninsula, starting with the northernmost and extending gradually southward.”
1 March
Global Warming
Global warming is forcing species around the world to alter habits in ways that could disrupt ecosystems. Distress signals dot the globe, from depleted forests to dying reefs, severe food shortages caused by drought, carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of fossil fuels, thinning Arctic sea-ice, different areas of Antarctica are warming and cooling, confusing the global weather map.
FSU draws international scientists to discuss global warming...
The remarkable new core was extracted during the recent Antarctic summer from record-setting drilling depths 4,214 feet below the sea floor beneath Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf, the Earth's largest floating ice body. ... He notes that signs of fluctuations such as these are critical because the Ross Sea ice is a floating extension of the even bigger West Antarctic Ice Sheet—an area of the southernmost continent so unstable that scientists foresee its collapse in a world overheated by global warming.
8 April
Why the Antarctic Ocean hasn't warmed
Delayed warming of the Antarctic Ocean is commonly seen in global climate models. ... The study used dyes in model simulations to show that seawater that has experienced the most climate change tends to clump up around the North Pole. This is another reason why the Arctic's ocean and sea ice are bearing the brunt of global warming, while Antarctica is largely oblivious.
2 September
Increasing Antarctic Sea Ice under Warming Atmospheric...
SAT over the Antarctic as a whole has increased by 0.5°C in the last 50 yr (Jacka and Budd 1998), which appears to be part of a global SAT warming trend in recent years (e.g., Alley et al. ... The lat-est aircraft and satellite laser-altimeter observations in-dicate an increased thinning of glaciers and accelerated rise of sea level from western Antarctica (Thomas et al.
Global Climate Change: Research Explorer - Cryosphere
While the Antarctic Peninsula is warming faster than the global average, other parts of this huge continent are cooling, and some of the ice shelves are gaining mass. For example, the Ross Ice Shelf (closest to New Zealand) is thickening as the glacier streams that flow over it slow down. ... If much of Antarctica is getting colder, does that mean global warming is slowing down or reversing itself?
9 November
Planetary Watch: Antarctic Thaw Could Slow Global...
Permalink | Comments Off on Planetary Watch: Antarctic Thaw Could Slow Global Warming, Sort Of. As the Antarctic Ice Sheet melts, a change in salinity of the ocean waters helps decrease the amount of warming — but also adds significantly to rises in sea level. (NASA/Bill Holt Sr.)
11 July
UCSB Science Line
Regarding global warming. If all the ice in the north and south poles melted to water, how much would the world seas increase? I guess a couple of feet, but I am curious to know the correct answer. ... All of this rise in sea level would come exclusively from the melting of the Antarctic (south pole) ice, which is located on land upon the continent of Antarctica and would flow out to sea and flood the oceans if it melted.
29 November
Global Warming: Man or Myth - Modern Day Climate Change
Figure 7.24: Components of global warming for the period 1993 to 2003 calculated from IPCC AR4 (Cook, 2010). A superb discussion on this topic can be found at Skeptical Science's How we know global warming is still happening. ... Because the melting of Antarctic ice takes centuries there is time to lower the "tipping point" level of CO2 before it is too late. When Antarctica was last ice-free, sea levels were 70m (~230 feet) higher than today.
5 June
Research in Antarctica | Global Warming: Ice Mel2ng
(The Antarctic Treaty). Global Warming: Ice Mel2ng. Global warming or in other words climate change is a heated debated amongst US politicians. The science, however, all point to one end: global warming is real and it is a fact. According to scientists ice in Antarctica has been melting rapidly and if this melting stays constant it is believed that by 2100 all the ice will have melted, with this in mind not only will temperatures be different worldwide, the world will have changed.
LETTERS | Figure 3 Ocean warming as a function of depth.
marine-based West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) and the floating ice shelves are inherently sensitive and vulnerable to ocean warming10. The recent thinning of the ice shelves and the acceleration of ice flows11,12 have been too fast to be explained by the atmospheric warming only7. Therefore, quantifying future ocean warming. around Greenland and Antarctica is critical to understanding ice-. sheet dynamics and predicting global sea-level rise.
Analog to global warming?
Current studies of ice balance in the Antarctic document a slight increase in the ice balance on the Antarctic continent (Jacobs, 1992), though certain locations in Antarctica are experiencing ice contraction instead of expansion. Studies, like this one in the Gerlache Strait, may be important in understanding why ice sheet contraction may not be observed to be occurring synchronously with modern day global warming.
Potential effects of global warming on...
If one assumes that global warming would raise the temperature of the southern ocean then the effect of wind speed (through its effect on currents) would be to cause more cooling than it had in the past. This would shift the line T/WS as shown from the colder to warmer climate. ... If this analysis is correct what does it suggest about the potential effect of global warming on the temperature of the ocean near Antarctica?
7 December
The Rising Seas
The collapse of the Antarctic ice cap alone, however, could potentially raise sea level 5 to 6 m over a relatively short period. In the face of this threat, determining how stable the Antarctic ice cap is and how the present rate of sea level rise is related to historical patterns of climate change are important research problems. ... 1. GEOL 1110, fall 2015 2. 12345 3. sea level; Antarctica; global warming.
Global Warming
What is Global Warming? The earth is getting warmer. This warming can occur as a result of natural factors or human activity - or both. But warmer, compared to when? Current sea-surface temperature has risen in the last few years to the 3,000-year average. ... A huge piece of Antarctica just broke off because the ice is melting. This melting is leading to higher ocean levels. Scientists estimate that ocean levels have risen 4-8 inches in the last 100 years.
21 November
Impact of Global Warming on Antarctica and its Flow and...
In: Global warming and climate change : ten years after Kyoto and still counting. Grover, Velma I, ed. Science Publishers, Enfield, NH, USA, pp. 759-776. ... Uncontrolled Keywords: ResPubID15025, global warming, Antarctic flow, impact of Arctic flow on Australian environment.
28 March
Hattermann, T., and A. Levermann (2009), Response of southern ocean circulation to global warming may enhance basal ice shelf melting around antarctica, Climate Dynamics, (in revision). Hellmer, H. H. (2004), Impact of antarctic ice shelf basal melting on sea ice and deep ocean properties, Geophysical Research Letters, 31, DOI:10.1029/2004GL019,506.
9 October
Global Warming : Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Global Warming. Sun over the Chukchi Sea. ... Global warming is an observed increase in Earth’s average surface temperature. Although the planet has naturally warmed and cooled over long periods of time, there is concern today that human action is causing far more warming than would occur normally.
10 March
Christopher Monckton | “Warming freezes the Southern Ocean”
The international alarmist movement swung swiftly and expensively into action, actively supported by the more scientifically-illiterate news media, to say that the “warming” of Antarctica, illustrated in the widely-reproduced “before-and-after” images above, “proved” that “global warming” was truly global after all.
Antarctica for Global
Study of Antarctic Sea Ice. • Antarctica: – First recorded expedition Edmond Halley – HMS Paramore (1699 – 1700) – icebergs. – Captian James Cook (1772-1775) encountered pack ice in southern journey. ... It is the gas that gives the sea that characteristic smell, commonly noticed when you’re on a beach with surf. Byproducts of DMS are known to mitigate the global warming effect through negative feedback.
Portland State University | News
The warming event affected life in other parts of the continent too. Snow that was usually firm on the Antarctic Peninsula near South America became wet and sloppy, destroying the nests of Adelie penguins and causing their numbers to decline. ... Antarctica is a hostile landscape that locks up millions of cubic miles of ice, and where biological activity is sparser than in warmer parts of the globe. With global warming, all that is changing.
1 February
2 Fundamental Questions of Global Change | Future Science...
The Southern Ocean has also experienced significant warming, with oceanic fronts being pushed 60 miles closer to the continent, but the situation in Antarctica is complicated by the influence of the Antarctic ozone hole, another human-induced change that has uniquely affected this region. These complex environmental forces need to be studied in order to understand how they affect global processes, and also to measure their impact on life, from bacteria to worms, microarthropods, fish, birds, and marine mammals.
9 October
ICE :: Antarctica
While the study notes that bioprospecting in Antarctica remains limited, the intellectual property and patent issues involved in developing new pharmaceuticals based on Antarctic organisms could become massive. This second warning is relevant to conflict as it ... To the question of colonization, perhaps made possible by the long-terms effects of global warming, only a speculative answer can be offered. As with many resources deemed necessary to acquire by the leadership and/or population of a state, conflict may arise.
11 August
Sea Level Rise and Global ... N.K. Vyas et al.
The potential global warming due to greenhouse effect has been investigated by several researchers. The greenhouse gas forcing at the top of the troposphere increased by 1.81 Wm-2 between 1880 and 1985 (Wigley and Raper, 1987). ... However, so far there is no clear evidence about warming or cooling of Antarctica as a whole (Budd, 1975). The warming of the Western Antarctica is further suggested by some evidence from the LANDSAT imagery.
29 January
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13 September
Enhanced Warming
All global climate models agree that future warming of the planet will be enhanced at high latitudes, particularly in the northern hemisphere, although they do not agree on how much such regional warming will exceed the global mean. ... Vaughan et al (2001) report that the warming in Antarctica for the period 1959-96 was twice the global average: 1.2 oC per century.
13 April
Anthropogenic Climate Change (including Greenhouse Effect...)
Global warming is often subsumed into the more general term climate change, to represent its consequences. This climate change can manifest itself through, among other things, increased mean temperatures at the Earth's surface, more frequent hot spells and droughts, melting glaciers and icecaps and rising sea levels. ... "Indian army expedition to Antarctica for scientific research on global warming". India. None.
11 September
Southern Ocean Cooling in a Warming World | Oceans at MIT
Additionally, cooling around Antarctica is often contrasted against global warming, but studies like MIT’s help to explain that Southern Ocean cooling is one part of a larger evolving picture in the Earth’s climatological record. Kostov says that their study provides yet another scientific stepping-stone towards understanding the fundamentals surrounding Antarctic climate and ocean behaviors.
