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Antarctic Wildlife
Antarctic Wildlife. The Antarctic continent is a harsh environment for life. The temperature on most of the mainland never rises above freezing and the continent is covered in ice. Only some hardy lichens are able to survive inland. However, the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica is one of the most amazing ecosystems on earth and is home to a variety of incredible creatures.
18 July
Antarctica’s Wildlife in a Changing Climate
The impacts of these pollutants on Antarctic species is unknown, but they have been shown to have deleterious affects on humans and wildlife. Invasive species are also of large concern, as is climate change. ... Crabeater, Weddell, Ross and Leopard seals are ice-dependent species, reliant on sea ice for reproduction and foraging. Southern Elephant and Fur seals, however, are not as dependent on the ice for feeding, wintering and breeding. A Minke whale breaches off the icy coast of Antarctica.
26 October
Antarctic FAQ | Wildlife Can you pet or hug a penguin?
Living and Working in Antarctica Who lives in Antarctica? Where do you stay and what were you (an elementary school teacher) doing in Antarctica? What was unusual or unique about Antarctica? ... This treaty protects all wildlife in Antarctica, stating, "...all human activities must be planned and conducted so as to minimize environmental impacts". That means that you can't pet or hug a penguin or any other Antarctic animal.
5 April
READING GUIDE | Antarctica, A Guide to the Wildlife
The Crystal Desert. 2002, PAPER, 308 PAGES, $20.95. A biologist with the heart of a poet, Campbell focuses on the fossils, glaciers and wildlife of the Antarctic Peninsula in these vivid essays. (Item ANT01). Tony Soper. Antarctica, A Guide to the Wildlife. 2013, PAPER, 160 PAGES, $25.99. Designed for the field, this compact handbook features all the species of birds, seals and whales the traveler is likely to encounter on an Antarctic voyage.
Lowen, J.: Antarctic Wildlife: A Visitor's Guide. (Paperback)
Detailed species accounts describe key identification features, give tips on where to look, and highlight interesting facts. This one-of-a-kind guide also includes introductory chapters that cover the wildlife of each Antarctic environment by season, as well as information on tourism and Antarctic cruising that will help visitors get the most from their trip. ... "A must have guide for those visiting Antarctica!"--Ian Paulsen, Birdbooker Report. "An eminently practical, accurate, useable and indispensable field guide perfect to bring on your Antarctic cruise. Or even just to keep on your bedside table. . . .
11 November
Reveal the Antarctic undersea to you, through the efforts of our undersea specialists and ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). Help you capture the amazing scenery and wildlife with a unique expedition photography program, including an onboard National Geographic photographer. ... To be in the stunning wilderness of Antarctica—seeing, learning, and doing interesting things—I can’t imagine a more meaningful and memorable experience. To reserve your place, please return the enclosed reservation form or call Lindblad Expeditions toll free at 888-773-9007.
The comparative importance of Antarctic wildlife as a factor motivating respondents to undertake their journey is assessed and the evaluation of travellers following their Antarctic visit is considered. The relative importance of different Antarctic wildlife species is taken into account as well as Antarctic attractions other than wildlife. The attitudes of respondents to several environmental issues involving Antarctica, (eg. the commercial use of its natural resources and global environmental change impacting on Antarctica) are canvassed and summarised.
11 December
Sample Field Program | Expedition ship to Antarctic Peninsula
Board expedition ship for cruise through Beagle Channel to Antarctica. Geology of Antarctica and glaciation. 3F 1.5L. Antarctic Wildlife: Marine mammals and seabirds 2L. Ship excursions, Zodiac landings, and wildlife viewing. Student seminar. ... Antarctica as an extreme environment Ship excursions and wildlife spotting Student seminars. International management of Antarctica; legal frameworks.
ASTOUNDING | Discover Antarctica
Join us for a truly life-changing adventure to experience the boundless beauty and pristine vastness of Antarctica. This remote continent and its precarious waterways have hosted some of the most valiant explorers in history, and have been the scenes of both triumph and tragedy since Captain Cook first sailed the region in 1773. Embark from Ushuaia, Argentina, and cruise through notorious Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands amid the Antarctic Peninsula—exploring the dramatic landscapes and remarkable wildlife that call this continent home.
Three Projects Named as Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund
The Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund (AWR) c/o Schjodt AS Lawfirm, PO-BOX 2444 Solli, N-0201 Oslo, Norway. 1. forms the base of Antarctic food web. AWR aims to help determine the impact and fill in the gaps of the krill fishing industry on the Antarctic marine ecosystem. “In order to manage a sustainable fishery for krill in Antarctica, we require an understanding of the ecological needs of krill predators and how these are likely to be affected by both fishing and environmental change over time.
Antarctica | Garst Wildlife Photos | Libraries | Colorado State...
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26 December
A Little More Antarctic Wildlife | Tagging Whales in the...
One of the best things about working down here in the Antarctic is the abundance and approachability of wildlife. This remains one of the few parts of our little planet in which humans are not yet the dominant force. Of course that doesn’t mean that the system is pristine – we killed 2 million whales in the Southern Ocean, plus most of the fur seals, during the last century.
2 February
Antarctic Wildlife. ... • Students could write an essay using the cold, wild, uninhabitable environment of Antarctica as metaphor for places in their lives they want to go but can’t for one reason or another. They might want to explore the idea of how it could be attainable or possible to do something they think they can’t for whatever reasons.
Eric Hiatt / Antarctica Wildlife
Kate and Kathy watching a group of Adelie Penguins near Hut Point. Kathy just published an article* in Geology on how Adelie Penguin colonies can be used to track climate change in the Ross Sea. * Emslie, S.D., Coats, L., and Licht, K. (2007). "A 45,000 yr record of Adelie penguins and climate change in the Ross Sea, Antarctica."
26 October
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13 September
Sewage disposal and wildlife health in Antarctica
Abstract. Sewage and its microbiology, treatment and disposal are important to the topic of Antarctic wildlife health because disposal of untreated sewage effluent into the Antarctic marine environment is both allowed and commonplace. ... In contrast, the deliberate release of non-native organisms for any other reason is prohibited. Hence, disposal of sewage effluent to the marine environment is the only activity routinely undertaken in Antarctica knowing that it will likely result in the release of large numbers of potentially non-native species.
15 December
Antarctic Wildlife
Antarctic Wildlife (40 images) Here are some animals seen in Antarctic when the weather gets warm - Skua's, seals, Adelie penguins, Emperor penguins, Minke whales.
5 February
An indispensible travel companion on this remote and wildlife-rich terrain, he will give naturalist lectures and accompany us on walks ashore. Scott joins Corinthian’s roster of experienced and knowledgeable experts on Antarctica’s bird life, sea life, geology, and glaciology, who will also travel with us and enlighten us on our adventure via lectures, presentations, and on-site nature observation. This superb voyage enables us to discover Antarctica’s wonders from the comfort of the 100-guest, all-suite Corinthian, one of the most luxurious small ships plying Antarctic waters.
Antarctic wildlife at risk from human derived E. coli
Human sewage disposal in Antarctica presents a risk of introducing non-native bacterial species, specifically E. coli, into endemic Antarctic wildlife, potentially affecting its diversity and evolution, a new research project led by Macquarie University has found. Funded by an Australian Antarctic Science Grant from the Australian Antarctic Division, the research has detected genes in seals, penguins and invertebrates that are commonly associated with from humans. At the invitation of the Australian Antarctic Division...
25 May
Antarctica. Antarctic Treaty. ... Lowen, James. Antarctic Wildlife. Wild Guides, 2010. Complete enough to be useful, not too big to bring, and brought to you by the Princeton University Press (trusted by professional and amateur naturalists far and wide). Encounters at the End of the World.
For her research and service she was awarded the US Congressional Polar Medal for Scientific Service in Antarctica and an Antarctic mountain was named in her honor. ... your adventures with presentations on every-thing Antarctic - from wildlife to history. Photo workshops will be offered by your UNLV expedition leader Sharon K. Schafer. Eventually, we will cross the Antarctic Convergence where we will notice a distinct drop in temperature as we enter the waters of the Antarctic Ocean.
Article I | 1959 antarctic treaty
interests of science and the progress of all mankind; CONVINCED also that a treaty ensuring the use of Antarctica for peaceful purposes only and the continuance of international harmony in Antarctica will further the purposes and principles embodied in the Charter of the United Nations; HAVE AGREED AS FOLLOWS ... 1959 ANTARCTIC TREATY. b) scientific personnel shall be exchanged in Antarctica between expeditions and stations; c) scientific observations and results from Antarctica shall be exchanged and made freely available.
antarctic wildlife | Field of View : Palmer LTER
As we spent our last few days in Antarctic waters, we were fortunate to have fantastic weather and to see some spectacular views of the Western Antarctic Peninsula! Everyone was out taking pictures of the amazing ice covered peaks, icebergs and wildlife. ... It’s now time for me to help in my own way telling others about this stunning environment. Humans have become part of Antarctica and the oceans delicate balance.
27 December
Polar Discovery :: Antarctica :: Introduction
Plants & Wildlife. ... The icebreaker Laurence M. Gould noses through the LeMaire Strait in Antarctica during a Dive & Discover expedition in early 2006. Photo by Kate Madin, WHOI. Most people know that Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth, but did you know it is the world's largest desert? That huge volcanoes can be found here?
25 December
About Antarctica: Session Two Intro
It looks at their physical adaptations as well as their feeding, mating and chick/pup raising habits. Session Two Learning Objectives. Describe feeding habits to Antarctic Wildlife. Analyze the physical adaptations made by wildlife to survive and thrive in Antarctica. Analyze how changes in the Antarctic food chain have affected various species.
23 December
Origins: Antarctica: People | Exploratorium
Why would anyone want to go to Antarctica? At best, it’s a cold, barren, inhospitable place; at worst, it can be deadly. Largely untouched by humanity, it’s wild, empty, uncultivated, uncivilized. ... Each year, the United States sends only about 600 researchers to Antarctica. Almost 2,000 additional people support life and work there—from cooks and drivers to engineers, project managers, and maintenance and construction workers.
9 May
Explore Antarctica!
What wildlife lives there? • Give each student a copy of the “Polar Opposites” activity sheet. Divide the class into groups of three or four. Have students work together using print and online resources to find out information about the Artic, Antarctic and where they live. After students find the information, have them fill in the chart comparing the three locations. • Ask students to share what characteristics of Antarctica make it the most different from the Arctic and where they live, as well as those that are most similar. •
This trip to Antarctica will enrich your life immeasurably, and you will join the ranks of the legendary explorers. To make your reservation, please contact the MIT Alumni Travel Program at 800-992-6749 or via email at compass@mit. edu. ... Their ability to respond flexibly keeps our vital expeditionary spirit fed, so to speak. You can eagerly rush to the deck for a spontaneous dinner-hour wildlife sighting, without worry that it’s wreaking havoc in the kitchen. Dinner will still be superb. Like the ship’s connectedness to the outdoors, each meal is a window of sorts, reflecting the local cuisine through fresh ingredients...
Antarctica - MicrobeWiki
Antarctica. Antarctica is a continent found almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle. The climate is harsh: it is the coldest, driest place on earth, with the highest winds, and highest average elevation.
