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Origins: Antarctica: Prologue: Antarctic History
The History of Antarctic Exploration. There’s no agreement on who first laid eyes on Antarctica, but the so-called "heroic era" of Antarctic exploration began in the early 1900s, when Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton led several high-profile expeditions into the heart of the continent. Discoveries made on these journeys helped establish Antarctica as scientific territory, and paved the way for the thousands of scientists, journalists, artists, and even tourists who have followed.
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Explore Antarctica!
Give each student an “Exploring Antarctica” handout. Have students read the timeline to learn about the history of Antarctic exploration and answer the questions. ... We Are Explorers - Writing. Objectives The students will be able to: • Research and write a story about their own expedition to Antarctica based on geographical, scientific and historical knowledge of Antarctica. • Plan, draft, revise and edit their writing to compose a final text • Create an accordion-style book incorporating their written composition.
Antarctic Exploration 1893-1912, Arctic Exploration and History ... His proposal to use an aeroplane for reconnaissance of unexplored regions in Antarctica was an innovative strategy, a first in polar exploration. He ordered a French?designed Robert Esnault?Pelterie (REP) two?seater monoplane from Vickers Ltd in England. When a test flight in Adelaide ended in a crash, Mawson was forced to revise his plans.
11 December
Antarctica | History of Exploration
• Students should know how to operate a simple camera. • It would be helpful if students read some history of the formation of Antarctica and about the exploration of the South Polar regions. • Students can look up the vocabulary words below ... • Students will discuss what they see with museum educators. • They will explore the history and evolution of the South Polar regions, and the relationships with mankind, which have changed both mankind and Antarctica.
A History of Firsts
The 'Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration' was an era when the world's bravest explorers set out to discover Antarctica. For 25 years around the turn of the century, 16 major expeditions were launched. In the harshest of conditions and with communication and transportation technologies still in their infancy, the risks were extreme.
14 June
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
"Science in Antarctica: Studying the Historic Huts of the. Heroic Era of Antarctic Exploration". . "To the Ice and back again, an UMSL Alumna's Holidays". Professor Roberta L Farrell Department of Biological Sciences. ... Abstract. The historic huts and their contents of the Antarctic Heroic Period are a legacy of human exploration. When the expeditions ended and relief ships arrived, a rapid exodus allowed only essential items to be returned to England. The huts and thousands of items were left behind, including food stores and fuel depots.
Polar Discovery :: Antarctica's Exploration Timeline
Antarctica's Exploration Timeline. 1772 to 1775: The first well-documented evidence for the existence of a frozen southern continent came from the second expedition of Captain James Cook beginning in 1772. He did not actually see the continent but he did cross the Antarctic Circle (67° South Latitude) and saw the icebergs and frigid waters of the far southern ocean.
26 December
READING GUIDE | Antarctic Explorer Map
A brisk and engaging history of science and exploration in the Antarctic. An Australian scientist himself, Turney sees Mawson as the scientific hero of the age. (Item ANT368). ... 2008, hard cover, 400 pages, $59.95. McGonigal's strikingly illustrated Antarctic primer features 600 color photographs and excellent maps along. with essays on history, exploration, wildlife, science and conservation by fellow Antarcticans. (Item ANT167) Peter Matthiessen. End of the Earth, Voyaging to Antarctica.
Exploration of the Antarctic Regions, 1920
This map shows Antarctica divided into the Wendell Quadrant, Enderby Quadrant, Victoria Quadrant, and Ross Quadrant. Place Names: Antarctic Region, Davis (Australia), Dumont dUrville (France), Maitri (India), Mcmurdo (U.S.), Mostok (Russia), Neumayer (Germany), Orcadas (Argentina), Sanae IV (South Africa), Syowa (Japan), Zhong Shan (China ISO Topic Categories: oceans, inlandWaters, location Keywords: Exploration of the Antarctic Regions, borders, oceans, inlandWaters, location, Unknown, 1920 Source: James M. Miller and H.S. Canfield, The People's War Book - History, Cyclopedia, and.
21 April
Nuclear Power at McMurdo Station, Antarctica
History of McMurdo Station. The ice-free southern tip of the Hut Point Peninsula on Ross Island in Antarctica has a history of over 100 years of exploration and scientific history and is the site of the present day McMurdo Station. [2] This site is located just 729 nautical miles from the South Pole and is where Robert F. Scott staged the first expedition to the South Pole in 1902.
11 April
Antarctica | Aerial Exploration
Geologic History. Antarctica was a central part of the former supercontinent Gondwanaland. As Gondwanaland broke apart during the late Mesozoic and early Cenozoic eras (some 100 million years ago) to form the continents of the southern hemisphere, Antarctica drifted from the Tropical Zone to its present polar position. ... Aerial Exploration. In the 1920s, aviation came to Antarctica. The Australian Sir George Wilkins and the American C. B. Eielson became the first to fly an airplane over the continent when they explored the Antarctic Peninsula from the air in 1928.
31 December
Research on the historic expedition huts of Antarctica...
During the heroic era of exploration huts were built along the Ross Sea region by Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton to house their expedition crews for up to 3 years while they explored Antarctica and tried to be the first to reach the South Pole. When their relief ships came the wooden huts and thousands of artifacts were left behind.
26 November
The Collection | National Museum of African American History...
EXPLORE COLLECTION. Mirroring History. ... Have an object to donate? The National Museum of African American History and Culture, like all other Smithsonian museums, hopes to benefit from donations of historical artifacts, archival documents, and works of art. If you have an important item you believe the Museum should consider for its permanent collections, start by submitting our collections information form.
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Antarctic landscapes
The discovery and exploration of Antarctica creates a historic cultural framework that this research relates to and includes the depictions of Antarctica by historians, writers, artists, scientists and explorers. This chapter details relevant Antarctic history that has informed this practice-led research.
See the Antarctic You Would Otherwise Miss. Go with us for a genuinely exploratory experience. Thanks to the National Geographic Explorer’s experts and tools, you can actively engage. ... He will share his love of natural history, the environment, and the history of exploration. Award-winning National Geographic Photographer Susan Seubert, author of more than 20 feature stories for National Geographic Traveler, offers tips to help you capture the natural beauty and wildlife of Antarctica.
Some books for a general history of antarctica
Even as a boy, he wrote to Admiral Byrd and asked to join one of his expeditions, a request politely rejected. Yan Glintenkamp's collages evidence both his familiarity with the history of exploration in Antarctica and his use of xerographic technology to represent his knowledge in a way that is both artistic and instructional.