16 April
Answers from a Researcher
5) Has global warming had an effect on the animals in Antarctica? Yes, global warming is affecting Antarctic wildlife, but more so in some areas than others. For example, the Antarctic Peninsula is farther north than other regions of Antarctica and therefore has slightly milder temperatures.
20 February
Global Warming
Evidence for Global Warming. QUESTION: What is the evidence that temperature is currently increasing? ... Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, highest and driest continent on Earth. The annual precipitation of snow, averaged across the continent, is about 30 centimeters. Because of the low temperatures, however, there is little or no melt. Thus the snow has accumulated year after year for thousands of years and, with time, is compressed to ice to form the Antarctic ice sheet, which is on average about 2,500 meters thick.
1 December
Warming in Antarctica Tied to Changes in the Atlantic
Climate change is truly a global phenomenon; changes in one part of the globe can influence climate in another, since ocean currents and winds link distant regions. ... Scientists have long known that the Antarctic Peninsula in West Antarctica is subject to climate change. Indeed, over the past few decades, the Peninsula has warmed more than anywhere on the planet, and this warming has led to the melting of land ice in the area.
18 May
Antarctica Gives Mixed Signals on Warming
This article from National Geographic News investigates trends in the Antarctic Ice Cap that seem to give contradictory information about global warming. The results of various studies do not seem useful in predicting future climate development for the rest of the planet.
9 December
Antarctica :: Jerome Mitchell :: WAIS
Based on different scientific trials, global warming has been acquitted to melting the polar ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland, which could affect the sea levels around the world, particularly the North Carolina coast. ... The outcome from the field testing revealed that ice is indeed melting in some areas of the West Antarctic ice sheet. Without the appropriate actions, such as reducing the use of commercial products, global warming and its effects on ice sheet can be an upcoming tragedy.
15 December
Global Warming Links
4. The global warming models that predict tropospheric warming due to greenhouse gases that we make (meaning: other than stratospheric ozone, which we are still destroying) are forced to predict stratospheric cooling. ... 5. Alarmists need not dispair when looking at Antarctic temperatures. You may be reading these words before you hear about the ozone hole that forms over Antarctica during the (local) spring.
25 September
Why is Antarctica's Ice Sheet Growing in a Warming World?
What’s the Evidence that the Antarctic is Getting Larger? Antarctica is a colossal landmass far from human civilization. How was this research team able to determine changes in the amount of ice each year? ... It is obvious that other, much more powerful factors are responsible for global warming, which is more closely aligned with the Sun’s Spot Cycles, than it is with varying levels of atmospheric CO2.
11 February
Antarctic mud reveals ancient evidence of global climate...
Scientists concerned about global warming are especially troubled by dramatic signs of climate change in Antarctica -- from rapidly melting glaciers to unexplained declines in penguin populations. Records show that average winter temperatures today are 10 degrees higher in parts of Antarctica than 50 years ago. If that warming trend continues, say many climate experts, the vast Antarctic ice sheets could melt, causing catastrophic coastal flooding as the world's oceans rise.
16 January
13.2 Antarctica | World Regional Geography: People, Places...
Technically speaking, global warming is an average increase in the temperature of the atmosphere near the earth’s surface. Few environmental effects could impact Antarctica as much as the phenomenon of changing temperatures. There would be major ramifications for the entire world if temperatures would increase to the extent that the Antarctic ice sheet would melt and dissolve away.
12 August
Global Warming and Rising Sea Levels
Global warming is an increase in the mean temperature of the globe as a result of human activity. The primary cause of global warming is the emission of greenhouse gases, which build up in the Earth’s atmosphere. ... They are thermal expansion of the ocean and melting of glaciers and ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland. All of these causes are related to an increase in temperature likely resulting from global warming.
18 March
Important role for ocean warming and increased
Against the background of global climate warming, the expansion of Antarctic sea ice (Fig. ... Whereas in most regions the upper layers (?100 m) of the Southern Ocean adjacent to Antarctica have cooled during the past decades (a notable exception includes the Bellingshausen Sea, see Fig. 2, which exhibits a warming trend and a concurrent reduction in sea ice), the remainder of the upper 1,000 m warmed significantly since the 1930s12 in conjunction with climate warming.
Ice Caps and Sea Levels as an Indicator of Global Climate...
Scenario. Today’s high school students were not born in 1978. This must seem like a long time ago, but yet scientists were already predicting that global warming would eventually lead to a disintegration of Earth’s polar ice caps and shelves. ... And it might be unstoppable. The Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica is losing ice four times faster than it was a decade ago. Numerous ice shelves in the Antarctic and Arctic collapse and drift out to sea.
24 October
Future Science Opportunities in
Therefore, scientists need to understand how rapidly the world is warming, if Antarctic ice loss will accelerate, and how quickly sea level will rise. To reach this goal, increased observations of Antarctic ice sheet melting are needed, as well as improved models to better predict the rate of ice sheet loss. ... More information on Antarctica’s influence over globally interacting systems will allow scientists to better understand the global climate system and predict how it will change in the future.
ZOOMING OUT | Global Warming Art
Global Warming Art. 65 million years ago, an asteroid 10 km (6 miles) across slammed into the Yucatan: Plate tectonic maps by C. R. Scotese, PALEOMAP Project, Millions of tons of rock were thrown into the atmosphere, with molten quartz setting wildres around the globe ... Eventually Antarctica froze over: and serious Ice Ages began: Now it’s cold. What’s wrong with a little warming? Global Warming Art.
Private Site | Research Profiles
Private Site. This site is private, you must be logged in and be a site member to view.
29 October
Photographer, Activist Sebastian Copeland Speaks on Antarctica, Global Warming Oct. 17. ... In 2006 and 2007, Copeland trekked to Antarctica with a team of researchers to collect data and document how global warming is affecting that continent. Aboard an ice breaker, Copeland and crew navigated the Gerlach Straight and landed on an iceberg, spelling out “SOS” to bring awareness to the plight of the Antarctic.
Evidence of the cause of global warming and cooling
According to data from the University of Illinois, Antarctic sea ice area has increased recently and the anomaly has reached one million km2, an area equal to Texas and California (or 250 Rhode Islands). The net global sea ice anomaly is also positive, an increase of 850,000 km2 and ... B. Cooling of arctic temperatures since 2005. Breaking up of the Wilkins shelf ice received much attention in the news media, with allegations that normal iceberg spalling was in fact proof of accelerating warming of Antarctica.
Global warming is alive and well and thriving in Antarctica.
Today I want to share what I’ve learned about global warming and its causes. We need to consider the loss of woodlands, industrial emissions, and increases. in energy consumption. “Let’s begin by understanding more about global warming.” ... I. Global warming is a gradual warming of the earth from human activities (Union). A. It is characterized by a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 1. Each year five tons of CO.
Vanishing Polar Ice Sheets | Antarctica
17 Warming over Antarctica since 1957 AD (Source: Steig et al., 2009). Antarctica Loses Chill. Assessing Antarctica’s current temperature trend is challenging due to the lack of long-term observational records. ... This is largely due to the development of the Antarctic ozone hole and the rise of global temperature (Arblaster and Meehl, 2006; Thompson and Solomon, 2002). The cooling effect is now outweighed by the background warm-ing of the globe, and Antarctica is warming.
Global atmospheric temperatures maintain a strong warming...
As a consequence, much of East Antarctica has cooled in the summer and autumn seasons since the late 1970s. Ironically, human emissions of CFCs are thus helping to partly offset interior Antarctic warming, analogous to the global dimming due to sulphate aerosols. As the ozone hole gradually repairs over the coming century, the cooling offset is likely to diminish.
Energy, Global Warming and the Next Ice Age
If anthropogenic global warming had not occurred, it appears that the Earth would already be headed into the next Major Ice Age. (1990 is zero time in the graphs above.) The two-Earth-states fit to Antarctica temperature data described above yields the following graph for the current Major Interglacial ... There are indications that the Arctic and Antarctic temperature changes are about double the average Earth temperature changes.
17 August
Global warming and sea level rise
Global sea level rise as an indicator of climate change. Given the following data, how much can sea level rise if all the world’s ice melts? Estimate of the total amount of ice available. Location Volume. Antarctica. East Antarctic ice sheet West Antarctic ice sheet Antarctic Peninsula. Greenland. All other ice caps, ice fields and valley glaciers.
Jeremy D. Shakun
For instance, at the onset of deglaciation the AMOC appears to have collapsed, initiating warming in the south at the expense of cooling of the north. A key point here is that this can why Antarctic temperatures lead CO2, even though the global average temperature does not. ... Triggering deglaciation: While these results suggest that collapsing ocean circulation initiated warming in Antarctica and the subsequent rise in CO2 caused global-scale warming, they do not reveal the ultimate trigger for deglaciation - what...
10 June
Global Warming 2
Global Warming 2. What will happen ? Current and Projected CO2 Concentration. IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate. Change. Projected Global Temperatures. A1B – Moderate Scenario. ... Sea Level Problems. • Small increase places people around the world in danger from storm surges. • Rise could be several meters if Greenland and Antarctica melt faster than estimated. • Many coastal areas would be flooded. Positive Feedback Loop.
Study Finds New Evidence of Warming in Antarctica
Previously, global warming skeptics pointed to earlier data from scattered ground-based coastal sensors that suggested the eastern region of Antarctica was actually cooling, an observation at odds with climate change predictions. The current study, however, with its broader geographic coverage of the continent, suggests that all of Antarctica is warming.
14 February
Ice Melt, Sea Level Rise and Superstorms: Evidence from...
We conclude that 2°C global warming above the preindustrial level, which would spur more ice shelf melt, is highly dangerous. Earth’s energy imbalance, which must be eliminated to stabilize climate, provides a crucial metric. ... We suggest that the explanation for a mid-Eemian sea level minimum is a substantial late-Eemian collapse of the Antarctic ice sheet facilitated by the positive warm-season insolation anomaly on Antarctica and the Southern Ocean during the late Eemian (Fig.