6 March
Penguins and Seals | Birds and Seals of Antarctica
These two kinds of animals are the most conspicuous and well known residents of Antarctica. Whales are another well known type of animal, but their numbers have been so decimated by whaling in the early part of this century that I only saw whales on three separate occasions. ... The seals are also conspicuous members of the Antarctic wildlife community. There are a number of different species, all of which spend some or all of the year in Antarctic waters.
19 August
ICE :: Antarctica
Indeed, perhaps because of Antarctica's uniquely harsh climate and the small community of Antarctic scientists who constantly oversee scientific activity, the conditions allow for relatively simple monitoring of this Protocol (though further research, perhaps interviews of Antarctic scientists, may provide robust support for this claim).
11 August
Antarctic Edge: 70 Degrees South
Antarctica: Beyond the Ice documentary project combines innovative science, dramatic imagery and a decade of scientific collaboration into a compelling character-driven narrative. ... In 2014, experts declared Antarctic ice sheet melt unstoppable, placing the pressure on Schofield and his team. Their mission: to study the vulnerable wildlife populations along the West Antarctic Peninsula, particularly the Adelie Penguin whose populations have declined by 90%.
4 March
During the winter Antarctica doubles in size because of the large amount of sea ice that forms at its periphery. The true boundary of Antarctica is not the coastline of the continent itself but the Antarctic Convergence, which is a sharply defined zone in the southern extremities of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans between about latitude 48° south and latitude 60° south. At this point, the colder waters flowing north from Antarctica mix with warmer waters moving south.
31 December
Research in Antarctica
If Antarctica was non-existent or lost too much of its ice, scientists predict that it would cause the southern hemisphere to become too warm. This could seriously damage the planet. It would kill most of the marine wildlife and prevent migratory animals from traveling south of the equator to spawn, including dolphins, tuna, and sea turtles. ... Naveen, Ron, 2010, Wild Ice: Antarctic Journeys, Colin Monteath, pages 23-36.
Answers from a Researcher
In the Antarctic Peninsula, where the climate is milder from its more northern position, the average summer temperature ranges from about 1° C to -4-5° C. The same is true in the Antarctic continent --most days the temperature ranges from 1° C to -2 or -3° C. Some days it gets REALLY warm at 3-4° C! ... 5) Has global warming had an effect on the animals in Antarctica? Yes, global warming is affecting Antarctic wildlife, but more so in some areas than others.
20 February
Health Assessment of Weddell Seals, Leptonychotes
D.B. Siniff Dept. Ecology, Evolution & Behavior, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, USA. K.R. Kerry and M.J. Riddle (eds.), Health of Antarctic Wildlife: A Challenge for Science and Policy, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-93923-8_8, © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2009. This article is a U.S. government work, and is not subject to copyright in the United States. 123. 124 P.K. Yochem et al. 166.50°E), McMurdo Sound, Antarctica.
This article was originally published in the Encyclopedia of...
The evolutionary history of Antarctic lakes reflects the history of the continent itself. More than 170 Mya, Antarctica was part of the supercontinent Gondwana. ... Levels exceeding 10 mg lA1 chlorophyll a in Heywood lake result from wildlife-induced nutrient loading. Dis-solved inorganic nitrogen (DIN; NO3A ? NH4?) and soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) concentrations also vary considerably across the lakes on Signy Island, reflecting various degrees of nutrient loading and biological consumption.
Fecal Coliforms in Antarctica - National Center for Case...
8 March
Although Antarctica appears devoid of life, just below the ice is an entire ecosystem that lives year round. In addition to the wildlife discoveries, Antarctica serves at the world's natural barometer. Because the ecosystem is so delicately balanced, environmental problems in Antarctica can indicate future problems for the rest of the world. Antarctica has mush to teach us.
19 April
Antarctica Websites - Symbaloo embedded webmix
Zoe's Antarctic Penguin Chris's Antarctic World Imagine you're in Antarctica Ben's Antarctica website - H.. Jon's Antarctica site Echoe's Antarctica Site Wildlife of Antarctica Jeremy's Antarctica Website .. ... Antarctica By Matthew - Home Hannah's Antarctica Site!!! Mission Antarctica Sam.N.s snowy place Jono Does Antarctica.
20 October
Expedition to antarctica
From the long sunrises that paint the icescape in pink and gold to the lingering light of the austral summer, Antarctica’s spectacular illuminations reveal the marvels of the most unique place on Earth to those fortunate enough to visit. On this extraordinary 14-day program, retrace the sea-lanes ... , one of the nest vessels plying Antarctic waters. The onboard expedition team of expert naturalists will guide you on excursions aboard sturdy Zodiac craft to explore the intricate ecosystems and the nuances of the abundant wildlife found ashore, especially penguins and seals, who have no fear of humans.
Antarctic Tourism
Fortunately, in 1991 a group of seven Antarctic excursion directors founded the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO), an organization that manages environmentally sound cruises to help protect Antarctica's pristine environment. ... For many of the travel options described above, educational activities are a crucial component, making an Antarctic excursion not only fun, but a valuable learning experience as well. Each voyage offers a wide variety of sights—active research stations, wildlife, historic sites, as well as breathtaking wilderness.
31 July
This is a diary of our trip to the continent of Antarctica in January 1999. Antarctica is liter-ally at the end of the earth, a continent the size of North America and Mexico combined. Although no human lives there permanently, and is composed of only rocks, ice, and snow, it teems with life. It is certainly worth a visit. Indeed, we now understand why humans have been fascinated by the continent since its discovery.
The Privatization of Antarctica
13 The privatization of Antarctica is a concept that requires a good understanding of history, Antarctic resources, and the concept of ownership. In Section II of this paper we discuss the history of Antarctica. 14 Section III is devoted to an examination of the resources offered by this continent that might serve as the basis for homesteading.15 Finally, Section IV deals with criticisms of this Article’s proposal.16.
About 98% of Antarctica is covered by the Antarctic ice sheet, a sheet of ice averaging at least 1.6 kilometers (1.0 mi) thick. The continent has about 90% of the world's ice (and thereby about 70% of the world's fresh water). ... Not all vessels associated with Antarctic tourism are members of IAATO, but IAATO members account for 95% of the tourist activity. Travel is largely by small or medium ship, focusing on specific scenic locations with accessible concentrations of iconic wildlife. A total of 37,506 tourists visited during the 2006–07 Austral summer with nearly all of them coming from commercial ships.
12 October
Evanescent Light : Antarctica, Landscapes
Wildlife. Flora. Namibia landscapes. ... Pink light on clouds: Antarctica. Cerulean ice floe at sunset: Antarctica. Sunset clouds over Errera Strait: Antarctica.
30 December
Antarctica | Alumni
In Paradise Bay, awesome cliffs of ice descend from surrounding mountains into the floating iceberg-laden waters along the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Paradise Bay is an ideal sanctuary for marine wildlife including humpback whales, crabeater seals and Cape petrels. At Neko Harbor, make your first “continental landing” in Antarctica.
17 February
Ice - Wildlife | Animals of the Antarctic
Is that penguin flippering me off? Cute wittle adelie. Antarctic Adelie Conference (AAC) Cape Royds 2002. Basking seal. Chillin' on an iceberg. ... Return to Antarctica menu.
18 October
What on Earth | WHY ANTARCTICA?
translates into more snow falling on Antarctica’s desert plains. e warmer air also means a greater temperature di erential between Antarctica’s cold, high plateaus and the coastal region. e greater the tempera-ture di erential, the greater the strength and speed of the winds as air molecules try to bring themselves back into equilibrium. e apex of Antarctica seems like a perfect place to spread the 350 message. Antarctica is a paradox of extremes—it’s an incredibly harsh place that on the wrong day could kill the unprepared in an instant, but at the same time it’s a place of amazing fragility.
A History of Firsts
Antarctic exploration—British Antarctic Expedition 1907-09. In 1907 Mawson’s dream of Antarctic exploration came to fruition. His former teacher and leader in geological sciences in Australia at the time, Professor Sir Tannatt Edgeworth David, alerted him to an upcoming British led expedition. ... Today, Sir Douglas Mawson is widely credited for the broader understanding of Antarctica. He is highly regarded for his important additions to the knowledge of Australian geology, his identification of Australia’s first uranium mine and his commitment to wildlife protection.
14 June
Continental Chile, Chilean Antarctica, Easter Island, Juan...
This is the first comprehensive English-language field guide to the wildlife of Chile and its territories--Chilean Antarctica, Easter Island, Juan Fernandez, and San Felix y San Ambrosio. From bats to butterflies, lizards to llamas, and ferns to flamingos, A Wildlife Guide to Chile covers the country's common plants and animals. The color plates depict species in their natural environments with unmatched vividness and realism.
18 June
Antarctic tourism and environmental policy
Antarctica’s history begins with early exploration to the continent, followed by the emergence of scientific research and subsequently, the tourism industry. The chapter will examine the history and evolution of Antarctic tourism, followed by current trends, growth, and outlook for the future. ... This culture needs to carry on today, for the sake of Antarctica, its wildlife, and its continued existence for the benefit of mankind.
New McMurdo Station Zealand Christchurch Antarctica
kinds of facts, then Antarctica is the continent for you. When to Go. T. 3 he seasons in the southern hemisphere are the opposite of those in the northern hemisphere. Summertime in Antarctica is November, December, and January. Wintertime is June, July, and August. ... In an Antarctic winter, the sun never rises. 4 For much of the year, Antarctica is surrounded by ice. In the dead of winter, the sea.
The Pal?ogeographical Relations of Antarctica by Charles...
1896, p. 278); and that the last Antarctic phase as reflected by these might be expressed in arms reaching on one side to Tasmania, on the other to Cape Horn, while previous phases may have been represented by other rays extending to New Zealand, Madagascar, Ceylon, and perhaps South Africa. ... In his opinion the Acanthodrilids, a primitive group, originated in New Zealand and spread by way of Antarctica to South America. He emphasised the fact that the union they indicated between Antarctica and New Zealand was not synchronous with the Australian connection.
2 February
The team broke into small groups each morning to fly around Antarctica to service the seismic stations. Chaput said the experience is truly a one-of-a-kind adventure. Antarctic scientists are not allowed to interact with wildlife, but that doesn’t prevent curious penguins from trying to interact with humans near McMurdo station.
1 February
Polar Regions and Oceans Maps - Perry-Castaneda Map...
Antarctic Region. Antarctica (Small Map) 2016 (9.8K). ... Antarctica - Global Navigation and Planning Chart, Sheet G-24 1:5,000,000, Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center, Compiled 1970 (16.4MB) This map includes parts of Antarctica and Southern South America.
5 December
Antarctic Pollution Issues
In 1959 Antarctica was established as an international center for science and research, which led international teams to conduct research on the continent. Contemporary scientists on and around the continent have observed pollution as it affects the domestic wildlife, hydrology, climate, and surrounding oceans. Due to Antarctica’s status as an international area, Antarctic pollution is a result of internal, but mostly external pollution.
31 October
Lesson 1. – Overview and Research | The Antarctic Divergence
• Introduces the continent of Antarctica and the oceans that surround it. • The student will learn about the geography, history and climate. • The second section of this chapter discusses research stations. and the scientists who live on the frozen continent. Antarctica is a continent located at the southern-most point of the globe. ... Antarctica's cold, thick hard covering, called an ice sheet, began to decrease. as one moves from the coastal. form 25 million years ago. The ice in Antarctica locks up more than two-thirds of the planet's fresh water. If the Antarctic ice were to melt, the sea would rise almost 200 feet.
