Population genetics of Antarctic seals
Chapter 3: Pleistocene Population Expansions of Antarctic Pack-Ice Seals Introduction Methods Samples Genetic Methods Sequence and Population Analyses Results MtDNA Variation Effective Population Size Demographic History of Antarctic Pack-Ice Seals Discussion Acknowledgements. ... population sizes of three of the four phocid carnivores that live in the seasonal fast ice and pack ice habitats of the western Amundsen and Ross seas in west Antarctica.
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13 September
Origins: Antarctica: Place: Antarctic Treaty (1) | Exploratorium
Antarctica is governed by the Antarctic Treaty, written in 1959 and adopted in 1961, which has been signed by 27 countries. ... In Antarctica, the answer is: Everything. Antarctica's population is devoted to science. That science is dependent on the natural environment.
13 September
Weddell Seal Population... | Montana State University
The long-term database, which includes data for more than 24,150 marked individuals, contains detailed population information that provides an excellent opportunity to study linkages between environmental conditions and demographic processes in the Antarctic. The Erebus Bay population of Weddell seals in Antarctica's Ross Sea is the most southerly breeding population of mammal in the world.
3 September
Dive and Discover : Expedition 10 : Antarctica
In the Austral summer—January to March—the waters around Antarctica support huge populations of tiny plant-like phytoplankton that provide food for fish, squid, penguins, seals, and whales. ... On Expedition 10, scientists from several universities and institutions will sail on the R/V Laurence M. Gould from the tip of South America to the waters around the Antarctic Peninsula to observe and sample Antarctic salp populations.
30 March
History and fate of a small isolated population
Abstract Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddellii Les-son) at White Island, Antarctica form a small, completely enclosed, natural population hypothesized to be of recent origin, likely founded by individuals from nearby Erebus Bay. This population constitutes an ideal model to docu-ment a founder event and ensuing genetic drift, with implications for conservation.
Real Estate Center Population Data
Population estimates and demographic components of change (births, deaths and migration) annually for states, counties and metropolitan areas. Annual data is available from 1970 to present. Please select a State, County or MSA from the right hand column to view Population Data for a specific area.
24 September
Lesson summary
Smaller populations are more strongly affected by genetic drift than are larger populations. Genetic drift can cause loss of genetic variation in a population. Founder effects occur when a population is founded from a small number of individuals.
29 June
Publications & Media - Michigan Population Studies Center
Publications and Media support at The Michigan Population Studies Center.
29 July
Population regulation
Population regulation. The processes by which population density is governed by factors internal or external to the population; bounded fluctuatins in abundance.
4 February
OPEN | Antarctica
Increase in penguin populations during. the Little Ice Age in the Ross Sea, Antarctica. Qi-Hou Hu1*, Li-Guang Sun1*, Zhou-Qing Xie1*, Steven D. Emslie2 & Xiao-Dong Liu1. ... Penguins are an important seabird species in Antarctica and are sensitive to climate and environmental changes. Previous studies indicated that penguin populations increased when the climate became warmer and decreased when it became colder in the maritime Antarctic.
Publications — UNC Carolina Population Center
Intimate Partner Violence and Gestational Weight Gain in a Population-Based Sample of Perinatal Women. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing. NIHMSID: NIHMS845507. ... Population, Development and the Environment in the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon: Policy Issues. New York: U.N. Division on Sustainable Development.
20 May
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10 August
About Antarctica: Seals
Although there are 35 species of seals, only six types live in Antarctica: Antarctic Fur Seals, Crabeater Seals, Leopard Seals, Ross Seals, and Weddell Seals. However, these six species make up the majority of the world's seal population. With no natural land predators, such as polar bears or man, Antarctic seals behave much differently than northern seals--showing little fear of man.
29 December
Somatic mutation and
4 Analysis of Molecular Variation (AMOVA) revealed that populations within the Windmill Islands region of Antarctica were more genetically differentiated than populations spread among more widely separated temperate regions. 5 Synthesis Our data provide no evidence of elevated mutation rates in the Antarctic, and imply climate change will present ongoing challenges for continental Antarctic moss populations that appear weakly interconnected and with less potential than temperate populations to adapt to...
14 January
Antarctic FAQ
Are there polar bears in Antarctica? Living and Working in Antarctica Who lives in Antarctica? Where do you stay and what were you (an elementary school teacher) doing in Antarctica? What was unusual or unique about Antarctica? ... This treaty protects all wildlife in Antarctica, stating, "...all human activities must be planned and conducted so as to minimize environmental impacts". That means that you can't pet or hug a penguin or any other Antarctic animal.
5 April
Geography + Anthropology | University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Producing legends since 1916. Take your place alongside successful department of Geography and Anthropology students and alumni. Our well-rounded curriculum produces graduates who have exceptional critical thinking, technical and communication skills...
29 August
Invertebrate Zoology Collections Search
iz/?qn=cinachyra+antarctica. The NAME of a TYPE specimen, e.g.
20 October
Polar Regions and Oceans Maps - Perry-Castaneda Map...
Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection. Polar Regions and Oceans Maps. Antarctic Region. ... Antarctic Region. Antarctica (Small Map) 2016 (9.8K).
5 December
UAB - CAS - Antarctica - Home
As such now short two team members to do the lab work and the field work it was long ago decided that we would wrap up the virtual UAB in Antarctica on or about the day Chuck sails. His companion piece will be posted in a few days. ... What a successfully grand way to launch a season of Antarctic diving! Boy were we duped by the weather though! Back on station, Julie with her medieval torture chamber investigated various aspects of this alga of unusual size.
25 February
Polar Biol (1999) 21: 146±150 O Springer-Verlag 1999 ORIGINAL PAPER C. Barbraud a K.C. Delord a T. Micol a P. Jouventin First census of breeding seabirds between Cap Bienvenue (Terre AdeAlie) and Moyes Islands (King George V Land), Antarctica: new records for Antarctic seabird populations Accepted: 28 August 1998 Abstract Breeding population sizes of penguins, ful- needed.
23 October
Confidence Interval for a Population Mean
With repeated sampling from a normally distributed population with a known standard deviation, 100(1- ) percent of all intervals in the form will, in the long run, include the population mean, . The quantity 1- is called the confidence coefficient or confidence level and the interval, , is called the confidence interval for .