XVII | News Flash! Antarctica is warming
attributed to recent warming of the Antarctic Peninsula. News Flash!: Antarctica is warming. 1957-81: 1979-’03 ... • so for every K of warming in upper 1 km of ocean, level would rise ~3.3 m due to thermal expansion. • precise measurements of ocean temperature change indicate ~0.05K warming of upper few km over last ~50 yr due to global warming.
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21 September
Research at MU : News & Press Releases
Prior to Davis' 2005 Science study, the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said that if global warming were occurring, increased precipitation in Antarctica's interior would likely result. ... Davis said that three points in his study unequivocally demonstrate the misleading aspect of the CEI ads. His study only included the East Antarctic ice sheet, not the entire Antarctic ice sheet.
13 May
Arguments against global warming. 1. The consequences of the Greenhouse effect is not well understood. 2. Scientists still disagree as to whether there is going to be significant temperature rise in the. ... 4. The size of observed warming has been consistent with the predictions of current scientific. models. 5. The retreat of Glaciers and the warming of the Tundra Permafrost is clear evidence. A. startling 2.5 C warming in Antarctica has been reported.
24 August
Antarctic Temperatures Disagree With Climate Model...
“This is a huge amount of ocean north of Antarctica and we're only now understanding just how important the winds are for things like mixing in the Southern Ocean.” The ocean mixing both dissipates heat and absorbs carbon dioxide, one of the key greenhouse gases linked to global warming. Some researchers are suggesting that the strengthening of the westerlies may be playing a role in the collapse of ice shelves along the Antarctic Peninsula.
15 August
Examining Antarctica: A geological record of the
During these past "super-interglacial" warm extremes, the marine-based West Antarctic Ice Sheet and its fringing ice shelves apparently collapsed and global sea level was more than five meters higher than today. ... Researchers recovered a 1284.87-meter-long drill core that recorded Antarctica's history over the past 14 million years. ice sheet to major global warming and cooling events driven by variations in Earth's orbit, called Milankovitch cycles.
Global Warming and t Mean surfac Global Warming and t Global Warming and t Direct How do we take the Earth’s temperature? Proxy (indir Global Warming and t Vostok, Antarctica - pretty grim existence, largest graveyard by far Furthest point from coastline, coldest place on earth -12 Lead lag issue, CO2 first t Sensitivity - 80 ppm in CO2 pr Figure 9.2: The correlation between carbon dioxide concentrations and the earth’s temperature over the past 400,000 years.
Carbon Dioxide, Global Warming, and Antarctica
Antarctic pollution issues require research to be conducted on external pollution rates as they affect not only Antarctica, but contemporary global systems. ... The National Snow and Ice Data Center has compiled data on ice sheets and their responses to global warming. According to the center, 99% of all freshwater is contained in either the Greenland or Antarctic Ice Sheets.
31 October
Lecture 28 | Global Warming is Not Uniform
This bias is dealt with in the data analysis. 22. Global Warming is Not Uniform. It is well known that cities are warmer than surrounding countryside. This bias is dealt with in the data analysis. 23. ! Polar regions have warmed signicantly more that equatorial regions of the Earth. ... 2000 1990 1980 1970 1960. 1750. Vostok, Antarctica Ice Core. 88.
Quotations on Global Warming : University of St. Thomas
Global warming ... may be a plaintiff lawyer's dream. And it's interesting, in a perverse way, to imagine how a jury in 2050 might react to some of the recent industry-backed studies minimizing the dangers of global warming. ... A Rhode Island-size piece of the floating ice fringe along a fast-warming region of Antarctica has disintegrated with extraordinary rapidity, scientists said yesterday… researchers said this was the first time in thousands of years that this part of Antarctica — the east coast of its arm-shaped...
3 March
Polar versus Equatorial Warming
One of the earliest and consistent predictions of global warming theory is that the polar regions would increase in temperature to a far greater degree than the equatorial regions. ... In Antarctica the model(s) predict a temperature increase which is about 30 percent larger than the temperature increase predicted for the tropics but the actual temperature change was negative. The climate models have some successes but they are not hard science and they are not "ready for prime time."
11 September
Abstract | Global warming stopped in 1998?
Global Warming misconceptions and myths: Barriers and Opportunities for communicating climate change science to a non-scientific audience. Abstract. Context. Introduction. Top Global Warming Myths. ... 19. Antarctica is cooling, therefore anthropogenic global warming is not happening 20. They are just “hypotheses” and “theories” of scientists 21. Most scientists even don’t agree that Global Warming is caused by humans 22.
Living on the edge-plants and global change in
8 Under a global warming climate scenario, snow accumulation in Antarctica is predicted 9 to increase (Ye & Mather 1997). However, measurement of continental soil moisture 10 levels shows that continental Antarctic moisture content is decreasing (Doran et al. 11 2002).
IPCC F ourth a ssessment r eport
• Global precipitation trends have been linked to human-induced global warming; specific observations, including increased precipitation in Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes, drier Northern Hemisphere tropics and subtrop-ics, and wetter Southern Hemisphere tropics ... 2009), as shown in Figure 3. Until recently, sparse data suggested that Antarctica—except for the Antarctic Peninsula—had cooled slightly over the past four decades (Chapman and Walsh 2007), but as noted in the AR4, models predict that Antarctica should be warming.
Example of a Full-Sentence Outline
Global warming is alive and well and thriving in Antarctica. In winter 1995, an iceberg the size of Rhode Island broke off. ... (Transition: “Let’s being by understanding more about global warming.”)\ BODY I. Global warming is a gradual warming of the Earth from human activities (Union) A. It is characterized by a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Why Do Conservatives Deny Global Warming? | Forum
Note that the gas bubbles trapped in ice allow the measurement of carbon dioxide and other so-called global warming gases. … The Larsen B shelf in the Antarctica has lost more volume than any time in recorded history. • The annual surface of Arctic ice has declined very significantly, again to levels that have never... 26 November 2007
Climate Change & Global Warming: Extreme Viewpoints
Antarctic Plateau from receiving warm air. • The Antarctic Peninsula, on the other hand, has experienced. some of the most rapid warming over the last 50 years. • The above scenarios are consistent with the GCM projections • Antarctica as a whole is losing ice • Presentation to Seniors in Chemical Engineering. ... • A site run by climate change scientists: • Skeptical de-bunking: • Skeptical view on global warming: • When in doubt: GOOGLE.
Environment on the Edge
Keynote speaker: Global Warming and Effects on the Antarctic's Peninsula Region: Eugene Domack, Hamilton College. ... He currently is on the Distinguished Speaker List of the Ocean Drilling Program, serves on the Antarctic Research Vessel Oversight Committee, and is currently investigating the paleorecord of Antarctica's disintegrating ice shelves.
What are biological dimensions of global warming?
• Global warming doesn’t exist. • Technology will save us • We (humans) won’t. have to sacrifice much • Mother Earth will take. care of herself. Organization/Assertions. 1. Global warming in perspective • Global change more than climate change • Global climate change more than warming. ... – Accelerated retreat in warmer ocean water (Antarctica), lubricated by melt water. • Corresponding sea level rise.
Introduction to Global Warming
Global Warming. Figure 2. Ice core record from Vostok, Antarctica, showing the near-simultaneous rise and fall of Antarctic temperature and CO2 levels through the last 350,00 years, spanning three ice age cycles. However, there is a lag of several centuries between the time the temperature increases and when the CO2 starts to increase.
eCite - What's going on with global warming and...
What's going on with global warming and Antarctica's growing sea ice?
5 December
Global Warming and Climate Change | ANU Press
1988: coming to grips with a terrifying global experiment The Toronto conference statement made it clear that climate change would affect everyone. It called greenhouse gas atmospheric pollution an ‘uncontrolled, globally pervasive experiment whose ultimate consequences could be second only to nuclear war’. World governments were urged to swiftly develop emission reduction targets (The changing atmosphere: implications for global security, 1988).
16 May
Chapman University | Inside global warming
Inside global warming. Science Scope, 30(2), 56-60. This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the College of Educational Studies at Chapman University Digital Commons. It has been accepted for inclusion in Education Faculty Articles and Research by an authorized administrator of Chapman University Digital Commons. ... ies—such as the city of Kipnuk, Alaska (see Figure 3). Global warming’s effects are not limited to North America; Europe, Asia, and Antarctica have all experienced changes.
Global Warming
What evidence of global warming is there? Ice caps and glaciers melting, warm climate organisms moving northward (we didn't use to have road runners and cattle egrets in central Arkansas but now do), sea level rising, coral reef bleaching. What effects might continual global warming have? Flood coastal cities, flood islands, shift agriculture farther toward the poles, cause the extinction of species, destroy coral reeefs.
12 March
Climate Change | Global Warming
Don’t attribute a hot day (or reduced Antarctic ice) to global warming; the effect is more subtle. But it is real, and it is very likely that at least some of the warming of the past 50 years has been caused by humans, primarily from our burning of fossil fuels. ... The melting of Antarctica appears to contradict global warming, but uncertainties are so large, that it is best to base conclusions solely on the temperature record.
Global Warming and Climate Change
Ice core data from Antarctica: Temperature, CO2, and dust over the last 450,000 years. • Cyclic glacial periods (100,000 years long— ice ages) and interglacial periods (lasting a few 10s of thousands of years--we’re in one now). • Driven by slow, regular variations in the tilt and orientation of the earth’s axis of rotation and ellipticity of the earth’s orbit, which control solar radiation received at high latitudes. • amplified by CO2 greenhouse feedback. Global Warming and Climate Change
UAH - News
The UAH News site is the official communications outlet for academic, research, and campus information related to the university.
5 December
Department of Political Science | Towson University
We live in a world of rapidly developing economic, environmental, demographic, and defense challenges. Only well-informed and active citizens can meet these challenges. A degree in political science will provide you with the tools you need to confron...