The United States has a long history as a leader in Antarctic exploration and research. It has also influenced the development of the Antarctic Treaty System, The 1959 Antarctic Treaty is largely a product of U.S. efforts. U.S. interests in Antarctica can be grouped into four categories: geopolitical and strategic, environ-mental, scientific, and economic.
Filtering ‘ways of seeing’ through their
His experience of Antarctica as a place was shaped by his motivation to understand its scientific value. His photographs reveal little of the emotions involved in exploring Antarctica. Representations of exploration in Antarctica Drygalski’s narrative was criticised for not sufficiently emphasising adventure and ... 118. expedition, Sweden, facing the loss of its Norwegian territory, had been seeking a new sense of national identity, but the Arctic, not the Antarctic, was where Sweden had ‘an extended, extra-territorial space of consciousness’ (Sorlin 1999, p. 109) with a history of exploration and heroism.
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Georgetown University
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Project MUSE - The Lands of Silence: A History of...
A Hi}•tory ofArcticandAntarctic Exploration. By Sir CLEMENTS R. MAR•raA•. Cambridge:At the University Press. 1921. Pp. xii, 539. THis longandambitious work,whichwashardlycompleted whenthe author died in 1916, aims at telling the story of explorationand discoveryin both the ArcticandAntarcticCirclesfrom the beginning up to the presenttime. Part I, which dealswith Arctic explorations, containsnaturally muchthat touchesmathe geographical aspectsof Canadianhistory.
6 April
ASU explores Antarctica | ASU Office of Knowledge...
Share This Article. ASU explores Antarctica. Students and faculty at ASU have been digging out their hats, scarves and boots this year as Arizona experiences a colder-than-usual winter. ... The School of Earth and Space Exploration researchers are among multiple ASU faculty, students and alumni who have visited the coldest continent to learn more about our planet and our universe. Thick patches of Antarctic ice.
4 July
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A Guide to the Charles F. Passel Antarctic Exploration...
The 1939 Antarctic Expedition fostered Passel’s lifelong interest in Antarctica, polar exploration and meteorology. In 1984, Passel used his expedition diary to write a book entitled An Antarctic Journal that was revised and reprinted in 1995 as Ice. ... Basic processing and cataloging of this collection was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Briscoe Center’s “History Revealed: Bringing Collections to Light project,” 2009-2011.
27 January
Antarctica – Imagined Geographies
A unique series of events will take place in Spring 2012 that will infuse Southern Illinois with the spirit of exploration; demonstrate that media arts, humanities, and science can stimulate an entire community to engage in learning and experiencing social, aesthetic, scientific, and technological phenomena in an accessible and appealing manner - in this case, the history and present activities taking place in Antarctica
Selected References on Exploration in the Arctic and...
A short history of Svalbard. Norsk Polarinstitutt, Oslo, Norway. Armstrong, J. 1998. Shipwreck at the bottom of the World: The extraordinary true story of Shackleton and The Endurance. Crown Publishers, New York. Baughman, T. H. 1994. Before the heroes came: Antarctica in the 1890s. ... Milestone film & Video, Harrington Park. Mckinlay, W. C. 1976. Karluk: The great untold story of Arctic exploration. St. Martin's Press
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Using new tools to explore undiscovered country
The climatic, cryospheric, and tectonic history of Antarctica are important links for understanding global changes that have shaped Earth’s past. Our understanding of Antarctica’s cryosphere suggests dramatic changes occurred during the Cenozoic; evolving from a warm mainly ice-free continent, to a transitional state of expanding and contracting polythermal ice sheets to extreme polar conditions, such as observed today.
1 Introduction | Exploration of Antarctic Subglacial Aquatic...
National Research Council. 2007. Exploration of Antarctic Subglacial Aquatic Environments: Environmental and Scientific Stewardship. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. doi: 10.17226/11886. ... Far from being useless, Antarctica has proven to play a critical role in many aspects of the Earth system as well as being an important platform for exploring the universe and a place of unique ecosystems. Given this history, perhaps it is not surprising that our expectations about the ice sheet sitting firmly on its underlying rock also have proven to be wrong.
9 October
Exploration of Antarctic Subglacial
Exploration of Antarctic Subglacial Aquatic Environments: Environmental. and Scientific Stewardship. Radar measurements have revealed a vast network of lakes, rivers, and streams beneath the Antarctic ice sheet. ... At the request of the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Research Council con-. vened a committee to develop a set of environmental and scientific protection standards needed to. responsibly explore the subglacial lake environments in Antarctica.
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Education in Russia for the foreign citizens: Russian...
The Basic Curriculum designates the compulsory fields of study (Humanities with a special emphasis on Russian Language, Literature, Social Sciences, and Physical Education; Natural Sciences with priority given to Mathematics; and Technology). The Social Sciences can include such subjects as Foreign Languages, Russian History, World History, Economic and Social Geography, Law, Political Science, Economics, etc. The Natural Sciences can cover Biology, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Ecology, etc.
16 July
How Can We Explore Antarctica?: Getting Your Bearings
This activity explores how technology has changed the way distant and inhospitable regions like Antarctica are explored. Students will read materials about early attempts at Antarctic exploration and mapmaking, and examine a timeline that chronicles the history of Antarctic exploration. They will then examine images of Antarctica and describe how they were created and what information they convey.
28 June
Welcome to the UGA Fall Study Abroad Program in Antarctica
This study abroad course explores the Antarctica and adjacent sub-Antarctic region (such as Tierra del Fuego and the Southern Ocean), including its history, geology, climate, and marine and terrestrial biology. ... 2. Develop specialized understanding, through independent research, of the issues in one specific area of Antarctica enquiry related to their major (e.g., history of science/exploration, environmental ethics, geology and global climate change, marine bird or southern forest conservation, etc.)
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56. paleogene glacial history of antarctica in...
An understanding of the glacial history of Antarctica is fundamental to understanding the forces and processes that have determined climate change on this planet during much of the Cenozoic. Today, the presence and extent of the Antarctic ice sheet exert a dominant control on global atmospheric and oceanic circulation patterns through ... As a result of this new surge of exploration, detailed glacial histories have been written for various regions (e.g., Barrett et al., 1989; Barron, Larsen, et al., 1989; Kennett and Barker, 1990; Barron et al., 1991a). A comprehensive summary of these studies will not be rendered here.
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ICE :: Antarctica
Indeed, Norway's 1939 claim to Antarctica territory was carried out with this in mind (Auburn 1982: 3). Thus, the exploration of Antarctica was, at least partially, motivated by resource extraction and can be generally explained by balance-of-power politics. ... Based on the history of the system, institutions and common practices repeated and developed, the resource value of Antarctica, and perceptions of resources, conflict, and interests, an argument may be formed to explain why the system has developed the way it has, and how it may develop in the future.