London Dominguez. Glaciation of Antarctica.
Antarctic Log
Peter Suber, Antarctic Log. This is the log of my trip to Antarctica in January of 1996. It's easier to click "Back" and begone than to feign interest during a slide show, so please don't hang around just to be polite. The picture above shows an iceberg with a natural arch in the open sea west of the Briscoe Islands. ... When we were on the ship, in between landings, we were either sleeping, eating, retching, reading, or attending lectures or films on Antarctic wildlife, geology, history, or exploration. The Mountain Travel Sobek guides, and the working biologists, were extremely knowledgeable, and probably spent more time...
23 November
Antarctica :: Jerome Mitchell :: WAIS
Report by ECSU Research Student, Jerome Mitchell :: Daily Advance Articles - Article One :: Article Two. For some people, the idea of exploring a remote place plagued with sub-zero temperatures, harsh living conditions, and intriguing wildlife can damper the hunger for any adventure. For me, the idea can infatuate my thoughts and curiosity and lead to a new outlook on life, so when the opportunity arose for a research journey to Antarctica, I knew something astonishing would result from it.
15 December
Politics at the End of the World: a public forum on the future of...
The speakers, leading practitioners and prominent scholars from several walks of life, will address such questions as: Is Antarctica the first continent to go beyond the modern doctrine of sovereignty and, if so, is it relevant for the way we think about such matters as the global commons and how the world should be governed in the 21st century? ... Their mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.
29 August
Human Activity in Antarctica | Science and Stewardship in the...
Antarctica holds a special fascination for people wishing to see its rich and diverse wildlife, vast scenic beauty, massive glaciers, icebergs and ice shelves, and the historic huts and sites of the pioneering explorers. ... Under CCAMLR, many scientific programs contribute data that are useful in regulating commercial fishing activities, but unrelated research programs may be affected by commercial fishing. One example is basic studies of the life history of antarctic krill (Euphausia superba).
9 October
Teacher’s Guide: Penguins | Life in the Antarctic
Maps of Antarctica www.south-pole.com/map.htm, www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/an.htm. ... Seabirds. Wildlife Society Bulletin 25: 101-106. Ainley D, Wilson P, Barton K, Ballard G, Nur N, Karl B(1998) Diet and foraging effort of Adelie penguins in relation to pack-ice conditions in the southern Ross Sea. Polar Biology 20:311-319. Ainley D., Ballard G., Barton K., Karl B.,Rau G., Ribic C., and Wilson P. (2003) Spatial and Temporal Variation of Diet Within A Presumed Metapopulation of Adelie Penguins,The Condor 105:95–106q The Cooper Ornithological Society Source for...
antarctica2014 | KU Biodiversity Institute & Natural History...
Although most people think of Antarctica as a barren, cold environment, 200 million years ago it was a land of lush forest – a forest that now permineralized can yield clues to the climate change of the past, and how plants today may react to climate change as well. ... Some of the provisions are that you cannot collect anything, unless you are a funded research project, and you must stay a certain distance away from the wildlife, unless again you are a researcher studying the wildlife.
10 November
The Warming of Antarctica: A Citadel of Ice... - Yale E360
The melting of Antarctica’s northernmost region — the Antarctic Peninsula — is already well underway, representing the first breach in an enormous citadel of cold that holds 90 percent of the world’s ice. Much attention has rightly been paid to the precipitous warming of the Arctic, where Arctic Ocean ice is rapidly shrinking and thinning, Greenland’s large ice sheets are steadily melting, and permafrost is thawing from Alaska, to Scandinavia, to Siberia.
1 March
Biology in Antarctica 2012-13
Just a short note today. The CMU Antarctica team along with scientists from Auburn University and other institutions left Punta Arenas, Chile this morning about 10am en route to Antarctica! We actually are traveling west north west right now through the Straits of Magellan. ... The Straits of Magellan are extremely beautiful on the west side and we are seeing a plethora of wildlife….birds, including petrals (see picture below), skuas, and albatrosses, are everywhere.
1 January
In search of the first Antarctic Avian
! • Over 100 million birds breed around the rocky Antarctic coastline and offshore island - Includes birds that conduct trans-hemispheric migrations down to Antarctica. !- Potential to facilitate movement of AIVs into and out of Antarctica. • A small number of studies have previously shown that some penguins and other birds in Antarctica have influenza A antibodies.
USITASE: US International Trans-Antarctic Scientific...
Emphasize the 3 distinct parts of Antarctica: Antarctic Peninsula, West Antarctica, and East Antarctica. Encourage the students to use most of the tortilla. ... The air in the dry valleys is so dry that nothing decomposes there. There are Weddell seal carcasses there that are over 1000 years old. There is no native wildlife on Antarctica except insects. The largest of these is the wingless midge that is about 1/2 “ long.
11 August
Antarctic Surface Water (AASW) extends with rather uniform properties from the PF to the continental margins of Antarctica, where shelf waters are found at near freezing temperatures. ... hemisphere ocean model. Deep-Sea Research, 18,685-721. Gordon A. L. (1967) Structure of Antarctic waters between 2O”W and 17O”W. In: Antarctic map folio series, Folio. 6, V. C. Bushnell, editor, American Geography Society, 10 pp. Gordon A. L. (1971) Antarctic Polar Front Zone.
A Call for U.S. Ratification of the Protocol on
B. Exploitation of Antarctic Marine Resources. Shortly after the first voyage to Antarctica in the latter part of the eighteenth century,45 sealers descended upon the region in search of prey.46 The early sealers stripped each breeding ground of its entire seal population before heading farther south.47 After nearly deci-mating the Fur seals, sealers began to hunt Elephant seals for their blubber.48 The hunters then. ... The sealers were prompted to travel to Antarctica by the accounts of Captain Cook, who reported extensively on the profusion of wildlife in the Southern Ocean and included precise charts in his reports.
Antarctica & Argentina | Study Abroad
Our group of twelve students spanned several academic majors in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) and the trip was the culmination of an ISU course entitled Natural History of Antarctica. ... Some of the many trip highlights included seeing a nice diversity of wildlife (77 bird and 9 mammal species), viewing icebergs of many sizes, shapes, and colors, breathtaking views of mountains and glaciers, stops at several places of historical (exploration) significance, moderately rough and incredibly calm crossings of the Drake Passage, and much more.
4 September
Map of Antarctica
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20 October
The Antarctic Continent. Click Here for a Satellite Image of Antarctica. Antarctica is not owned by any one country. Click here to view a map of Antarctic regions and general topographical sites. ... Trivia About Antarctica. Antarctic Timeline and Explorers. Tales of Exploration. NOVA Online/Shackelton
6 August
Antarctic landscapes
Antarctic landscapes in the souvenir and jewellery. Experience of Antarctica is unique and overwhelming and the phenomenon of the landscape and knowledge of its history continues to inspire artists and writers. Since Antarctica’s discovery and exploration both before and during the Heroic Age; explorers, expeditioners, artists and writers have attempted to record and visualise Antarctica. ... Antarctica is often regarded as a pristine yet harsh environment, home to extraordinary wildlife and the domain of scientists.
Virtual Tour - McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Virtual Tour of Antarctica and South Pole Station. ... McMurdo Station is Antarctica's largest community. It is built on the bare volcanic rock of Hut Point Peninsula on Ross Island, the farthest south solid ground that is accessible by ship. Established in 1956, it has grown from an outpost of a few buildings to a complex logistics staging facility of more than 100 structures including a harbor, an outlying airport (Williams Field) with landing strips on sea ice and shelf ice, and a helicopter pad.
11 August
E. Land-Weber Exhibition: Antartica
The scenic route to Antarctica is by small ship via The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and South Orkney Islands, where in the latter two the abundance of wildlife and lack of permanent human presence produces scenes of breathtaking primal quality. ... Jumping off of little Zodiacs onto small off-shore islands and the Antarctic continent itself, to wander at will among the unafraid animals, bleached hundred-year-old whale bones--untouched remnants of long-ago whaling days--in the pale Antarctic summer light, was a supreme pleasure.
21 February
OHIO: Research |Life Under Ice
Biologist Lisa Crockett explores how the unusual icefish survives the frigid climate of Antarctica. Nov. ... There, she and her colleagues Sidell and Kristin O’Brien, associate professor of biology and wildlife at the University of Alaska, planned to investigate the physiological and biochemical underpinnings of warm-water sensitivity in the icefishes.
3 November
Antarctica is the southern most part of the world. It is the 3rd smallest continent in the world. It is about half of the size of the United States. 98% of the continent is covered by the worlds largest ice sheet, the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Because of this, Antarctica is always changing. Population: There are no residents of Antarctica. However, scientists make long trips to Antarctica to complete studies.
4 April
The antarctic treaty
The Antarctic Treaty, the earliest of the post-World War II arms limitation agreements, has significance both in itself and as a precedent. It internationalized and demilitarized the Antarctic Continent and provided for its cooperative exploration and future use. ... All Contracting Parties entitled to participate in the meetings referred to in Article IX of the treaty have the right to designate observers to carry out inspections in all areas of Antarctica, including all stations, installations and equipment, and ships and aircraft at discharge or embarkation points.
23 December
Antarctica's Links with Tasmania
Hobart's deep-water estuary and southernmost location meant many Antarctic explorers used its harbour. After Captain Biscoe circumnavigated Antarctica in 1831, his two ships struggled to Hobart, their crews ravaged by scurvy. ... Largely because of his lobbying, the Tasmanian government proclaimed Macquarie Island a sanctuary for wildlife in 1933. Again because of Mawson's efforts, in 1947 the Australian government created ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions) to establish Australia's presence in the Australian Antarctic Territory and islands.
22 October
ASF News & Notes / 2004 Winter / Antarctica Mapping
Preparing for the campaigns, organized under the RADARSAT-1 Antarctic Mapping Project (RAMP), took years of effort. The first AMM commenced in September 1997. During this phase, the primary mapping goal was achieved, capturing an extraordinary view of Antarctica that has been widely distributed to the science community in digital and hard-copy form.
2 August
UAB - Antarctica's Giraffe and Gazelle
Years ago, after a scientific conference in South Africa, I had the opportunity to experience a short safari. What a thrill is was to witness the expanse of grasslands and savannas and all the amazing creatures found in these lushly rich habitats. No...
4 May
OC Literature Arts & Lecture Series - Antarctica: An...
Ira Meyer will present a slide show of the icy world - a photographer's dream world that he has visited 30 times - which he claims is like traveling to another planet, and will include pictures of penguins, seals, whales and other creatures that make Antarctica their home. ... In 2008, Ira's image of a dripping arch in a Greenland iceberg received the runner-up award in the One Earth category of the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.
4 March
Uniqueness of Antarctica
7 April
Antarctica’s frozen territorial claims...
Antarctica.207 The first Greenpeace principle makes the environ-ment of paramount concern; the second advocates “complete protec-tion of Antarctica’s wildlife”; the third wishes Antarctica to remain “a zone of international scientific co-operation”; and the fourth wishes Antarctica to remain peaceful and weapon-free.208.