26 December
Lauren Pollock
While the computer climate modeling methods that are used to predict global warming are fairly new, it is thought that the globally averaged surface temperature will increase by 1.4 to 5.8 degrees Celsius by the year 2100 (Tarbuck 541). ... Rising temperatures causes warming waters. This leads us to include thinning ice around the world, such as the increased melting season in Antarctica, which affects the Adelie penguins who live there, as a predicted effect.
23 February
in tropical diseases since no winter coolness to Global Warm Global Warming is an average measure Local warming or climate fluctuations can be very significant Arctic is 5° warmer Ice cap is ? the thickness of 30 years ago Partly due to natural cycle, partly man caused global warming Antarctic is 5° warmer Ice shelves over the sea are melting and Global Warming.
Global Warming
19% gets absorbed directly by dust, ozone and water vapor in the upper atmosphere. This region is called the stratosphere and its heated by this absorbed radiation. Loss of stratospheric ozone is causing the stratosphere to cool with time, which, of course, greatly confuses the issue of global warming.
5 August
Global Warming Warning
"Global Warming Warning," say that ten times fast! What does it mean? For many years scientists have been observing that our planet is experiencing a global climate change. They refer to this change as "global warming." Why is it happening? Should we be concerned?
6 December
Ice Caps and Sea Levels as an Indicator of Global Climate...
Scenario. Today’s high school students were not born in 1978. This must seem like a long time ago, but yet scientists were already predicting that global warming would eventually lead to a disintegration of Earth’s polar ice caps and shelves. ... And it might be unstoppable. The Pine Island Glacier in West Antarctica is losing ice four times faster than it was a decade ago. Numerous ice shelves in the Antarctic and Arctic collapse and drift out to sea.
24 October
In 1985, the British Antarctic Survey reported a marked thinning of the stratospheric ozone layer over the South Pole (Fig. 1). The same year, a conference of international scientists noted that future global warming was inevitable and would require international action. ... 2. Figure 1. Purple area above Antarctica represents the maximum loss of ozone that defines the extent of the ozone "hole" over the South Pole. Image. from NASA's Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer [TOMS] instruments for October 1996.
Why is global warming happening
Difference. GLOBAL WARMING. is the increase of the Earth’s average surface temperature due to a build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. CLIMATE CHANGE. ... Burning of Fossil Fuels. Pollution from coal, natural gas, and oil. When did global warming start? Global Atmospheric Concentration of CO2. How is global warming measured? Ice Core Data. CO2 Measurements Before 1958 - Antarctica.
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13 October
Virginia Institute of Marine Science - VIMS in Antarctica
Antarctica VIMS' Antarctic research focuses on the Ross Sea and the waters of the Antarctic peninsula. VIMS researchers choose their cold-weather gear at the U.S. Antarctic Support Center in Christchurch, New Zealand. ... They caution that accelerated melting of glacial ice due to global warming could lead to a further increase in contaminant input to Antarctica's coastal waters.
8 January
Books about Climate Change & Global Warming
Like it or not, global warming is a hot topic, and it will affect the younger generationthe most. So why not turn to the teacher kids like the most, Ms. Frizzle! Only the Friz can boil all the hoopla down to the scientific facts in a fun and informative way. ... Scholastic, 2009 Best for: Ages 4-8. Are the penguins of Antarctica getting their fill of krill, or has climate change reshaped the Antarctic food web? Riley joins Uncle Max on a voyage to the South Pole to find out!
13 December
Warming Seas May Imperil Antarctic Fish - College of Science
William Detrich, professor of biochemistry and marine biology in the College of Science at Northeastern University, has been awarded $639,000 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to advance his research on the effects of global warming on Antarctic fish and the role of these fish in the Antarctic food chain. For roughly 8 million to 10 million years, the seawater in the southern ocean surrounding Antarctica held a stable temperature of -2 °C (28 °F). But now, due to global warming...
8 March
A Tribute to Charles David Keeling
But as Greenland and West Antarctic ice is softened and lubricated by melt-water and as buttressing ice shelves disappear due to a warming ocean, the balance will tip toward ice loss, thus bringing multiple positive feedbacks into play and causing rapid ice sheet disintegration. ... Global warming also increases snowfall, so the interiors of Greenland and Antarctica are getting thicker.
The map does not extend far enough to the south to show the continent of Antarctica, which is also all covered by snow and ice. In addition, large areas of the norther ocean freeze solid for most of the years, but at least recently the area covered by ice year-round has decreased with global warming, and since sea ice isn't on land it really isn't part of a "biome" anyway.
17 October
News | ECE | Virginia Tech
Read recent news from the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
1 January
Effects of Global Warming | Climate Change News & Analysis. ... Global warming, causes, solutions, photography, pictures, photos ... Global warming photography - photographs of global climate change in the Arctic, Antarctica, glaciers, temperate climate zones, rising seas. - Cached - Similar
Name | Recent Global Warming
Global warming can cause shifts in other factors that also affect local climate. Aside from making things warmer, how could global warming affect local climate? Give at least 1 example of how global warming could cause a particular place to get colder, wetter (more humid), or dryer (less humid). ... 32. Sketch the currents of the thermohaline circulation into the side-view picture on the right, and label the surface currents as “warm” or “cool.” Antarctica.
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17 January
Using the Past to Predict Global Warming’s Future
A more accurate answer, she says, will tell us whether global warming today is “going to be a modest disaster or a full-out catastrophe.” ... Research like Raymo’s has assumed greater urgency as indicators point to unexpectedly dire ice melts in Greenland and Antarctica. The New York Timesrecently reported that during the 20th century, sea levels rose a mere seven inches or so, a rate scientists thought might prevail over the coming century as well.
9 March
CNN’S | So, are you studying global warming?
at a time in the Antarctic, associate. ... I want to get to the global warming controversy but first, what exactly are you researching right now? Among other things, since 1992 I’ve been involved in a long-term research project with eight other primary investigators and many other collaborators -- including graduate and un-dergraduate students from UIC -- studying the ecosystem of the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica.
6. Global Warming Mentioned Only In Passing. Upper Ocean Carbon Fluxes in the Atlantic Ocean: The Importance of the POC:PIC Ratio. Wolfgang Koeve . 16 Global Biogeochemical Cycles 1056 (2002). 7. Global Warming Mentioned Only In Passing. ... 16 Journal of Climate 2807 (2003) . 66. Somewhat Skeptical . Recent Rapid Regional Climate Warming on the Antarctic Peninsula. David G. Vaughan et al..
ABC News/Washington Post/Stanford University Global...
try to deal with global warming. Respondents of this poll were also asked a series of questions about national parks such as whether the respondent had ever visited a national park in the United States, whether the country's national parks were better compared to five years ago, whether they are well managed, and what respondents thought should have priority at national parks.
21 August
Summary of Global Warming Observations
Note: A few areas of the globe have not warmed in recent decades: some areas of Southern Hemisphere and parts of Antarctica. ... •Increased cloud cover by about 2% since the beginning of the 20th century over the Northern Hemisphere. •Decreasing snow cover and sea-ice amounts in NH. No significant trends in Antarctic sea-ice are apparent. •Global mean sea-level rise during 20th century has been observed to be 1.0-2.0 mm per year.
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Warming. Global. Our project is about Global Warming. We learned to use the flip camera. To help prevent Global Warming reduce the burning of fossil fuels.
20 March
Scientific Guide
This argument is “global warming stopped in 1998”. The first cherry pick is that it relies on temperature records that don’t cover the entire globe, such as data from the Hadley Centre in the U.K.21 The Hadley Centre record doesn’t include the Arctic region where the fastest ... 2000. CO2 levels (parts per million) from ice cores at Law Dome, East Antarctica (green)36 and direct measurements from. Mauna Loa, Hawaii (purple).37. Climate forcing is a change in the planet’s energy balance - when our climate builds up or loses heat.
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5 February
Global Warming Unit
This unit includes classroom activities to help students understand global warming and its possible effects on human beings. Lessons in the unit provide students with opportunities to study global climate changes, discuss and debate the current arguments for and against global warming and the Greenhouse Effect, investigate the possibility of global warming and the Greenhouse Effect, and present their findings in the form of research reports.
28 August
Global Warming
Antarctica. Antarctic Ice Sheet, Greenland. • Thermohaline. ... Summary. • The scientific evidence is compelling that there is a. • link between CO2 emissions and global warming. There are potentially very serious consequences if. the BAU path is followed.
Two Companies, Two Different Blueprints for Reducing...
Ranieri called himself an optimist about global warming, saying he believes that companies and policymakers will rise to the challenge it presents. “We at DuPont look at global warming like the ozone hole over the Antarctica.” Scientists identified a hole in the earth’s protective ozone gas layer in the 1970s and blamed chlorofluorocarbons, a chemical in aerosol sprays, for causing it.
12 January
Antarctica visit reveals much about global warming
That conclusion was echoed by the experts with whom I recently met in Antarctica. I traveled to Antarctica with Senate colleagues John McCain and John Sununu at the invitation of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the University of Maine. ... It is unbelievably bright in Antarctica, and if you don't wear sunglasses, you risk snow-blindness. And this time of year, it is sunny 24 hours a day. Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, driest place on earth, a land where the air is so clear and the landscape features...
11 December
Thesis statement:Today I want to share what I have learned about global warming and its causes. INTRODUCTION. Attention material:When Mark Twain was in London in 1897, a rumor reached the editor of the New York Journal, who immediately wired his London correspondent: “HEAR MARK TWAIN DIED SENT 1000 WORDS.” “Report of my death greatly exaggerated.” Global warming is alive and well and thriving in Antarctica.
Analisis of observed global | Sea level rise – Antarctic melting
Russia, 1976: DETECTION OF GLOBAL WARMING. Arctic N.H. 4. Budyko & Vinnikov, 1976. Global Warming Signature: POLAR & WINTER AMPLIFICATION ? ? ?T(Lat, Mon) /?TAVERAGE. Vinnikov, 195 86. The Best of Currently Available Data Sets. ... Observed Trend in Polar Motion Suggests Accelerating Ice Loss from Antarctica. 15.