11 August
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Private Site | Research Profiles
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Read how others have recognized the Understanding Evolution website.
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Fear and loathing in the south pole: the need
Mineral exploration in Antarctica, however, has been effectively barred since 1959 under the Antarctic Treaty System (“ATS”),2 which, in its current form, prohibits mineral exploration as far into the future as 2048.3 The strategic potential presented by this vastly unpopulated continent has not gone unrecognized by the major global political players. ... Furthermore, both Argentina and Chile claim that they have retained valid title since at least 1810.228 Neither, however, put forth a public claim until the 1940s. Argentina has the longest history of year-round exploration in the area, beginning in 1904.229 For all of...
Tales of Exploration. NOVA Online/Shackelton: Quicktime VR images of Antactica. ... The Antarctic Connection- History, trivia and Giftshop. The Orient Lines- The MV Marco Polo was the cruise ship I took to travel to Antarctica. The Food Web in Antarctica requires Java.
Biology 394A and 394B
Natural history of the birdlife of the Antarctic region including albatross, shearwaters and petrels, gulls and terns, and penguins. A survey of Antarctic explorers including Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen as well as more recent explorers. Krill and food chains in the Antarctic ecosystem. ... Clements Markham: Antarctic Obsession: A Personal Narrative of the Origins of the British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904. Paul Simpson-Housley: Antarctica: Exploration,Perception and Metaphor. Amundsen - first person to reach the south pole
24 February
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Why Anthropology? | Anthropology | Mesa Community College
Anthropology is a social science that attempts to provide us with a better understanding of our humanness - what it means to be human. In order to understand this, we need to explore what we mean by culture because we rely on culture for our values, ways we think, ways we view the world around, ways to act properly.
4 January
The history of exploration in this region of Antarctica is equally rich. The epic story of Shackleton and the HMS Endurance is forever linked to the region. We also hope to visit the old huts built during the time of the Swedish Nordenskjold expedition of 1901-1904. Charting a northerly course to the Falkland Islands we spend a final day exploring the stunning western archipelago. We will aim to visit the wildlife-rich Saunders Island, home to gentoo, rockhopper and magellanic penguins plus a colony of the spectacular king penguins!
History of Space Exploration
History of Space Exploration. 900 – Chinese Fire Rocket. ... orbiter and failed lander 2003 * Mars Exploration Rovers - US rovers (2004) * Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter - US, launched 2005 * Phoenix - scheduled to launch on August 3, 2007 * Mars Science Laboratory - US, to be launched 2009. Robotic Spacecraft – Part 3.
Antarctica. Antarctic Treaty. ... The race to the South Pole begat some of the most compelling exploration stories in history. The duel between the British Scott and the Norwegian Amundsen’s expeditions is required Antarctic reading, as is the story of Shackleton’s Endurance expedition. Scott and Amundsen’s tale has been spun as a classic in management and leadership circles, but rest assured there is plenty to fascinate anyone interested in the ins and outs of expedition planning and execution on the grandest possible scale (aside from space).
Lecture 1 History.ppt
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History Engine: Tools for Collaborative Education and...
The History Engine. Toggle navigation. ... Beyond the Horizon: Innovation and Discovery in the United States Exploring Expedition. Date(s): August 19, 1838 to June 10, 1842 Location: NORFOLK CITY, Virginia Tag(s): Antarctica, Charles Wilkes, Exploration, Science, United States Navy.
9 August
Antarctica, Land of Exploration WebQuest
19 April
And because of their long history of taking travelers to Antarctica, you will see more and experience more. Travel under the leadership of the best ice team on Earth — naturalists, scientists, undersea specialists, photo instructors — whose knowledge of Antarctica’s waters will help you gain an understanding of the natural surroundings. ... An embodiment of the partnership between Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic, National Geographic Explorer features exceptional accoutrements that make her an unparalleled base for exploration.
Kristy Leissle: An Antarctic 'Summer' on the Ice... - UW Bothell
Research and Exploration >. ... But that is one of the best things about Antarctica--it puts everything into proper perspective, and I have felt since arriving that I am living in a place much larger and more powerful than me. I will sign off for now, as we have a ship arriving in a few minutes, and we'll all be in the museum shortly, talking to visitors about the history of our tiny Goudier Island.
6 December
Polar Education - Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
IPY AGAP Antarctic Project. Activities developed as part of IPY polar education including using remote sensing data to travel through Antarctica, journey to the bottom of the Earth with two young scientists & exploring the impact of climate change on the ice sheets. ... Hands on science exploration of shrinking Arctic sea ice, mountains hidden under the ice, use an ice core to travel through history, effects of rising sea level, explore Antarctica's dry valleys, lakes and water that moves under the ice!
16 August
About the Library | University of South Australia Library
Keep up to date with our current news. Find out more about our strategy, policies, alumni and community borrowing and the extensive collections and facilities we offer at each campus.
2 May
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Explore Ice and Water in Our Solar System!
Children ages 4-8 will enjoy this exploration of what glaciers are and where they are found. ... Explore Antarctica (Explore the Continents). ... This book discusses Saturn – it’s history, composition, rings, moons, and mysteries that have not been solved.
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The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has...
For information on the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. For information on the Department of Computer Science.
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Digital History | Exploration 4: Cahokia
Digital History>eXplorations>The World Before 1492. Teacher Resources. ... You could first treat the questions as a non-graded pop quiz (5 -7 minutes) and spend most of the time discussing the answers (opens in a new window). Pay close attention to the closing statement and use it as a rationale for doing the exploration. 2. You could also allow students to find the answers using key websites.
19 February
Webpages No Longer Available
The astronomy pages formerly available at this address are no longer available. They were left up, without maintenance, for almost 20 years, because there were many requests from users to do so. However, astronomy and astrophysics knowledge evolves, ...
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History Project Map
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Unit - University of Canberra
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An international plan for antarctic
The conclusion was that while exploration of large lakes, such as Lake Vostok, is a long-term priority, smaller lakes that can be characterized more easily should also be considered for exploratory research. ... “Climate and atmospheric history of the past 420 000 years from the Vostok ice core, Antarctica,” Nature, Vol. 399, 1999, pp. 429-436. Philberth, K. Sur la Stabilisation de la Course d'une Sonde Thermique, Comptes Rendus Vol. 262, 1966, pp. 456-459.
Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review
The Antarctic Treaty was a natural outgrowth of the history of the continent. After a period of exploration, colonial powers began to claim parts of Antarctica. ... stations in Antarctica -{!ooperation in air transport and logistics -{!ontrol of tourism, including development of guidance for visitors to Antarctica -a recommended code of conduct for stations in Antarctica and recommendations for developing procedures to assess impacts of operations -the preservation of historical sites 91 W.M. BUSH, 1 ANTARCTICA AND INTERNATIONAL LAW 146 (1982).