11 September
24 April
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18 March
Population Ecology
Thunder Bay on the SRS.
20 June
Antarctic Maps | Polar Geospatial Center
We offer both our own maps of Antarctica, and hundreds of historic maps scanned and archived by the PGC. AAD. ... Antarctic Reference. (2 maps). 1:1M Air Operations Planning Map.
17 July
EEB 5348 – Population Genetics – Web site for EEB 5348...
Population structure can be described by genotypic correlation coefficients between groups of individuals, the most basic of which are the pair-wise relatedness coefficients between any two individuals. There are nine pair-wise relatedness coefficients in the most general model, and we show that these can be reduced to seven coefficients for biallelic loci.
26 November
Antarctica | ANU Press
This is the first book whose subject is the music, sounds and silences of Antarctica. From 2011 until 2014, Australia marked its long-standing connection with Antarctica by celebrating the centenary of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition.
2 May
Population 2
Population 2.
31 December
School of Medicine | Error
For medical school admissions. Visit the Office of Admission for info on application process, financial aid, and student life. For graduate school admissions. Visit the Office of Graduate Education for info on our many doctoral programs and the gradu...
3 October
Population Size and Genetic Drift
Lecture notes. Deviations from the null hypotheses: Finite populations sizes and genetic drift, mutation and gene flow. I. Genetic drift: the effect of population size alone on allele and genotype frequencies. A. Finite population size alone results in a change in allele frequency (which results in a decline in heterozygosity).
22 July
Population III | COSMOS
As the oldest population of stars, the majority of Pop III stars would have exhausted their fuel supplies long ago and would now be observed as remnants (white dwarfs, neutron stars or black holes), the original composition of which is nearly impossible to determine. However, this alone cannot explain the absence of Pop III stars, as those with the lowest masses should still be present (albeit difficult to observe due to their extremely low luminosities) in the Galaxy population today.
18 February
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4 April
Modern Theories of Evolution: Small Population Effects
Small Population Size Effects. Genetic Drift. In small, reproductively isolated populations, special circumstances exist that can produce rapid changes in gene frequencies totally independent of mutation and natural selection. These changes are due solely to chance factors. The smaller the population, the more susceptible it is to such random changes. This phenomenon is known as genetic drift.
29 September
Fecal Coliforms in Antarctica - National Center for Case...
8 March
SDSU College of Sciences
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15 December
Prey and Predator Population Density
This graph shows the relationship between prey population density and predator population density over an extended period of time.
24 April
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Health, Population and the Life Course. Political and Economic Sociology. Social Networks.
2 December
Aurora Forecast | Geophysical Institute
Weather permitting, low-level displays will be visible overhead from Macquarie Island, Australia and the Japanese antarctic Syowa Station, and visible low on the southern horizon from Halley Bay, Antarctica.
4 December
Webpages No Longer Available
The astronomy pages formerly available at this address are no longer available. They were left up, without maintenance, for almost 20 years, because there were many requests from users to do so. However, astronomy and astrophysics knowledge evolves, ...
16 December
1990 census of population and housing., by United States...
The Online Books Page. 1990 census of population and housing. Title
12 December
Portland State College of Urban & Public Affairs: Population...
The mission of PRC is to provide population data, information, research, and analysis for Oregon and its communities. Center staff engage in a variety of demographic activities, including the Oregon State Data Center, the Oregon Population Estimates Program, and a variety of commissioned population projects.
10 September
14 December
Getting there - the start of it all! The Earth is HUGE and Antarctica is really far away from the U.S.! Have you ever tried to find Antarctica on a world map? Try it now. Google a world map or look around your classroom or home and see if you can find a world map that shows the whole Antarctic continent. Its not easy! You can click on the one I put here to see what I mean. Is Antarctica really a long, thin strip like that? NO WAY - that's just the 'projection' most map makers use. The best way to look at Antarctica in the world is with...
Home - Mapping Australia's Population
Monash has achieved an enviable national and international reputation for research and teaching excellence in a short 50 years.
26 March
Unit - University of Canberra
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1 September
NY Sea Grant | Article not Found.
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Florida Museum of Natural History
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12 October
Virtual Tour of Antarctica and South Pole Station
(To just get to Antarctica, of course, you need not go through New Zealand, but to get to the South Pole, most people do go through NZ.) This image came from The Earth and Moon Viewer, specifically a request like this. Want to learn more about the territorial claims on Antarctica? Here is a map from the CIA (387k) with research stations and territorial claims.
19 July
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12 February
Population Projections
Population Projection Methods. A comparison of population projections for. Metropolitan san jose (santa clara county), California. The united states. Using various extrapolation methods. The data for past populations. Year. Population. San jose. California.
10 September
School Population Data
School Population Data. Classroom Total Students. School Population Data.
Lab 4 - Population Growth
When a population with a relatively slow growth rate starts to increase, its “J”-shaped curve is very shallow (= not steep). This growth will accelerate but then slow down again as limiting factors have an affect on the growth rate. As the population approaches “K” its growth rate becomes very small and may stabilize at “K” if there are no drastic changes in its environment.
15 October
Population Distribution
Population Distribution. Data source: Population- Dobson et al.
welcome | Institute of the Environment
Informing choices, advancing solutions. Harnessing the collaborative and interdisciplinary expertise at the University of Arizona and among our many partners, the Institute of the Environment links cutting-edge knowledge and know-how with real-world ...
10 August
Events | The PPIUD Project in the Department of Global...
The PPIUD Project in the Department of Global Health and Population. in Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Tanzania. About.
2 January
Population Genetics
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8 November
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24 January
Population genetics simulation program
A Hardy-Weinberg simulation program. This flash program simulates drift, selection, mutation, migration and bottle neck affect...
9 January
Age Structured Leslie Matrix (Theory) : Population ecology...
Leslie matrix is a discrete, age-structured model of population growth that is very popular in population ecology. It was invented by and named after P. H. Leslie. The Leslie Matrix (also called the Leslie Model) is one of the best known ways to describe. ... This is also used to model the changes in a population of organisms over a period of time. Leslie matrix is generally applied to populations with annual breeding cycle. In a Leslie Model, the population is divided into groups based on age classes (see Fig.