Global Warming
26 July
News | UNH Today
UNH Media Relations writes and markets news stories for state, regional and national media outlets. Read news online or search our faculty expert database.
11 July
Global Warming
Global Warming is being caused by the “greenhouse effect.” Gases emitted by cars, factories, home heating, etc. don’t allow heat to escape the Earth’s atmosphere. They allow light to go through but not heat (like a greenhouse). Global warming affects all aspects of life. It has been melting snow and ice in the Arctic regions, which has caused a need for lifestyle changes for animals such as polar bears. Rainfall patterns have changed in the tropics and subtropics.
12 December
Weighing the Antarctic ice sheet | The Source | Washington...
This is the second in a series of articles that describe how scholars at Washington University in St. Louis are bringing their varied skills to bear on the issue of climate change and global warming. ... One of the last big unknowns in the global climate equation is Antarctica. How stable is the Antarctic ice sheet? More than a mile thick, on average, it locks up 70 percent of the Earth’s fresh water. If it melted entirely, global sea levels would rise nearly 200 feet.
21 February
Global Warming and Climate Change
Equilibrium climate sensitivity, equilibrium global average warming for a. doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide, is likely (meaning, with a greater than 66. percent probability) to be in the range of 2 C to 4 C, with the most likely figure being. ... [Such] collapses also underscore the unprecedented warming in this region of Antarctica.”85.
Media vs. Science | Global Warming as a Boon and a Bane
The theory that global warming has anthropogenic causes has existed for over a century, and scien-tists have collected evidence on global warming for over fifty years. In spite of the evidence, the public generally lives in the dark, constantly wonder-ing if global warming is fact or fiction. ... Durfee and Corbett found that scientific context led to the greatest certainty about glob-al warming, and controversy caused greater uncertainty about the issue.
ANTARCTICA. Antarctic and antarctic biology and research have fascinated marine biologists for many years. While much of the Antarctic biota contains representatives that are familiar to us, the realm is very much isolated from the rest of the ocean, and several groups are confined to this southern end of the planet. ... In recent years the breakup of the ice has drawn special attention, owing to concerns about global warming.
26 November
Global Climate Change, U.S. Interests, and Vulnerable Nations
In the Antarctic, satellite data show that unusually warm air masses have begun pushing southward to within 300 miles of the South Pole, remaining long enough to melt snow across expanses the size of California (Revkin 2007d). ... During the winter of 2005-06, sea ice failed to reform for the second year in a row (Connor 2006). According to specialists, sea ice is at its lowest point since satellite monitoring began in 1979, probably a sign that the Artic is responding to global warming (idem).
An Inconvenient Truth
and temperature from place like. Antarctica? 11) Throughout history, what have the highest levels of CO. 2. ... 26) Explain how Europe entered the last Ice Age. Could this happen again? 27) Explain how invasive species problems are related to global warming (such as the.
Global Warming Digital Atlas
4 March
Global Climate | Biosphere and Global Warming
Global warming concepts. • Environmental legacy • Tragedy of the Commons: No incentive for U.S. to. reduce CO2 emissions • Reducing uncertainty. ... Are assumptions about global energy use too optimistic? • How quickly can developing countries reduce GHG emissions? • Calculations don’t include unexpected melting in Greenland and Antarctica.
Global Warming
17 September
Antarctica Notebook - Catholic University
Stark beauty of the ice continent, Antarctica. I am grateful for the enthusiasm which many communicated to me about my Antarctic journey. One couple told their young child that I was at the South Pole for Christmas. The child’s question was, “Does Santa go to the South Pole?” ... Global warming in the world around Antarctica has increased the winds around the continent, which has pushed warmer water up underneath the ice shelves and is melting them much faster.
20 January
Q & A: Global warming and the polar ice caps | Department...
How does Global Warming effect the polar ice cpas? - Natalie (age 14) St Michaels, Chorley. ... We’ll update this when I can scrounge the figures, but for now here’s a partial answer. You’re right that the Antarctic ice includes a huge amount over land but also extends out to sheets that rest on water. I think that most of the volume is on land, but will check that.
25 May
Internet Storm Center - SANS Internet Storm Center
SANS Internet Storm Center - A global cooperative cyber threat / internet security monitor and alert system. Featuring daily handler diaries with summarizing and analyzing new threats to networks and internet security events.
8 August
2009 Highlights | Algae and Pollen Grains Provide Evidence of...
These palynomorphs, a term used to described dust-size organic material such as pollen, spores and cysts of dinoflagellates and other algae, provide hard evidence that Antarctica underwent a brief but rapid period of warming about 15 million years before present. LSU's Sophie Warny and her New Zealand colleague, Mike Hannah, sampling the ANDRILL cores at the Antarctic Research Facility. “This event will lead to a better understanding of global connections and climate forcing, in other words, it will provide a better understanding of...
7 October
Global Warming – What You Need To know
Global Warming – What You Need To know Thought Questions. 1) How does CO2 increase the earth’s temperature? 2) How has human activity accelerated CO2 buildup in the atmosphere?
The problem of global warming
The issue of global warming can seem overwhelming and complex, but the scientific explanation for the phenomenon is relatively simple. Earth has a built-in system for temperature control made up of gasses in the planet's atmosphere. When the sun's rays strike and warm the Earth, these gasses operate like a blanket, trapping some of the sun's warmth inside and allowing some of the heat to be released into space.
Global warming: sea level
Global warming: sea level. The much anticipated rising sea level is not due to melting ice in the antarctic--that is not expected to happen for a good while.
16 January
Environmental Geology
Northern Europe – Is habitable due to warm Atlantic Ocean currents • Global warming: Need to consider major forcing variables—solar, volcanic, and anthropogenic gases • Can global warming cause an ice age? • One View ---- Shifting ocean circulation patterns. ... – Greenland ice sheet is melting at an increasing rate; Antarctic ice sheet seems to be stable overall (East Antarctica).
The Science and Pseudoscience of Global Warming
There are lots of pages on global warming by both supporters of the idea and opponents. The purpose of this page is different: to analyze the logical structure of both sides in the light of the structure of pseudoscience, to determine which ... And let's optimistically suppose there are only one-hundred x's, y's, and z's --- all the variables that can change the climate: like the amount of cloud cover over Antarctica, the changing ocean currents in the South Pacific, Mount Helena venting, sun spots, Chinese factories burning more coal...
24 September
Global Warming Basics
Topic 2: What Causes Global Warming? Learning from Antarctica. Ice cores capture the concentration of atmospheric gases as bubbles in ice that accumulates at the coldest parts of the earth such as Antarctica. ... Richard W. Franke and Barbara H. Chasin. 67. Topic 2: What Causes Global Warming? Learning from Antarctica. These sites are presumed to have been free of human interference until the very last few years. 2/10/2014.
Department of Chemistry :: CHEM/ENVR 320:Environmental...
Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse Tropical Cloud Cover Antarctica's Mixed Signals Hope for global warming Large Icebergs Polar Ice Caps 1 Polar Ice Caps 2 Secretary of State Colin Powell's reception at the World Summit. Spinning the Environment: Bush Calls His Policy Effective, Activists Call it Disastrous Bush Administration & Global Warming Clean Cars President Bush & the Environment Bush on Global Warming Global Warming.
7 February
Global Warming Is Unequivocal
Global Warming Is Unequivocal. Based on the Keynote Presentation by Kevin Trenberth, Senior Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research, and Member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. ... Warnings from the past. Analysis of Antarctic ice cores has. found remarkable parallels in the rise and fall in carbon dioxide and methane concentrations and ambient temperature during the last 420,000 years. The ice core record indicates that continental glaciers take tens of thousands of years to...
Anthropogenic Climate Change
“Global warming is the main cause of a significant intensification in the North Atlantic Subtropical High (NASH) that in recent decades has more than doubled the frequency of abnormally wet or dry summer weather in the southeastern United States.” ... R.A. Rhohde, Recent sea-level contributions of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets. 2007. Science 315:1529-1532. Antarctica 2002-2005: Lost 31 cubic miles of ice.
Global Warming.html
Global Warming.
11 August
Global warming: scientists reveal timetable
From The Independent (online edition). Global warming: scientists reveal timetable. ... It has already heard disturbing warnings from the latest climate research, including the revelation on Tuesday from the British Antarctic Survey that the massive West Antarctic ice sheet might be disintegrating - an event which, if it happened completely, would raise sea levels around the world by 16ft (4.9 metres).
19 April
Global Warming
D. Last 500 years-- see (movie) cooling during "little ice age" and warming in the late 20th century. The "Hockey Stick" graph simply does not deal with natural variability seen over the last interglacial. 3. Current Global Warming Panic ... They point to big warming in 20th century (movie); but not as much as "advertised". The warming of "sensitive" areas of the globe, such as the Arctic ocean ( animation) and Greenland
11 April
Icy Inverts Antarctica Cruise Nov-Dec 2013 - Glossary
Global warming: increase in the average temperature of the planet, global warming is currently occurring due to human activities like burning fossil fuels. Holopelagic: organisms that spend their entire life in the water column. ... Raytheon: the company that organizes and runs logistics for scientific operations in Antarctica. South Shetland Islands: the chain of islands running along the Antarctic Peninsula.
18 December
Earth’s Climate System | Changes from Global Warming
Changes from Global Warming. • Melting glaciers and ice caps • Shorter winters • Species distribution shifts • Global temperature rise • Sea surface temperature increases. ... 2 million square kilometers (800,000 square miles) of Arctic sea ice in last decade • Loss of ice = enhanced warming due to lower albedo. © 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. Changes in the Oceans. Polar Ice Melting • Antarctica shrinking, glaciers thinning.
A ‘low-level’ explanation for the recent large warming trend...