Polar Prospects: A Minerals Treaty for | Antarctica
Alternatives to the Convention include declaring Antarctica off limits to any minerals activities. Given the history of Antarctic claims, the multilateral nature of the negotiation, and the conflicting. ... Before exploration and development may be considered in Antarctica, a supplemental agree-ment on liability must be negotiated. The U.S. Senate must consider whether to give its advice and consent to ratification of the Minerals Convention before the Liability Protocol is negotiated or wait until it has been finalized.
17 - Publications on Antarctica and Education by...
Correspondence with: Jon Stephenson, Graeme Wheeler about his book "The Year of the Mukluk. "Kista Dan Link with Antarctica" - Exhibition Booklet by Museum Victoria. Incomplete draft of "Fuchs and the other way to the South Pole: Weddell Sector Exploration and the first Trans Antarctic Crossing". ... Natural History of the Arckaringa Hills, eds Helen M. Lee and Ruth E. Lawrence, Australian and New Zealand Scientific Exploration Society Inc., February 2000; 2002 Victorian Student Expedition to Greenland, Trip Book; Expedition Coopers Creek Report, 1989, ANZSES The Exploring Society...
29 August
The Proclamation Island moment: making
How, exactly, did Antarctica become an Aus-tralian territorial possession? What are the cultural processes through which Antarctic land became Australian space? As a means of answer-ing this question, this article focuses on a key moment, or scene, in the history of the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT). ... Collis. The film then cuts to the island’s summit, atop what the voiceover refers to as a ‘commanding bluff’. ‘The implication of the word “com-mand”,’ as Ryan observes of imperial exploration narratives, ‘is that the view is brought under control by the explorative gaze.
Seventh continent; a history of the discovery and...
Digital Library. Subjects. Antarctica. ... Description based on print version record. Geographic Area. Antarctica. Network Numbers.
18 January
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Climate Science Investigations South Florida - Temperature...
Antarctica Ice Cores and Temperature Over the Past 800,000 Years. You have learned that Earth’s climate has fluctuated several times over geologic history. In this exploration, you will analyze temperature data derived from ice cores drilled in Antarctica to answer the question – how has the temperature over Antarctica varied over the past 800,000 years? Original Image Source: Google Earth. The ice with the longest climate record on Earth is found in Antarctica.
8 January
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Admiral Byrd and Antarctica
Byrd began his career after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1912, when he learned to fly and explored the world. Byrd went on to gain international fame and recognition for his dedication to researching and preserving the unique environment in Antarctica. ... After surviving this incredible ordeal Byrd traveled around the United States, and became a popular speaker.The speaking engagements also helped Byrd meet future sponsors and keep the subject of Antarctic exploration on the minds of those during the Great Depression.
19 May
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Washington and Lee Journal of Energy
17. See STEPHEN MARTIN, A HISTORY OF ANTARCTICA (Rosenburg ed., 2013) (noting that the first European idea of the land was based on explanations of philosophers rather than actual exploration). 18. See M.J. PETERSON, MANAGING THE FROZEN SOUTH: THE CREATION AND EVOLUTION OF THE ANTARCTIC TREATY SYSTEM 32 (University of California, ed., 1988) (noting that human activity on the continent seemed impossible).
A Brief Note on the Economic History of Space Exploration...
Space Exploration Projects in the 19th and early 20th Century (Source: MacDonald, A., The Remote Space Age: An Economic History of Space Exploration. from Galileo to Gagarin forthcoming doctoral dissertation at the University of Oxford; conversions using GDP time series from Johnston, L.D., and Williamson, S.H., "The Annual. Real and Nominal GDP for the United States, 1790 - Present" MeasuringWorth, 2008).
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Antarctic tourism and environmental policy
Antarctica’s history begins with early exploration to the continent, followed by the emergence of scientific research and subsequently, the tourism industry. The chapter will examine the history and evolution of Antarctic tourism, followed by current trends, growth, and outlook for the future. Ecotourism has a strong presence in Antarctica, as do other niche forms of tourism including adventure and wildlife tourism, among others.
Holdings: Antarctica | Antarctica; the story of a continent.
The explorations of Antarctica : the last unspoilt continent / by: Fogg, G. E. 1919- Published: (1990). Antarctica: authentic accounts of life and exploration in the world's highest, driest, windiest, coldest and most remote continent. by: Neider, Charles, 1915- Published: (1972).
Staff profile, Department of Archaeology and History, La...
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Project SCINI
History of Antarctic Benthic Ecology: The Lost Experiments. ... In 1963 a young graduate student in marine science, Paul Dayton, went to Antarctica with his advisor. For the previous 10 years Paul had been using the new self-contained-underwater-breathing-apparatus (SCUBA) to explore underwater off the coast of California. Using then state-of-the-art thin wetsuits and double hose regulators, he dove under the sea ice in McMurdo Sound, making the first quantitative natural history observations of the polar benthic communities.
21 December
Wyatt Exploration Program | University of Michigan-Flint
The Department of History is thrilled with this unique opportunity for learning and enrichment that the Wyatt Exploration Program will provide at the University of Michigan-Flint. The department’s faculty looks forward to sharing these incredible experiences with our students and hopes that all of you will share in our excitement as we explore the history of the world around us.
3 December
Encyclopedia of Cleveland History: EXPLORATIONS
The geographic details on the 1755 John Mitchell Map for the British Board of Trade are attributable to the explorations of these Pennsylvania explorers. Although much of Mitchell's inland geography is excellent, he showed a straight east-west Erie shoreline. The area from Sandusky Bay to Cleveland is described as Canahoque: The Seat of War, The Mart of Trade, & Chief Hunting Grounds of the six New York Iroquois on the Lakes & the Ohio. ... The Royal Ontario Museum and Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
26 September
Exploration, Vanderbilt's Online Research Magazine
8 March
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University Events Calendar | Colorado State University
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Delridge History Photo Gallery
Class of January, 1938 Courtesy, Seattle Public Schools Archives 080-94.
18 May
Free downloads | ANU Press
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Centenario de la Base Orcadas (Geoff Swinney)…
Antarctic Exploration and the Southern Ocean, commemorating the return of Robert F. Scott to England after his first Antarctic expedition in 1904, held in Southampton in late June, and the second the Maury IV Workshop History of Polar Oceanography held in Barrow, Alaska in early September. ... Keith Benson, Green College, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z1, Canada. Centenario de la base orcadas – a historic celebration of a scotland-argentina collaboration in antarctica.