SMU Earth Sciences, Antarctica | SMU Adventures
The remainder of the stops in Antarctica would be for Team Barbeau. These sites were around Esperanza, a year-round Argentine settlement on the Antarctic Peninsula. ... Meeting the wildlife On the beach, we see Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins, Elephant and Weddell seals, and Antarctic tourists – a population the LMG crew says is on the rise. A large Elephant seal awaits us, asleep on the beach next to our landing.
26 June
East Antarctica TNQ (1.4)
How-ever, this detritus cannot have a direct source in Laurentia, because by the time of Gondwanaland amalgamation in the Early Cambrian, any frag-ment of Rodinia juxtaposed with present-day western Laurentia must have drifted away (6), and because the sediment was transported out-board from the interior of East Antarctica (15). Therefore, the persistent signature of this distinc-tive ~1.4-billion-year-old detritus in autochtho-nous units of Antarctica indicates that the central East Antarctic shield must contain an igneous geologic province of this age.
These are pictures of field work in West Antarctica, near Ice-stream B, around McMurdo, and on an icebreaker offshore Antarctica south of Chile. Click on the menu to the left for different pages of Photos. Up Bravo (Upstream B) was a remote camp on ice stream "B" that feeds the Ross Ice Shelf.
24 September
British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, No. 36, 6-7. Greene, D. M. (1986). A conspectus of the mosses of Antarctica, South Georgia, the Falkland Islands and southern South America . ... Ovstedal, D. O. and Lewis-Smith, R. I. (2001). Lichens of Antarctica and South Georgia. Cambridge University Press, 411 p. Parks and Wildlife Service, Australia (2006). Macquarie Island Nature Reserve and World heritage Area management plan 2006.
3 July
Antarctica Archives - Blogs from VIMS Antarctic Research
I have had such a great time getting to know everyone and experiencing this place. It has been the most incredible, surreal few weeks. The science went well, the people were fun, the wildlife was amazing, and the scenery was fantastic. ... It was a huge motivator to work with knowledgeable and excited scientists and crew that all share in a common passion. Now that I’m back on stable ground, I look forward to what other adventures are to come in the future. Although, this cruise to Antarctica is going to be a hard trip to beat!
4 December
Cleaning Up The Mess: Bioremediation in Antarctica | Up Close
Many contaminants have major consequences on local habitats and wildlife, in some cases causing near complete destruction of pristine ecosystems. From oil spills to soil contamination, bioremediation is seen as a useful biological method in trying to return environments to their original conditions. ... SHANE HUNTINGTON And later in the show we will be joined by Dave Gurney, direct from Australia's Mawson base from the Australian section of Antarctica. Kathryn, let's talk about contaminants first up and the sorts of environmental contaminants that we find.
17 February
DJ Spooky (Paul Miller) | S&F Online | Gender on Ice
You recently completed two multimedia projects: the film Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antarctica, and "Manifesto for a People's Republic of Antarctica," a gallery installation (at Robert Miller Gallery and Irvine Fine Arts). ... We chartered a boat, a Russian ice breaker called "The Academic Ioffe," and traveled there by way of South America. We went to several islands and ice fields that were near the Antarctic peninsula but a little further down on the continent.
30 September
POLAR Link Page | Antarctica
Welcome to Antarctica! South Pole on-line. Composite Gazetteeer of Antarctica. Antarctica Data Base - Geographic Names Information System. Geographical names of the Antarctic. ... Arctic Wildlife Page. SITKA: Northwest Coast of North America. International Northern Sea Route Programme.
11 September
The Proclamation Island moment: making Antarctica Australian
Only four nations — France, Norway, New Zealand, and Britain, all Antarctic claimants themselves — recognise Australia’s massive polar claim; to the rest, Antarctica remains non-sovereign, non-national space. Yet whether or not other nations recognise Australia’s Antarctic claim is not the focus of this article: the subject of analysis here is the complex set of cultural technologies through which six million square kilometres of Antarctica became Australian. How, exactly, did Antarctica become an Australian territorial possession?
mike glier
Mike Glier. Forests of Antarctica: Panel. about. artworks.
3 July
A call to better protect Antarctica - Monash University
22 March
Named in 1902 by Otto Nordenskjold after his ship
Point Wild, Elephant Island, Antarctica. Winter home of 22 members of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s crew, 24 April – 30 August, 1916. “During the whole stay on Elephant Island the weather was described by Wild as ‘simply appalling.’ April ended with a terrific wind-storm which nearly destroyed the hut. This lasted well into May, and a typical May day is thus described: ‘A day of terrific winds, threatening to dislodge our shelter.
UCSB Science Line
However, the reason why so much of Antarctica is below sea-level is because of the weight of all that ice. The continental land mass is itself floating in the Earth's mantle, and, from Archimedes' Law, a floating body displaces its weight. If the ice were removed, the ground would rebound, and eventually the continent would pop up above the surface again. ... If the Antarctic ice would melt, scientists predict that the sea levels around the world would rise about 200 feet.
Cruise aboard the exclusively chartered, intimate M.S. L’AUSTRAL, the finest vessel in Antarctic waters, combining innovative design with personalized service and featuring private balconies in 95% of the deluxe, ocean-view suites and staterooms. ... Accompanied by the ship’s expert expedition team of naturalists, board sturdy Zodiac craft for excursions ashore and observe the antics of Antarctica’s abundant wildlife—penguins and seals, especially, are unafraid of human visitors.
23 November
Southeast Review of Asian Studies
China in Antarctica: A History 3 its funding and manpower on the continent, engaging in ambitious infrastructure projects and asserting its role in Antarctic governance. The Conquest of Antarctica: A Very Short History Most historians attribute the initial discovery of the Antarctic continent to British navigator Captain James Cook, who circumnavigated the land mass between 1772 and 1775. His reports detailing abundant populations of whales, seals, and other wildlife drew the attention of a slew of explorers and profiteers.
The asteroid impact hypothesis has been bolstered by stud-ies reporting the discovery of shocked quartz grains from Permian-Triassic boundary sections in Antarctica and Australia [1, 2]. Since the possible presence of shocked quartz in Permian-Triassic boundary sedi-ments is a critical data point for these hypotheses, we have reexamined quartz grains from the Graphite Peak section, Antartica.
Admiral Byrd and Antarctica
Shortly after this feat, to which he met with major acclaim, Byrd turned his attention to the opposite Pole and the continent of Antarctica. 1st Antarctic Expedition. Byrd turned his attention to Antarctica by 1928. During the remaining years of his life he was involved in five expeditions to Antarctica. These explorations accounted for the discovery of hundreds of thousands of square miles of territory which were claimed for the United States, and established a base called “Little America.”
19 May
Antarctica: On The Edge | OMSI
Antarctica lives in our dreams as the most remote, most forbidding continent on Earth. Yet it is also a fragile place, home to an incredible variety of marine life along its edges: several species of penguins, tens of thousands of seals, humpback, Minke and killer whales, and dozens of different seabirds including giant, soaring ... Traveling to Antarctica from the tip of South America by sailboat and then along the Peninsula by sea kayak, foot, small plane and dive gear, we will take a look at this one-of-a-kind place and bring back a unique perspective on our planet’s most remote region and the incredible wildlife that call it home.
11 January
Antarctica - Publications
Antarctica - Publications. Journal Articles. papers related to McMurdo Environmental Monitoring. Klein, A.G. Sweet, S.T., Wade, T.L. and Kennicutt, M.C.II. in revision. Spatial patterns of selected metals in the terrestrial environment at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Antarctic Science. ... Morehead, S., Montagna, P., & Kennicutt, M.C. 2008. Comparing fixed-point and probabilistic sampling designs for monitoring the marine ecosystem near McMurdo Station, Ross Sea, Antarctica. Antarctic Science 20: 471-484. doi: 10.1017/S0954102008001326. publications related to the Palmer Station Oil Spill...
15 June
Antarctic Maps | Polar Geospatial Center
We offer both our own maps of Antarctica, and hundreds of historic maps scanned and archived by the PGC. AAD. ... Antarctic Reference. (2 maps). 1:1M Air Operations Planning Map.
17 July
eThemes - Continent: Antarctica
Continent: Antarctica Discuss this eTheme. Learn about life in Antarctica including the climate, explorers, animals, geographic features, and current scientific expeditions. Take a virtual tour of this cold continent and view 360-degree images. Includes an eThemes resource on penguins and two eThemes resources on the arctic.
2 January
Future Science Opportunities in
Although the icy landscape of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean may seem distant, scientific research in this region can yield insights on changes that are important to the entire planet. The Antarctic region also holds the promise of novel discovery: ice and sediment records contain clues to Earth’s history, the region’s living organisms may hold genetic secrets to surviving in extreme environments, and the Antarctic plateau offers an unparalleled platform for observing the solar system and the Universe beyond.
Lesson4--Leggett | An Antarctic Ocean Food Chain
Bottom feeding fish include rays, halibuts, turbots, and gurnards. An Antarctic Ocean Food Chain. One of the most interesting food chains on earth takes place in the waters around the cold continent of Antarctica. ... A special deep current full of nutrients from other oceans flows directly to Antarctica. One type of zooplankton found here is krill. Krill are tiny shrimp-like creatures. They eat phytoplankton and even other zooplankton. Krill are the staff of life for many animals around Antarctica.
29 June
Antarctica - ANU
***description of this page...
13 June
Freeze Frame Extreme Environments: Antarctica Exhibition
ARTIST STATEMENT. Global warming is often discussed in terms of weather and climate changes but one often forgets the physiological impact on the wildlife. Newborn animals are the most vulnerable to even minor changes in temperature and environment. This mobile application allows users to learn more ... One of Antarctica’s most unique qualities is the cleanliness of its environment, particularly the air. When contrasted with Hong Kong’s polluted air, Antarctica offers both hope and instruction. We wanted to create a tangible, physical representation of air pollution in Hong Kong as a way to raise public awareness.
22 October
Title of Talk: The Dry Valleys region of Antarctica: clues to...
By applying his Antarctic research strategy to understanding landforms on Mars, Dr. Marchant has been able to show that glaciers there have indeed formed in the recent past, and that the waxing and waning of these glaciers are related to changes in Mars' orbit through time. ... Why study Antarctica? How does one get to Antarctica? Physical dimensions of Antarctica; hot topics, such as its potential for sea-level rise and (perhaps) Antarctica's role in ocean circulation. Focus-in on one part of Antarctica: the Dry Valleys region.
26 January
Antarctica Is Gaining Ice
Although sea ice is increasing in Antarctica, it has been made apparent that this has nothing to do with climate change (it certainly isn’t getting cooler), and that these increases do not effect the rise in sea level. However, the cause for concern is the decrease of Antarctic land ice, which is directly affected by warming global temperatures and will have a considerable effect on sea level rise. Although there may be a few skeptics around the world that would rather ignore.
The Making of Antarctica’s Hidden Fjords | UANews
Antarctica's topography began changing from flat to fjord-filled starting about 34 million years ago, according to a new report from a University of Arizona-led team of geoscientists. Knowing when Antarctica's topography started shifting from a flat landscape to one with glaciers, fjords and mountains is important for modeling how the Antarctic ice sheet affects global climate and sea-level rise. Although radar surveys have revealed a rugged alpine landscape under Antarctica's two-mile-thick ice sheet, the surveys tell nothing about when the continent's deep valleys formed.
9 January
Antarctica. Click on image for full size view... Trans-Antarctic Mountains. Iceberg off the coast of Antarctica. The N. B. Palmer (and me!)