17 April
The Antarctic Continent. Click Here for a Satellite Image of Antarctica. Antarctica is not owned by any one country. Click here to view a map of Antarctic regions and general topographical sites. ... Trivia About Antarctica. Antarctic Timeline and Explorers. Tales of Exploration. NOVA Online/Shackelton
6 August
Antarctica | Academics | University of Colorado Denver
Antarctica, situated in the southern hemisphere and almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle, is the fifth largest continent in area, with 98% of its land mass covered by ice. ... Antarctica Wind Farm - the world’s southern-most wind-farm is being built by New Zealand-based Meridian Energy at Crater Hill, Ross Island, Antarctica to power the needs of New Zealand’s Scott Base as well as the American McMurdo Station.
19 January
The antarctic treaty
The Antarctic Treaty, the earliest of the post-World War II arms limitation agreements, has significance both in itself and as a precedent. It internationalized and demilitarized the Antarctic Continent and provided for its cooperative exploration and future use. ... By the 1950s seven nations -- Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway, andthe United Kingdom -- claimed sovereignty over areas of Antarctica, on the basis of discovery, exploration, or geographic propinquity.
23 December
NC State Alumni Association - NC State University Alumni...
Read More. WolfTreks: Astounding Antarctica. WolfTreks: Astounding Antarctica. Join WolfTreks Travel for an expedition through dramatic ice landscapes, wildlife-rich channels and the dynamic ecosystem of the 7th continent in February 2018.
16 December
404 | The University of Virginia
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15 December
MetEd: Teaching and Training Resources for the Geoscience...
MetEd: Teaching and Training Resources for the Geoscience Community...
16 July
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11 April
Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research
APMRC has recently been renamed the Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research (the 'Hugo Centre'), in recognition of its late Director and founder, Professor Graeme Hugo (AO).
5 April
One Sample t-Test for Population Mean
6 January
Big Bang In Antarctica -- Killer Crater Found Under Ice
The 300-mile-wide crater lies hidden more than a mile beneath the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. ... He and Potts would like to go to Antarctica to confirm the finding. The best evidence would come from the rocks within the crater. Since the cost of drilling through more than a mile of ice to reach these rocks directly is prohibitive, they want to hunt for them at the base of the ice along the coast where the ice streams are pushing scoured rock into the sea.
1 January
Union County College
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21 May
News | Institute for Research in the Social Sciences
Center for Population Research. Center on Poverty and Inequality.
23 September
14. Blue Ice in Antarctica
Antarctica is the best place in the world to find meteorites, and the search for Antarctic meteorites begins with the search for blue ice. ... A fallen meteorite in Antarctica is quickly covered by snow and buried in one of the great Antarctic glaciers. The glaciers slowly move toward the ocean, and their ice turns blue because all its air bubbles are squeezed out.
18 April
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3 April
Basic Genetics
Learn.Genetics visitors, We’re asking for your help. For over 20 years, the Learn.Genetics website has provided engaging, multimedia educational materials at no cost. Learn.Genetics is one of the most-used science websites. Tens of millions of visito...
6 January
Project MUSE
About Project MUSE. Project MUSE is a leading provider of digital humanities and social sciences content; since 1995, its electronic journal collections have supported a wide array of research needs at academic, public, special, and school libraries ...
15 December
Links to the page contain: Underwater Field Guide to Ross Island & McMurdo Sound, Antarctica....
26 December
Click on the continent to learn more about. Antarctica!
9 November
Antarctic Animals
Antarctic Animals. Antarctica — home to ice, penguins, and ... what else ? It's hard to picture a creature that could not only live but also thrive in such a harsh and inhospitable environment. ... Sixty percent of the world’s seal population resides in Antarctica.
31 July
Review | 5. Effective Population Size
One way to use this formula is to calculate F; if you know p and q for a population, and you know the actual frequency of, say, the AA genotype, you can plug those numbers in and calculate F. If there is no inbreeding, F = 0, and you have the basic Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium; if F = 1, you have a completely inbred population. with no heterozygotes at all. To give a concrete example: if you had a population in which only full siblings mated with each other, after ten generations F would be about 0.85. 5. Effective Population Size
UCSB Science Line
If you looked at Antarctica without the ice, it would look quite a bit like a normal rocky land mass. Since it was previously covered by ice, there would be little vegetation on the ground - it would probably look pretty barren. This land mass is almost the same size as the ice that covers Antarctica. ... If the Antarctic ice would melt, scientists predict that the sea levels around the world would rise about 200 feet.
1 December
Antarctic sea ice: seasonal and long-term changes
In late summer (February-March) the areal extent of sea ice around Antarctica is about 4 106 km2. Some coastlines, in particular south of Africa (0-70?E), are entirely ice-free in some years. The ice-covered area increases in autumn at times when passing weather ... Res., Oceans, submitted. Murphy, E. and J. King 1997. Icy message from the Antarctic. Nature, 389, 20-1. Antarctic Co-operative Research Centre, Hobart 1997. New technique to measure the Antarctic sea ice. Report on the Australian Research Centres, p.12.
12 August
Liberty University
Liberty University's website is temporarily down. Web services are momentarily unavailable. We are aware of the issues and are agressively working to resolve them. In most situations, you should not see this error message for more than few minut...
10 October
Open Yale Courses | Global Problems of Population Growth
This survey course introduces students to the important and basic material on human fertility, population growth, the demographic transition and population policy. Topics include: the human and environmental dimensions of population pressure, demographic history, economic and cultural causes of demographic change, environmental carrying capacity and sustainability.
29 November
Population Vocabulary
Population Vocabulary. Reset Help.
31 March
The Polish Antarctic Station, Henryk Arctowski
Questions and comments please send to Department of Antarctic Biology Polish Academy of Sciences at Arctowski-info@dab.waw.pl.
Future Science Opportunities in Antarctica and the Southern...
National Research Council; Division on Earth and Life Studies; Polar Research Board; Committee on Future Science Opportunities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Antarctica and the surrounding Southern Ocean remains one of the world's last fr...