The influence of individuals in the shaping
33 Hans Bogen, ‘The Main Events in the History of Antarctic Exploration,’ The Norwegian Whaling Gazette 1957, p. 66, cited in Price, The Winning of Australian Antarctica, p. 168. ... The historical connection can be viewed as having several phases: firstly through whaling and sealing in the southern ocean, which slowly transformed to geographic curiosity and the romance of heroic adventures on the Antarctic continent in the British era of Antarctic exploration.
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport
Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT) a regional organization operated by Arab League and known for its undergraduate & graduate programs in Maritime Transportation, Engineering, Management, Computing & Informa...
7 August
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History. Impact & Accomplishments.
26 December
Ocean Exploration : A Guide to Information
Larson focuses on British Antarctic exploration describing the expeditions of Scott and Shackleton with their attendant physical hardships as well as their scientific findings. Extensive bibliographical notes for each chapter serve as a guide for research in this field (Larson 2011). Held at irregular intervals, International Congresses on the History of Oceanography have issued publications of contributed papers on various aspects of oceanographic exploration.
Basic Genetics
interactive explore. Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction. Compare the two ways for organisms to pass genetic information to their offspring. ... interactive explore. Transcribe and Translate a Gene. See how cells "read" the information in a DNA sequence to build a protein, then build one yourself!
6 January
Curiosity and Exploration
What makes people curious? Why do individuals explore the unknown? The research in these areas is inconclusive and often contradictory. Are curiosity and exploration motivations or drives? Can curiosity and exploration be operationally defined independent of one another? ... The concept of curiosity is central to motivation. The term can be used as both a description of a specific behavior as well as a hypothetical construct to explain the same behavior. Berlyne (1960) believes that curiosity is a motivational prerequisite for exploratory behavior.
15 February
Polar Films | HISTORY
2002. Shackleton - The Greatest Survival Story of All Time. A&E mini series, with Kenneth Branagh. S. 2002. Antarctica: A Frozen History. ... 2006. The White Planet. Canada/France, exploration of Arctic wildlife, North Pole melt. N.
28 December
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Finder - Houston Community College | HCC
Official HCC Catalog. View the current catalog, see course descriptions and view the archive of past catalogs.
26 January
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History of Exploration
History of exploration. The earliest description of the site is apparently that by J.G.C. Anderson (1903, 26-29) who, not unreasonably, identified it with the Galatian site of Mithradation. ... Thus, in 1928, with a permit from the Turkish authorities, Erich Schmidt was instructed to make a diversion from the main focus of Hittite Expedition's excavations at Alishar Hoyuk in order to make exploratory trenches at Kerkenes.
25 June
The race to the south pole
Antarctic exploration/history before the race began. Will also consider the question of just why explorers ? and those who backed them ? were eager to reach the South Pole. WEEK 2. The Belgica expedition (1897-99) ? Introduction to Roald Amundsen. His baptism and apprenticeship in Antarctica and polar exploration generally. ... This class will cover not only the justly famous story of the Endurance in the Weddell Sea, but will also weave in the lesser known, but no less stirring, tale of Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party.
National History Day 2016 Theme | Exploration
ational History Day welcomes you to explore the theme, Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History, during the 2015-2016 academic year. This theme is broad enough in scope to encourage investigation of topics ranging from local to world history and across any geographic area or time period. Consider this theme an invitation to look across time, space, and geography to find examples in history of when people took a risk and made a change.
56. paleogene glacial history of antarctica in...
An understanding of the glacial history of Antarctica is fundamental to understanding the forces and processes that have determined climate change on this planet during much of the Cenozoic. Today, the presence and extent of the Antarctic ice sheet exert a dominant control on global atmospheric and oceanic circulation patterns through ... As a result of this new surge of exploration, detailed glacial histories have been written for various regions (e.g., Barrett et al., 1989; Barron, Larsen, et al., 1989; Kennett and Barker, 1990; Barron et al., 1991a). A comprehensive summary of these studies will not be rendered here.
Oceanography Exercise 1 – Time Line of Ocean Exploration
Marco Polo. Matthew Fontaine Maury Events in the History of Ocean Exploration. Person or Group Date Event. A. Seafaring culture with many coastal cities around the Mediterranean. ... T. Captain of three cruises around the world to collect information about the oceans that would be valuable for the military, commerce, and science. Extensive exploration of the high southern latitudes (near Antarctica). Killed by natives in Hawaii. U. Published The Physical Geography of the Seas.
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22 November
The antarctic treaty
The Antarctic Treaty, the earliest of the post-World War II arms limitation agreements, has significance both in itself and as a precedent. It internationalized and demilitarized the Antarctic Continent and provided for its cooperative exploration and future use. ... By the 1950s seven nations -- Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway, andthe United Kingdom -- claimed sovereignty over areas of Antarctica, on the basis of discovery, exploration, or geographic propinquity.
23 December
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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Faculty Directory
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Baylor University || About Baylor - A Nationally Ranked...
Historical Timeline. Prominent Bears. Alumni Honors. ... History Historical Timeline Prominent Bears. Leadership. Senior Administration Office of the President.
16 December
Initial Visions of Paradise: Antebellum U.S.
8. Initial Antarctic exploration. Following a rendezvous at Tierra del Fuego on January 20, 1839, where Vincennes and Relief were left, expedition ships Porpoise, Sea Gull, Peacock, and Flying Fish headed south toward Antarctica to gain expanded knowledge about the icy southern continent. ... history of its geographical exploration (pp. 262, 269). New York: American Geographical Society. Bevans, C. I. (1971).
Union County College
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21 May
Exploring Global Climate Impact If Antarctica’s Ice Sheets...
– As the world anticipates a global climate change meeting next month in Paris, there is compelling historical evidence that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is vulnerable to rapid retreat and collapse, says climate scientist Alan Condron at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, yet very few if any studies have explored what might happen to Earth’s climate if Antarctica’s ice sheets were.
11 December
Hyweb WebSearch Detail Page
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4 August
Greetings from Antarctica · Along Middle Path
Our History & Tradition. ... From Kenyon News - November 19, 2014. For five weeks, Joan Slonczewski, the Robert A. Oden Jr. Professor of Biology, explored a land far from Gambier: Antarctica. With help from the Oden professorship, Slonczewski headed to Antarctica in November to research how algae and protists (a diverse group of one-celled organisms) impact and are impacted by climate change.
21 November
Summer in Antarctica
I also wanted to explain to our young scientists the fascinating history of the heroic age of Antarctic exploration — not just the geographic aspect of being the first to reach the South Pole, but the pioneering work of the scientists who accompanied Scott and Shackleton to this area more than 100 years ago. How remarkable it is to visit the standing record of the first human presence in this area of Antarctica. Our group photo below shows all of us standing in front of Captain Scott’s hut, built in February 1902.