10 March
Nuclear Power at McMurdo Station, Antarctica
1: Important Antarctic Bases, Including McMurdo Station. (Source: Wikimedia Commons). During the 1960s and early 1970s, McMurdo Staion, the largest research base in the Antarctic, was powered by a medium-sized, portable nuclear reactor. [1] The extreme temperatures in Antarctica necessitated large amounts of fuel oil to maintain operations, making the prospect of nuclear power, an attractive alternative.
11 April
GFS Analysis+Forecast Maps
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Links to the page contain: 500 hPa Vort (Antarctica)....
2 December
Vinson Massif, Antarctica: I Chose to Climb
Paul, and his son, Peter, successfully climbed Mount Vinson Massif in Antarctica during the late hours U.S. Eastern time Monday night as Helen followed their progress on the Internet. Now, the father-son pair from Eliot, Maine, is headed back to South America, after joining a select group of about 400 people in the world who have climbed Antarctica’s tallest peak. Mount Vinson is 16,067 feet high, although the weather conditions and thin air can make it seem like 21,000 feet.
14 December
Antarctica – Imagined Geographies
Antarctica – Imagined Geographies. A College of Mass Communication & Media Arts Initiative. March 19 – May 4, 2012. www.Antarctica-Initiative.org. Public Events, Free to All. March 29 – Communications Building Room 1032, 12-1:15 pm A Global Media Research Center event Lecture: Coming Climate Crisis? ... April 5 – Guyon Auditorium, Morris Library, 6:30 pm Film: South: Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Glorious Epic of Antarctica. Post-screening discussion with Assistant.
Amy Leventer - Geology Research in Antarctica
Crawford, A., Domack, E.W., and Leventer, A., 2012, Evidence for deposition within a pre-Holocene sub- glacial aquatic environment in the Greenpeace Trough, Antarctic Peninsula, SCAR Open Science Confer- ence, XXXII, Portland, Oregon. Allegra Bianchiani '14 (Amy Leventer) Late Holocene Diatom Record of Ice Advance and Re- treat In West Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica.
21 April
Index to Comic Art Collection: "Antarctic Press" (H-Z titles) to...
Antarctic Press. Wild Life. ... 1991) -- William Stout has a one-man show of 45 paintings touring natural history museums, called "Dinosaurs, Penguins and Whales: The Wildlife of Antarctica."
27 February
A Guide to the Antarctica Meteorite Expedition Exhibit Materials, 1984-1985. Collection Number SC 5050. Compiled by: Mark Peterson, April 2013. Descriptive Summary. Repository: Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University. Title: Antarctica Meteorite Expedition Exhibit Materials, 1984-1985. Collection No.: SC 5050.
24 October
2013 Antarctic Blog
Antarctic Blog 2013. photograph © 2013 Lorena Lagos Pailla and Leticia Barrientos. Day 15: Last sampling day in Antarctica: the first report of Deschampsia on Ardley Island (5.3.2013). The morning before I flew off the continent of Antarctica, JP and I finally got our chance to sample from Ardley Island. Since I was scheduled to leave King George Island and fly to Punta Arenas, Chile, that afternoon, Tuesday, and JP was to leave Antarctica two days later, this was our last chance.
3 December
Climb For Life 2002 McMurdo Station, Antarctica
27 April
Antarctica cruising guide - Research Group - Eco-Lab - The...
Antarctica cruising guide. Craig has had a long association with Antarctica including undertaking 9 research expeditions to Scott Base studying the thermal and cardiovascular physiology of cryopelagic fish. He has also been involved in ecotourism and Antarctica writing with his colleague Dr Peter Carey, and has published the Antarctica Cruising Guide. This enthusiast’s guide to Antarctica, includes information about wildlife, visitor sites, and conservation, and is now in its third edition (2015).
19 January
Why Doesn't Anyone Mention the Record Growth of Sea Ice...
Why, I ask, has Mr. Gore not chosen to mention the record growth of sea ice around Antarctica? If the record melting in the Arctic is significant, then the record sea ice growth around Antarctica is, too, I say. ... So let's take a look at ice trends in the Arctic and Antarctic (data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center). The graphs show ice extent compared to the long term (1979-2000) average for that month. To match up the seasons, I offset the Antarctic data by six months.
24 September
Antarctica and Argentina with Lois and Jason
Antarctica and Argentina. February 2 - 20, 2001. As our ship cast off from the dock at Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina to begin our voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula, we hear the dock hands call out "Have a good Drake." As we learned, that also is the common sign off between ships sailing the Antarctic or Southern Ocean. And for good reason. Crossing the Drake was just the beginning of our Antarctic adventure.
6 December
How the world’s saltiest pond gets its salt | News from Brown
February 7, 2013 Contact: Kevin Stacey 401-863-3766. Jay Dickson and Jim Head have gathered time-lapse photography and other data about the sustained salinity of Antarctica’s Don Juan Pond, the most saline natural body of water on earth. ... PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Antarctica’s Don Juan Pond might be the unlikeliest body of water on Earth. Situated in the frigid McMurdo Dry Valleys, only the pond’s high salt content — by far the highest of any body of water on the planet — keeps it from freezing into oblivion.
8 February
Antarctica: a Chromatic Paradox | Information Design and...
Antarctica: a Chromatic Paradox. Description. To capture the diversity of life above and below the sea surface in Antarctica, Skye used iconic photographs of the continent and compared color pixels from each image in a vertical bar. Fifty upper bars represent images captured of the land and seascape above the surface, while 50 lower bars represent the vibrant and varied world beneath the waves. The juxtaposition of color and intensity exposes our assumptions of a ‘colorless’ Antarctica and reveals a surprising realm below...
23 January
Untitled Document | The Antarctica Contintent
Life is hard in Antarctica. ... But because Antarctica is so vast, so cold, and so hard to get into or out of during its violent winter months, they've been searching for ways to explore Antarctica without actually being there. This is why scientists are using robotic technology to search Antarctica for meteorites.Also, the Nomad robot was initially designed to test technology that could be used in the future to explore other planets.
12 November
Kimber Beachy: Goshen to Antarctica | The Record
Beachy has been a seasonal worker with the Antarctic program ever since. “The low cost of living in Goshen helps me afford to live a seasonal life,” she said. McMurdo Station, managed by the National Science Foundation’s U.S. Antarctic Program, is one of about 70 scientific research stations that are in operation during the austral summer. ... Although cold temperatures are a reality for people working in Antarctica, Beachy doesn’t seem too concerned. “People usually think of the severe cold when they think of Antarctica,” she said.
22 November
Nature Photography by Joe Morlan
South America and Antarctica Explorer Cruise Bird and Wildlife Photography by Joe Morlan. My photos of birds and wildlife encountered while on a cruise from Valparaiso to Buenos Aires via Antarctica, January-February 2015 Many images have been digiscoped. Click here for more information on digiscoping.
16 August
From Africa to Antarctica - University of Canberra
8 October
Sennertia antarctica (Tragardh, 1907)
Entomology of Antarctica. [Washington]: American Geophysical Union of the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council. xii, 395 p. pp. Gressitt, J. L. & N. A. Weber. 1959. Bibliographic introduction to Antarctic-Subantarctic entomology. Pacific Insects Volume.1: 441-480. ... Miscellaneous Publications Museum of Zoology University of Michigan.199: 1-243. Pugh, P. J. A. 1993. A synonymic catalogue of the Acari from Antarctica, the sub-Antarctic Islands and the Southern Ocean.
19 May
ANTARCTICA. Antarctic and antarctic biology and research have fascinated marine biologists for many years. While much of the Antarctic biota contains representatives that are familiar to us, the realm is very much isolated from the rest of the ocean, and several groups are confined to this southern end of the planet. It may surprise you that the Antarctic benthos is very diverse and extraordinarily beautiful, despite the extreme cold.
26 November
This vacation is taking us to many different places. This stop is in Antarctica. To find more information of this very cold continent travel through the next few websites. ... It is full of beautiful animals and amazing wildlife. There are more then 50 countries inside this one continent. Can you guess what continent we are going to next?
6 December
I wish -- stay tuned. Return to World Map.
1 May
LETTERS. A recent volcanic eruption beneath the West Antarctic ice sheet. Hugh f. j. corr* and david g. vaughan. British Antarctic Survey, Natural Environment Research Council, Cambridge CB3 0ET, UK *e-mail: h.corr@bas.ac.uk. ... beneath the West Antarctic ice sheet inuences ice ow and sheet stability1–3. However, only volcanoes that protrude through the ice sheet4 and those inferred from geophysical techniques1,2. have been mapped so far. Here we analyse radar data from the Hudson Mountains, West Antarctica5, that contain reections.
Antarctica Notebook - Catholic University
Stark beauty of the ice continent, Antarctica. I am grateful for the enthusiasm which many communicated to me about my Antarctic journey. One couple told their young child that I was at the South Pole for Christmas. The child’s question was, “Does Santa go to the South Pole?” ... During this trip, I have passed along to you scenic photos of Antarctica. However, most of my time was not spent climbing rocks or traversing glaciers, but talking to the people here and ministering to them.
20 January
Antarctica works as living global warming
MCMURDO STATION, Antarctica (Reuters) - For scientists at this ice-encircled outpost, global. warming is not a matter of debate. It is a simple fact and crucial research questions center on what its consequences will be. Antarctica is a prime place for this research because it serves as an early warning system for ... Powell is one of the chief scientists on the ANDRILL project -- shorthand for Antarctic Geologic. Drilling Program -- where a massive drill burrows down about 80 metres of sea ice, 830 metres of. The Star Online > Worldupdates. December 10,2006. Antarctica works as living global warming laboratory.
Antarctica 2008-2009
28 July
Future Science Opportunities in Antarctica and the Southern
Once ice shelves are lost, continental ice flows more rapidly into the sea. As predicted more than 30 years ago (Mercer, 1978), ice shelves along the ­Antarctic ­Peninsula of Antarctica have been the first to significantly deteriorate (­Morris and Vaughan, 2003), owing to the overall warmer conditions in this region. ... In addition, the introduction of alien species and diseases into these areas can be harmful to indigenous wildlife populations and ecosystems (Frenot et al., 2005). The effects from the combination of these factors on Antarctic ecosystems are generally not known.
Dry Valleys, Antarctica
The primary limit to life in Antarctica is the availability of liquid water (Kennedy 1993), and small changes in climate can lead to extreme changes in water production (Fountain et al. ... Jenness, J. S. 2004. Calculating landscape surface area from digital elevation models. Wildlife Society Bulletin 32: 829-839. Jin, Z., K. Stamnes, W. F. Weeks, and S.-C. Tsay. 1994. The effect of sea ice on the solar energy budget in the atmosphere-sea ice-ocean system: A model study.
Part 1 of our Antarctica Experience: Patriot Hills
Long chats to Nicholas, the navigator, keep Trudy entertained during the unfortunately almost completely cloudy flight. At least for a short period, she can see along the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula, some pack ice and icebergs and nearby a mountain range. ... We land on Antarctica in the early morning hours of the last day of the year. Patriot Hills base camp (PH, 80°18'0"S, 81°20'34"W, 806 m elevation) is located just North of the small Patriot Hills range at the southernmost end of the Heritage Range, part of the Ellsworth Mountains in West Antarctica.
4 December
SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Thayer Watkins. Antarctica. SJSU Economics dept home page.