20 November
The Mahon Lab in Antarctica
The Mahon Lab in Antarctica. UPDATE: The November-December 2013 cruise went extremely well. Samples are returning to lab as we speak and we’ll post blog entries on anything new as we go along.
Unit 3 - Population Growth and Regulation
Sometimes the factors that affect population growth are environmental, such as the presence of limited resources. Other times it is the trade off between factors such as survival and reproduction, or the number of young, and the size of each young produced. Species have evolved as a result of these environmental pressures, and this often gives rise to predictable patterns of survivorship and reproduction.
9 March
CIA - The World Factbook -- Antarctica
Antarctica :: Antarctica.
20 October
People | Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal...
Population Genetics, Molecular Ecology, Evolutionary Biology. ... Assistant Professor. Plant Population and Community Ecology, Global Change, Conservation.
16 December
ANTARCTICA. Home Image Map Search References Links.
19 July
Main | World Meteorological Organization's World Weather...
Latest News. New Records: Antarctic High Temperatures & World Tropical Cyclones. We are announcing new records on Wednesday, 1 March 2017 for Antarctic High Temperatures and for Global Tropical Cyclones.
6 November
South America. Antarctica.
30 December
Antarctica and Argentina with Lois and Jason
Antarctica and Argentina. February 2 - 20, 2001. As our ship cast off from the dock at Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to begin our voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula, we hear the dock hands call out "Have a good Drake." As we learned, that also is the common sign off between ships sailing the Antarctic or Southern Ocean. And for good reason. Crossing the Drake was just the beginning of our Antarctic adventure.
6 December
Population. Sample. Sampling distribution of the mean.
The Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences
Evolution, Ecology and Population Biology. Human and Statistical Genetics. Immunology.
13 August
Los Angeles Population History
Population history of Los Angeles from 1890 - 1990. year rank population.
6 September
Population Density
21 March
2010 Census Institute for Policy & Social Research
Kansas. Total Population by Reported Race. Asian or Pacific Islander. Black or African American. ... Population by Race - Historical Trends. The 2000 U.S. Census changed significantly from preceding censuses in the way race was recorded. In prior years, respondents were forced to place themselves into only one of the categories for race.
14 October
Louisiana State University
Louisiana State University (LSU) LSU is the flagship university for Louisiana, supporting land, sea and space grant research.
31 July
Answers -- population genetics problems
Answers -- population genetics problems. 1) A study on blood types in a population found the following genotypic distribution among the people sampled: 1101 were MM, 1496 were MN and 503 were NN. Calculate the allele frequencies of M and N, the expected numbers of the three genotypic classes (assuming random mating). Using X2, determine whether or not this population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.
12 February
Modelling Fish Populations for Sustainability
Modelling Fish Populations for Sustainability.
1 March
Home page for the University of California, Irvine.
Home page for the University of California, Irvine.
15 December
(RFPK) Resource Facility for Population Kinetics
The Resource Facility for Population Kinetics (RFPK) is a computer resource facility at the University of Washington that emphasizes compartmental modeling and population kinetic analysis of biomedical and pharmaceutical data using its 3-Compartment Model Population Kinetic Analysis tool.
2 January
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23 March
Internet Storm Center - SANS Internet Storm Center
SANS Internet Storm Center - A global cooperative cyber threat / internet security monitor and alert system. Featuring daily handler diaries with summarizing and analyzing new threats to networks and internet security events.
8 August
Population and Housing Estimates | Kentucky State Data...
The Census Bureau in conjunction with the Federal-State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates produce annual estimates of the total resident population for the nation, states, counties, and incorporated cities. The data files below contain the most recent population estimates for Kentucky, ADDs, and Counties: Total Population (2010-2016) Updated: March 23, 2017.
15 January
z for population
Normal Distribution for Individual Values (Population).
9 December
Antarctica video
12 December
Population Control and Consequences in China
China has the highest population in the world, encompassing 1.2 billion or twenty one percent of the world's population (P.R.B. 7). China faces serious social and economic problems associated with overpopulation in the years to come. Overly populated regions lead to degradation of land and resources, pollution, and detrimental living conditions. The Chinese government has tried to find a solution to the problem of increasing population with moderate success.
2 March
Welcome to the College of Population Health
Register for the Upcoming Population Health Academy (Spring) 5/1-5/511/21/16. April Forum: Medicare at 50: Its Effect on Disparities04/12/17. ... Hearst Health, A division of Hearst, and the Jefferson College of Population Health of Thomas Jefferson University today announced that Intermountain Healthcare is the winner of the 2017 Hearst Health Prize Read More.
31 July
London Dominguez. Glaciation of Antarctica.
Courses | St. Bonaventure University
Population Analysis. An introduction to population theories and a survey of world population trends with some focus given to demographic phenomenon in the United States.
5 October
Images of Antarctica
21 June
Videos of antarctica
Videos of antarctica. Click on the highlighted titles below Then click on the arrow to start the video. Cruising Antarctica – on board the MS Fram. Get Ready to Explore – hurtigruten comes to Antarctica. Destination Antarctica – photo opportunities Destination Antarctica – what to pack.
Cosmology, Population III
The term ``Population III'' has been used to describe two types of stars: (1) the ones which form out of the pristine gas left over after cosmological nucleosynthesis and generate the first metals; and (2) the ones which have been hypothesized to provide the dark matter in galactic halos. Stars of the first kind definitely exist, but may not warrant a special name.
15 March
Special Population - Albany Technical College
The Special Population office is designed to assist students with support services, resource referrals, customized workshops and life skills. The program provides effective guidance to assist students in overcoming barriers to stay in school and achieve their career goals. Special Populations serves students enrolled in Career and Technical Occupation programs and are members of one of the following Special Populations
11 June
Changes related to "File:Population .png" - The World at...
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19 November
Plymouth Populations, 1620-1690
John Smith's 1624 estimate of 180 people living at Plymouth, according to the evidence available, appears to be accurate. We know that a few of Weston's settlers joined the community in Plymouth after his settlement's disastrous end. The next population estimate available is that of the cattle division of 1627. Although only 156 people were involved in it, this number would not include the thirty particulars.