5 January
Science Saturday: Antarctica | KU Biodiversity Institute...
Saturday, Nov. 7 1:30 - 4 pm. Come check out the new exhibit about Penguins, then see some of our research specimens up close. We’ll have gear on display from our Antarctica research programs (you’ve never seen a pair of boots like these!). Learn about why KU scientists pack up and head to the ice to study the ancient plant fossils of Antarctica — and bring that material back to KU. ... KU Natural History Museum.
17 February
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edu.com is our one-stop guide to universities, colleges, online courses and online degrees. Get started today!
19 March
Kocaeli Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu
History. Kocaeli University is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Turkey with its distinguished academic staff, increasing numbers of students and constantly evolving past. The Institute of Social Sciences was founded within Kocaeli University according to the concept of “institution” defined briefly in the Law 2547 as an institute of higher education engaged in graduate education and teaching, and scientific research and application in the areas of related disciplines and has started education on October 1993.
11 August
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13 September
06 - Age of Exploration
2 December
MSU News - MSU-U.S. team reaches massive Antarctic lake...
BOZEMAN - A historic U.S. expedition that took more than a decade of planning, 3 1/2 years of project preparation and a national team involving Montana State University faculty, staff and students reported early Monday that they had reached a massive lake beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. ... A statement from the WISSARD science team said, "WISSARD's groundbreaking exploration of Antarctica's subglacial environment marks the beginning of a new era in polar science, opening the window for future interdisciplinary scientific investigations of one of Earth's last unexplored frontiers."
21 February
"Frontiers for the American Century : Outer Space, Antarctica...
"Space and Antarctic exploration were the most dramatic endeavors of the Cold War. Employing the latest science and technology to explore the remaining frontiers, these programs were designed to stimulate an American century of freedom and prosperity for humankind. ... History. Comments. Shelved in Drake Library at: TL789.8.U5 S67 2015. CONTENTS: Introduction: Polar Stars and Stellar Stripes -- Rising to the Sputnik Challenge -- The Space and Antarctic Frontiers -- Antarctica and the Greening of America -- The Tenacious Grip of the Space Frontier -- Conclusion: The End of American Frontier...
4 December
Making Change supports students exploration of Civil Rights...
28 August
Career Exploration - CWRU
Discovering your career path is about more than simply finding a job or internship. It’s about finding your own unique path, and we’re here to help guide your exploration. Whatever your next step, be it graduate school, your dream job, or just the first of many next steps, we can help you develop a career plan that’s right for you.
19 August
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Age of Exploration | History Hub
Age of Exploration. Portuguese Cantino Planisphere, 1502, Biblioteca Universitaria Estense, Modena, Italy. We’ve explored some of America’s ancient history in Chapter 1, learning that Indians migrated there from Asia as far back as 18k years ago and that, thousands of years later, Vikings and perhaps Polynesians skirted America’s shores in the Middle Ages, centuries before Christopher Columbus built Spanish colonies in the Caribbean.
19 December
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23 September
Colorado Coal Field War Project
Institute | History | Archaeology | Bibliography | Gallery Site Index | Notice | CDP Home.
26 January
Researching this topic | Where is Antarctica?
Antarctica is located all around the South Pole. There is no natural human population in Antarctica, the only continent with no natural human population. Some explorers and scientists live in Antarctica temporarily, but conditions are too severe to support a permanent human population. ... Country Connections to the topic. Norway • Has territorial claims to Antarctica, based on. exploration over 100 years ago • Would like to have its territorial claims approved of.
Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences | College of...
Food Science and Technology. If you’re interested in the business, packaging, culinary science or engineering aspects of food, this concentration will provide an exciting course of study to help prepare you for a career in the food science industry. ...
13 February
Center for Social Development - Item
Newsroom. Mission and Vision. History.
21 July
Examples of Plagiarism from Turnitin.com
Original. A Natural Setting. A History of Exploration and Settlement in Yosemite Valley.
Search Results for Scientific expeditions -- Antarctica.
National Research Council (U.S.). Polar Research Board. (1). Palgrave History Collection. ... Antarctica -- Discovery and exploration -- Norwegian.
26 December
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National History Day 2016 Theme | Exploration
ational History Day welcomes you to explore the theme, Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History, during the 2015-2016 academic year. This theme is broad enough in scope to encourage investigation of topics ranging from local to world history and across any geographic area or time period. Consider this theme an invitation to look across time, space, and geography to find examples in history of when people took a risk and made a change.
5 January
Docs | CUNY Academic Commons
oral history (1).
18 December
Find Articles | UTS Library
Find Articles is a new way to find journal articles and other scholarly information across a huge range of resources quickly. Search for journal articles, newspaper articles, reviews, conference papers, book chapters and entries in reference books.
20 February
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17 December
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4505 South Maryland Pkwy. Box 454049 Las Vegas, Nevada 89154-4049.
15 August
The Farmland Values Project: Piece of History
25 March
Glogster: Multimedia Posters | Online Educational Content
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European history. Explorers and Discovers. Geography. Historical biographies. History.
12 September
Florida Museum of Natural History
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12 October
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13 December
Call for papers
Myths of Exploration” An area of multiple panels for the Film & History conference on “Film and Myth” September 26-30, 2012 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA www.filmandhistory.org Deadline: June 1, 2012. ... * Explorations of the North American Frontier (portrayals of Lewis and Clark, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Wild Bill Hickok). * Journeys to the Polar Regions (The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition, Forbidden Quest, Glory and Honor).
Alfred State - Courses by ID
Search form.
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19 August
5 February
On- Going “I Can” Statements
3.SS.63 Create a multimedia presentation of social studies stories about explorations to Antarctica. I can create a digital presentation telling about explorations to Antarctica. I can include drawings, photos, stories, or first-hand accounts to help explain more about the thoughts, ideas and feelings of the explorers. 3.SS.64 Use timelines and historical passages to summarize the history of a region including events, inventions/inventors, artists, writers, and political figures.
Clark University
Links to the page contain: HI 384: History of Genocide....
Fullscreen - Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship
The views expressed in Maxwell Institute publications are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the position of the Maxwell Institute, Brigham Young University, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
19 October
Arama Sonuçları Antarctica -- Discovery and...
10 March
NSW HSC Online
Exam material and other resources to help you succeed in your HSC. A Charles Sturt University (CSU) initiative developed in collaboration with the NSW Department of Education, Science and Training.
16 December
The New School | Course Catalog
The New School in New York City offers degrees in liberal arts, music, design, social sciences, as well as certificate programs...