17 February
Antarctica Treasure Hunt
Antarctica Treasure Hunt (Key) Name: _ Click on Click on Geography Click on Antarctica and answer the following questions under the heading Antarctica. Antarctica is the fifth largest continent. What does it surround? The South Pole. Why and when does Antarctica double in size? Due to the large amounts of sea ice that forms in the winter. What is the total area of Antarctica? 14.2 million sq km or 5.5 million sq miles.
Present Day Antarctica - Interactive System for Ice sheet...
These are 5km resolution, NetCDF files of Antarctica gathered from various data sources and interpolated, when necessary, onto the same grid using polar stereographic projection. Data download is available below as well as a change log which describe...
9 February
Expedition to Antarctica
Expedition to Antarctica. Argentina and Antarctica (13 nights). Date: January 11 - 25, 2016 Price: From $8,195, plus airfare. ... Accompanied by the ship’s expert expedition team of naturalists, board sturdy Zodiac craft for excursions ashore and observe the antics of Antarctica’s abundant wildlife—penguins and seals, especially, are unafraid of human visitors. The expedition team will provide a series of enriching lectures on this untouched wilderness.
26 June
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
"Science in Antarctica: Studying the Historic Huts of the. Heroic Era of Antarctic Exploration". . "To the Ice and back again, an UMSL Alumna's Holidays". Professor Roberta L Farrell Department of Biological Sciences. ... The historic huts and their contents of the Antarctic Heroic Period are a legacy of human exploration. When the expeditions ended and relief ships arrived, a rapid exodus allowed only essential items to be returned to England. The huts and thousands of items were left behind, including food stores and fuel depots.
A Review of Tourism Research in the Polar Regions
According to many research-ers, environmental impact is the most prominent issue surrounding tourism in Antarctica, although the impact of tourism may be insignificant compared to the damage created by the construction of Antarctic bases, the refuse they generate, and the harvesting of marine life, or to the potential effects of oil and mineral exploration and extrac-tion (Hall, 1992). Some have suggested that an increase in visitors is likely to lead to greater impact on the environ-ment and wildlife, particularly because tourist sites are generally located on the coast.
The Development of Tourism in Antarctica
All activities in Antarctica are heavily regulated by the Antarctic Treaty for the environmental protection purposes and the industry is largely managed by International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO). ... Some of the mandated guidelines include: - Do not disturb wildlife either at sea or on land; - Do not feed, touch animals or photograph them in a way that will disturb; - Do not damage the plants; - Do not damage, destroy, or remove artefacts from the historic sites. It includes rocks, fossils and content of buildings; - Do not interfere with the scientific equipment; - Do not walk onto the glaciers...
Science 219 | Freezing of Antarctica Replay
Freezing of Antarctica Replay.
5 May
Antarctica– WashLaw Web
Antarctica law resource page with links to Antarctica environmental law, antarctica constitution, antarctic treaties, and more. ... Antarctica Treaty Online From the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD). Antarctica Protection of the Environment Laws and regulations from the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan.
29 September
Polar Prospects: A Minerals Treaty for | Antarctica
Antarctica’s coastline is about three times longer than that of the United States, but there is probably less ice-free shoreline during the summer than exists between Boston and Washing-ton.15 Potential resource development raises con-cerns about competition between development activities and wildlife for ice-free terrestrial environments.
This suggests site delity of individuals to specic areas of Antarctica. It is thought that calves, including hybrids, would learn where breeding grounds, feeding grounds and migratory routes are located from their mother. ... Our research and the research of others indicate that current climate change is a threat to blue whales and other wildlife worldwide. Whales and dolphins are also threatened by marine pollution from urban run-off, plastic bags and oil spills, and by changes in habitat due to the construction of oil and gas plat-forms, marinas and ports.
Iwerks ® Film: Antarctica
v Antarctica’s dry valleys provide scientists with sites suitable for testing planetary probes under conditions approximating those of Mars. v Core samples of Antarctic ice help scientists unravel important clues about past global and climatic conditions and investigate past cooling and warming trends, as well as significant recent changes brought about, perhaps, by human activity on our planet. Sunshine State Standards Addressed: Kindergarten
Debate surrounds the sensitivity of the larger East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS), which likely exhibits complex and spatially non-uniform response to climate warming; some areas might exhibit melting and recession whereas others experience ice growth via increase snowfall. ... Some of the slowest erosion rates ever recorded are found in the ice-free regions of Antarctica. An important aspect of my of my ongoing research is to study cold-desert weathering processes and quantify erosion rates in the McMurdo Dry Valleys.
2 April
Manganese-rich rock varnish does occur in Antarctica
We have obtained samples of black coatings on rocks from Antarctica, collected by a num-ber of scientists. The bulk and/~m-scale chem-istries of Antarctic rock varnishes analyzed in this study are quite similar to temperate rock varnishes (Tables 1-3 ), in that Mn is a domi-nant component, being enhanced ~ 50-100 ? above concentrations measured in the under-lying rock. An example of in situ analysis of varnish is found in Table 2 that correponds to the line in Fig.
Antarctica ©1991 Suzanne Duranceau. Back.
20 December
The Vision of a Polar Observing
Science Questions – Antarctica (relevant to Greenland also). What is the neotectonic framework of the Antarctic plate? – Microplates in W. Antarctica? – Are there bits of the E. Antarctic craton in W. Antarctica? Modified from Anderson (1999). Two views of the Geology of East Antarctica.
Antarctica: the windiest, coldest, driest, wildest continent on earth. Antarctica is immense in all possible dimensions. the silence is immense, everything seems suspended in time by layers of ancient snow. the noise is immense, glaciers calving, penguin calling each other in organized cacophony. the smell is immense, guano and elephant seals. the sky is immense, deep blue or orange ... 2005). Both tourists and wildlife are concentrated in the relatively tiny fraction of Antarctica that is coastal and free of ice in the summer, and this activity leads to concern over similar concentration of environmental impact (Stewart et al.
Photoshop Workshops. Last Updated on April 25, 2005.
19 February
Does this Abundant Crustacean Need Protection... - Our World
In the waters that encircle Antarctica, krill are an essential food source for penguins, baleen and blue whales (which can eat as much as 4 tons of krill per day), fish, seabirds, and other marine creatures. ... The nutrients that make krill so important to penguins and other Antarctic wildlife are the same ones that make them attractive for aquaculture, livestock and poultry feed, and human consumption. Many scientists, including marine biologist Rodolfo Werner, adviser to the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Global Penguin Conservation Campaign, are concerned that overexploitation of this remote food source...
12 August
Antarctica - Mobile McDermott - McDermott Library, UT Dallas
In 1975, she created a series of paintings from orbital photos of Antarctica. ... After her work on Antarctica she explored various art forms including film making, choreography, and screen printing. Nancy also received several awards including the New York Dance and Performance Bessie Award for costume and set design in 1985 for Lateral Pass (dance), the Skowhegan Medal for Drawing/Graphics (1980), and an honorary degree from Skidmore College in 1989.
28 December
Pine Island Bay, Antarctica
This event occurred between November 4th and 12th, 2001, and provides powerful evidence of rapid changes underway in this area of Antarctica. ... Pine Island Glacier is the largest discharger of ice in Antarctica and the continent’s fastest moving glacier. It is located in an area of the West Antarctic ice sheet that is believed to be the most susceptible to collapse, making the evolution of this glacier of great interest to the scientific community.
Remote sensing antarctica.
19 March
Second grade students also had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in a live video chat with Jean Pennycook, researcher who studies Adelie penguin life, history, and their relationship to climate change. The Skype conference took place from the penguin breeding colony in Cape Royds on Ross Island, Antarctica. University School students not only listened to Pennycook explain how these amazing birds cope with the harsh environment of Antarctica, they actually saw the penguins in their natural habitat.
Antarctic, Antarctica, Antarctic Ocean
Antarctic, Antarctica, Antarctic Ocean. © 2003 The Associated Press All Rights Reserved.
30 March
Antarctica | Academics | University of Colorado Denver
Antarctica, situated in the southern hemisphere and almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle, is the fifth largest continent in area, with 98% of its land mass covered by ice. ... United States Antarctic Program - since 1956, Americans have been studying the Antarctic, which carries forward the US goals of supporting the Antarctic Treaty, fostering cooperative research with other nations, protecting the Antarctic environment, and developing measures to ensure only equitable and wise use of resources, National Science Foundation, Office of Polar Programs.
19 January
My Antarctica
Greetings from Antarctica Sara Wheeler Peter Bedrick Books 1999 Antarctica is a continent that sits right at the bottom of the planet. Skating to Antarctica Jenny Diski Ecco Press 1998 I am not entirely content with the degree of whiteness in my life. ... Terra Incognita: travels in Antarctica Sara Wheeler Random House 1996 ``You wait. Everyone has an Antarctic.'' - - Thomas Pynchon, V. To Everest via Antarctica Robert Mads Anderson Stackpole Books 1995 Climbing solo on the highest peak on each continent.
9 December
Durden v | B. Antarctica is a designated public forum.
Opposing counsel may try to argue that Antarctica is like the moon, which the Supreme Court ruled was not a traditional public forum in Svensen v. United States (1978), given that the moon cannot sustain life. That case does not apply here, however, given that the case here is easily distinguishable from Svensen because …
31 December
Large scale modeling of antarctica and greenland...
Trying to predict the evolution of the ice mass balance in Antarctica and Greenland is a major challenge that needs to be addressed in order to provide reasonable estimates of future sea level rise in the 21st century. The IPCC (Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change) report AR4 (Assessment Report 4) [1] identi?ed this challenge as a priority, and one of the key uncertainties in the ?nal assessment of future sea level rise.
Type: Antarctic Treaty Summary: The Antarctic Treaty, signed on 1 December 1959 and entered into force on 23 June 1961, establishes the legal framework for the management of Antarctica. Administration is carried out through consultative member meetings - the 18th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting was in Japan in April 1993. Currently, there are 42 treaty member nations: 26 consultative and 16 acceding.
12 February
New York University, United States
Study Finds New Evidence of Warming in Antarctica
The warming has serious repercussions for melting ice, sea levels, and wildlife. Previously, global warming skeptics pointed to earlier data from scattered ground-based coastal sensors that suggested the eastern region of Antarctica was actually cooling, an observation at odds with climate change predictions. The current study, however, with its broader geographic coverage of the continent, suggests that all of Antarctica is warming.
14 February
Icy Inverts Antarctica Cruise Nov -Dec 2013 - Shipboard Blog...
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have the opportunity to travel to Antarctica, let alone twice in one year (see above image). The second Icy Inverts Research Expedition to Antarctica in 2013 has been amazing thus far. ... Everything you have heard about the beauty of Antarctic landscapes, seascapes and wildlife is true. After the last night of a rough-for-me-but-tame-for-seafarers crossing of the Drake Passage lasting three days, I awoke to incredible vistas of sea, ice and mountains.
29 November
Climate Models Overheat Antarctica, New Study Finds
"This is showing us that, over the past century, most of Antarctica has not undergone the fairly dramatic warming that has affected the rest of the globe. The challenges of studying climate in this remote environment make it difficult to say what the future holds for Antarctica's climate." The study marks the first time that scientists have been able to compare records of the past 50 to 100 years of Antarctic climate with simulations run on computer models.