7 February
Exponential Growth and Population
Human population increases exponentially: While humans may eventually define a logistic growth curve ; currently there is no evidence that this is the case. The only think that is demonstrable, as shown below, is that the rate of growth of the world's population is decreasing, but it's still exponential in nature. here is the data. In other words, the population doubling time is increasing, but there still is a characteristic doubling time. (70/n).
6 March
population. This. graphic. representation then makes it very. easy to see and understand the. characteristics of that population. in terms of its future growth. potential. Population pyramids are usually. constructed using the percent of. the population by gender in various.
Please fill in the form before starting the download. We may request a more detailed, written prospectus and contact you later regarding your research and results. When you are finished with filling in the form, please click [Finished the Form] in th...
7 June
E. Land-Weber Exhibition: Abandoned Boat, Antarctica
Abandoned Boat, Antarctica. Return to Antartica.
22 February
Marietta College World Population
24 October
Untitled Document
The RV Gould docked at Palmer Station Antarctica.
25 September
Oklahoma Population Institute
oklahoma population institute (OPI). News (11/1/11). Site updates.
3 July
ANTARCTICA. UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY: Science for a changing world. ... The potential sea-level rise after melting of the entire Antarctic ice sheet is estimated to be 73 m. In spite of its importance, the mass balance (the net volumetric gain or loss) of the Antarctic ice sheet is poorly known; it is not known whether the ice sheet is growing or shrinking.
2 December
2. Rise of agriculture: allows higher population density (1 person per 1 km2), total population of 100 million. 3. Industrial revolution/Machine Age: rapid increase in population as health care and food supply increase; total population about 1 billion in early 1800’s.
25 April
13 U.S. Code § 141 - Population and other census information
Tabulations of population for the areas identified in any plan approved by the Secretary shall be completed by him as expeditiously as possible after the decennial census date and reported to the Governor of the State involved and to the officers or public bodies having responsibility for legislative apportionment or districting of such State, except that such tabulations of population of each State.
27 February
Estimation of a Population Mean
We will first consider this estimation problem when the population has a normal distribution, and then we will examine the extension of these methods to populations that are not necessarily normally distributed. The CLT for sample means states that if the population has approximately a normal distribution with mean and standard deviation , then the distribution of is approximately .
9 April
Welcome to the Maryland Population Research Center
"Drawing together leading scholars from diverse disciplines to support, produce, and promote population-related research of the highest scientific merit." Unique longitudinal dataset. Kinship support for young children of single mothers.
2 January
Population Simulator
This simulation uses United Nations world population projections to simulate future population trends for the whole world or of individual countries. Students can make their own simulations by adjusting fertility, life expectancy,and the sex ratio at birth. ... Students could use the simulator to test the impacts of death rate and birth rate on a population. This activity could be adjusted to various lengths including a basic look at birth rate and death rate activity to a much longer project examining population trends.
26 January
Home - Business Statistics - UIowa Wiki
Minitab Page: Multiple Page: One-way fixed effects ANOVA Page: Population Mean Page: Population Proportion Page: Power and Significance Page: Properties Page: Proportions Page: Sample space Page: Sampling Distributions Page: Seasonal Components Page: Simple Page: Summarizing Data Page: Syllabus Page: The Normal Distribution Page: Trends Page: Variance Page: Variance and Standard Deviation Page: Virtual Desktop.
8 August
Population Genetics
simulations of gene trees by coalescence, either within a single population or in a diverging population or species tree. simulations of sequence evolution, which can be used to evolve haplotypes on a gene tree. calculations of fit of a gene tree to a population tree or population subdivision (Slatkin & Maddison's s, Maddison's deep coalescences).
22 February
Population Change in Ohio: Animated Maps
See an Unanimated Proportional Map of Ohio Population!
30 January
Mount Bird, Ross Island, Antarctica
Wright, A.C., and Kyle, P.R., 1990, A.15. Mount Bird, in LeMasurier, W.E., and Thomson, J.W., eds., Volcanoes of the Antarctica Plate and Southern Oceans, American Geophysical Union, Antarctica Research Series, v. 48, p. 97-98.
Whoa... That page has been archived. | CAST | University of...
20 January
Blood Falls, Antarctica - MicrobeWiki
Blood Falls, Antarctica is a subglacier outflow that hosts a habitat of microbes. Blood Falls is able to be seen due to the interactions between Taylor Glacier and Lake Bonney. The subglacier outflow...
9 April
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12 December
Antarctica is no place for politicking, News, La Trobe University
Mawson's expedition in Antarctica was about territorial gain.
12 October
6 December
Mahsa University
Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctica Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegowina Botswana Bouvet Island Brazil British Indian Ocean Territory Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Cayman Islands Central African Republic Chad Chile China Christmas Island Cocos...
12 September
World Population Projections
World Population Growth Rates, 1950-2050. Source: U.S. Census Bureau, "International Data Base," http://www.census.gov/ipc/www/idbnew.html
19 January
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences - University of...
Munoz Spends Six Weeks at Sea. Yuribia Munoz participated in a research expedition to Antarctica aboard the research vessel and ice breaker Araon. It was her third field season in the Antarctic as a UH student. Team Wins First Place in IBA Program Competition.
17 December
Diversity Explosion: The cultural... | Brookings Institution
Demographics & Population.
19 February
Statistics: Introduction | Population vs Sample
The population includes all objects of interest whereas the sample is only a portion of the population. Parameters are associated with populations and statistics with samples. Parameters are usually denoted using Greek letters (mu, sigma) while statistics are usually denoted using Roman letters (x, s). There are several reasons why we don't work with populations. They are usually large, and it is often impossible to get data for every object we're studying.
16 May
World Popul Demographic.
Links to the page contain: Population graphs....
U.S. Population Projections
U.S. Population Projections: 2012 to 2060. Jennifer M. Ortman Population Division. Presentation for the FFC/GW Brown Bag Seminar Series on Forecasting. Washington, DC February 7, 2013. ... • First series based on the 2010 Census • Projections of the U.S. population by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin • Covers the period from 2012 to 2060. U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration.
Science 219 | Freezing of Antarctica Replay
Freezing of Antarctica Replay.
5 May
These are pictures of field work in West Antarctica, near Ice-stream B, around McMurdo, and on an icebreaker offshore Antarctica south of Chile. Click on the menu to the left for different pages of Photos. Up Bravo (Upstream B) was a remote camp on ice stream "B" that feeds the Ross Ice Shelf.