7 March
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3 January
Chaco: History of Exploration
From 1896 through 1900, the Hyde Exploring Expedition excavated and documented many sites in Chaco Canyon, mostly gathering artifacts from older refuse-filled rooms in Pueblo Bonito. President of New Mexico Normal University Edger Hewett, concerned that New Mexican artifacts were being transfered to New York, accused the Hyde Exploring Expedition of selling artifacts or otherwise vandalizing the Chaco sites.
22 April
Duke University Press
News From The Press.
Links to the page contain: 1.49 Film Studies/middle East Studies A SOCIAL HISTORY....
31 July
January 16, 2017
11 April
Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) Meghalaya - Regular...
Mahatma Gandhi University offers regular courses in Meghalaya, and supports distance learning & flexible part-time courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
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TAFE Courses | Online Education Australia
Our History.
7 October
Exploration in Multiple Links
7 February
Computer Animation Bachelor's Degree - Full Sail University
Full Sail University’s Computer Animation bachelor of science degree program guides students through the same production pipeline used in professional studios – from storyboarding, sketching, and visual development to modeling, character animation, and final compositing. Our computer animation programs begin by exploring the art concepts behind drawing, sculpting, and other traditional forms of expression.
24 April
Age of Exploration
made voyages of exploration possible (view the map). Some of the explorers were looking for a faster way to get to Asia and trade for silk, spices, etc. (and avoid the Moors taxes to cross the Middle East). Many times these voyages were funded by joint stock companies.
8 December
One.IU | All IU Campuses
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17 November
History of exploration
Recent explorations in Krubera-Voronja cave, Western Caucasus, Abkhazia. Denis Provalov and Ilia Zharkov Team Cavex. 14th International Congress of Speleology Athens, Greece August 25, 2005. • History. • Depth measurements. ... History of exploration. • 1960: Georgian karst explorers Found and then explored to ?180 m. • The early 80s: Kiev Club Explored to ?340 meters. • 1999 August: Ukranian team Second Echelon A window at -230 m led to -700 meters Non-Kuibyshevskaya branch to -490 m.
History of Questacon
TimelineJS example...
1 January
Solar System Exploration: A Vision for the Next
While the drivers behind Magellan’s voyage do not appear to be strictly applicable to Mars, the exploration of Antarctica and establishment of scientific bases there may have more relevance. The Antarctic continent was discovered only relatively recently in 1820. ... Highjump Even with a growing commercial whaling and fish-. ing competition off the shores of Antarctica, the modern history of the continent began for political reasons fol-lowing the end of World War II. The United States com-menced operations of Task Force 68 in 1946–1947.
Exploring the unseen West Antarctic coastline
Exploring the unknown. At a site in the Antarctic wilderness on the inner edge of the Ross Ice Shelf, the team will use a hot water drill to bore a 1-foot diameter hole through the ice in January. ... Fuel, supplies and other equipment will again be transported across the ice on sleds, while weather-sensitive instruments will be flown in, including several types of water sensors and samplers, three types of sediment corers, a geothermal probe and a small remotely operated vehicle equipped with cameras for underwater exploration.
29 October
Charts and Exploration
25 February
Mallis | 5. Name one ocean that surrounds Antarctica.
Name _ Date_. Ms. Mallis Antarctica Quiz. 1. Roughly how many people live on Antarctica during the summer? _ 2. What is one endangered animal from Antarctica? _ 3. _% of the continent is covered by an Ice Sheet.
History of exploration of the Sea
• Greeks in 330 BC had begun exploring and classifying animals and plants extensively. • In around 300 BC Alexander the Great had a large (whole body) diving bell commissioned so he could go underwater and explore. The bell was tethered and had an air-in tube and a crude mechanism for eliminating CO2. It was made of wood! History of exploration of the Sea. • Greeks, in 2000 BC started navigating.
Eastern Nazarene College
Located in Quincy, Massachusetts on Boston's historic South Shore, Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) is a distinctively Christian liberal arts college. With approximately 1,100 students distributed across its traditional residential undergraduate, ...
5 September
Nazarbayev University
History & Strategy.
21 March
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Index of /~history/_notes.
23 February
Biola University Library
1864-1964 : the story of one hundred years of the Lord's blessing. Corporate Author. Bethesda Gospel Hall (Singapore).
5 December
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15 December
History of World Architecture
ARCHI 157: History of World Architecture Middle Ages to 18th Century. Gothic. Renaissance.
22 January
The history of life | 9/22/2004: Did Humans Arise from Apes?
9/22/2004: Did Humans Arise from Apes?
29 August
Student Resources
Explore the possibilities with this new knowledge of yourself and apply them to a course of study and ultimately a new career. ... 101) Computers are available for students to access Eureka and online career and job resources. The job board in the resource room is updated daily and a library of career texts is maintained to support students in their career exploration. Community College Resources
3 August
Research in Antarctica
Historians focus on learning history in general, most often their focus are on civilizations, people, etc. similarly there are geologist who study rocks, looking at the changes of time and the patterns all tell a story. Antarctica too has history, hidden and kept in secrecy inside the ice. ... Researching in Antarctica is like a gold mine for scientists. The possibilities are endless; the only thing stopping scientific discoveries now is the lack of funding. With greater funding, scientists will be able to continue their scientific explorations and possibly bring better understanding on the impact humanity is having on the planet.
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8 August
Ice Worlds
The Ice: A Journey to Antarctica by Stephen J. Pyne; University of Iowa Press, 1986. A lyrical essay on Antarctic ice in all its myriad forms, with complementary chapters on Antarctic exploration, literature, earth science, and geopolitics. Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing; Carroll & Graf, 1986. One of the most riveting adventure stories ever written, chronicling Ernest Shackleton's failed attempt to reach the South Pole—and his crew's miraculous escape after their ship was crushed in pack ice.
6 April
Home - History
History at WOU. Learning to think, research, and write about history is useful in a number of careers. Unlike some fields of study, history does not limit students to one job or technology. Foreign service officers, business executives, journalists, lawyers, librarians, archivists, and museum curators have majored in history as undergraduates. ... Historical imagination and research skills provide students with a variety of options as jobs and technology change.
20 August
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17 June
Welcome! | UCR Library
Collections. Equipment. History. Study Spaces. Multimedia Library.
15 December
Ernest Shackleton: The Entrepreneur of Survival - News...
The great polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton never achieved his goal of traversing the continent of Antarctica, but is ... History itself, literature, theater--look to Shakespeare and Henry V, Julius Caesar ... He thought he was going to be an entrepreneur of exploration...
5 December
The Department History at Rhodes College.