[2] Over the past 50 years the Antarctic Peninsula has experienced a warming trend of $2.8°C in near-surface air temperatures, significantly greater than the global mean warming of $0.3°C [e.g., Vaughan et al., 2001]. ... This index describes an annular structure in variability with synchronous pressure anomalies of opposite sign above Antarctica and the southern mid-latitudes.
Global Warming
Global Warming Potentials per kg of greenhouse gases relative to CO. ... • It took a restart of the conveyor to return to a warmer climate. Hysteresis Loop. Abrupt warming in the past. Future consequences of global warming. • Sea-level rise • Spread of tropical disease • Flooding • Massive starvation • Glaciation?
Global Warming
My focus is to give information on how global warming is effecting our environment. This is a very broad area of research, but no less important than one of a lesser area. ... This organization is part of many different environmental protection areas, one in particular is Global warming. The goal of this Web site is to present information on global warming, a subject that is very broad.
22 February
How Volcanoes Work - volcano climate effects
This equilibrium has probably existed throughout much of geologic time. Recently, however, an ozone hole has been detected in the stratosphere over Antarctica, presumably due to the atmospheric build up of ozone-destroying CFCs by humans. ... The trapping of this infrared heat energy by these greenhouse gases results in global warming. Global warming has been evident since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.
5 September
Global Warming
Global Warming. (local initiative). Cody Canup, Rachel Brown, Anna Buck.
16 October
Global Warming
Global Warming and Climate Change: the Basic Science. I begin with a quick summary of the basic science. By absorbing infra-red or ‘heat’ radiation from the earth’s surface, ‘greenhouse gases’ present in the atmosphere, such as water vapour and carbon dioxide, act as blankets over the earth’s surface ... (a) global instrumental from 1861-2004: Fig 1 Changes of atmospheric temperature and carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere during the last ice age as shown from the ‘Vostok’ ice core drilled from Antarctica.
Antarctica - MicrobeWiki
Slush is located on the southernmost continent on the globe, Antarctica, which covers the South Pole and in the surrounding hydro-areas like the Ross Sea. Each type of ice reflects the age and different forms as well as thickness of ice at different stages of development. ... These organisms live in an environment that is rapidly changing due to the effects of global warming.
6 March
Warmer temperatures would increase the volume of water in the oceans and possibly melt much of the ice in mountain glaciers and the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps. ... Even if the Earth is going through a natural phase of global warming, humans may be increasing the degree of warming by the chemicals that they add to the air. Four primary compounds are thought to be responsible for global warming.
Global Warming And Climate Change
Believers, deniers, and doubters view the scientific forecast from different angles. Stephen K. Ritter. NASA. Breakdown. Satellite images show the sudden collapse of the Larsen B Ice Shelf, in Antarctica, from Jan. ... A plot of average temperature across the Northern Hemisphere (top) used by IPCC in its 2001 assessment, dubbed the “hockey stick” because of its shape, was decried by global-warming skeptics as hiding the Medieval Warm Period (950–1250) and Little Ice Age (1400–1700) and overemphasizing warming...
Project Hieroglyph
Hieroglyph is a project of the Center for Science and the Imagination and a global collective of writers and researchers.
12 February
Global Warming
• Most recent IPCC report on global warming very certain about effect. 4. The worldwide agreement on the need to reduce compounds that depleted stratospheric ozone was based on observations of greatly reduced ozone in certain seasons. ... The cryosphere, including the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, continental glaciers and snow fields, sea ice and permafrost, derives its importance to the climate system from its high reflectivity (albedo) for solar radiation, its low thermal conductivity, its large thermal inertia and...
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Eocene circulation of the Southern Ocean: Was Antarctica...
DID The east australian current warm antarctica? PA4026. driven proto-Leeuwin current to penetrate into the Southern Pacific Ocean, thus causing a causing a mild warming of the region, not a cooling. ... Lazarus, D., and J. P. Caulet (1993), Cenozoic Southern Ocean reconstruction from sedimen-tologic, radiolarian, and other microfossil data, in The Antarctic Paleoenvironment: A Perspective on Global Change, Part Two, Ant-arct.
Poster. Poster 2 page v2.
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Global Warming Swindle?
Global Warming Swindle? Cockburn vs. Monbiot: What's Going On Here? Global Studies Association Presentation Pace University, New York City June 6, 2008. ... In a couple of hundred years, historians will be comparing the frenzies over our supposed human contribution to global warming to the tumults at the end latter end of the tenth century as the Christian millenium approached.
Global Warming
About. Effects. Changes. Future. Help. Contact. Home.
14 December
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3 April
Global Warming: A Changing Atmosphere
One such issue is global warming. The Earth has seen many changes in temperature within its life time but none so dramatic as what has been observed in today’s day in age. There is much scientic evidence to conrm these results. It is predicted that the Earth will go through major economical, social, and environmental changes if the problem of global warming, due to the greenhouse eect, is not addressed soon. There has been some recent movement how to solve these problems but progress is slow.
An Overview of Climate Change/ Global Warming: How It Is...
Global warming has caused the rise in global temperatures, the risk of huge natural disasters, the spread of diseases, and the deaths of about 150,000 people annually according to the World Health Organization. The terms climate change and global warming have been used as interchangeable terms, but there is a difference in the two meanings. ‘Climate change’ helps show that there are other changes besides rising temperatures.
21 June
Chemistry in Context | History of Global Warming-2
History of Global Warming-2. • Early atmosphere: 1000x CO2? • CO2 trapped heat that warmed up Earth to allow. life to develop 3 billion years. – primitive plants (e.g. cyanobacter) carry out photosynthesis with light-capturing chlorophylls. ... Warming. • Drilled cores from ocean floors. – Microorganisms > temperature. – Magnetic field in sediment > time. • Antarctic ice cores provided ratios of (2H/1H) and. CO2 levels for past 160 millennia.
Community Structure | Evidence of Global Warming
Global Circulation Models. GCM computer simulations currently predict that global warming will increase as the concentrations of greenhouse gases increase. The models can accurately describe past climate conditions. Geological History of Carbon Dioxide Concentration and Global Temperature. Variation in carbon dioxide and global temperature are based on air bubbles sampled from the Vostok ice core from Antarctica.
4 January
Explaining that receding glaciers in Antarctica would dramatically lift sea levels, he warned that their grandchildren could be "hanging fishing poles out of New York skyscrapers," thus qualifying as the world's all-time greatest "fishing story." ... God knows how many trees had to be sacrificed to print new data refuting global warming. In January 2002, the journal Science published the findings of scientists who had been measuring the vast West Antarctic ice sheet.
30 August
What are the consequences of global warming?
Will global warming stop immediately if carbon emissions cease? No. Even if carbon emissions stopped today, warming from existing emissions would continue for many generations. A significant portion of carbon emissions will persist in the atmosphere for thousands of years. ... If global warming continues and shelf ice in Greenland and Antarctica are lost, the resulting rise in global sea levels would devastate coastal areas worldwide.8.
Global Warming
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29 January
Antarctic fungal diversity blooms as continent warms
Dr Dennis said surface air temperatures in the maritime Antarctic had risen by up to 2.8 °C over the past 50 years, at rates several times that of the global average. “Our research has demonstrated that, in this rapidly warming part of Antarctica, temperature is the main factor that determines soil fungal diversity,” he said. The study found said that the majority of fungi were microscopic – and the average person might not find them as charismatic as animals – but they had important roles to play in soils as plant decomposers and as...
4 March
What on Earth | WHY ANTARCTICA?
People frequently ask if we’ve seen conditions in Antarctica change from global warming. ... But the simple truth is that people live in a globalized society that travels, and that’s not going to change. To my mind, there exists a sliver of hope that by taking people to frag-ile ecosystems like Antarctica, who are less concerned about environmental issues like climate change, will have a deeper impact on them because they’re witness to the e ects of climate change rst hand.
Global Warming: The Predicament, Contributions and...
Global warming has become a major international concern because of its many consequences such as rising temperatures, the melting of icecaps and decreased agricultural activity; which all have a crucial impact on the health and livelihood of millions of people around the globe. ... NASA has found that “between 1.5 trillion and 2 trillion tons of ice in Greenland, Antarctica and Alaska have melted at an accelerating rate since 2003” (Grinberg).
Skeptical Views of Global Warming
But climate modeling is very complex, the stakes are very high, and there are numerous special interests. This situation is tailor-made for controversy. The following are some of the types of objections that skeptics of CO2-driven global warming raise: The CO2 is not sufficient to drive the currently observed warming. The atmospheric CO2 level has been up to 10 times higher in the past. Why weren't there catastrophic consequences then?
7 September
Rate of late Quaternary ice-cap thinning on King George...
Nakada & Lambeck (1988) argue that the temporal pattern of deglaciation may explain the pattern of global sea level changes resulting from Antarctica meltwater input. Specically, the WAIS and Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet are key sectors for watching the meltwater input into the ocean, because most of the glaciers on both areas are grounded below sea level and, thus, most susceptible to global warming and consequent sea level rising.
Module 3: East Los Angeles College Library Online Tutorial
1. Enter the words global warming AND policy. 2. Now click on the words or phrase button.
29 April
Global Warming
What is Global Warming? s Global Changes (Vitousek, 1994) s Increased concentrations of atmospheric CO2 s Alterations in global nitrogen cycle. s Eutrophication s Increased land use/land cover change s Decrease in ice coverage s Depletion of ozone. s Results in ecosystems (Root et al., 2003) s Increase in temperature s Habitat destruction s Increased UV radiation.
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14 May
What Is Global Warming?
What Is Global Warming? l An increasing trend in global temperature over the past century. – Presumably because of an increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. How Does It Work? l Greenhouse effect (a natural phenomenon). ... l Decades of airborne laser measurements, orbiting radar, and satellites that measure ice mass by its gravitational pull all show that both Greenland and Antarctica have been rapidly losing ice over the past 5 to 10 years.