28 January
Restoration in the Antarctic
10. The Antarctic Treaty also provides for use of an unannounced, on-site inspection system of "[a]ll areas of Antarctica, including stations, installations and equipment within. ... Still, it remains important for integrating the conserva-tion of Antarctic fauna and flora into a more comprehensive, comprehen-sible environmental protection structure and for reasserting the essential need to conserve indigenous wildlife in the Antarctic.
Scientists find evidence for groundwater in Antarctica's Dry...
"Our electromagnetic data indicate that the margins of Antarctica may shelter a vast microbial habitat, in which the limits of life are tested by difficult physical and chemical conditions," said Tulacyzk, a coauthor of the paper and professor of Earth and planetary sciences at UC Santa Cruz. "Over billions of years of evolution, microbes seem to have adapted to conditions in almost all surface and near-surface environments on Earth.
29 April
Transcriptomics of iron limitation in Phaeocystis antarctica
P. antarctica is ecologically important due to its contribution in global sulfur gases emissions. Thus, P. antarctica fits as an ideal model organism in understanding phytoplankton adaptation to iron limitation and functional changes following iron addition. Here the results of a transcriptomic study assessing the effect of iron repletion on P. antarctica in a time-series manner are firstly reported. A Ross Sea-endemic P. antarctica clone was acclimated under iron limitation and iron was supplemented to the cultures.
21 November
Vanderbilt glacier expert to give library talk on Antarctica
“My talk will briefly cover the history of Antarctic exploration, from its discovery to present-day investigations, and the role that Antarctica plays in global earth systems,” Morgan said. ... It is the site of the first arms control treaty signed during the Cold War and is the world’s largest wildlife refuge. Morgan’s research program involves field work in mountainous areas such as the Sierra Nevada, Andes, Himalayas, Southern Alps and Transantarctic mountains.
5 October
Geology of Antarctica
The kids get to inspect rock and fossil specimens from the Antarctic.
9 June
Modest Mouse - Music - The Moon & Antarctica
The Moon & Antarctica. June 13, 2000. Buy album on Itunes.
21 March
Kristy Leissle: An Antarctic 'Summer' on the Ice... - UW Bothell
In 1996, the British Antarctic Survey restored Port Lockroy to its 1940s state and re-opened the main building, Bransfield House, as a “living museum” of Antarctic history. ... As remote as Port Lockroy is, you may be surprised to learn that we will welcome about 18,000 visitors this year, making the base the most visited site in Antarctica. In addition to our education role as “living historians,” we’ll continue restoration work on the museum and artifacts, monitor wildlife for scientific studies, and collect data for a long-term research project on the impact of tourism on Gentoo penguins.
6 December
The Antarctic Treaty System
Legal definitions of Antarctica. • Antarctic Treaty boundary: 60 degrees South Latitude. The Antarctic Treaty 1959, ARTICLE VI. ... •All Antarctic activities subject to environmental impact assessment (EIA) Article 3: “The protection of the Antarctic environment and dependent and associated ecosystems and the intrinsic value of Antarctica…shall be fundamental considerations in the planning and conduct of all activities in the Antarctic Treaty area.”
Antarctica. Like the first men, fear plunges its axis through. Our scientists made a mistake.
15 April
2007 Antarctica Marathon, Sponsored by Capella University
The 2007 Antarctica Marathon, which will be held on King George Island on Feb. 26, 2007, will be sponsored by Capella University, an accredited online university and leader in online education. Almost 200 runners, including a wheelchair athlete, will compete in the marathon, and three of them will be Capella students. ... The marathon is held on the largest of the South Shetland Islands, about 120 kilometers off the coast of Antarctica. The marathon course loops through scientific research bases of Uruguay, Chile, China, and Russia.
10 April
Approximately how far is it from the southern coast of
There is very little life on Antarctica. Only a few primitive plants and insects live on the ice. However, the water that surrounds it is rich in plant and animal life. ... 7. ll?hat is the approximate location in latitude and longitude. of Berkner Island? 8. Which mountain range divides the continent into east and west Antarctica? How do you think it got its name? 9. Meridians are numbered from 0" to 180"and back.
Exceptionally preserved lacustrine ostracods from the Middle
5Department of Earth Sciences, Boston University, Boston, MA 02215, USA. A newly discovered Konservat-Lagersta?tte from the Middle Miocene of the western Olympus Range, Dry Valleys, Antarctica, yields cypridoidean ostracods complete with preserved body and appendages. ... Cypridid and candonid ostracods have been reported from freshwater lakes and ponds in sub-Antarctic South Georgia and Signy Island (Pugh et al. 2002; Dartnell 2005; Peck et al. 2005), but are unknown from the continental (interior) zone of Antarctica, including the Dry Valleys region.
ESF in Antarctica | Research at SUNY-ESF
Roosevelt Wild Life Station. TRINITY Institute. Tropical Timber Information Center. ... Antarctica Research Links. ESF in Antarctica Home. Ross Sea Diary.
29 September
Caltech and the Antarctic program
phybical scieiice5 during the International Geophys-Year is the program in Antarctic seis~nologyD. uring IC^i there will he more first class seismograph stations in Antarctica than in all of South America. As many as five or six seismic field parties, using the best portable apparatus available from the petroleum industry, will be sounding the barren wastes of Antarctica, determining ice thickness and identifying tlie rocks beneath the ice.
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Contents List: Antarctic Map – This map is a physical map, which not only provides the mountain ranges and canyons but it also provides locations of base camps of those who have explored the content. (April 1987). Antarctic: A New Age of Exploration -- This map is a physical map, it also provides geological history of the formation of Antarctica.
13 December
Antarctic Biology Training Program | University of San...
The United States National Science Foundation (NSF) will sponsor the 11th Antarctic Biology Training Program (for early career scientists) at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, in January 2018. ... A diverse team of instructors offer participants the opportunity to study a wide range of Antarctic organisms (e.g., bacteria, algae, invertebrates, and fish), as well as study several different levels of biological analysis (spanning molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, ecology, and evolution).
2 November
Antartica images 2005 | Virtual Field Trip - Antarctica
22 September
Videos of antarctica
Videos of antarctica. Click on the highlighted titles below Then click on the arrow to start the video. Cruising Antarctica – on board the MS Fram. Get Ready to Explore – hurtigruten comes to Antarctica. Destination Antarctica – photo opportunities Destination Antarctica – what to pack.
Antarctica : a guide to the wildlife
Subject Term: Natural history -- Antarctica. Call Number: QH84.2 .S67 1994. ... On Order. Google Preview. Antarctica : a guide to the wildlife. Soper, Tony. eng.
26 April
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12 February
Frozen Journeys at the Earth's End - SUNY
Brockport’s Antarctica Program includes a two week excursion in December ("summer" in Antarctica) aboard a modest-sized expedition cruise ship that begins in Ushuaia, Argentina, and sets off across the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula. ... About 98 percent of Antarctica is covered in a sheet of ice an average of one mile thick. But the continent also boasts glaciers, mountains, and a volcano named for the Greek god, Erebus, the personification of darkness. This amazing geography is matched by equally amazing wildlife.
26 April
Increasing Antarctic Sea Ice under Warming Atmospheric...
The variability and change of Antarctic sea ice are closely linked to the Southern Hemisphere Annular Mode (SAM; Thompson and Wallace 2000) and the well known El Nino–Southern Oscillation (ENSO). The ENSO describes an irregular cycle of warming and. ... Their dif-ference, the net ice production (Hg ? Hm), is negative in most of the ice-covered areas except along the coast of Antarctica and in part of the Weddell and Ross Seas where ice production can be rather high (Fig.
MARC Gorunumu: Antarctica
Science on ice : discovering the secrets of Antarctica / Yazar:: Meduna, Veronika. Bask?/Yay?n Bilgisi: (2012). Tectonic, climatic, and cryospheric evolution of the Antarctic Peninsula Bask?/Yay?n Bilgisi: (2011).
14 February
Fairmont State /All Locations
SearchType. KEYWORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT LC CALL NO RECORD NO. Search Search Scope. All Libraries All Fairmont State Libraries All Academic Libraries All Public Libraries All School Libraries All Elementary School Libraries All Middle School Librarie...
31 August
Virtual Antarctica
Every year, people go to Antarctica during their summer months (December-­?February) to conduct research. These people fly into Antarctica, must be transported to the research station in Antarctica (McMurdo Station) and, eventually, must be transported back to the airport so they can fly home. All of this must be done in a way that is fuel efficient to lower costs, and time efficient to reduce the hours wasted in transport.
Georgetown University
3 May
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8 October
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15 July
"Examining Antarctica from a Geodynamic Perspective..."
I have applied the principles of basin analysis and geodynamics to several cores recovered from on or near the Antarctic continent to answer 2 independent questions about the tectonic evolution of Antarctica; as well as estimate the thickness of the Antarctic Ice Sheet at the Last Glacial Maximum. I developed, and applied a modification of the backstripping modeling technique to compensate for the loading and erosion of glacial ice at the AND-1B site by combining a backstripping driven inverse model, with a driven ice-load model.
17 December
Antarctica is no place for politicking, News, La Trobe University
Mawson's expedition in Antarctica was about territorial gain.
12 October
Antarctica or bust: Clark's southernmost research
Those are the coordinates for the Clark Mountains of Antarctica, named by Siple for his alma mater. He also mapped and named the peaks for his Clark geography professors: Mount Wallace Atwood, a double peak for the University’s geographer-president and his son, also on the geography faculty; Mount Burnham; Mount Ekblaw; Mount Clarence Jones; and Mount Van Valkenburg.
3 June
Universitat de Barcelona - Researchers find a new marine...
Doto antarctica, described in 1907 and the only known nudibranch –until now- from the Doto genre in Antarctic latitudes (image: Manuel Ballesteros, UB-IRBio). These Antarctic nudibranchs show a similar laying –also described as a scoop in the Doto genre- but with some differences (image: Juan Moles, UB-IRBio). The scientific team has improved the taxonomy criteria to define the species Doto antarctica through micro-computed tomography (image: Juan Moles, UB-IRBio).
26 July
Snow chemistry across Antarctica
Beijing 100081, China 8Australian Antarctic Division/Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC, Private Bag 80, Hobart, Tasmania 7001, Australia. 9Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 260 Donggang West Road, Lanzhou 730000, China. ... the national Antarctic programme of Finland. The comparison shows that snow chemistry concen-. trations vary by up to four orders of magnitude across Antarctica and exhibit distinct geographical. patterns. The Antarctic-wide comparison of glaciochemical records provides a unique opportunity to.
The Ortas’ collaborative endeavors are typically driven by their
The preamble to the 1959 Antarctic Treaty introduces us to this unique place:3. Recognizing that it is in the interest of all mankind that Antarctica shall continue for ever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international discord ... Convinced also that a treaty ensuring the use of Antarctica for peaceful purposes only and the continuance of international harmony in Antarctica will further the purposes and principles embodied in the Charter of the United Nations.4.
Search for Meteorites in the Patriot Hills Area, Ellsworth...
A Chance Encounter on the Way to Antarctica – Stetson Today
Stetson University alums Maureen Breakiron-Evans and T. H. Baughman spent New Year’s Day 2017 at Wilhelmina Bay in Antarctica. Stetson University alum Maureen Breakiron-Evans was waiting to board a ship from the southern tip of South America to Antarctica, when a man from her tour company offered to carry her bag aboard. As they walked up the gangplank, she noticed he wore a Stetson ball cap. “I asked him, ‘What is your connection to Stetson?’