24 September
Chinese Literacy Development
6-8 Can Do Statements 2012. Theme, Goal, Population, Time.
5 February
50+ Population
In 2002, it was over twenty-seven percent. By 2020, it will be over thirty-five percent. The size of the 50 plus population will more than double in the next 35 years. Our nation faces a demographic revolution as 78 million boomers enter their retirement years. A baby boomer turns 60 every 7.5 seconds.
1 October
Confidence Intervals for Two Populations
In this approach if the confidence interval with a desirable confidence level contains the null hypothesis value, then one might not reject the null hypothesis. Enter your up-to-80 sample data from the first population, and the second population in the following two tables, and a desirable confidence level. Blank entry boxes are not included in the calculations but zeros are.
20 February
"Population Sampling (continued)"
21 February
Curtin University, Western Australia’s largest, most culturally...
Curtin is a leading Australian university with campuses in Australia & South-East Asia offering undergraduate, postgraduate & research opportunities.
15 December
Population Geography
Immigration- migration of the population from one sovereign state to another. Out- Migration - movement of a population out of a sovereign state, usually a result of a lagging economy or civil strife. Median Age - the middle or fiftieth percentile in regards to age within a population. Average Age - the sum of all ages divided by the total number of the population.
28 June
0 0. Rotational Level Population for CO Plotted at Ni/N0.
Biological Diversity 9 | Altering Population Growth | Back to Top
Human activity frequently disturbs living systems and affects these interactions. Ecological predictions are, of a consequence, often more general than we would like. Population Growth | Back to Top. A population is a group of individuals of the same species living in the same geographic area. The study of factors that affect growth, stability, and decline of populations is population dynamics.
24 March
Modeling Population Growth
Developed in the 1940's, this model has been used by demographers to model human population growth as well as the growth of animal populations. The mathematical background for this project is in this document, but you might want to look at section 5.1 on eigenvalues. (This project is based on an example taken from Applications of Linear Algebra by Rorres and Anton.)
14 January
Population, Enrollment and
Population, Enrollment and Resource Needs Projections. Strategic plan for managing growth, 2016-2025. Utah Valley University Institutional Effectiveness and Planning. Jeffrey Alan Johnson, Interim Director April 4, 2016. County Population Projections.
Kilauea Point Albatross Population Data
Graph: Number of Laysan Albatross Nests and Chicks at Kilauea Point. Using the data at the bottom of the page, complete the bar graph below, which shows the number of nests and chicks that fledged (flew off after nesting) each year. There are two &qu...
14 December
News | UNH Today
DURHAM, N.H. – Migration increased the diversity of the population in two-thirds of U.S. counties between 2000 and 2010, according to new research released by the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire, but the influence was far from uniform as it varied by race, age...
11 July
Planning Your Trip
kinds of facts, then Antarctica is the continent for you. When to Go. T. 3 he seasons in the southern hemisphere are the opposite of those in the northern hemisphere. Summertime in Antarctica is November, December, and January. Wintertime is June, July, and August. ... In an Antarctic winter, the sun never rises. 4 For much of the year, Antarctica is surrounded by ice. In the dead of winter, the sea.
Index of /resources/special-populations
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7 December
Antarctica ©1991 Suzanne Duranceau. Back.
20 December
Report #1: Hobart, Australia, to Mawson, Antarctica
Added to the ice everywhere was a very light snowfall - definitely felt you were in Antarctica! From there the sightings started pouring in. In addition to recording whales and their habitat (ice-types), we're also recording seals. It got really busy as crabeater seals were resting on ice floes everywhere as we crunched past. Antarctic minke whale recordings were trickling in at a few an hour, but enough to keep the interest up.
4 October
Sea Stacks, Gibbs Island, Antarctica
Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay First-time Visitors: Please visit Site Map and Disclaimer. Use "Back" to return here. When rocky headlands are eroded by the sea, the last remnants are often isolated rocks called sea stacks. These are on the north shore of Gibbs Island, Antarctica. Notice there is no snow or ice in the picture. Not everything in Antarctica is covered by ice.
23 September
Course search
Student type. To view information about this course, please indicate whether you are a local or international student.
17 September
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24 November
Populations and Speakers | Alaska Native Language Center
The following table gives estimates of the population of speakers of Alaska Native languages in reference to the relevant community population. Numbers such as these should be interpreted with caution. As Krauss notes: Arriving at statistics of number of speakers of indigenous languages out of total relevant population is complicated by two types of major factors.
13 December
Antarctica Basal Heat Flux - Interactive System for Ice sheet...
A NetCDF file containing updated basal heat flux data for Antarctica projected and interpolated onto the standard 5km grid can be downloaded by clicking here. Metadata in the file describes its contents and is also given in the table below.
22 February
History/Geography: Railways and Social Change in France and Great Britain, 1830-1930 > Population Change. England and Wales.
6 April
Exploring News & Features - Molly Miller's Adventures in...
For 26 years, Molly Miller has been a professor of geology at Vanderbilt. Every four or five years, she sheds her lab coat to don multiple layers of fleece and fabric in order to collect rock samples in the ultimate geologic laboratory: Antarctica. In this frozen landscape she looks for, and finds, evidence that an abundant animal community flourished there more than 200 million years ago.
11 December
Punctuated equilibrium: A long time ago, there were a lot of tiger-like animals, but without stripes. One time, a mutation occurred in a few of the animals, causing a huge change: they were born with stripes! This was so helpful to survival that out of the whole population, none or almost none of those with stripes died of hunger. They lived to reproduce, and their striped offspring also did very well. Over only a few generations, the whole population was born striped.
11 September
Muslim Population In The USA
The Muslim Population In The United States " A Brief Statement " By Fareed H. Numan, American Muslim Council (AMC), December 1992. [Ed. note: Readers should keep in mind that it is in the interests of organizations supporting Muslim political power in the U.S. to assert that higher numbers of Muslims are American citizens.