A noon, a brisk wind from the ocean whipped | Global Warming
The most critical. Antarctica and the need to preserve global coastlines set. insight that the ice age climate swings provide is an empirical. a low limit on the global warming that will constitute. measure of climate sensitivity. ... The composition of the ice age atmosphere is known pre-. ¦ Halting global warming requires urgent, unprecedented. cisely from air bubbles trapped as the Antarctic and Greenland. international cooperation, but the needed actions are.
Geog372 Lecture 10 | Critics of Global Warming Theories
Recent climate variability, cont. Ocean-atmosphere connection, cont. Is global warming occurring? (April 12, 1999). Wednesday: Second Midterm. ... Clearly have receded everywhere since latter half of 19th century -- based on mass balance analysis, changes in terminus positions. glacial retreat in Alps, Scandinavia, Himalayas, on the Equator, in tropical South America, New Zealand, sub-Antarctic Islands and Antarctic Peninsula.
25 May
Global warming: a review
Global warming: a review of this mostly settled issue. Charles F. Keller. Published online: 8 August 2008 O Springer-Verlag 2008. Abstract Global warming and attendant climate change have been controversial for at least a decade. ... Cold central air ‘‘drains’’ down to the sea as water would and is swept into a circular vortex by the Coriolis force (due to the Earth’s rotation). This vortex essentially isolates central Antarctica from warm, lower latitude storms.
A Skeptic's Guide to Global Warming
5 July
Bottom line: At least 95% of global warming
Greenland is melting and Antarctica is shattering Permafrost is melting and destabilizing. 11. Severe rainstorms have become more common. ... 17. Climate change is very likely to accelerate. Earth is expected to warm by at least 2-4o C by 2100. “Business as usual” 4o 2o Alternate. energy sources. On average, CO2 stays in the atmosphere for ~100 years. Global warming is likely to persist for >1,000 years after we stop emitting greenhouse gasses.
Global Warming - Because It Effects You- Cause & Effect
• Cause of global warming • Almost 100% of the observed temperature increase over the last 50 years has been due to the increase in the atmosphere of greenhouse gas concentrations like water vapour, carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and ozone. Greenhouse gases are those gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect (see below).
14 June
Watershed Institute | University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Quality education — in AND out of the classroom. The Watershed Institute offers students highly impactful experiences to complement classroom concepts across fields related to the environment, sustainability and human health. Our faculty of distingui...
5 March
Study Questions | Consequences of Global Warming
Current Evidence of Global Warming: •Increased global temperatures •Shrinking and thinning arctic and Antarctic ice packs •Retreating glaciers •Decline and changes in wildlife patterns •Damaged and declining coral reefs •Rising sea level •Longer growing seasons •Increased frequency of droughts •Increased severity of storms.
Global Warming
Looking at global warming in more detail... Q. How serious is global warming of a few degrees? Couldn’t warming be beneficial? A. A warming of 1°F over the past century and a further 2–6°F over the 21st century, as projected by the IPCC, may appear minor compared to short-term weather changes from night to day and winter to summer. ... Of particular concern is the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.
Global Warming In-class Discussion Exercise. Having viewed the two movies: “Crisis: Planet Earth” (1995) and “Fallacy of Global warming” (1999), You are requested to work in groups of 4 – 5 students, and come up with a position statement analyzing both sides of the global warming argument.
Corpus of Historical American English (COHA)
400 million word corpus of historical American English, 1810-2000. The largest corpus of historical American English.
31 July
A Thematic Synopsis of An Inconvenient Truth
Species Loss and Disease Vectors (162-175) A review of species endangered due to global warming followed by a description of the threat to marine life due to changes in the oceans’ chemistry followed by an overview of the increased risk that new types of disease will emerge. Melting Ice Caps II: Antarctica, Greenland, and Rising Sea Levels (176-209) The segment opens with an example of how the increase in temperature has possibly affected life in Antarctica...
Catastrophic drainage of subglacial lakes created Labyrinth...
As a result of this warming trend, catastrophic drainage of subglacial lakes caused flooding that formed a 50-kilometer maze of canyons (called the Labyrinth) in Antarctica’s southern Victoria Land. ... Baldwin and her colleagues believe that global climate change models need to investigate the potential impact that a similar catastrophic release of water from subglacial lakes might have on present-day global warming.
18 December
Global warming protest in Bonn, Germany, 2002.
What is the evidence that there is a problem with carbon dioxide? The ice core from the Antarctic is from over a 400,000 year period. Why is warming not a natural cycle? ... How significant is the two percent / annum rise in carbon dioxide per year that is propelling global warming? Global warming protest in Bonn, Germany, 2002. Evidence from the Vostok ice core, Antarctica reveals that "present day atmospheric burdens of carbon dioxide and methane seem to have been unprecedented during the past 420,000 years."
12 December
Part 2 - The status of the global environment | Warming
1. Introduction. There is widespread concern that continual man-made emissions of "greenhouse gases" are resulting in global atmospheric warming, local climate changes, and sealevel rise, with the prospect of consequent serious environmental, social, and economic impacts. This paper describes some of the issues involved in modelling the climate system and the model-based predictions currently obtained.
21 February
Global Warming Roles and Tasks Sheet
Some groups believe that costs will rise for many consumer products if companies are forced to meet new guidelines in order to reduce the global warming trend. ... • Effects of global warming on the environment and the community. • Things they can do to help reduce global warming. Questions your group must answer: 1) What is global warming?
BP Climate FAQs
18. Lack of warming in the tropical troposphere (lower atmosphere) proves anthropogenic global warming is a myth. 19. Coming out of the ice ages, the changes in CO2 happened after the warming began, so CO2 doesn’t affect atmospheric temperatures. 20. Antarctica is cooling, so that proves the global climate isn’t warming.
15 November
Acceptance of Global Warming Reaches Highest Level
6. Global warming doubters were more likely than at anytime since 2010 to say that their local weather observations had no effect on their view that global warming was not occurring with 34% of doubters expressing this evaluation. Authors: Christopher P. Borick, Muhlenberg College Barry G. Rabe, University of Michigan Sarah Mills, University of Michigan.
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potential for catastrophic deglaciation of Antarctica. Interesting possibility, but probability? What are sources of noise in tidal gauge records when looking for eustatic changes? What is the mechanism for ongoing increase? New thoughts, warming -> more snow in south pole region. Where might record of sudden inundations be? GLIMS. What are other possible consequences of global warming?
18 March
How can global warming affect sea levels? An average increase of 3oC in atmospheric temperature would cause an increase in global sea levels of 0.2 to 1.5 meters. A 1-meter rise in sea level would cause flooded coastal wetlands including barrier islands; loss of marshes, the nursery of most species of edible seafood; greatly accelerated costal erosion; and loss of coral reefs.
19 October
Earth’s Energy Out of Balance: The Smoking Gun for Global...
This imbalance provides confirmation of global warming theory and a measure of the net forcing that human’s are applying to the Earth. by adding greenhouse gases and other pollutants to the Earth’s atmosphere. ... The remainder of the sea level rise is assumed to be due mainly to world-wide melting of mountain glaciers and possibly fringes of the large ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica.
Instructor: Paul Arambula
Instructor: Paul Arambula Course: POLS 1101A March 25, 2011. Positioning Paper, Pro side: Should we be all that concerned about global warming? According to measurements of the meteorological station the earth warmed about 0.7 degree Celsius, what is one degree Fahrenheit, during the twentieth century. ... If the West Antarctic ice sheet would melt completely the global sea level would even raise for almost eleven meters.
The Holocene Record
Vostok Station, Antarctica: Ice Core for last 400,000 yrs. Russian Drill Penetrates 14-Million-Year-Old Antarctic Lake. ... Response by Humanity? • Find alternatives to burning fossil fuels • CO2 from fossil fuels is adding to global warming, even if we are not sure of the magnitude of this effect. • Fossil fuels will be greatly depleted within a century, civilization needs other energy sources.
Global Warming -- Current Status
Global warming is not an issue that is new to us. For years scientists have warned the public about what the future will bring if current trends continue. Many experts have pointed fingers at suspected causes of the apparent rise in world mean temperature. ... Researchers working at the Environmental Change Unit of Oxford University and other places across the globe are using computer models to try to simulate how the average global temperature will change by 2060.
9 April
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12 September
Ozone Depletion vs. Global Warming
• Less infrared out means more heat in troposphere. Ozone Depletion vs. Global Warming. • Montreal Protocol meeting set up multinational agreement to phase out CFC’s. • It has worked mainly because industry could find alternate chemicals. ... 4. Florida area with a sea-level rise of 17 ft, estimated to occur if Western Antarctic Ice Sheet collapsed.
Medical PROOFS To protect against GLOBAL WARMING
Claims connected with global warming have driven blended tendencies from environmentalists, people in politics, besides other research workers. Many different considerations have been completely brought up about the likelihood, may cause, results, and techniques of curbing climatic change. ... Whilst glaciers and ice cubes in Greenland seem to have been melting over the past 30 years, the in contrast takes place in Antarctica and Canada.
2 April
Global Warming Debate
Global Warming Debate. Content Standard: Construct an argument supported by evidence that shows how the physical or biological components of an ecosystem affect populations. Task: With your group, you will be given a position on global warming.
Reduce global warming
Reduce global warming, right here. Northeastern anti-pollution plans will help, but local homeowners and businesses can do their part, too. ... Coral reefs are bleaching as oceans warm. Mountain glaciers are retreating. Tens of thousands of sea birds washed up dead on beaches from California to Washington this year. The ice in Greenland, the Arctic Circle and Antarctica is thinning at an alarming rate.
18 January
Faculty | Environmental Science & Policy
Links to the page contain: University of California Davis: Environmental Studies 30: The Global......
29 September
Know About Global Warming.htm
Americans. Do you feel you know a great deal, a good amount, not very much, or nothing at all about global warming?