4 March
13 Images of Antarctica and Ushuaia (Argentina) as...
The Antarctic is usually dened as south of 60°S latitude (denition used in the 1959 Antarctic Treaty), which includes the continent of Antarctica and its ice shelves, as well as the waters and island territories in the Southern Ocean, or the continent of Antarctica. ... Such portrayals are signicant as, together with the representation of Antarctica as a pristine wilderness with abundant wildlife, they underlie much of present-day tourist interest in the Antarctic.
The Little Prince: Antarctica
Little Prince Africa Antarctica Asia Australia Europe North America South America Dance Conclusion.
3 December
Antarctica, Emperor penguins on ice
Paul Souders/Getty Images.
24 December
Deep Freeze: Space Science takes ECE to Antarctica | ECE
As part of a $2.39 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the team is deploying seven autonomous data collection stations in Antarctica within the next four years. There are unique difficulties associated with the project, but also a unique payoff: these are measurements that no one has taken before. Each system is autonomous and designed to operate unattended for at least five years on the east Antarctic plateau.
26 August
Antarctica. "Ice"sential Facts. Holds 85% of world's fresh water.
16 November
Holdings: Antarctica
The explorations of Antarctica : the last unspoilt continent / by: Fogg, G. E. 1919- Published: (1990). Antarctica: authentic accounts of life and exploration in the world's highest, driest, windiest, coldest and most remote continent. by: Neider, Charles, 1915- Published: (1972).
24 February
The southernmost continent of Antarctica is the fifth largest continent and the coldest and driest place on earth. Antarctica separated from the southern tip of the South American continent approximately 30 million years ago and has been isolated since. During this time, many of the marine animals living around Antarctica have evolved and are now different than any other animals in the world. These endemic animals are unique to Antarctica and include worms, molluscs, echinoderms, crustaceans and many others. However, some of the animals are able to live in both Antarctic and South American wat...
16 August
Antarctica 2003
25 December
Antarctic map folio series Geologic Map of Antarctica...
Comment. To link to this object, paste this link in email, IM or document To embed this object, paste this HTML in website. Antarctic map folio series Geologic Map of Antarctica.
8 April
China | Antarctica
Antarctica. Land surface. Economy. Antarctic Treaty. ... Since Antarctica is not a country, it does not have an economy of its own. Because of the lack of authority for regulation, fishermen from many different countries exploit the resources of the surrounding oceans. Antarctica is increasingly becoming a place of tourism. The tourists take an interest in the scenery, wildlife, and some of the research stations.
8 February
Trophic ecology of the nearshore zone in East
Whilst the benthic communities of the Antarctic Peninsula have received some attention, the shallow-water benthic communities of Antarctica’s east coast remain relatively undescribed, hampering our ability to detect future changes in these communities. ... In: Siegfried WR, Condy PR, Laws RM (eds) Antarctic nutrient cycles and food webs. Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg. Hobson KA (1999) Tracing origins and migration of wildlife using stable isotopes: a review. Oecologia 120:314-326. Hobson KA, Clark RG (1992) Assessing avian diets using stable isotopes II: factors influencing diet-tissue...
on a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. · 2 nights in Buneos Aires, Argentina · 1 night in Ushuaia, Argentina · 10 nights on the MV Ushuaia, a former. NOAA research vessel, exploring Antarctica; return U.S. January 9 2016. $11,481 or $750/month if you sign up in August 2014. (monthly prices increases each month).
Caledonian College of Engineering
Swan has dedicated his life to the preservation of Antarctica by the promotion of recycling, renewable energy and sustainability to combat the effects of climate change. ... Team Members explored the Antarctic Peninsula and visited incredible sites previously only seen by the early heroic explorers, gaining first-hand knowledge of the continent’s fragile ecosystem, experiencing its unique wildlife and observing the magnificent landscape of Antarctica.
18 January
Extremophile Gallery
Ross Sea, Antarctica. Patterns in young sea ice often referred to as “pancake ice” are formed as small areas of the sea freeze, and then due to wind and wave action, bang into each other resulting in the rounded shapes. Temperatures drop enough that the pancakes freeze together. ... The lagoon is a part of Los Flamencos National Reserve, a 740 square kilometer preserve near San Pedro de Atacama in Northern Chile. The presence of birds, plants and other wildlife make this a more productive and richly populated habitat compared to the isolated ponds of the Lagoon de Llamara.
11 December
In Antarctica
In Antarctica. It’s 3:15 p.m. and the sun is setting at Anvers Island. Just off the Antarctic Peninsula, surrounded by 300-foot cliffs of ice, Jeannette Yen pauses outside Palmer Station to watch. The sun spills over the ice cliffs. The frozen landscape melts in a golden glow. ... From the huge stern A-frame of the ship, they lower plankton nets into the zero-degree Celsius water and haul live animals aboard. In Antarctica, zero degrees Celsius is a pleasant day, but the recent bout of 80-knot wind gusts tells them the austral winter is on its way.
11 July
Owens Community College Alumni Association Profile of...
I knew it was going to be cold, but I've never felt cold like that in my life." A Whitehouse, Ohio, resident and a volunteer, part-time first responder with the Whitehouse Fire Department, Josh embarked on a more than five-month stay in Antarctica after applying for the opportunity through a company called Raytheon Polar Services. Josh arrived at McMurdo Station - the largest operation in Antarctica - as part of a 1,000-member team whose purpose was to support approximately 200 National Science Foundation research scientists who were on the continent to study the atmosphere and wildl...
7 October
Wormherders on Ice
The amount of UV light that penetrates the earth’s atmosphere is higher in Antarctica than anywhere else in the world, which also increases the value of Antarctica as a place to conduct scientific research, especially for geologists, meteorologists, and physicists. Dillman in front of the Hagglund, a specialized Antarctic personnel transporter. I found out firsthand that Antarctica is a harsh continent, and it is this harshness that leads to the development of novel survival mechanisms in the wildlife.
12 July
Antarctica For Sale in philadelphia Library
English. Title. Antarctica. Author(S). Kim Stanley Robinson.
26 December
APL Meteorite Hunters Travel to Antarctica
Antarctica is uncommonly fertile ground for meteorite hunting (about 85% of all meteorites recovered worldwide are found there). In some areas, the Antarctic ice sheet, nearly 2 miles (approximately 3,000 m) thick, effectively buries the continent and allows little to no accumulation of indigenous sediment. That means that any rocks found on the surface are likely extraterrestrial.
2 December
Antarctica’s White Wilderness
Antarctica’s White Wilderness Feb. 6-21, 2015. Reading/Media List.
You chose Antarctica as your home. Think really hard about how you will feed your penguin. You have another choice to make. Read the information below and choose between an Adelie, Emperor or King penguin. Click on the red links to read and learn more. ... Emperor penguins are the largest of all the penguins. They stand almost 4 feet tall and weigh 70 to 90 pounds. They live and breed at the beginning of winter, on the fast ice all around the Antarctic continent.
17 October
Photo Gallery (Click on photo to get detailed image)
This site will contain photographs, and eventually a research summary, covering my deployment to McMurdo base, Antarctica, November-December 2000. The purpose of the trip is to carry out research in collaboration with Robert Dudley, University of Texas at Austin, on a scientific expedition sponsored by the National Science Foundation. ... For the Intranet at McMurdo, click here. To see the size of Antarctica compared to the US, click here.
31 July
Antarctica From Pole To Coast In Stunning Detail
A newly released image of Antarctica offers the most complete, detailed view of the continent since 1997. ... Scientists will compare the two images to learn more about changing Antarctic ice conditions, says Ellsworth LeDrew, director of the Canadian Cryospheric Information Network and a professor at University of Waterloo. The information is being made free of charge to the public online, via the Polar Data Catalogue.
21 August
Cochise College P
As recorded in the book “The Heart of the Antarctic” by Ernest Shackleton (1909) the party also observed around the summit area "lumps of lava, large feldspar crystals, from one to three inches in length, and fragments of pumice; both feldspar' and pumice were in many cases coated with sulfur." Mt Erebus is the most active volcano in Antarctica and is a significant source of aerosols and gases to the Antarctic atmosphere.
30 November
Antarctica could be headed for major... | University of California
And although no humans live permanently in Antarctica, what happens there impacts everyone, said Aradhna Tripati, a geochemist at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability who collaborated on the research. “The ice sheets serve as huge stores of water,” Tripati said. ... Samples that were formed during warmer times, when the ice shelf was gone or unstable, were tan-colored and rich with fossils. But samples drawn from years when the sea was covered with ice, were mostly rock with fossils from only a few deep sea organisms. "We run the risk of Antarctic ice shelf disappearance".
22 October
Anthropogenic disturbance and biodiversity of marine benthic...
The impacts of two Antarctic stations in different regions, on marine sediment macrofaunal communities were compared: McMurdo, a very large station in the Ross Sea; and Casey, a more typical small station in East Antarctica. Community structure and diversity were compared along a gradient of anthropogenic disturbance from heavily contaminated to uncontaminated locations.
30 April
Science AMA Series
What makes the Peninsula more appealing than another sector of Antarctica for something like this? mrenormous. Steve Salisbury: The Antarctic Peninsula is one of the few places in Antarctica where the rocks are exposed during summer. ... -D. What was Antarctica like 60 million years ago? (climate, geography, wildlife, plants etc.) NikKerk Warm. With forests.
UNF - COAS: Biology - Dr. Avery goes to Antarctica
Expedition to Antarctica. Dr. Julie Avery left the Florida sunshine in 2013 for the opportunity to pursue a once in a lifetime research adventure at the South Pole. Click here to watch the WJXT Ch. 4 interview with Dr. Avery regarding the impact of the government shutdown on Antarctic research. ... Our first view of Antarctica out the tiny port window was breathtaking. Our all female research team "B-292" arrived on the Ice, and we began the plethora of trainings required to work on the sea ice.
18 September
NEU Grand Library
The future of Antarctica ... - "Based on papers presented to a conference on 'Antarctica: An Exploitable Resource Or Too Valuable to Develop?' held at the Sir Robert Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London." - Includes bibliographical references and index.
21 December
Daily Ozone Concentration at Halley, Antarctica
British Antarctic Survey.
12 April
a National Antarctic Research Centre, Institute of Postgraduate Studies, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia b British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK. ABSTRACT: The rst climatology of strong wind events (SWEs) at McMurdo station, Antarctica based on the in situ observations and reanalysis elds is presented. ... KEY WORDS strong wind events; Antarctica; bimodal wind direction; interannual variability; mean sea level pressure; southern annular mode; wind speed. Received 21 December 2011; Revised 11 September 2012; Accepted 25 September 2012. 1. Introduction.
Virginia Institute of Marine Science - VIMS in Antarctica
Antarctica VIMS' Antarctic research focuses on the Ross Sea and the waters of the Antarctic peninsula. VIMS researchers choose their cold-weather gear at the U.S. Antarctic Support Center in Christchurch, New Zealand. ... VIMS researcher Rebecca Dickhut cores an ice sample for chemical analysis. Penguins examine the AUV Fetch during field trials on the South Shetland Islands. Minke Whale A minke whale surfaces through Antarctic pack ice. A large iceberg with the Trans-Antarctic mountains in the background.
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