S ection III
American Space History: Legacies, Questions . . . 439. Since the time of the Apollo 11 Moon landing in 1969, space history has matured into a much more rigorous and complex area of study, one with which the theme of exploration has long been associated. No photograph better illustrates this connection than the ... 126. See also James A. Spiller, “Constructing America at the Peripheries: The Cultural Politics of United States Science and Exploration in Outer Space and Antarctica, 1950s–1990s” (Ph.D. diss., University of Wisconsin, 1999); Susan L. Mangus, “Conestoga Wagons to the Moon: The Frontier, the...
Antarctic Dry Valleys 2015 | UMass Lowell Blog
The exposure history of these rocks help us better understand how glaciers have grown and shrunk in the past. ... Each student took the time to send us a card with fantastic drawings of Antarctica and Mars, and several ... There’s a definite feeling of exploration.
13 October
Emory's Atlanta Events Calendar | Emory University
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31 July
About Home
General Introduction. Founded in 1964 with land acquired with help from the Boeing family, Shoreline Community College offers more than a hundred excellent academic, professional/technical and workforce training programs to meet the lifelong learning...
17 May
The Franklin Institute | The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Get closer to dinosaurs than ever before in Jurassic World: The Exhibition! Based on one of the biggest blockbusters in cinema history, the exhibition immerses audiences of all ages in scenes inspired by the beloved film. Now, the park that was only a promise comes to life right before your eyes. Buy Tickets. Register for Discovery Camp by April 15 and save! Silliness, smiles, and SCIENCE collide at Discovery Camp at The Franklin Institute. Fill your child’s summer with exploration and discovery. Explore Virtual Reality at the Museum.
9 March
New Page 2
Chapter 3: Scientific exploration. of media effects. Chapter 3 PowerPoint Slides.
30 August
History (HIS) | Catalog
History of Europe to 1715. Attention is given to Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome, Middle Ages society and church, the growth of urban culture and trade, the rise of kings, European exploration of other parts of the world, and the emergence of nation states. Emphasis is on broad social, intellectual, religious, and political movements that shaped Europe on the verge of the modern era. HIS 102 Western Civilization II IAI – H2 902 3 Hours. Prerequisites: None 3 hours weekly (3-0). History of Europe since 1650.
Telescopes from the Ground Up
Explore the history of telescopes, from Galileo to NASA's Great Observatories. Teaching Tips Computer Needs All About Telescopes Telescope Links.
24 September
Antarctica or Atlantis Today and Yesterday
History of exploration. Plate Tectonics. Who lives there? Animals of the Antarctic. What research is carried on? Atlantis/Myths and Legends. Plato's Story. Antarctica and Penguin Activities/Evaluation.
18 April
History of Statistics
History of Statistics. Portraits and Bibliographies of Statisticians from the University of York.
7 December
Newberry Geothermal Exploration Project
blm.gov. Introduction. Plan Conformance. Finding of No Significant Impact Determination.
Submit Brenau Update Article
Institutional Review Board. Learning Center. Overview and History. Staff Contact Information.
25 December
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6 January
History of Hydrocarbon Exploration Activity in Peru
Estuardo Alverez Calderon discussed the history and potential of hydrocarbon exploration in Peru at the Friday, November 8th meeting of DIPS (Denver International Petroleum Society) at the Wynkoop Brewing Company. Mr. Calderon is a Peruvian geologist who holds a degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He has 35 years experience and currently is the VP of Exploration and Production for BPZ Energy (www.bpzenergy.com).
SDSU College of Sciences
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15 December
SysSt E oexlmaprloration
This includes unlikely environments such as hot deep-sea vents, cold Antarctic rocks, acidic hot springs, and rocks many kilometers below the sur-face. A full understanding of the historical relationships between life and the environment requires a synthesis that draws from many dif-ferent fields of science. ... Our robotic exploration of Mars will continue to reveal to us in as-tounding detail the story of martian history, evolution, and biological potential.
Atlas of exploration
The history of exploration is the history of human fascination with the world. Almost from the beginning of humanity, people have felt impelled to venture into unknown regions, displaying incredible endurance and bravery in the face of harsh environments and hostile inhabitants. ... We follow Cortes in Mexico, La Salle on the Mississippi, Darwin in the GalapagosIslands, James Cook in the Antarctic, and many others.
22 July
Vocabulary exercises for learners of English as a second...
Hundreds of vocabulary quizzes for ESL learners.
9 December
History of the Holocaust. HIST-155-hon01: Honors US History (Winter, 2017). Videos Not Showing Up? Click Here!
12 April
Old Mobile Archaeology
The Center promotes the archaeological study and appreciation of the region's prehistoric and historic past; disseminates to the public information about the region's archaeology; and preserves archaeological evidence of the region's past for future study, use, and enjoyment. ... Ground-breaking research at sites like Old Mobile and Port Dauphin has revealed much about Alabama's earliest colonial history.
13 September
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18 August
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2 December
A Brief History of the Computer
As like many ordinary objects around us, we may need clearer understanding of what they are. You may ask "What is a computer?" or "What is a software", or "What is a programming language?" First, let's examine the history. ... This page is compiled with contents from "A Short History of the Computer" by Meyers, Jeremy.
25 April
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11 July
As you sporadically fly through space you end up crash landing on a strange planet. Home Back.
26 March
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13 May
The History of the Development of Libyan Gas and Oil...
Nevertheless in 1940 a program of exploration was initiated but the available equipment was inadequate to deal with the severe conditions of the Saharan Desert. Shortly thereafter war came to Libya and all exploration stopped. ... The oil companies in Libya survived but only with diminished opportunities. (To be continued.) For more on the economic history of Libya see Libya. Sources: John Wright, Libya: A Modern History, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 1982.
19 November
Elizabethan Exploration
Trade and Exploration. One of the main motives for Elizabethan voyages of exploration was to open profitable trading routes. The greatest prizes lay in direct trading routes with the Far East, whose spices flavored and preserved Europe's meat. ... Both were risky ventures because of Portuguese objections to English interlopers, and privateering often played as important a role as trade. War against Spain and exploration also coincided in Sir Francis Drake's circumnavigation of the world, 1577-1580.
25 December
The Case for | Space Exploration: The Power of the Vision
These emerging solutions may well find use in a range of terrestrial settings — anywhere from the dry cold of the Antarctic, to the heat and dust of the Sahara, to the unique and difficult environments in factories worldwide. Another difficult technical area is generating power for surface operations. ... Speaking in Houston on March 11, 2004, just two months after the Vision for Space Exploration was announced, Armstrong gave a professorial lecture on the history of the Space Age, from Sputnik 1 to that first giant leap for mankind. •
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