1 May
Global warming is a reality. The
But then Charles Keeling of the California Institute of Technology began measuring atmospheric CO2 in locations that were remote from sources of industrial emissions, such as Antarctica and the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. ... While the studies are fairly new, the results all show that global warming has been resetting many biological clocks. Mark D. Schwartz of the University of Wisconsin has found that between 1959 and 1993, the first-leaf date for.
Rio Hondo College Library - Library Global Warming Subject...
Global Warming The following guide provides Web site links, a list of selected books, and access to online periodical articles about this subject. The Web site links have been researched, evaluated, and annotated by Rio Hondo College Librarians. ... It offers timely information on the broad issues of climate change and global warming. It aims to be accessible to all sectors and has pages tailored to specific groups, including kids, industry, wildlife advocates, and concerned citizens.
3 March
The Petition: A Global Warming Case Study
“Nevertheless,” Toni Daniels was not one to keep quiet when a good argument presented itself, “a global warming trend is emerging that can’t be dismissed out of hand! Until recently, it was questionable that temperatures have risen significantly over the past century. It looked like clouds and aerosols were offsetting any atmospheric warming generated by greenhouse gases.
Antarctica 2/23/2009 *Norway's Royal Navy will resume searching for Antarctic explorer Roald Amundsen's Latham 47 flying boat. ... 3/9/2009 *Argentina and Chile reject the United Kingdom's claims on Antarctic territory. 9/24/2009 *Melting ice is pouring off Greenland and Antarctica into the sea far faster than was previously realised because of global warming, new research shows.
2 October
Global change puts plankton under threat - Monash University
1 August
C limate warming has advanced the bio
These increased emissions may also contribute to the complex processes associated with global warming (10). Although the atmospheric lifetime of BVOCs is short, they have an important influ-ence on climate through aerosol formation and. ... How intrinsically stable is the ice sheet, given the marine-based bottom topography and geometry in much of the interior of West Antarctica and the potential loss of buttressing provided by ice shelves (5, 6)?
Global Warming
Global Warming. Global Warming is the increase of Earth’s average surface temperature due to effect of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels or from deforestation, which trap heat that would otherwise escape from Earth.
17 August
Antarctic Atmospheric Electricity
This proposal requests support for the construction and deployment in Antarctica of instruments that measure the vertical electric field and conduction current in the atmosphere. ... Note that this current is a globally-significant parameter, because it is directly related to global convective activity and therefore to global warming.
8 August
Global warming: Tim Flannery , News, La Trobe University
Will Australians support the struggle against global warming?
2 November
Global Warming & Climate Change Symposium - December...
Global Warming & Climate Change Symposium - December 13, 2010.
14 February
Warming ocean thawing Antarctic glacier, researchers say
Fairbanks, Alaska— For the first time, researchers completed an extensive exploration of how quickly ice is melting underneath a rapidly changing Antarctic glacier, possibly the biggest source of uncertainty in global sea level projections. ... “This particular site is crucial, because the bottom of the ice in that sector of Antarctica is grounded well below sea level and is particularly vulnerable to melt from the ocean and break up,” said Truffer, a researcher with UAF’s Geophysical Institute.
19 January
Global Warming and Climate Change
To find information in these indexes, search the terms global warming or climate change as a phrase. The following is a list of significant works related to global warming that are available in the WIU Libraries. Drake, Frances . Global Warming: The Science of Climate Change. Oxford University Press, 2000. Physical Sciences Library, Currens Hall QC 981.8.G56 D73 2000.
GLOBAL PROBLEMS. Across 2. put a bomb 5. violent movement of the earth 8. kill a famous person often for a political reason 9. no rain for a long period of time Down 1. people not in the army or navy 2. make the air dirty 3. Use badly e.g. natural resources 4. air, water and land around us 6. take control of a.
Global warming effect
Lenzen, M. (2010) Global warming effect of leakage from CO2 storage. Accepted for publication in Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, in press. ... Between emissions and damages, there is a causal chain of quantities such as radiative forcing, global warming, and sea level rise, amongst others. Further down this causal chain1, quantities become successively better proxies for damages from climate change (Udo de Haes et al.
Name_ Date_Period_____ Global Warming Signs Cause Effect 1. 1.
Increasing global mean | Global Warming
Lesson Plan: Global Warming. General Description This activity is designed to expose students to the potential influences of climate change on species physiology, distributions, and interactions within a community. Students explore some of the ecological consequences of global warming by interpreting data sets and answering questions. Objectives 1. Students will learn how global warming affects physiology, distribution, and phenology of.
Bio10 Schedule–what’s left? | Global warming
n Ocean currents affect the climate on land. n Air temp n Rainfall. How is global warming related to droughts? n Decrease in the snow pack leads to summer droughts. n Higher temp increases evaporation and makes the area drier. n If temp rises 1oF, need 10% more rain to make up for higher temp. What can we do to decrease the rate of global warming? n We in the US emit more CO2 and use more natural resources than any other country.
The SUV Threat - SUV Report - Global Warming - Sierra Club
Worsening the Threat of Global Warming. Because the government classifies SUVs as "light trucks" rather than cars, SUVs have a license to guzzle more gas and pollute more than cars. In 1975, when fuel-economy standards were first adopted, "light truck" referred to a vehicle used to haul hay on the farm or gravel at a construction site.
1 January
FAQ - Global Warming | Planetary Science Institute
1. Could the reason for polar ice cap melting be caused more by the change in the Earth’s axis rather than global warming/greenhouse gases? While earthquakes and major volcanoes can make small shifts in the pole of the Earth relative to the crust of the Earth, the pole has two long-term motions: 1) a circular one called the Chandler wobble which is a circular motion of about 9 meters (20 feet) and a period of about 433 days and 2) a drift toward the west, which.
10 February
English 100 – Garcia – Global Warming | Luria Library
climatology. global warming. meteorology. paleoclimatology. ... Environmental Science/GreenFILE A collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles covering all aspects of human impact to the environment, including content on global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more.
6 February
Antarctica, the cold desert, is Earth's located over the South Pole and in the Antarctic region of the southern hemisphere. It's surrounded by the Southern Ocean and is the fifth largest continent. Antarctica is made up of 98 percent ice. Some of which is at least 1 mile in thickness. ... Landmarks. The Antarctic Peninsula has shown some effects of global warming.
10 January
In the Antarctic, temperatures are far enough below freezing that even with some global warming, temperatures could remain su?-ciently cold to prevent extensive surface melting. Where ice sheets extend outward to the ocean, the ice tends to move out over the surrounding water, forming ice shelves. ... The model provides some hope that Antarctica may be less sensitive to global warming than Greenland.
Explore! Ice Worlds - Ice on Earth Background
The largest ice sheets cover Antarctica, and smaller ice sheets cover Greenland and part of Iceland. Some of the ice in the Antarctic ice sheet represents the build-up of nearly a million years of snow. ... Scientists also largely agree that carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere by human activities is the main culprit of global warming. It is released from burning coal, oil, natural gas in power plants, cars, factories, and to some extent, from the clear cutting of forests.
10 July
Global Warming
Global Warming: Is There Still Time to Avoid Disastrous Human -Made Climate Change? i.e. Have We Passed a ‘ Tipping Point ’? Discussion on 23 April 2006 by Jim Hansen National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC. ... CO2, CH4 and temperature records from Antarctic ice core data.
The Coming Reality of Sea Level Rise: Too Fast Too Soon
Harold R. Wanless Department of Geological Sciences University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida The reality of accelerating rates of sea level rise as the result of human-induced global warming is becoming more and more clear and increasingly dire. ... ‘Warm’ water from upwelling because of increased wind shear around Antarctica is also penetrating in under outlet glaciers to the West Antarctic and East Antarctic Ice Sheets.
G LOBAL WARMING is a little like | Global greenhouse
more intense slonns. Global warming would raise the sea. level because as the temperature rises, the surface of the ocean expands. The increase could be in the range of 1.5 to 6.5 feet, with a rise of 3 feet over the next century considered likely. ... For example, in October 1989, an international con-ference was unable to agree on meas-ures to protect Antarctica's environ-ment.
IDS 102
We can use ice cores for Antarctica to understand past variations in trace gases. As snow falls it traps small amounts of air in the spaces between the snowflakes. ... Global warming is the observed increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans over the last 150 years. The prevailing scientific opinion is that most of this warming is due to human activities, which have resulted in an increase in “greenhouse gasses” in the Earth’s atmosphere.
R esearcher | How YOU Can fight Global Warming
Scientists consider this iceberg, which recently broke away from Antarctica, as an important clue to the rate of global warming. ... undated. 9 See D.G. Vaughan and C.S.M. Doake, ‘‘Re-cent Atmospheric Warming and Retreat of Ice Shelves on the Antarctic Peninsula,’’ Nature, Jan. 25, 1996, pp. 328-330. 10 For background, see ‘‘Combating Infec-tious Diseases,’’ The CQ Researcher, June 9, 1995, pp. 489-512.
More Than 1000 International Scientists
According to their best estimates, Antarctica will ?lower global sea levels by 0.08 mm' per year" the National Post article reported. ... "The global warming doomsday writers claim the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are melting catastrophically, and will cause a sudden rise in sea level of 5 or more metres. This ignores the mechanism of glacier flow which is by creep.
Onset of deglacial warming in West Antarctica driven by...
However, significant warming in West Antarctica began at least 2,000 years earlier. Circum-Antarctic sea-ice decline, driven by increasing local insolation, is the likely cause of this warming. ... Human activities such as mining and smelting of lead (Pb) ores and combustion of alkyllead additives in gasoline have resulted in extensive global Pb pollution.
9 February
Polar Genre Fiction
Michael Crichton. anti-global warming, Antarctic icebergs & terrorists, & an audience at the White House based on the authors "expertise". S. ... The Final Warning. James Patterson. YA; Maximum Ride, a mutant teenager with wings who can fly, goes to Antarctica with her flock to help scientists study global warming.
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