19 February
Antarctica works as living global warming
"And one of the key things is finding the warm periods, because we are going into a warming phase now." Powell is one of the chief scientists on the ANDRILL project -- shorthand for Antarctic Geologic. Drilling Program -- where a massive drill burrows down about 80 metres of sea ice, 830 metres of. The Star Online > Worldupdates. December 10,2006. Antarctica works as living global warming laboratory.
Estimating Population Parameters
• How to construct and interpret condence intervals for the population mean. Estimating Population Parameters. Paraphrased from our text - section 6.1. The requirements for the methods of this section: 1. The sample size is at least 30 or the population is normally distributed and the population standard deviation ? is known.
Remote sensing antarctica.
19 March
Untitled Document
Source: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, "Historical, Demographic, Economic, and Social Data: The United States, 1790-1970" [Computer file] (Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, 1997). Questions: 1. In what region of the country did free African Americans constitute the largest percentage of the total population?
27 July
Browse Population Index
You are now able to browse the entire collection of Population Index citations for 1986-2000. This collection includes all issues published in the printed journal between 1986 (Volume 52, Number 1) and 1999 (Volume 65, Number 4), as well as 71 new abstracts of population literature that were not published in the printed journal (called Volume 66, Number 1).
25 July
OpenCourseWare at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health...
17 May
Index of /public/Antarctica_2013/Chinstrap
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30 August
Antarctica. Like the first men, fear plunges its axis through. Our scientists made a mistake.
15 April
IceCube (Antarctica)
IceCube (Antarctica). Faculty: Joanna Kiryluk.
6 December
Intro & Population
17 April
Population Genetics
POPULATION =. community of potentially interbreeding individuals in a given locality. locality - geographic/cultural (social). Dunkers - Franklin Co. Isolate = breeding population (in-mating group) GENE POOL = all the genes present in a population. ... Population unlikely to change allele frequencies: Infinietely large, randomly mating, No natural selection, no mutation, no admixture. Hypothetical non-evolving population. IF population is in H-W Equilibrium
Population Science Informed Consent module
Articulate - The leader in rapid e-learning and communications.
7 December
MEVO | Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory
Live Data Feeds. Seismic Activity. Environmental Data.
Links to the page contain: MEVO (Erebus Antarctica) Volcano page....
4 October
Untitled Document
Links to the page contain: Antarctica....
2 December
ANTARCTIC FUNGI | Connell Lab | University of Maine
Projects - ANTARCTIC FUNGI. Antarctica in the Media. flag and ob tube 2010. ... Which microbes are the main players in utilizing inorganic carbon and chemical energy and nutrients from rocks and soils that are very poor in organic matter?Antarctica is a very harsh continent with very little life. Food webs have to be very “creative” to adjust to conditions that have been compared to life on other planets or life during the early Earth.
1 December
The population of
Ottoman population statistics were sometimes deliberately falsified, either to make a political point or simply because the writer would not admit that he did not know.1 Europeans who took the simple expedient of asking Armenians their group’s numbers drew up many estimates. Travellers constructed total population numbers by multiplying the numbers in the villages and towns they had observed.
OEC - Products that Antarctica exports to South Korea (2010)
10 April
Paleobotany in Antarctica
Paleobotany in Antarctica. Collecting Permineralized Fossil Plants from Jurassic Sediments of the Transantarctic Mountains, Southern Victoria Land. Travel to Antarctica (A Quick Flick). Participants. Geography and Stratigraphy of Fossils.
10 October
Bookmarks. Winter Holiday. Holiday Shapes. United States. Continents. Plants & Animals.
29 August
Population: 10 individuals. Phenotype frequency: 30% blue eyes (or 0.3) 70% brown eyes (or 0.7). ... Possible gametes in the population. Population 10 individuals.
U.S. Population Density
U.S. Population Density (By Counties). MAP KEY. Population per square mile.
University of Miami
Showing Our Colors for Pride. Population Geneticist Shares His Knowledge. Apr 17 cam fest. Apr 19 SIP & sketch.
15 December
Antartica images 2005 | Virtual Field Trip - Antarctica
22 September
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20 August
Food Supply: Land Use: Population Growth. Water Consumption
News Desk : Florida Atlantic University
Headlines. FAU Receives $1 Million Gift to Name the Leon Charney Diplomacy Program Florida Atlantic University has received a $1 million gift from the family of Leon Charney to name the Leon Charney Diplomacy Program within FAU’s Peace Justice and Hu...
22 January
Population Size
Population Size. 1. 0.9.
Population Genetics Simulation
The following exercises in population genetics are designed to lead you through evolutionary experiments with a Medelian trait. The first parts examine fundamental concepts; the other parts use a simulation of the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and show how allelic frequencies are affected by varying genotype survival rates, initial allele percentage, and population size.
5 March
Infinite Populations
Part 1: Variability of Sample Means in Finite versus Infinite Populations. This part may not help you very much if you haven’t learned about this formula yet: . But if you have learned about this formula, then let me tell you that it’s false if the population is finite. It was derived under the assumption that the population is infinite. When do mere mortals ever encounter genuinely infinite populations?
19 April
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Astronomy Resources. The Institute offers a wide range of information services and software tools to astronomers and the public. Many of these resulted from our work on the HST mission, others are initiatives of our scientific and technical staff, an...
2 December
Antarctica | Population
Population. Antarctica has no permanent residents, but a number of governments maintain permanent research stations throughout the continent. ... The first semi-permanent inhabitants of regions near Antarctica (areas situated south of the Antarctic Convergence) were British and American sealers who used to spend a year or more on South Georgia, from 1786 onward.
12 October
Population Statistics – International Student & Scholar...
3 July
Population Studies & Training Center
Stop by to catch up with PSTC associates, alumni, and friends at the Brown reception during the Population Association of America's annual meeting in Chicago. ... Read the latest issue of the PSTC newsletter, which focuses on global population health.
16 August
Total County Population
Total County Population Total Incorporated Population Total Unincorporated Population Population 18 and Over.
Population Clock Webquest
Record the population, date, and time for the nation in a spreadsheet (Excel) or a Stat Plotter (TI-82+). You will need to get population data at 10 different times that are all at least 5 minutes apart. Use other web sites to research questions and retrieve data. ... Questions to be answered in a Word document: (Be sure to include the URL of the web site that you found the answer to these questions.) 1. Is this the "actual" population count? Explain how this number was determined. 2. What is Bellingham's most recent...
28 February
African American Population
Population Maps. Scholars Corner. African American Population.
15 February
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9 August
Learning the Basics
However, in virtually all survey research, sampling is conducted without replacement from populations that are of a finite size N. In these cases, particularly when the sample size n is not small in comparison with the population size N (i.e., more than 5% of the population is sampled) so that n/N > 0.05, a finite population correc-tion factor (fpc) is. used to define both the standard error of the mean and the standard error of the proportion.
3. What processes are responsible for producing genetic divergence among populations? 4. How do biological characteristics of a population, such as breeding system, fecundity, and age structure, influence the gene pool of the population? To answer these questions population geneticists develop mathematical models and equations to describe what happens to the gene pool of a population under various conditions.
18 May
23 May
Since the growth factor is 0.6, the population is
Math 111 Quiz #4 Answers. 1. (a) 10 thousand (b) Since the growth factor is 0.6, the population is decreasing each year by 40%. (c) P (2) = 10(0.6)2 = 10(0.36) = 3.6 thousand. 2. A = 3000(1.15)t. 3. We need to nd a and b for our exponential function of the form f (x) = a · bx.
Original population:1,000,000.
27 November
Virtual Antarctica
Every year, people go to Antarctica during their summer months (December-­?February) to conduct research. These people fly into Antarctica, must be transported to the research station in Antarctica (McMurdo Station) and, eventually, must be transported back to the airport so they can fly home. All of this must be done in a way that is fuel efficient to lower costs, and time efficient to reduce the hours wasted in transport.
In Antarctica it gets very cold, so penguins have thick...
fun facts. By Kennesen and Megan. I am a little penguin I just hatched from a egg that my mom laid on the cold ice in Antarctica. I like eating fish, krill, squid, crustaceans, cephalopods and many other things. Emperor Penguins.
18 December
LETTERS. A recent volcanic eruption beneath the West Antarctic ice sheet. Hugh f. j. corr* and david g. vaughan. British Antarctic Survey, Natural Environment Research Council, Cambridge CB3 0ET, UK *e-mail: h.corr@bas.ac.uk. ... However, only volcanoes that protrude through the ice sheet4 and those inferred from geophysical techniques1,2. have been mapped so far. Here we analyse radar data from the Hudson Mountains, West Antarctica5, that contain reections.
University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Cooperative...
Your best source for unbiased, research-based information on agriculture, communities, the economy, families and youth.
12 September
Qatar University
The expected increase in population and special events that occur in Qatar on regular basis prompted the QU College of Engineering to establish the Road Safety Studies Center (QRSSC). ... Qatar University currently boasts a population of over 18,000 students, and a successful alumni body of over 40,000. Qatar University proudly offers an extraordinary group of over 2,000 prestigious faculty, ranging from carefully selected international experts.
10 December
Antarctica Research | Christine Siddoway
Colorado College, U.C. Santa Barbara, University of Minnesota, University of Maryland students and colleagues who contributed / collaborated on Antarctic research. A new current collaboration is with GNS Science, New Zealand, and the Polar Geospatial Center, USA, to develop Antarctic GEOMap, an online geological map resource for Antarctica. Supported by
11 February
Antarctic Team :: Abstract
Greetings! Welcome to the Antarctic's Team web site. This site documents the research that we've conducted during the 2011 - 2012 academic school year. Feel Free to Navigate.
25 July
Botanical Name: Dicksonia antarctica. Sounds like ... Dicksonia. species. antarctica. Name Derivation. G: Dickson - English botanist.
1 January
Popualtion Data
The student population averaged 1,607 over the five years. [1,608; 1,614; 1,627; 1,597; 1,590; from 1991 to 1996 respectively]. The only major differences were in 1993-1994 when the school gainded thirteen students, and in 1994-1995 they lost thirty students. These jumps are slight considering we are talking about 1,600 students. So in our study, the population did not influence our findings.
7 November
An Application of Linear Algebra in Population Biology
A population can be dened as “a group of plants, animals, or other organisms, all of the same species, that live together and reproduce” (Gotelli, 1995). Population biology, then, is the branch of ecology which is concerned with the study of how distinct populations change over time and how they interact with both biotic and abiotic factors in their environment. These environmental factors will aect the birth rates, death rates, and even fecundity of the population in question.
Antarctica | Population
Antarctica is the southern most part of the world. It is the 3rd smallest continent in the world. It is about half of the size of the United States. 98% of the continent is covered by the worlds largest ice sheet, the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Because of this, Antarctica is always changing. Population: There are no residents of Antarctica. However, scientists make long trips to Antarctica to complete studies.
4 April
A Study of Posttraumatic Stress in a Student Population.
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29 April
Population Standard Deviation: Inside
We will work on learing this formula from the inside out. Consider the expression below: This is the sum of the difference between each individual data item and the mean of the whole set of data items. The next stage is to look at the quantity: This ...
16 February
Population Estimates & Projections - Institute for Economic...
19 December
Need to establish the numbers of Spp 1 & 2 (N1 & N2)
At Equilibrium (no change in population size)
9 February
2007 Antarctica Marathon, Sponsored by Capella University
Two expedition vessels will ferry the runners from Ushuaia, Argentina, through the Beagle Channel, across Drake Passage, through the South Shetland Islands and along the Antarctic Peninsula to King George Island. Runners will take Zodiac boats from the ship to the shore to run the race. Stay tuned to this site to follow the Capella runners' progress as they prepare for the race. Quick facts about the Antarctica Marathon.
10 April
Population Density
Population Density. Legend. < 1 per/ha.
19 April
2013 Antarctic Blog
Day 2: Extremophiles sampling begins among Antarctic Islands. Day 3: Punta Hannah (Livingston Island) and more penguins than you can shake a stick at. Day 4: The caldera of Deception Island and hot spring sampling. Day 5: Bernado O'Higgins Research Base on the Antarctic Peninsula. ... 2/17–2/18/2013. Punta Arenas, Chile. Chilean Antarctic Institute training. 2/19–2/24/2013. Antarctica/King George Island/Aquiles. Environmental sampling on islands in Antarctic Ocean.
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